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Top 10 things recruiters look for in Data Science aspirants

The Data Science ecosystem provides businesses with crucial means for data-driven decision-making. This ecosystem is now predicted to grow by roughly 28% through 2026. This shows that Data Science is one of the most demanding careers in today’s world. Businesses constantly compete with each other to get the best talent, who possess both technical and non-technical skills. Getting proficiency in skills sought by Data Science recruiters ensures that you have access to a rewarding career and continual growth.

This helps employers recruit, hire, and retain the best talent necessary to succeed in today’s competitive environment. To get the best Data Science job, aspirants should also possess certain skills and Data Science resume tips that recruiters highly consider. Besides helping you with interview preparation for Data Science roles, we will also examine the skills sought by Data Science recruiters in this guide.

Top things recruiters look for in data science aspirants

Building a successful career in Data Science necessitates expertise in tools, technologies, and non-technical skills. As a part of your working Data Science resume tips, having these skills in your resume helps you stand out in the recruiting process. Some of the industry-specific knowledge in Data Science you must be familiar with are.

Top things recruiters look for in data science aspirants

Technical Proficiency
Solid mathematical foundation
Business acumen
Hands-on experience and projects
Continuous learning and adaptability
Problem-solving and critical thinking
Collaborative team player
Effective Communication
Passion for data science
Educational background and certifications

01. Technical proficiency

Python and R have always been in demand, but they play the utmost significance in Data Science. It is also a must for a data scientist to be proficient in SQL, as well. A data scientist ought to be an expert in pattern recognition, supervised and unsupervised learning, and data mining. Along with practical knowledge of data processing and visualization tools, they should also possess skills in statistical analysis and machine learning methods. Technical proficiency is among the most important qualifications for data science jobs, which every recruiter seeks.

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02. Solid mathematical foundation

Robust data analysis and modeling are predicated on a solid understanding of statistical techniques, hypothesis testing, probability, and linear algebra. Proficiency in these mathematical topics enables data scientists to thoroughly examine problems from all aspects before formulating conclusions and hypotheses. A solid mathematical foundation is also important for efficiently analyzing and interpreting massive amounts of data, getting insightful knowledge, and creating models and solutions for challenging issues.

03. Business acumen

A Data Scientist’s ability to effectively integrate data science projects with business goals is one of the most important skills sought by Data Science recruiters. To align a project with business needs, data scientists need to be aware of the opportunities and problems unique to their industry. They have to know when to seize chances and look for answers to all issues. The secret to creating productive working relationships is to communicate politely and clearly. Thus, data scientists should have strong communication abilities and solid business understanding.

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04. Hands-on experience and projects

Your practical experience can improve your understanding of your abilities and capabilities as well as, most significantly, your exposure to real-world situations. Furthermore, to completely understand the professional issues in a Data Science job, practical experience is required. Developing a career in Data Science is always more about how well you can apply your practical abilities to find a solution than just finding a problem. For this reason, gaining a lot of practical experience is essential to a successful career in data science.

05. Continuous learning and adaptability

The primary role of data scientists is to find solutions to unique problems pertinent to the industry. Old methods, however, are not inevitably useful for solving new challenges. Data scientists may close the gaps and consistently generate trustworthy analytical results by continuing their learning. This will help them better prepare for shifting business and market dynamics. Data scientists should, therefore, be dedicated to keeping up with industry trends and open to learning new tools, languages, and techniques.

06. Problem-solving and critical thinking

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are important qualifications for Data science jobs. It helps the data scientist to provide the capacity to analyze complicated problems logically and use data-driven techniques to suggest workable solutions. Professionals with a reliable problem-solving approach are better equipped to find solutions. Proficient critical thinkers can also separate important facts from less important elements to solve problems or come to the right choices from a set of data.

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07. Effective communication

To make sure that the approach taken to solve a particular issue is the best one, a skilled data scientist interacts with a variety of individuals within an organization. To effectively connect with marketing teams, corporate leaders, and development teams, a data scientist must comprehend and communicate software specifications as well as business requirements. Data scientists who can communicate technical solutions to non-technical teams with clarity are in high demand by organizations as they contribute to the smooth process of business operations.

08. Collaborative team player

Working in a team is crucial to the field of data science, and one of the most vital skills is learning to listen to people and value their opinions. Working together can boost productivity, reduce errors, and enhance the standard of work. For this reason, recruiters place a high value on data scientists who can cooperate with data engineers, business analysts, and other stakeholders, have experience working in cross-functional teams, and can foster a culture of positivity and knowledge exchange within the team.

09. Passion for data science

A data scientist’s level of passion can be determined by their interest that goes beyond professional or academic qualifications. A valuable data scientist is also dedicated and eager to learn new tools and skills. A data scientist’s passion opens doors for valuable data insights. Engaging in data science forums, conferences, workshops, individual projects, or research projects demonstrates passion and dedication.

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10. Educational background and certifications

Gaining the necessary abilities through appropriate degrees and academic credentials is the key to moving from an entry-level data job to a six-figure data professional. Aspirants can upskill more quickly by being familiar with the newest technologies and approaches in data science with the support of renowned certifications from reputable organizations or platforms. Hiring managers value applicants who emphasize ongoing certifications by attending essential workshops and courses to stay current on industry trends. 

How do MAHE’s data science and business analytics programs help complete your career dreams?

Poor data quality causes worldwide firms to lose 20–35% of their revenue every year. That is why global businesses are on the lookout to find and hire professionals with the right qualifications for Data Science jobs. At MAHE (Manipal Academy of Higher Education), we are dedicated to offering the comprehensive Master of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics program that helps you develop proficiency and expertise in Data Science.

The program helps you succeed in the area by giving you the tools you need to forge a remarkable career in leadership and analytical positions in a variety of industries. Here is why you must pursue an MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics with MAHE:

  • Hands-on experience and practical exposure
  • Get expertise in industry-relevant tools and strategies
  • Learn practical applications through industry-focused models and projects
  • Learn from experts with decades of expertise in data science and business analytics
  • Strong emphasis on overall personality and soft skills development

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Data Scientist roles are predicted to rise 35% faster than average during 2022-32. This shows that the number of jobs in data science is increasing in a number of industries. Industry-specific knowledge in Data Science can help you get a high-paying job in the field. This necessitates considering working Data Science resume tips and top qualities recruiters seek in candidates.

Select MAHE as your mentor in growth and our MSC in Data Science program as the path that leads you to it. The program helps you create a lucrative, successful, and sustainable career. You can also master diverse skill sets that drive you toward success and proficiency in the dynamic field of data science.

BBA scholarships in India

The Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA has become a versatile degree. It can offer access to a variety of career opportunities. The financial aspect of obtaining a BBA poses a challenge for many students, even though it has several academic advantages. Various scholarship opportunities exist to ease this burden. This makes quality education more accessible to people coming from different backgrounds. The role of merit-based BBA scholarships extends beyond financial assistance. They make education affordable and serve as a recognition of merit. 

This article will explain the importance of scholarships and explore different types available in India. It specifically highlights the exclusive BBA scholarship programs Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) offers through its online platform.

Why doing BBA is a smart choice for students?

Pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in India is a smart investment. This program teaches students essential skills in management and entrepreneurship and opens doors to various careers in business. In India, there are some government BBA scholarship programs that make education more accessible. These scholarships recognize academic excellence, making quality education financially feasible. For students in India, where finances often impact educational choices, opting for a BBA with scholarships is a practical and achievable path. This approach fills the financial gap and empowers individuals to get a valuable business education without compromising quality.

