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Reasons to pursue online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University

Information Technology

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January 30,

Planning a career in the IT industry? A professional MCA course from a recognized university is your first step in that direction. MCA, or Master of Computer Applications, is an advanced degree for students at the postgraduate level. It imparts the necessary skills in the Information Technology (IT) and software industries. The course can now be pursued entirely online from the comfort of your couch via the Online Manipal platform. Manipal University (SMU) offers online MCA courses on Online Manipal, enabling students to climb up their career ladder with this essential course. This blog details the various benefits of online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University.  

What is an online MCA?

Before we jump to that discussion, let us first quickly understand more about an online MCA study program. Sikkim Manipal offers this course in 100% online mode to all students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a relevant discipline. 

The course duration is 2 years, and students are trained with advanced skills in the field of IT to enable them to assume vital roles in the software industry. MCA graduates are more likely to take up leadership and managerial positions in the IT sector. All of these job roles are extremely well-rewarding, which adds to the popularity and high demand for online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University. The program primarily focuses on teaching advanced programming languages, Artificial Intelligence (AI), varied computer applications, and intensive Machine Learning (ML) concepts. 

Why choose Sikkim Manipal University for an online MCA

Considering the immense popularity of an online MCA degree in India, especially since online learning became the new reality post-COVID, several universities offer the course. Sikkim Manipal University is one of the top choices to consider for online MCA programs. Here are some reasons why:

  • UGC-entitled degree from NAAC A+ university: The online MCA course offered on the Online Manipal platform is entitled by the University Grants Commission (UGC), a statutory body. Additionally, Sikkim Manipal University is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with an A+ grade. 
  • Industry-relevant curriculum: The course curriculum is carefully designed to be relevant to the demands of the industry. The program offers students a fine blend of theoretical concepts and practical knowledge. They are trained to assume vital job roles in the industry upon completing the course. The industry-relevant curriculum in SMU’s MCA program attracts students to join the course. 
  • Gain advanced technical knowledge: Offered at the postgraduate level, online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University is an excellent opportunity to gain advanced technical knowledge and skills in the field of IT. Students who have learned the foundations of computer applications and programming as part of BCA programs or other related courses at the undergraduate level can take their knowledge and skills to the next stage with the online MCA course. 
  • Learn in-demand tools: The MCA program from Sikkim Manipal contains a comprehensive curriculum that imparts knowledge of essential computer tools that are currently most in-demand in the industry. A fair knowledge of these tools and applications enables students to prepare themselves for working in the industry upon graduation. It also facilitates simpler and more efficient working.
  • Explore a job in IT: This is one of the best rewards for pursuing an online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University. Upon completion of the program, you are eligible to apply for high-paying job roles in the industry. The pay packages are rather attractive, which attracts students to the online MCA courses from Sikkim Manipal.
  • Advanced learning management system: Online MCA programs allow students to dive into more profound learning concepts of subjects such as management information systems, cloud computing, bioinformatics, digital image processing, and artificial intelligence.
  • Expert faculty: We have a team of experts from various IT and computer science domains to deliver the program. This brings variety into the course and the combined knowledge of various experts is an added advantage for the students to avail of.
  • Robust alumni networking & prestigious Manipal status: Pursuing a course from Sikkim Manipal University entitles you to the prestigious alumni status of Online Manipal, a platform that has been in existence for over 70 years. Several top global leaders and professionals are the proud alumni of Online Manipal – Chef Vikas Khanna, Mr. Satya Nadella, and Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty – to name a few. You, too, can join the over 15,000 member alumni network and gain the exclusive opportunity to connect with these top names. 

Benefits of pursuing online MCA

The above section discussed the advantages of pursuing an online degree in MCA from Sikkim Manipal University. Now, let us look at why online MCA is a wise choice for a successful career.

Listed below are the top benefits of pursuing online MCA courses:

  • Flexibility and convenience: We already know that MCA is an excellent opportunity to delve deep into the advanced technical knowledge of computer science. Choosing to pursue the program in the online mode adds the advantage of convenience. You have the flexibility to pursue the course from any part of the world and the comfort of sitting and studying right in the comfort of your home without the need to travel to and from the university. It is this flexibility in Sikkim Manipal University’s online MCA program that attracts students to the course.
  • Recognized at par with traditional MCA: Online MCA courses are no longer considered a secondary option to conventional on-campus MCA degrees. The recognition that online MCA degrees receive from governments worldwide, along with higher education study institutions and corporate organizations, makes the course acceptable to students globally.
  • Access to cutting-edge technology: Students studying online MCA from their homes no longer need to feel deprived of access to technology, which is an essential part of learning the course. Students are provided with the perfect environment to code, program, and develop web applications and software programs in simulated hi-tech environments as part of the online MCA program.
  • Greater affordability: This has to be the best advantage of pursuing online MCA courses. They are relatively easier on the pocket when compared to paying the hefty fees of conventional MCA courses pursued on-campus. 
  • High earning potential: Since online MCA degrees are equally at par with those pursued on-campus, they also create highly rewarding job opportunities for course graduates. Students of online MCA programs can look forward to high-paying job roles in the software industry upon completion of the course. 

Let us discuss some of these high-earning job prospects of online MCA courses in the next section.

High-paying jobs after online MCA

The table below lists some of the top job roles that become available after completing an online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University. The corresponding salary figures for each job role are also enumerated.

Job role after online MCAAverage annual salary (approx)
Data ScientistINR 7 lakh – INR 20 lakh per annum
Network EngineerINR 5,55,000 per annum
IT ArchitectINR 18 lakh – 33 lakh per annum
Hardware EngineerINR 5,50,393 per annum
Ethical HackerINR 517,386 per annum
Database AdministratorINR 8,13,914 per annum

Pursue an online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University

With the advantage of flexible and self-paced learning, easy affordability, and high-paying career prospects, online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University does seem to be one of the excellent choices for PG courses. UGC-entitlement and accreditation of Sikkim Manipal University’s MCA program

add to its demand among students. Moreover, Sikkim Manipal ranked among the Top 101-150 Universities in India in 2023 and also the Top Private University in North East. 

The curriculum offered for online MCA degrees at Sikkim Manipal University is fairly comprehensive and covers the latest tools and advanced technical learning in the IT domain. Additionally, the degree is at par with on-campus certifications and creates a wide array of job prospects for graduates. You also receive placement assistance upon course completion and are eligible to avail of easy financing options and scholarships for the course. 


Pursue an online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University and take the first step to a lucrative career with excellent job prospects and competitive pay scales. Not to forget, enjoy the privilege of belonging to a large network of Manipal alumni with the exclusive chance to grow with like-minded professionals in the industry.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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