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Top 11 HR Activities: A Basic Guide 

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October 11,

The most important asset of an organization is its human resource, i.e., its employees and workers. The Human Resource Management activities include the activities of recruiting, training and development, performance appraisal, compensating, rewarding, and ensuring the safety and welfare of the human resource. In this article, we will see the top hr activities. 

LIST OF TOP 11 HR Activities 

  1. Alignment and integration of organization plan with the Human Resource requirements  
  1. Planning of Human Resource  
  1. Recruitment of Human Resource 
  1. Regular evaluation and monitoring of performance 
  1. Taking steps to keep the employees motivated 
  1. Training and Development 
  1. Rewards and Compensation  
  1. Ensuring safety and well being of the employees  
  1. Organization Development 
  1. Involving the employees in the decision-making process 
  1. Providing job security and growth opportunity to the employees 

1. Alignment and integration of organization plan with the human resource requirements  

The top-level management must ensure that the HR activities and requirements are considered while preparing the organization plan to achieve the organization’s overall objective. The integration of the plan with human resource requirements is essential because the execution of plans in their intended manner depends on the effectiveness and efficiency of the human resource. 

2. Planning of human resource  

Human resource is a vital factor of an organization that needs planning for its procurement and deployment. The dynamic business environment where the technology is bringing new changes in the organisation’s way of working has made it necessary to plan HR activities properly. The HR management must anticipate the kind of human resource needed by the organization and accordingly plan for the procurement criteria, salary, training and development, appraisal, performance bonus, promotion and other benefits to applying to its human resource. 

3. Recruitment of human resource 

The organisation’s employees must be carefully recruited as their performance is directly linked with the organisation’s success. The HR activities include conducting a recruitment process for selecting the most eligible candidate who can add value to the organization. The human resource management activities include a personal interview, aptitude test and other methods to evaluate the knowledge, learning ability, leadership qualities, teamwork spirit and other parameters. 

4. Regular evaluation and monitoring of performance 

 Another core human resource management activity is to keep a check on the performance of the employees continuously. The HR management shall perform activities to monitor and compare the employees’ performance and the target performance and take corrective actions to fill the gap. The flow of communication and information among the management and employees shall be free to achieve better and timely results. 

5. Taking steps to keep the employees motivated 

Human resource management activities shall also focus on maintaining and increasing the motivation level of the employees. The employees shall be timely, rewarded for achieving targets within the predetermined deadlines. Monetary benefits such as bonuses, incentives, promotion, and non-monetary benefits like the best performance award, recognition, and creative innovation can keep the employees motivated to give their best for the organization. 

6. Training and development 

The continuous updating of the knowledge and skills of the organisation’s human resource is an important factor for its success in the long run. The development of human resource is an important activity performed by human resource management. Regular training of employees enables them to actively update themselves with the changing needs of the business environment. 

7. Rewards and compensation  

 Employees shall be adequately rewarded for their efforts through justified salary, bonus, incentives and other monetary benefits. Non-monetary benefits like the best performance award, recognition to creative innovation, trophies can keep the employees motivated to give their best for the organization. This human resource activity is crucial as if the employees are not happy with the compensation and benefits that they receive for their work, and then it can adversely affect their performance. 

8. Ensuring safety and well-being of the employees  

 The human resource management shall perform all activities which are necessary for ensuring the safety and well-being of its human resources. It is the organisation’s responsibility to provide a healthy and safe work environment, proper safety measures for work that require exposure to hazardous situations and adequate health care facilities for the employees and their families. 

9. Organization development  

 This management activity involves preparing a strategy as per the nature and size of the organization to build a working environment where employees can give their best efforts. Effective coordination and cooperation among the human resources employed at different levels of the organization results in the development of both the employees and the organization. 

10. Involving the employees in the decision-making process 

The management shall keep the employees well informed about the organization’s functioning so that they can effectively participate in the decision- making process. The support of the employees’ union can help in encouraging the participation of skilful employees in decision making. 

11. Providing job security and growth opportunity to the employees 

Human resource management is necessary for the organisation’s growth, but it should also contribute to the professional development and growth of the individual employees. 

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An honest, hardworking and skilled employee is the most valuable asset of an organization. Thus, HR activities must be planned and performed in a manner such that it contributes to creating maximum value for both the employee as an individual and the organization as a whole. 


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