BBA scholarships in India promote inclusivity, ensuring students from different backgrounds can pursue higher education in business. These exclusive scholarships for BBA students also motivate academic excellence, fostering a competitive yet supportive academic environment. The benefits go beyond lower tuition costs. Scholarships help reduce reliance on student loans to ease the debt burden after graduation. Graduates can start their careers without immediate pressure to repay significant loans.

Scholarships enhance the overall educational experience. They allow students to explore specialized programs or institutions that might be financially challenging without scholarship support. This broadens educational horizons and contributes to diversity in these programs. Combining a BBA program with associated scholarships in India is a practical and impactful choice. It equips individuals with versatile business skills, ensuring a cost-effective and inclusive educational journey for a fulfilling career in India’s dynamic business landscape.

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Why are scholarships important for students? 

Scholarships are really important for students, especially those going for a BBA. Here are the reasons for that:

  • Recognize hard work: Scholarships are often given to students who’ve worked hard or done great academically. Students who have shown leadership or have unique skills are also considered. This opportunity makes the winners feel good and inspires others to do their best.
  • Open doors to special programs: Scholarships open doors to special programs or schools that might be expensive. This gives winners more educational options and brings more diversity to these programs.
  • Keep motivation high: Scholarships often have standards, so students need to keep doing well to keep them. This helps make a culture where everyone is always trying to do better.
  • Less dependence on loans: For those pursuing a BBA, dealing with tuition and living expenses can be challenging. Scholarships are vital in easing this financial stress, allowing deserving students to access quality education without significant money concerns.

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Scholarship for online BBA at Manipal University Jaipur 

Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) is a NAAC A+ accredited university, which is dedicated to making education accessible and affordable for learners across diverse backgrounds and regions. Their online programs consider people from all walks of life. MUJ recognizes the financial constraints many students face. 

The university’s commitment to accessibility is evident through its scholarship programs tailored to cater to different student needs. Merit-based BBA scholarships acknowledge academic excellence, and the need-based scholarships address financial constraints. MUJ’s approach is holistic in that it ensures that deserving students have the opportunity to benefit from quality education.

Below are the scholarship details of MUJ’s online BBA programs

Divyang (For persons with disabilities)20%
Defense personnel20%
Government employees10%
Merit ( 80% and above in class 12 / 10+3 diploma exams)10%

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Online BBA at MUJ: Eligibility and fee details

Understanding the eligibility criteria is important for aspirants eyeing the Online Bachelor of Business Administration program at Manipal University Jaipur. MUJ maintains an inclusive admission approach. The eligibility criteria is  as follows:

  • Candidates must have completed 10+2 education from a recognized national or state board institution or 10+3 diploma from a recognized national or state institute.
  • Candidates must have at least 45% marks in aggregate in 10+2 / diploma (40% for reserved categories).

The Manipal legacy is committed to inclusivity and allows individuals from diverse educational backgrounds to consider the Online BBA program. Now, let us look into the free structure of the course.

Total course fee: INR 1,35,000

Semester-wise fee: INR 22,500

EMI starting at INR 3759 per month

MUJ recognizes the financial diversity among its student community and offers flexibility through Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) options. They provide a no-cost EMI, making it convenient for students who are unable to pay a large amount in one go. This feature ensures that the financial commitment for the BBA program can be managed conveniently, making quality education accessible to a large spectrum of students. 

Navigating the online BBA page on the Online Manipal website provides a centralized source of crucial information on eligibility, fees, and financing options. MUJ’s commitment to transparency empowers students to embark on their educational journey with a clear understanding of the requirements and financial aspects, reinforcing the institution’s dedication to accessible and quality education. You can also check out the government BBA scholarship programs and the corporate-sponsored BBA scholarships for students.

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BBA final year project ideas

The demand for business education has been steadily rising, driven by the need to equip individuals with the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the business world and the evolving global economy. With a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, students can access many professional choices and prospects. Although academic knowledge is necessary, learning and remembering concepts can only improve when that information is used practically through projects. Graduates are more effective in their professions with practical experience, which helps close the gap between theory and implementation. 

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What is the importance of project work for BBA students?

For BBA students, project work is crucial because it connects the gaps between theoretical understanding and practical implementation. Students who pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration degree get a broad and deep grasp of business principles. However, through varied projects, students get to put this information to use in real-world situations, which helps them understand the topics better. 

Beyond academic instruction, project work is essential for developing new skills. Critical abilities, including problem-solving, collaboration, communication, leadership, and project management, are emphasized in BBA programs. Students may practice these abilities in a practical setting by working on projects, which helps them get ready for the variety of issues they will face in the workplace. 

Working on real-world application BBA projects provides useful, practical experience for several reasons. First, it gives students a concrete example of their proficiency and ability. The accomplishment of a project successfully serves as a tangible demonstration of a student’s capacity to apply theoretical concepts to real-world situations. When graduates join the job market, the evidence of practical expertise may be more persuasive, differentiating them from their counterparts. Project work also helps BBA students become ready for the ever-evolving and dynamic character of the business world. Students who work on projects that simulate real-world problems become more adaptive and can make wise judgments when faced with unpredictable circumstances. 

Additionally, networking possibilities are fostered by joint project work. Peers, teachers, and occasionally business professionals collaborate with students, fostering relationships that may be useful in their future employment. These networks may lead to mentoring opportunities, important insights from seasoned professionals, and prospective placement assistance. Project work is more than just an academic exercise; it is an integral part of a BBA program that improves students’ practical abilities, lays the groundwork for their future success, and prepares them to succeed in the fast-paced, cutthroat business world. 

That being said, the value of project work must be balanced in the overall setting of a BBA education. While theoretical understanding forms the basis, practical application via projects promotes comprehension and retention. Working on projects helps people acquire transferable skills, such as communication, leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, and project management. 

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Interesting project topics for final-year BBA students 

Below are some interesting BBA project topics for final-year BBA students.

Market entry strategy for a new product

Investigate customer behavior, marketplace dynamics, and competition to create a winning market entrance plan for a potential or current product. Examine potential risks, entrance points, and advertising strategies. 

Employee engagement and organizational performance

Examine the connection between organizational success and employee engagement programs. Examine different employee engagement tactics and how they affect output, satisfaction at work, and the performance of the business as a whole. 

Digital marketing strategies for small businesses

Examine successful digital marketing tactics designed specifically for small enterprises. Examine cost-effective strategies, evaluate case studies, and offer suggestions for using internet channels to improve exposure and client interaction. 

Impact of social media influencers on consumer behavior  

Investigate how social media influencers affect the opinions and decisions of customers. Analyze case studies, engagement analytics, and trends to determine whether influencer marketing is beneficial. 

Analysis of mergers and acquisitions in a specific industry

Analyze the most recent acquisitions and mergers within a selected industry. Analyze the reasons for these deals, how they affect market competition, and whether the mergers were successful or unsuccessful. 

Sustainability practices in supply chain management

Study how supply chain management incorporates sustainable principles to create real-world application BBA projects. Analyze how businesses integrate social responsibility, ethical sourcing, and environmental efforts into their supply chain operations. 

Financial performance analysis of a specific industry

Perform a thorough financial examination of businesses in a certain sector. To provide light on the financial stability and competitiveness of companies operating in that sector, analyze important financial ratios, developments, and performance indicators. 

Strategic human resource management in multinational corporations 

Evaluate the implementation of proactive human resource management methods by multinational firms. Examine the potential and difficulties of managing diverse workforces in various international settings. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) impact on brand image

Analyze how CSR actions affect businesses’ brand perceptions. Examine the effects of CSR initiatives on consumer loyalty, brand perception, and overall company reputation. 

