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Tools covered in MAHE’s MSc in business analytics

Business Analytics

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December 28,

Staying updated with the latest developments in the field of technology is not just advantageous anymore but extremely essential. New tools and technologies are constantly emerging in the field of data science and business analytics, which are projected to grow by 11% between 2021 and 2031. It is imperative for professionals who want to extract meaningful insights from data to stay current by learning tools in MAHE’s Business Analytics specialization.

Business Analysts are essential when it comes to turning raw data into workable plans. The professionals are important assets and contributors to the field’s continual progress. An unmatched expertise in tools not only allows them to thrive but also creates a long-term sustainable career. With that in mind, let us explore the technology stack in MAHE’s MSc in Business Analytics program.

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From data interpretation to informed decision-making, tools help you get an in-depth understanding of business analytics. It will help you thrive in your career, especially with the 35% growth projected in data science employment between 2022 and 2032. Software covered in MAHE’s Business Analytics curriculum includes the following tools:

01. JIRA 

JIRA is one of the most important software covered in MAHE’s Business Analytics curriculum that helps you make efficient project management easier. It does so by offering a centralized platform for task planning, monitoring, and administration. With its ability to develop and visualize processes, teams can quickly assess how activities and projects are progressing.

JIRA provides a great degree of customization to meet different business requirements. Users can specify unique problem types, fields, and workflows to meet their needs. Business analytics relies heavily on its issue and bug-tracking capabilities. Efficiently identifying, prioritizing, and resolving concerns enhances the overall quality of the product. JIRA brings efficiency in project management, collaboration, and creating roadmaps, making it one of the most important learning tools in MAHE’s Business Analytics specialization.

02. Salesforce

Salesforce allows business analysts to elicit, document, and evaluate needs related to business difficulties before developing data-driven solutions. Salesforce also provides a comprehensive range of functionality for data analysis, customization, workflow automation, collaboration, and CRM to business analysts. Among these practical and pertinent resources for a business analyst are:

  • Salesforce Shield: For improved data security and compliance, business analysts can use Salesforce Shield. This tool guarantees the protection of sensitive data and adherence to legal standards. It contains features like encryption, event monitoring, and audit trail.
  • The Salesforce Mobile Application: The Salesforce mobile app allows business analysts to keep in touch and access vital information when they’re on the go. It guarantees their ability to track and examine company data from any location, enhancing their ability to respond quickly and make correct decisions.

03. Hadoop

Among the diverse covered tools in MAHE’s MSc Business Analytics program, Hadoop holds special significance by allowing business analysts to store and process big data quickly. Organizations utilize Hadoop to gather vast amounts of commercial data. It also contains business-related social networking data that can be utilized for examining client satisfaction. The MSc-BA program covers the tool to help business analysts collaborate with Hadoop and its ecosystem components to analyze vast amounts of corporate data and find pertinent information hidden inside.

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04. Power BI

Power BI is one of the most useful and important analytics tools taught in MAHE’s MSc program. Power BI is a popular business intelligence software that makes data visualization simple. The software empowers data-driven insights by presenting them on the dashboard in various ways, including charts, graphs, and maps. The tool is used to discover patterns in data by connecting different data sources and transforming and cleaning the data into a data model. MAHE’s MSc-BA program covers all the facets of the tool to encourage expertise in it.

05. SAS

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a data analytics, business intelligence, and data management software suite. The software offers strong reporting and data analysis tools. Business analysts use SAS to evaluate huge datasets, extract valuable insights, and provide reports that facilitate decision-making.

SAS includes numerous statistical methods and processes to predict future trends and improve operational efficiency. Business analysts apply sophisticated statistical analysis to find patterns, trends, and correlations in data. It assists in the development of a well-informed company strategy. SAS also offers sophisticated tools for predictive modeling.

06. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project holds an important place in the technology stack in MAHE’s MSc in Business Analytics for managing resources and planning projects. Microsoft Project is a project management tool that helps managers plan, monitor, and oversee projects. It is helpful to business analysts when it comes to project-related analysis and teamwork.

Microsoft Project enables project managers, teams, and business analysts to work together to organize project activities. It assists in meeting project objectives, distribution of resources, deadlines, and milestones, ensuring that they are in line with business needs.

Ease of Learning and Popularity

  • The extensive tools in MAHE’s MSc business analytics program may seem challenging to adapt to at first, but the program’s ‘ease of learning’ parameter eliminates it with ease.
  • Learning the ins and outs of these robust analytics tools taught in MAHE’s MSc program is a thorough process that gives students the means they need to succeed in today’s workplaces. 
  • The user-friendly design of Power BI and the customizable features of Salesforce make these tools accessible to MAHE students, resulting in a more seamless learning experience.
  • MAHE prioritizes hands-on learning, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. Projects utilizing Microsoft Project, SAS, and Hadoop are more useful because of this, which improves the learning process. 
  • MAHE students are well-prepared for the workforce thanks to these instruments, which also meet industrial standards.
  • The program also explores and covers real-world use cases to encourage the productive implementation of the tools.
  • JIRA, for example, is used by more than 65,000 organizations worldwide because of its ability to handle a wide range of projects. It is also highly used for its integration functions.

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MAHE: One-stop option for all your business analytics learning needs

CourseMSc Business Analytics
AccreditationsUGC, NAAC A++
Course FeeINR 2,60,000
Duration2 Years
Semesters 4

The MSc Business Analytics Program from MAHE offers you the expertise and skills to fulfill your business analyst aspirations. With extensive analytics tools taught in MAHE’s MSc program, it serves as a one-stop option for all your business analytics learning. The program provides professionals with a life-changing educational experience and equips them with skills that lead to financial success and professional advancement. The following subtleties set MAHE apart:

  1. Employable Skills: The curriculum at MAHE is carefully crafted to expertise useful business analytics abilities. Employers looking for analytics knowledge can instantly benefit from the practical experience that graduates bring to the table.
  2. A Higher Prospect for Earnings: Graduates of MAHE programs stand to earn more because of the program’s emphasis on real-world application and proficiency with in-demand analytical technologies. Companies respect the expertise obtained via MAHE’s programs, which translates into attractive benefits packages.
  3. Honorable MAHE Alumnus Status: Enrolling in one of MAHE’s business analytics programs entitles you to education from a renowned university as well as membership in a distinguished alumni network. Alums of MAHE benefit from an extensive industry-spanning network that offers beneficial connections and chances for mentorship.
  4. Following Trends in the Industry: At MAHE, students will stay up-to-date with the most recent developments in business analytics. With this focus on the future, graduates are better equipped to take on new challenges in the field of analytics.


The Business Analytics programs offered by MAHE offer professionals and aspirants the opportunity to gain expertise in tools that are relevant and useful. The MSc-BA program from MAHE also helps you master the skills necessary to excel in your career prospects. It also offers students life-changing learning opportunities that equip them for success in the fast-paced field of data science.

MAHE ensures that its graduates are not only academically strong but also prepared to take the new-age workforce by storm. It does so by emphasizing on in-demand tools like JIRA, Salesforce, Hadoop, Power BI, SAS, and Microsoft Project in its curriculum. With its focus on hands-on learning and easily accessible resources, MAHE helps you succeed in the Business Analytics sector.


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