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How important is it to do an MCA after completing BCA?

How important is it to do an MCA after completing BCA?

There is hardly any doubt that getting another degree is a feather in your cap. But if you are wondering whether an MCA after BCA is a good idea, it is best to understand it with your eyes open. 

A BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications, while an MCA is a postgraduate course for the same subject. If you already have a BCA degree or you are going to complete it soon, then an MCA can be the add-on you need to get your career started on the right foot.

Importance of studying after your BCA

You can continue with your studies even after getting your BCA degree. There are many reasons for this, the most important being that it provides you with a wider platform for doing something wonderful career-wise. It will certainly start you on the path of a good career in life.

  • Variety of courses: Options after BCA are many and varied. Whether it is an MBA that suits your management plans or an MCA that is more to your liking, the choices will be enough to keep you happy.
  • More opportunities: You will have a lot more opportunities than if you were to stop with a BCA degree. Whether you want to go ahead and be a web developer or be a systems administrator, higher studies will ensure that you have more opportunities.
  • Salary packages: Another reason why pursuing higher studies is a great idea is that this way you can demand and get better salary packages from major companies. Big companies always look for people with higher degrees from reputed universities, and the benefits to enjoy are many.

Courses after BCA

There are many courses you can do after getting your BCA, like getting into the best MCA college. It really depends on what you want to do. Do you want to go for further studies? Do you want to improve your career profile? If yes, some of the great courses for you to do are:

  • MCA
  • MCM
  • MSc in IT
  • MBA

With MCA online programmes are available, you can go ahead and get your master’s specialization in Computer Applications.

Whether it is getting a job in the government sector or the private sector, it is possible to meet your career goals with any of the above degrees. There are several good colleges for MCA available in India where you will be able to do the course completely online. 

Is a diploma in computer applications a good idea?

After getting a BCA degree, you may feel that you need to improve your profile. For some reason, a master’s does not fit your life’s scheme. Don’t worry, because a diploma in the same subject can be an amazing idea.

However, with a Master’s degree in Computer Applications, you can become a Java developer, a network and computers systems operator, an application support specialist, or even a web developer. The degree can be obtained right after BCA and can be just the thing you needed to start your career in the right manner.

Is MCA a good option after a BCA?

There is no dearth of options after BCA. You can get a professional job right after your BCA or you can choose to go for further studies. However, with an MCA, you can definitely be better off. An MCA is a great option after your BCA. 

No degree from a reputed university is bad if you know how and when to utilise it. It really depends on what your future career dreams are like. If being financially stable in a good job is important to you, an MCA can be the right option. Here are pointers about the benefits of choosing one of the best colleges for MCA:

  • Better compensation: This has to be the most important reason why a master’s degree is a great idea. It will end in you getting a higher-paid job than if you were to settle with a BCA. Also, there is lots of scope for better salaries in the future.
  • Higher designations: If you want to work in positions that are higher up in an organization, then an MCA can be a good idea. It enables you to take on more responsibilities and thereby can be just the thing you required to realise your career goals.
  • Greater knowledge: Computer applications are a field that is very dynamic and ever-growing. There is no reason why this degree will not open up more avenues in the future world. With a master’s degree, you can be assured that qualification-wise, you are in a great position. Such a degree will let you in on greater knowledge and know-how. This will be good for your career.


It can be safely said that though a BCA is enough to jumpstart your career, and MCA will pretty much put it in acceleration mode. At Manipal University Jaipur, we have the NAAC A+ accreditation advantage. An investment in you to pursue our UGC-entitled online MCA programme would be an asset for your career and life.


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