The role of emotional intelligence in leadership

Study the role that emotional intelligence plays in effective leadership. Explore how leaders who possess high emotional intelligence affect team dynamics, employee happiness, and overall organizational performance. 

Digital transformation in the banking sector 

Evaluate the digital transformation projects banks have been involved in to make technology-driven BBA projects. Analyze how technology is adopted, how customers use digital banking, and how this may affect traditional banking services. 

Analysis of consumer behavior in the subscription economy

Investigate how customer behavior is evolving under the subscription-based company model. Look at variables affecting subscription decisions, client retention tactics, and the long-term viability of subscription services. 

Innovation and disruption in traditional industries 

Look at how disruptive business models and cutting-edge technology are changing established sectors. Examine case studies of businesses that have effectively embraced innovation to maintain competitiveness. 

Impact of artificial intelligence on business operations

Explore how companies use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their business processes. Examine the applications, advantages, and possible drawbacks of implementing AI technology. 

Evaluating the impact of gamification on employee training programs  

Determine whether adding gamification components to staff training courses is beneficial. Evaluate the effects of gamified training methods on skill development, information retention, and engagement levels. 

Analysis of cross-cultural management in global teams

Explore the difficulties and advantages of leading multicultural teams in international companies. Analyze conflict resolution techniques, leadership philosophies, and communication tactics that promote cross-cultural cooperation. 

Effective crisis management strategies for businesses  

Examine case studies of companies that have handled crises well. Analyze decision-making procedures, communication tactics, and the overall effect on reputation and business continuity. 

Will an exciting final year project help in getting a job? 

Captivating and professional-looking BBA project may greatly increase an individual’s chances of landing a job. A robust project exhibits practical skills, inventiveness, problem-solving skills, and academic understanding. A dynamic final-year project may demonstrate the creativity and practicality of a candidate—qualities that employers frequently seek in applicants. Furthermore, finishing an engaging project effectively demonstrates commitment, project management abilities, and the capacity to see a task through to completion—highly appreciated qualities in the workplace. A good BBA project may increase a candidate’s marketability and give them something to discuss in job interviews, enabling them to communicate their accomplishments and contributions. Consequently, putting time and energy into an intriguing project may help a student’s employment chances. 

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Choose Online Manipal for a globally recognized online BBA Degree 

Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) offers an online BBA program through Online Manipal that is intended to give students a thorough and adaptable business administration education. One of its main advantages is the accessibility of extensive e-learning content, which enables students to complete their degrees from anywhere globally. The curriculum has been carefully chosen to cover fundamental business topics, including finance, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship, to provide a well-rounded education. 

The online BBA program at MUJ strongly emphasizes practical projects and case studies that help students develop problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Experienced instructors lead the program, bringing their knowledge of academia and insights from the business world to the virtual classroom. 

Interactive online courses, group projects, and networking opportunities with experts and peers may benefit students. MUJ’s dedication to high-quality education is reflected in its highly qualified and experienced faculty members and its use of cutting-edge technology to create an engaging learning environment. 

For students looking for a flexible and excellent business education, the online BBA from MUJ through Online Manipal stands out as a convenient choice because of its emphasis on industry applicability and skill development. 

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The BBA final year project is crucial to a student’s educational experience since it provides a chance for in-depth research, creativity, and investigation. These project ideas are meant to encourage students to go out on a path of exploration, applying their acquired knowledge and abilities to actual problems. Every project concept provides insightful information and practical solutions, whether exploring blockchain technology’s potential to revolutionize supply chain management or analyzing the complexities of cross-cultural leadership in global firms. Students must think about these project ideas and select a topic that piques their interest and fits with the direction they want to take in their careers.

BBA internships ideas and top organizations

Internships can decide when securing a good position after your BBA. But how? Consider two candidates with equal qualifications. Now, what will be the deciding factor? It is an internship. Apart from being aware of the real-world situation through an internship, you will also be able to build professional networks that will open doors to multiple organizations and positions. 

This blog will explore why an internship for BBA students is important, the types of internships, how to get one, and the best organizations to intern at. 

Why should students opt for BBA after 12th?

BBA is a 3-year undergraduate program that helps boost students’ skills and knowledge about the business domain. It helps build managerial careers and educates students on the nuances of the field. These reasons make BBA one of the best management programs for students wishing to make their career in management.

  • From marketing to finance, the curriculum of BBA introduces students to various departments, ensuring that they get insights into each business section.
  • As students learn about different domains, they will be able to decide which internship is best for BBA students and choose the specialization that supports their interests.
  • Students will be able to learn in detail about different concepts with the help of projects and tasks assigned.

Undertaking business management internships at a reputable firm can help students explore real business situations. Here is why it is important to do an internship with a recognized organization. You will have the opportunity to make connections throughout the training that will benefit you in the future. Furthermore, you will enhance or grow your skills and gain a competitive advantage.

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Why should you do an internship after BBA? 

Doing an internship after a BBA has many benefits. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Internships for BBA students are a fantastic way to put knowledge to use in practical settings. It lets you utilize your subject expertise and broaden it in dynamic situations.
  • Job experience is important. Many companies give more weight to relevant job experience when hiring new employees. Acquiring real-world experience broadens your understanding and builds confidence, which will help you land that dream long-term position later.
  • One of the best resources for discovering your interests is an internship. Even though you could begin as a marketing or finance intern, you might find passions or hidden abilities like HR or operations that might lead to a rewarding career.

An internship for BBA students leads to improved prospects. If you do well during your internship, you could receive a pre-placement offer, which would be a great reference for placements at more prominent firms.

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What are the various types of internships for BBA students?

BBA involves learning about various business domains. Here are the types of internships you can get after a BBA. You have to decide which internship is best for BBA students based on your interest.

Product marketing

  • Gain practical experience and understand the fundamentals of marketing.
  • Compile market trend data to comprehend customer behavior.
  • Evaluate and comprehend customer input on the product to ensure ongoing enhancements.
  • Examine and assess the marketing tactics used by competitors.

Sales and marketing internship

  • Gain insights into the dynamic world of working in marketing and sales.
  • Get expertise in selling products to customers directly.
  • Pay attention to the manager’s sales calls and take notes.
  • Make presentations for customers and participate in continuing marketing campaigns.

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Management consulting internship

  • Discover more about the process of gathering, organizing, and presenting data.
  • Assist in the implementation of team or project structure modifications.
  • You will participate in the creation and implementation of strategic initiatives.

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Business development internship

  • Assist with market research to find growth opportunities.
  • Participate in the formation of partnerships to grow company networks.
  • Develop ties with partners and customers to promote company expansion.
  • Find out more about the different components of creating a successful company.

Accounting internship

  • Learn the basics of accounting and graphing financial data.
  • Get practical experience in creating reports on the performance of businesses and financial activities.
  • Discover how to check the correctness of financial accounts through auditing.
  • Organize and prepare tax returns for customers with complex financial situations.
  • Examine how companies distribute their resources to maintain long-term shareholder profitability.
  • Determine which key business units have a major influence on the organization’s overall success.
  • Learn about accounting from the ground up, from basic activities to strategic financial analysis.

Human resources internship

  • Understand the varied obligations that HR professionals have outside of hiring, such as payroll and training initiatives.
  • Assisted in creating recruiting strategies and conducted interviews to support efforts to attract and retain employees.
  • Utilize focus groups or surveys to track employee satisfaction levels to improve workplace culture.

