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Top scholarships offered by Sikkim Manipal University for online programs


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October 27,

Scholarships are indispensable tools in facilitating access to quality education, serving as vital conduits for students to realize their academic aspirations.  In today’s digitally driven world, online education has gained prominence, opening up new avenues for individuals seeking to advance their knowledge and careers. 

Sikkim Manipal University (SMU), a respected institution in the online education landscape, is acutely aware of scholarships’ pivotal role in promoting access to quality education. With an unwavering commitment to empowering learners, SMU has meticulously designed a range of prestigious scholarships for its online programs, each tailored to recognize and support outstanding students in pursuing academic excellence. 

This article delves into the various SMU scholarship options for online degree programs shedding light on the opportunities they provide for aspiring learners.

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Top scholarships for online programs at SMU 

Grants and funding for online learners at SMU embody the university’s commitment to creating a vibrant and inclusive educational community where individuals can thrive. Let’s explore some of the top scholarships offered by SMU for its online programs.

  • Scholarship 1: Candidates from Sikkim & Northeast Region

This scholarship opportunity is exclusively reserved for candidates hailing from the regions of Sikkim and the Northeast. Eligible applicants can secure a 30% scholarship to support their educational journey at the institution. To qualify, applicants must provide a valid address proof that confirms their residence in either Sikkim or the Northeast. This financial aid for online students at SMU aims to promote education among local talents and encourage their pursuit of higher learning.

  • Scholarship 2: Divyaang

For individuals with disabilities, the Divyaang scholarship offers a helping hand in achieving their educational aspirations. This scholarship grants a generous 20% reduction in tuition fees. To be eligible, applicants must present a valid certificate from an authorized doctor confirming their disability status. This initiative strives to empower and support Divyaang students on their educational path.

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  • Scholarship 3: Defense personnel

Recognizing the sacrifices made by our brave defense personnel, this scholarship honors their dedication and service. A 20% scholarship is available for eligible defense personnel. To qualify, applicants must provide their Personnel/Service/IC number as proof of their service in the defense sector. This scholarship is a token of gratitude and support for their commitment to our nation’s security.

  • Scholarship 4: Alumni of SMU (Sikkim Manipal University)

Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) alumni have an exclusive opportunity to further their education with a 20% scholarship. This scholarship is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate alumni of SMU. It serves as a testament to the institution’s commitment to nurturing its own, ensuring that former students can continue their educational journey with financial ease.

Here is the information on scholarships offered by SMU in tabular form:

Scholarship NameCreditEligibility
Candidates from Sikkim & Northeast Region30%Valid address proof
Divyaang20%Valid certificate from an authorized doctor
Defense Personnel20%Personnel/Service/IC number
Alumni of SMU20%UG/PG alumni of SMU

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How scholarships can help online learners 

Scholarships serve as a mechanism to empower deserving individuals, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds, to access higher education and pursue their dreams. They play a pivotal role in supporting online learners in various ways, enhancing their educational journey. Here’s an explanation of the benefits:

  • Financial assistance: 

Scholarships give much-needed financial assistance to online students, which can be critical in financing the costs of online education. Tuition, educational materials, software, and web access are instances of these expenses. These costs can be exorbitant for many students, and scholarships assist in addressing the financial discrepancy, making education more affordable.

  • Reduces the burden of student loans: 

Scholarships reduce the financial load of student loans, which is among the key advantages they provide. Many students count on loans to cover the expenses for their education, resulting in enormous debt that might take years to repay. Scholarships offset these costs, enabling students to graduate debt-free. This funding alleviates learners’ immediate economic strain and enhances their long-term financial prospects.

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  • Better opportunities for higher education: 

Scholarships often enable online learners to access higher-quality education programs and institutions. Prestigious universities or institutions frequently bestow high-level scholarships. These possibilities can improve the recipients’ education by giving them access to top-tier teachers, cutting-edge research, and modern resources. This, in turn, improves the whole academic expertise and might significantly impact their future employment opportunities.

  • Greater accessibility for students from diverse backgrounds: 

Scholarships promote inclusivity in online education. They are not solely based on financial need; they may also consider academic achievement, ability, or other traits. Scholarships contribute to a more diverse and inclusive e-learning environment, elevating all of the educational journey of students. It entails that learners from various backgrounds, especially underrepresented groups, will have access to online education.

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Top online programs offered by Sikkim Manipal University 

Following are the online programs offered by Sikkim Manipal University:

  • Online Bachelor of Arts (BA):

The online BA (Bachelor of Arts) in English, Sociology, and Political Science from SMU (Sikkim Manipal University) is created for students who want to obtain competence in multiple areas and disciplines to flourish in today’s dynamic world. Learners acquire in-depth knowledge and skills in English literature, Political Science, and Sociology through this program, allowing them to explore professional prospects that match their interests and fields of study.

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  • Online Master of Arts in English:

The online MA in English from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) digs into the field of literature spanning literary periods and cultures. The course aims to help learners study critical disciplines such as gender studies within literature, literary theory and criticism, literature from the postcolonial era, and Commonwealth literature, in addition to being able to keep up with literary works from diverse cultures. 

  • Online Master of Arts in Sociology:

The online MA in Sociology from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) allows professionals to keep current on sociological advances while continuing to work. Explore new chances and enhance your career in social service, activism, academics, non-governmental organizations, and media. Through the flexibility of online learning, this MA program offers accessibility to a diverse community of learners, fostering a profound understanding of societal dynamics and enabling individuals to engage with and address the pressing challenges of our ever-changing global landscape. Attend live instruction and recorded sessions from the convenience of your own home to advance your career

  • Online Master of Arts in Political Science:

The online MA in Political Science from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) trains students to excel in their jobs by instilling superior political knowledge and abilities. Explore new avenues for public policy, advocacy, academia, government, and media advancement. The program covers fundamental political science topics such as political theory, international politics, comparative politics, peace and conflict resolution, and more. Attend live instruction and recorded lectures from the convenience of your own home to advance your career.  

  • Online Bachelor of Commerce

The online Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) equips learners with a strong foundation in various aspects of commerce and business, helping them acquire key skills and knowledge required to explore various career opportunities in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, HumanResources, and more.This online BCom degree allows learners to explore job opportunities across sectors like banking, insurance, e-commerce, consulting, and more. 

  • Online Master of Commerce

The online Master of Commerce (MCom) program enables learners to gain expertise in areas like corporate financial management, investment management, security analysis & portfolio management, and more, enabling them to climb up the corporate ladder. This online MCom program helps learners explore careers in sectors like Banking, Finance, Accounting, Corporate Finance, and more.  

  • Master of Computer Applications

The online Master of Computer Applications program empowers learners to explore careers in the dynamic world of IT by leveraging new-age technologies. Explore a wide range of tools through the comprehensive curriculum, that also helps you gain cutting edge skills like programming, software development, web development, and more. This online MCA program allows learners to explore a wide range of job opportunities in the IT domain. 

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SMU’s scholarship programs embody the university’s devotion to diversity, excellence, and inclusion. SMU keeps paving the road towards a more fulfilling and equitable future for students all over the world through these scholarships. SMU’s financial support for students pursuing online degrees demonstrates the transformational power of education and the university’s commitment to unlocking every student’s untapped potential. 

Online programs from Sikkim Manipal University offer flexible and accessible education while maintaining high academic standards. They provide graduates with specialized knowledge and skills that are relevant to their chosen fields, empowering them for successful careers and personal growth. So, enroll in these online degree programs and avail yourself of the benefits of scholarships for distance education at Sikkim Manipal University to achieve your educational and career aspirations.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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