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What do you learn from an internship? 

An internship will prepare you to face the real-world scenario of business. Here are the things you will learn during your internship in BBA:

  • Internships offer the chance to learn new things and expand on existing skills related to your preferred professional path, which can help you improve your abilities. 
  • An internship helps you become used to professional communication, which is different from academic or informal conversations. 
  • Conversations with other interns and professionals expand your professional network and forge enduring relationships that may be useful.
  • During performance reviews, it is critical to accept constructive feedback. You will understand that criticism is meant to be a tool for personal improvement rather than a means of personal attack.

Business management internships help you become more independent by pushing you to take initiative and work independently.

How to get a BBA internship in 2024 

Here are some tips on how to get an internship for BBA students in 2024.

  • Establish your interests: Identify the precise sector or industry you wish to pursue within business administration. Think about the kind of work you love doing and your long-term professional goals.
  • Customize your resume: While you apply for internships in different business domains, make sure that you customize your resume according to the specific skill set of the field and that your resume reflects why the organization should select you over other candidates.
  • Determine your preferences: Make a list of prerequisites and research available internships. Think about things like internships—paid or unpaid, full- or part-time jobs.
  • Begin your search early: Start looking for business management internships as soon as possible to avoid missing application deadlines. Make appropriate plans, as there may be deadlines for certain programs or sectors.
  • Contact particular firms: Look for firms that interest you and see if they offer internships. If not, send tailored emails with your CV attached, stating that you would like to intern.
  • Look up online: Use job search engines to narrow down your search for internships by area, industry, job title, and season. Find internships that suit your interests by customizing your search.
  • Engage your network: Use your personal and professional networks, ask for guidance, and inquire about possible internship programs.
  • Make use of social media: Observe businesses that pique your attention on social media. Keep an eye out for their postings on internships and how to apply. 
  • Get ready for the interview: Prepare for prospective interviews by reviewing the company and rehearsing standard questions. To improve your interviewing abilities, use tools to practice.

Reputed firms that offer internships for BBA students (H3)

Here are some of the reputed firms that provide internships for BBA students:

  • Columbia Business School
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Bank of America
  • KPMG
  • Cintas
  • Microsoft
  • Capgemini
  • Wayfair
  • Wells Fargo
  • Nestle USA
  • Fidelity
  • Credit Suisse
  • CohnReznick
  • Enterprise Holdings
  • General Dynamics
  • Morning Star

Why does Manipal University Jaipur’s online BBA stand out?

Online BBA program offered by Manipal University Jaipur via  Online Manipal, a higher education platform is one of the best online BBA programs out there. It is designed to equip students with various business skill sets that will make them stand out in certain domains. MUJ is a NAAC A+ accredited university that allows students to pursue top-notch education from the comfort of their homes. The online BBA degree program offered by MUJ  is more flexible, affordable, and accessible.

This online BBA degree is UGC-entitled and is treated at par with an on-campus BBA. Additionally, as part of the placement assistance services, Online Manipal conducts placement drives to connect BBA students with reputable companies and prepare them for the internships and placements.

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Pursuing a BBA internship is one of the most important steps in achieving success in a business management job. An internship for BBA students is crucial to acquiring practical experience, building networks, and honing critical abilities. Internships provide access to real-world education and help students transform into capable professionals who can handle the challenges of the business world.

How a BA degree sets the foundation for an MA

Have you ever wondered why most students enroll in an MA degree program right after finishing their BA course? It is because pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program in any specific field is akin to an educational odyssey that lays the foundation for a Master of Arts (MA) degree program. 

Choosing to pursue a BA before an MA is a strategic decision that offers a rich and foundational experience. One can get more benefits by doing an online BA rather than a traditional campus program before an MA course and can lay a well-rounded analytical base before specializing at the MA level. 

So, fasten your intellectual seatbelt and explore with us the numerous advantages of having a BA before pursuing an MA. In other words, stay tuned to learn how a BA degree sets the foundation for an MA.

What is a Bachelor of Arts degree? 

Looking for undergraduate courses in India? Well, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is a great option to consider. It is perhaps the first choice for anyone keen to do a graduation after 10+2 in a subject of one’s personal preference, be it English, Political Science, or Sociology. BA is a 3-year UG course that aims to prepare a student to take up a job in a variety of fields by gaining skills like critical thinking, written and verbal communication, digital literacy, and researching ability. 

What you will learn in a BA degree 

The best thing about a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program is that it can be done in a variety of specializations. This way, students can easily align their interests with their career goals. 

Listed below in the table are the common subjects taught in an online BA degree program that can help set a smooth ground for pursuing an MA course:

BA Specialization Subjects
English LiteratureDrama, Poetry, British Literature, American Literature, and Literary Analysis
Political SciencePolitical Theory, Public Policy, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Political Economy
SociologySocial Inequality, Sociological Theories, Cultural Sociology, Gender Studies, and Social Research Methods
HistoryCultural History, Modern History, World History, Ancient Civilization, and History of Political Movements
PsychologyIntroductory Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Social Inequality
EconomicsMicroeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Development Economics, and Econometrics
CommunicationsDigital Communication, Visual Communication, Public Relations, Media Studies, and Journalism
Fine ArtsArt History, Digital Art, Drawing and Painting, Photography, and Sculpture
Languages and LinguisticsTranslation Studies, Language Acquisition, Comparative Linguistics, and Linguistic Analysis
PhilosophyMetaphysics, Epistemology, Existentialism, Political Philosophy, and Ethics

Why BA sets the right foundation for an MA degree 

The ease of transition from BA to MA programs needs no mention, yet we will try our best to explain why BA sets the right foundation for an MA degree. Check out the main skills acquired in BA useful for MA studies.

  • Foundational knowledge: The basic foundation knowledge acquired during a BA course helps students get an extra edge for a specific area during their MA. They can adapt more to the specializations taught during MA after finishing an online BA course. 
  • Common subjects: The best benefit of first completing a Bachelor of Arts course and then proceeding with a Master of Arts degree program is a hands-on knowledge on common subjects taught in both, if you choose the same subject. 
  • Helps you choose the right specialization for MA: Another reason why BA before MA is always a good decision is because it facilitates the process of selecting the right specialization for an MA. During the BA program, students can interact with expert faculty to seek guidance for specializations aligned with a BA background.
  • Helps you explore your interests: Doing an online BA before MA sets the stage for the exploration of personal and academic assassins. Students get the chance to explore different disciplines before becoming committed to a specific area of expertise. 
  • Helps acquire essential skills: Similarly, a BA course serves as a crucial foundation to develop vital skills needed to successfully finish an MA program. During a BA course, students hone not just their critical thinking skills, but master the art of effective communication and research.  

SMU’s online BA curriculum 

Sikkim Manipal University has meticulously crafted the curriculum for an online BA course, transcending the traditional boundaries to offer students a blend of academic depth and technological innovation with immense flexibility. The entire online BA course duration is of 3 years/ 36 months duration, split into 6 semesters.

Have a look at the table below to understand the online Bachelor of Arts curriculum offered at Sikkim Manipal University through the Online Manipal platform:

Semester SubjectsSemester Subjects
Semester 1Indian English Literature, Communicative English, Introduction to Sociology, Natural Science, Foundations of Political Science
Semester 2Functional English, World Literature, Sociology in India, Environmental Science, Political Theory
Semester 3Essays and Poetry, Academic Writing, Digital Fluency, Rural Sociology, Comparative Political Analysis
Semester 4Women Writing in English, New Literature in English, Urban Sociology, Literary Terms, Forms, and Movements, Classical Indian Political Thought 
Semester 5 Victorian and Modern Literature, Poetry: Evolution, Elements, and Genres, Children’s Literature, Social Problems in India, Human Rights
Semester 6Novels and Short Stories, Comparative Literature, American Literature, Sociology of Change and Development, United Nations and Global Conflicts 

Why you should choose SMU’s online BA 

Choose Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) as your destination for an online BA. It is not just the top private university in the North East, according to IIRF, but also counted among India’s top #101-150 universities in 2023. SMU is a part of the glorious Manipal group and offers UGC-entitled degrees for all courses that are globally recognized by all types of industries. 

SMU is an NAAC A+ accredited institution that allows you to learn at your own pace and become future-ready with its unique Learning Management System (LMS), where you can get access to online lectures, and seminars, take part in group discussions, mark attendance, and even appear for assessments. The financial impact of fees when pursuing an online degree course from SMU is manageable due to its affordable fee structure. Moreover, the university also offers attractive scholarships to deserving candidates


Apply today for an online BA course from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) for a smooth transition to an MA through the Online Manipal platform. The admission criteria for MA programs after BA at SMU is pretty simple to encourage more and more students to enroll for the same. So, hurry and pave the path for a bright career with an online BA followed by an online MA course from Sikkim Manipal University now!

Top tools you will learn with SMU’s MCA degree

Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is a popular postgraduate program most students pursue after completing BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications. This Master’s degree is generally imparted for 2 years to students keen on gaining deeper insights into the world of computer science. MCA programs also teach students about the latest technology tools and their use in computer applications. These tools enable users to automate and also simplify complex tasks. 

A fair knowledge of these tools and technologies can go a long way in improving the efficiency of computer applications. This is why tools are an integral part of the MCA curriculum. Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) offers online MCA programs on the Online Manipal platform. This blog highlights the top tools taught as part of the online MCA course curriculum by Sikkim Manipal. 

Importance of tools in computer applications

The evolution of technology tools has changed the way computers and their programs work. There are many reasons why using tools in everyday computer applications is a wise and intelligent choice, resulting in their immense popularity. Listed below are some of them:

  • Tools enable the development of high-quality software that is much more effective in tasks such as debugging, code writing, and code testing.
  • Project management tools facilitate team coordination, idea sharing, and feedback much more efficiently.
  • Tools are designed to improve productivity and save considerable time and effort in tasks, thereby allowing users to invest that time in other significant tasks. 

Top tools you will learn with SMU’s online MCA

We learned the importance of using tools in the world of computers and how they can simplify end tasks for users in a jiffy. Let us now take a quick look at some of the best technology tools in Sikkim Manipal University’s MCA curriculum. Students are taught in detail about these tools and their practical uses, which are listed below.

  • Visual Studio: One of the most popular tools today, Visual Studio is a favorite among software developers, enabling them to complete the whole cycle of software development in one place. Some of its key uses include editing, code building, writing code, debugging, and app deployment. 
  • Oracle: One of the most widely used Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) today, Oracle is highly popular among businesses for storing and retrieving information. The software tool is capable of storing predefined types of data, offering security options, managing and manipulating data, and recovering lost data. The tool is highly useful and popular for processing large data amounts in no time with the utmost efficiency. 
  • MySQL: Yet another popular MCA software tool taught to students pursuing the course is MySQL. Like Oracle, MySQL is also an RDBMS system that is used to store data in tables using SQL or Structured Query Language. The tool is particularly helpful in e-commerce, data warehousing, and application logging. It helps manage customer transactions, store their data for future reference, and catalog products.
  • Eclipse: One of the important and widely used tools by programmers for code writing and testing, Eclipse is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Java. The tool helps develop applications in other computer languages, which include PHY, Perl, C, C++, Python, and others.
  • Code::Blocks: A powerful tool highly popular among students and professionals alike working on Fortran, C, and C++ languages. When used in conjunction with plugins, the efficiency of the Code::Blocks tool is significantly improved. It is quite helpful for organizations that want to design and store custom templates in a centralized storage place.   
  • Python: This computer programming language is renowned the world over as it is comparatively simpler to learn. Also, the language finds mention in the practical applications of MCA tools, being used for several daily tasks such as managing finances. This is why computer programmers and even scientists and accountants commonly use Python in their everyday work. 

About Sikkim Manipal University’s virtual lab experience

We learned in detail the top tools that you can learn from an online MCA program offered by Sikkim Manipal University. We also discussed the prospective industry demand for MCA tools and how knowledge of these tools can help students in their career progression. 

Besides imparting learning on the top-demanded technology tools in the industry, Sikkim Manipal’s online MCA course also offers students a unique virtual lab experience. It is a comprehensive 360° advanced virtual programming environment that serves as an excellent platform for students to try their hand at coding. Listed below are some of the key features of this lab:

  • The virtual lab platform is integrated with several programming languages. Some of these include R, Java, Python, MySQL, and PHP. 
  • Students can work in this virtual cloud environment and enhance their programming skills. 
  • There are dedicated practice areas for students where they can also participate in timed challenges for advanced learning. 
  • Sikkim Manipal’s virtual lab also provides a code plagiarism checker tool that helps compare codes from various sources and identify any codes that have been copied or plagiarized. 
  • The lab contains simulated platforms built around AI modeling, building Metaverse, and Blockchain modeling.

Why pursue online MCA from SMU

We learned all about the top technology tools covered as part of MCA courses and how they can be of significant use in everyday computer applications. If you are keen on pursuing an MCA program after BCA, Sikkim Manipal University is the best choice. Offering 100% online study experiences to students wherein they can study from the comfort of their homes, online MCA courses from Sikkim Manipal are designed to equip students with the latest skills in IT.

The university offers programs approved by the AICTE and is also ranked among the Top 10 Multidisciplinary Universities in the East Zone. Online MCA from Sikkim Manipal offers advanced technical knowledge to students covering AI and ML technologies, making them future-ready to assume lucrative industrial roles at rewarding pay scales. 


To keep up with the ever-changing revolutionary trends in the world of IT, it helps to pursue an MCA program. The online MCA course offered on the Online Manipal platform by Sikkim Manipal University can provide the desired boost to your career growth. You would also receive the required placement assistance from experts along with the privileged Manipal University alumni status. Enter the IT sector with your head held high and a prestigious MCA degree in hand.  

Reasons to pursue online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University

Planning a career in the IT industry? A professional MCA course from a recognized university is your first step in that direction. MCA, or Master of Computer Applications, is an advanced degree for students at the postgraduate level. It imparts the necessary skills in the Information Technology (IT) and software industries. The course can now be pursued entirely online from the comfort of your couch via the Online Manipal platform. Manipal University (SMU) offers online MCA courses on Online Manipal, enabling students to climb up their career ladder with this essential course. This blog details the various benefits of online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University.  

What is an online MCA?

Before we jump to that discussion, let us first quickly understand more about an online MCA study program. Sikkim Manipal offers this course in 100% online mode to all students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a relevant discipline. 

The course duration is 2 years, and students are trained with advanced skills in the field of IT to enable them to assume vital roles in the software industry. MCA graduates are more likely to take up leadership and managerial positions in the IT sector. All of these job roles are extremely well-rewarding, which adds to the popularity and high demand for online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University. The program primarily focuses on teaching advanced programming languages, Artificial Intelligence (AI), varied computer applications, and intensive Machine Learning (ML) concepts. 

Why choose Sikkim Manipal University for an online MCA

Considering the immense popularity of an online MCA degree in India, especially since online learning became the new reality post-COVID, several universities offer the course. Sikkim Manipal University is one of the top choices to consider for online MCA programs. Here are some reasons why:

  • UGC-entitled degree from NAAC A+ university: The online MCA course offered on the Online Manipal platform is entitled by the University Grants Commission (UGC), a statutory body. Additionally, Sikkim Manipal University is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with an A+ grade. 
  • Industry-relevant curriculum: The course curriculum is carefully designed to be relevant to the demands of the industry. The program offers students a fine blend of theoretical concepts and practical knowledge. They are trained to assume vital job roles in the industry upon completing the course. The industry-relevant curriculum in SMU’s MCA program attracts students to join the course. 
  • Gain advanced technical knowledge: Offered at the postgraduate level, online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University is an excellent opportunity to gain advanced technical knowledge and skills in the field of IT. Students who have learned the foundations of computer applications and programming as part of BCA programs or other related courses at the undergraduate level can take their knowledge and skills to the next stage with the online MCA course. 
  • Learn in-demand tools: The MCA program from Sikkim Manipal contains a comprehensive curriculum that imparts knowledge of essential computer tools that are currently most in-demand in the industry. A fair knowledge of these tools and applications enables students to prepare themselves for working in the industry upon graduation. It also facilitates simpler and more efficient working.
  • Explore a job in IT: This is one of the best rewards for pursuing an online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University. Upon completion of the program, you are eligible to apply for high-paying job roles in the industry. The pay packages are rather attractive, which attracts students to the online MCA courses from Sikkim Manipal.
  • Advanced learning management system: Online MCA programs allow students to dive into more profound learning concepts of subjects such as management information systems, cloud computing, bioinformatics, digital image processing, and artificial intelligence.
  • Expert faculty: We have a team of experts from various IT and computer science domains to deliver the program. This brings variety into the course and the combined knowledge of various experts is an added advantage for the students to avail of.
  • Robust alumni networking & prestigious Manipal status: Pursuing a course from Sikkim Manipal University entitles you to the prestigious alumni status of Online Manipal, a platform that has been in existence for over 70 years. Several top global leaders and professionals are the proud alumni of Online Manipal – Chef Vikas Khanna, Mr. Satya Nadella, and Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty – to name a few. You, too, can join the over 15,000 member alumni network and gain the exclusive opportunity to connect with these top names. 

Benefits of pursuing online MCA

The above section discussed the advantages of pursuing an online degree in MCA from Sikkim Manipal University. Now, let us look at why online MCA is a wise choice for a successful career.

Listed below are the top benefits of pursuing online MCA courses:

  • Flexibility and convenience: We already know that MCA is an excellent opportunity to delve deep into the advanced technical knowledge of computer science. Choosing to pursue the program in the online mode adds the advantage of convenience. You have the flexibility to pursue the course from any part of the world and the comfort of sitting and studying right in the comfort of your home without the need to travel to and from the university. It is this flexibility in Sikkim Manipal University’s online MCA program that attracts students to the course.
  • Recognized at par with traditional MCA: Online MCA courses are no longer considered a secondary option to conventional on-campus MCA degrees. The recognition that online MCA degrees receive from governments worldwide, along with higher education study institutions and corporate organizations, makes the course acceptable to students globally.
  • Access to cutting-edge technology: Students studying online MCA from their homes no longer need to feel deprived of access to technology, which is an essential part of learning the course. Students are provided with the perfect environment to code, program, and develop web applications and software programs in simulated hi-tech environments as part of the online MCA program.
  • Greater affordability: This has to be the best advantage of pursuing online MCA courses. They are relatively easier on the pocket when compared to paying the hefty fees of conventional MCA courses pursued on-campus. 
  • High earning potential: Since online MCA degrees are equally at par with those pursued on-campus, they also create highly rewarding job opportunities for course graduates. Students of online MCA programs can look forward to high-paying job roles in the software industry upon completion of the course. 

Let us discuss some of these high-earning job prospects of online MCA courses in the next section.

High-paying jobs after online MCA

The table below lists some of the top job roles that become available after completing an online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University. The corresponding salary figures for each job role are also enumerated.

Job role after online MCAAverage annual salary (approx)
Data ScientistINR 7 lakh – INR 20 lakh per annum
Network EngineerINR 5,55,000 per annum
IT ArchitectINR 18 lakh – 33 lakh per annum
Hardware EngineerINR 5,50,393 per annum
Ethical HackerINR 517,386 per annum
Database AdministratorINR 8,13,914 per annum

Pursue an online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University

With the advantage of flexible and self-paced learning, easy affordability, and high-paying career prospects, online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University does seem to be one of the excellent choices for PG courses. UGC-entitlement and accreditation of Sikkim Manipal University’s MCA program

add to its demand among students. Moreover, Sikkim Manipal ranked among the Top 101-150 Universities in India in 2023 and also the Top Private University in North East. 

The curriculum offered for online MCA degrees at Sikkim Manipal University is fairly comprehensive and covers the latest tools and advanced technical learning in the IT domain. Additionally, the degree is at par with on-campus certifications and creates a wide array of job prospects for graduates. You also receive placement assistance upon course completion and are eligible to avail of easy financing options and scholarships for the course. 


Pursue an online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University and take the first step to a lucrative career with excellent job prospects and competitive pay scales. Not to forget, enjoy the privilege of belonging to a large network of Manipal alumni with the exclusive chance to grow with like-minded professionals in the industry.

Top career opportunities after BCom 2024 

Are you seeking to carve a successful career path in the ever-evolving, dynamic professional world? Then, do so with an online BCom degree from a prestigious university such as Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) through the Online Manipal platform. As we step into 2024, the job market continues to evolve, driven by technological advancements, changing industry demands, and global economic shifts. All this can be strategically handled with growth prospects if you pursue a Bachelor of Commerce degree program.

Curious to know the emerging careers for BCom graduates? Then, your search will end here, as we disclose the top career opportunities after pursuing BCom from a good institution. 

Top job roles to explore after BCom in 2024 

Are you fascinated with the investment banking industry, or does corporate finance entice you? Options are limitless for BCom graduates when it comes to navigating through the vast job market in 2024. 

Here is your chance to discover the top career opportunities that can provide you personal fulfillment and professional success being a BCom graduate in the years ahead.

  • Chartered Accountant: The number one job opportunity that attracts anyone with a BCom degree is the post of a Chartered Accountant. BCom graduates can use the knowledge gained during the course to work in a tax consultancy, management consultancy, public accounting, government, and regulatory bodies as a Chartered Accountant (CA).
  • Company Secretary: Doing BCom may pave a path for an individual to become a Company Secretary. Although you may need to further widen your education with a professional CS qualification, you may get good jobs even if you gain practical work experience by working under a company secretary. 
  • Human Resource Manager: Another in-demand job opportunity for a Bachelor of Commerce graduate is Human Resource Manager or HR Manager. Several companies look for HR professionals to hire talented employees and retain them in their organizations. However, to get higher paid roles as an HR Manager, we suggest you get advanced education such as an MBA in HR or a certificate course in HRM.
  • Business Accountant: It is time to throw some light on another lucrative job opportunity chosen by several BCom graduates. We are talking about the Business Accountant post, a knowledgeable person hired to manage financial transactions and records. A Business Accountant plays a key role in providing financial insights for the right decision-making inside an organization.
  • Product Manager: A BCom graduate can easily step into the shoes of a Product Manager based on management, business, finance, and marketing skills. However, it is important to network with product management professionals to gain valuable insights from them. 
  • Financial Advisor: Last but not least, after finishing an online Bachelor of Commerce degree program from a prestigious institution like Sikkim Manipal University through the Online Manipal platform, a person can open the door to a career as a Financial Advisor. Top companies find it hard to make the right financial decisions without the valuable insights provided by an experienced Financial Advisor.

Have a look at the detailed table below to learn about the top recruiters hiring the above-mentioned professionals and the approximate salary per annum they offer:

Job ProfileTop RecruitersApproximate Salary
Chartered AccountantErnst&Young, ICICI Bank, Deloitte, Accenture, Genpact, and OracleINR 887,543 per annum
Company SecretaryAditya Birla Group, Tata Consultancy Services, Apollo Hospitals, and Reliance IndustriesINR 606,907 per annum
Human Resource ManagerGoogle, Amazon, Accenture, Cognizant, Reliance Industries, and Mahindra & MahindraINR 10 lakh – INR 12 lakh per annum
Business AccountantAccenture, Ernt&Young, Infosys Consulting, Capgemini, and CognizantINR 4 lakh – 15 lakh per annum
Product ManagerIBM, Wipro, Adobe, Ernst&Young, and American ExpressINR 9 – 25 lakh per annum
Financial AdvisorWipro, Infosys, Accenture, TCS, and GenpactINR 5.6 lakh per annum

Sectors that BCom graduates can work for

Today, most businesses worldwide are interconnected, and only those who can adapt and understand the changing needs of the sector will be able to succeed. This is where a BCom graduate can shine bright, armed with a holistic understanding of commerce, management, economics, accounting, and finance. 

For your understanding, we are listing an in-depth job market outlook for BCom graduates:

  • E-commerce: The rapidly growing E-commerce industry has a wide career scope for anyone with a BCom degree. The main skills required here are to optimize the user experience and boost online sales, and a BCom graduate is affluent in both these skills. Some of the prime job roles for a commerce graduate in this popular sector are E-Commerce Manager, Supply Chain Coordinator, Product Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, and E-Commerce Analyst.
  • Banking: There is a vast potential for job roles in the banking industry for a BCom graduate. From being a Bank Officer to a Financial Analyst, from being a Loan Officer to a Credit Analyst, and a Treasury Analyst, one can try fitting in all kinds of job roles in the banking industry. 
  • Education: At the end of the BCom degree program, an individual emerges as a person affluent in all the skills related to handling a business, finance, management, accounting, or economics. All this knowledge can be imparted in the education sector by working as an Admissions Counselor, Student Affairs Officer, Academician, or Career Counselor. 
  • Insurance: When talking about the specialized industries for BCom careers, we can’t ignore mentioning the wide scope of the insurance industry. BCom graduates can easily fit in prime job roles in insurance organizations, financial institutions, and audit firms.
  • Stock Market: Another popular sector where we see a never-ending demand for commerce graduates is the stock market. Those with a BCom degree can enjoy a bright career by applying for stock market-related job roles by playing the role of an Investment Banker, Financial Analyst, Equity Analyst, and Portfolio Manager.
  • Financial Services: While exploring different career options open for BCom graduates, we can not forget to mention the importance of this degree in financial services. A person holding a Bachelor of Commerce degree can get a high-paying job in the finance sector. Risk Analyst, Financial Advisor, Auditor, and Compliance Officer are to name a few such job roles.
  • Retail: With a Bachelor of Commerce degree in hand, one can apply for a wide range of jobs in the retail sector as well. These graduates can give a solid foundation in any retail business with the skills acquired during this UG course. Retail Buyers, Merchandisers, Store Managers, Retail Managers, and Retail Accountants are to name a few of such job roles in the retail sector open for such people in 2024.

Pursue an online BCom from Sikkim Manipal University 

Now that you know options are galore when it comes to paving a path for a bright career with a BCom degree, the question comes where to pursue it. Sikkim Manipal University, the topmost university in the northeast, can act as the right platform for you to learn the in-demand skills for BCom graduates. According to NIRF, it is a NAAC A+ accredited university counted among 100-150 top universities. 

All the degrees, including the online BCom degree rewarded by SMU, are UGC-entitled and hold the same value as traditional campus degrees. Moreover, the glorious Manipal status attached to it makes it globally accepted. Not only this, the expert faculty at Sikkim Manipal University is an ace in teaching students the best networking strategies for BCom graduates during an online BCom course through the Online Manipal platform. 


The journey after the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is not a destination but a continuous expedition. The job possibilities are limitless for an ambitious BCom graduate. However, for this, it is important to equip oneself with the right skills from the best institution like Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) that offers the same course flexibly through the Online Manipal platform. Be a part of the robust Manipal alumnus by enrolling in the online BCom course from SMU and focus just on studying worrying the least about financing it, as the university offers the course at an affordable fee with no-cost EMI.

Role of internships in landing your dream job

Internships play a pivotal role in transforming career aspirations into reality. This practical approach to career advancement offers a unique blend of hands-on experience and professional networking. Beyond traditional education, internships provide a firsthand glimpse into industry dynamics, allowing aspiring professionals to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings. The bridge between academic learning and workplace demands, internships not only enhance skill sets but also cultivate crucial soft skills and industry-specific insights. This article helps understand how internships serve as a strategic pathway to realizing and securing one’s dream job.

As per research, graduates who completed internships during their graduation are 34% more likely to land at least one job offer. Let us explore how an internship is beneficial to landing your dream job.

Work experience

During the internship period, you get to experience the real world and work in the dynamic corporate world. You get to put everything you learn to practical use. While you attend professional meetings and perform various tasks, you gain deep insights into the corporate world. You can showcase the projects you have worked on and other tasks you performed in your resume, ensuring your resume shines from the array of applications submitted for the job.

Mentorship and networks

When you join an internship program, you get to work with different people with the same skills as you, as well as those who have grown over the years. You get good mentorship for your seniors in the organization. Additionally, you build professional relationships with your colleagues, which is a great asset when applying for a job. These relationships will not only help you climb the ladder of the job process, but they can also act as references to show your skills and work.

Access to different departments

While working at an organization during your internship, you work with various departments. You see the daily processes and perform small tasks for various departments. This helps you understand how different departments work and decide which department interests you the most. Apart from that, you gain experience in the overall workings of the corporate world.

Makes a strong resume

A compelling resume full of real facts will boost your chances of being shortlisted for internship vacancies. You might detail all of the worthwhile jobs you had during the placement on your resume. You could describe the tasks you completed and what you did during your internship in the section on work experience. 

Builds confidence

Even if you are shortlisted for an interview without an internship, you face a lot of anxiety about the interview process. You might feel worried about which point will make you stand out during the interview, what you will say about your work experience, and more. An internship takes away the concerns, as you will have plenty of things to talk about during the interview to make your candidature stand out. You can talk about the tasks and everything you did during the internship. You are also aware of the interview a bit, as you have already been interviewed for the internship, which makes you feel confident.

Conversion to a full-time job

Recent research has shown that 50% of internships provide the chance to work permanently after a successful track record of excellence and continuous growth. Upon taking on diverse tasks, your capacity to generate visible results and utilize efficacious tactics will impress recruiters while showing your compatibility with the company. Throughout the internship, your progress will be regularly monitored, and if you continuously meet and surpass the company’s expectations for a permanent post, you have a good chance of landing one.

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How to land an internship

Landing an internship is not easy. Not every applicant who submits an internship application is chosen. Recruiters receive thousands of applications everyday; therefore, yours must stand out. But do not worry; here are a few tips to land an internship.

Make a good CV 

Because recruiters only spend 6–7 seconds reviewing a resume, you need to highlight your qualifications. You don’t have enough experience to demonstrate when you apply for your first internship. However, you can demonstrate your accomplishments over time. You can add your interests, certification courses, co-curricular activities, and a host of other activities that showcase your skill set.

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Research thoroughly

Doing thorough research about the company before putting in your application showcases how much you want to work with the company. It also helps you customize your application as per the internship requirements and, therefore, increases the chances of your application getting noticed. So, make sure that you do a thorough research about the company before applying.

Keep your LinkedIn profile updated

The greatest way to showcase your expertise is through your LinkedIn profile. Thus, be sure to put all the information about your experiences and courses on your LinkedIn page and to keep it updated. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile piques the interest of recruiters, as many of them now check profiles before making decisions.

Use connections

There are numerous ways to engage with companies in the digital age. Make sure you utilize your lecturers, placement cells at your college, family, and social media contacts to the fullest. These contacts can serve as useful references for your application in addition to offering advice.

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Tips to add internship experience to your resume

Here are some tips to add internship experience to your resume that will improve it.

  • Make sure that you list the internship in a relevant section, either under work experience or in a separate internship section.
  • Maintain a chronological order while listing the internships.
  • Add the title, dates, company, and location.
  • List the tasks and projects you did during the duration thoroughly. Include 5 bullet points if the internship is the first ever work experience and 3 bullet points if you are listing it after other experiences.
  • Make sure that you add the achievements. Maybe feedback or the results you drove for the company.
  • Do go for a final review to check for any mistakes.
  • Get your resume checked by your professors or other professional connections for the scope of improvement.

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Placement assistance from Online Manipal

Online Manipal excels in empowering learners with comprehensive career and placement assistance, bridging the gap between education and employment. Through Online Manipal’s placement assistance services, learners not only gain hands-on experience but also increase their chances of securing rewarding internships & positions in their respective fields. Online Manipal’s commitment to career development ensures that learners are well-equipped and connected for a successful transition from academia to the professional world.

Top tech jobs to explore after MCA in 2024

Ever since the evolution of computers, they have been witnessing technological upgrades. Tech advancements define the computer landscape today. They make working with computers more exciting and rewarding. This is why technology students must keep pace with these changes to perform at par with the desired industry standards. MCA courses provide a deep insight into the latest technologies, the knowledge of which can attract high-paying jobs upon course completion.    

This blog takes a detailed look at some of the top tech jobs that are worth exploring after pursuing MCA in 2024. It also highlights the popular technologies shaping MCA career paths because it is these technological advancements that generate a demand for skilled MCA professionals. The blog also points out why pursuing an online MCA in 2024 from Sikkim Manipal University can be your best investment for the year. 

Tech roles to explore in 2024

Upon completion of the 2-year MCA program, you can apply for a host of prestigious jobs in the IT industry. These job roles come with attractive pay packages and are, therefore, in high demand. The table below lists some of these high-demand tech roles post-MCA courses that you must consider applying for in 2024. Each of these job roles has been described, and the corresponding salary has been shared:

Job roleResponsibilities Average annual salary
Database DeveloperCreation, optimization, and maintenance of databases to enable organizations to use data effectively  INR 6,69,500 per annum
Cloud ArchitectCreation and organization of cloud systems, design and improvement of existing cloud technology, and ensuring cloud securityINR 21,59,316 per annum
Big Data EngineerWorks on data architecture, maintains a pipeline of data, structures and manages data, and analyzes processed dataINR 6 lakh – INR 11 lakh per annum
Data ScientistData extraction, data cleansing, algorithm development, and data analysisINR 7 lakh – INR 20 lakh per annum
AI/Machine Learning EngineerBuilding AI models, designing ML systems, and data science infrastructure building, and running tests for ML  INR 10,22,496 per annum
Robotics EngineerBuilding, testing, and debugging robotic systems, processing sensor data, and offering technical support for robotic systemsINR 5,48,786 per annum
DevOps EngineerPlanning projects, tasks, and processes automation, testing, maintenance, and troubleshooting INR 8,60,000 per annum

Top tools you need to know for a tech job

Your tech job role can be rather competitive, and to help you stay on top of the game, you would need to familiarize yourself with certain tools that can help you do the job better. Detailed below are the most important ones you would need for a tech job role after MCA:

  • Visual Studio: One of the most popular and highly sought-after programming tools used for developing web applications, games, and desktop and mobile apps. The tool makes app development fairly easy for developers on any language and platform. It can be used to build code, edit and debug it, and then publish an app for final use by the end user.
  • Oracle: A free tool that enables developing and deploying applications connecting to the Oracle Database. Oracle is a relational database management system (RDBMS) used commonly in organizations. Users cannot only build and deploy but also integrate and extend applications in the cloud.
  • MySQL: This visual tool is used for developers, database architects, and DBAs. MySQL is yet another RDBMS tool that is developed by Oracle and based on SQL or structured query language. It can be effectively used for storing data in tables that can be mapped onto objects. 
  • Python: A common tool used in the development of software and websites, Python also finds common use in the analysis of large data, automation of repetitive tasks, and visualization of data. The tool is developed to simplify and make the user’s tasks simpler and more efficient.
  • R: It is a statistical programming tool that is particularly useful for handling large datasets. It can efficiently run on several platforms, such as MacOS, Windows, and UNIX. 

Top skills you need for a tech job

A unique skill set is required for MCA tech jobs, which makes them high-paying in the industry. These skills can be acquired by professional MCA study programs. Listed below are some of the key skills that MCA courses impart students with, which come in handy during their job roles:

  • Coding: One of the basic and essential skills required in the tech industry that all programmers are required to possess. Coding can easily help understand technology and also help improve cognitive abilities. It enables the creation and development of different software programs, applications, games, websites, and the like.
  • Operating system knowledge: Yet another vital skill required from tech professionals is a fair knowledge of the operating system (OS) that enables the management of both hardware and software on a computer. All basic tasks, such as memory management, filing, and providing common services for computer programs, are performed by an OS.
  • Database management: Navigating the database is an important skill for MCA professionals, wherein they understand locating records, using reports and built-in features in the database software. 
  • Software development engineering: Working in the tech industry would require you to develop software for everyday use in organizations. This is why MCA graduates must know and understand the process involved in building, designing, maintaining, and testing software programs. 
  • Network maintenance: This skill involves ensuring that all networks within the enterprise operate smoothly with minimum interruption. You would need to test, assess, and troubleshoot the existing networks in your organization from time to time as part of regular maintenance procedures. 

Why pursue an online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University?

Now that we know the lucrative job market trends for MCA graduates, it only makes sense to pursue the program in 2024. When considering your choices, do pay attention to the 100% online MCA course offered by Sikkim Manipal University on the Online Manipal platform. The course is delivered by esteemed experts from the technology field and can be received anywhere from any device. You get the exclusive facility to enjoy learning from the comfort of your house. 

The online MCA program by Sikkim Manipal is designed to enable students to gain advanced knowledge and the required technological skills in computer application and programming. The course prepares you for a rewarding career path in the industry at handsome pay scales. Moreover, Sikkim Manipal University is accredited by NAAC, and all its degree programs are UGC-entitled.


MCA is one of the most high-demanded courses in the country today. The year 2024 is witnessing a surge in demand for the program, given the future career prospects of the course. You could be the next in line for a promising and secure future with knowledge of the latest technologies in your pocket that online MCA by Sikkim Manipal guarantees.  

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