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Why BBA? Top reasons to choose BBA

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration, it is a professional undergraduate program that helps you learn about the nitty-gritty of business and management. It is a three-year course that also acts as a stepping stone for those interested in pursuing MBA in the future. BBA is becoming increasingly popular among the students. Choosing a career can be a life-changing decision for students. So, it is important to make well-informed and well-calculated decisions that are also in the best interest of the students as well. Knowing what subjects interest you make the process easier. It teaches students about economics, statistics, mathematics, management, etc. BBA shapes you as an individual and prepares you with entrepreneurial skills. 

Considering BBA as a career

BBA teaches business, promotes entrepreneurship and management. So, if you are someone who sees yourself as a business owner or an entrepreneur, you should check out the online BBA courses available. If you graduate from a reputable college, such as Manipal University, you will have a plethora of opportunities.

Key reasons for choosing BBA 

Highly In-demand course: Skilled managers and individuals having a business mindset are highly in demand. From small business groups to MNCs, management roles are always available. 

High salary potential: Everyone desires a good salary, as compared to other employees, BBA graduates are highly compensated for their skills and management decisions. The salary we would receive after completing a course might influence our decision while selecting a course. Fortunately, BBA does well on this test.

Knowledge of FAME: The fame group subjects include Finance, Accounting, Management, and Economics. These subjects are highly in demand worldwide. BBA prepares you for the same and there are ample opportunities worldwide. 

Acknowledge accreditation: When an employer looks at your CV or resume, they would like to know your background and the college where you completed the online BBA course from. 

Specializations to choose from: Once you are clear about what you want to choose as a career, you would eventually understand which subject to specialize in. There are a lot of specializations to choose from, such as Financial Services, Marketing, and so on.

Building transferable skills: This course helps you in building transferable skills. From legal background to any other sector. 

Building a good business and academic network: Apart from the curriculum you will also get to meet fellow students, alumni, and guest speakers which strengthens your professional and academic network. This network might also help in future ventures. 

High earning potential: The amount that you invest in online BBA courses is worth it. Money can be a crucial factor that affects our decision. After doing BBA you’ll have a lot of exposure and employable skills that’ll help you land your dream job. By the time you graduate, there will be a lot of opportunities waiting for you. Hence this course is value for money. 

Become an effective team player: In this program, you will learn the concept of management so that you understand the value of a team and have collaborative skills. Working as a team will be a crucial part of your job. 

It also helps in other skills like: 

 Communication: BBA as a course molds your personality and grooms you to face the world with confidence and communication skills. Communication is one of the most critical abilities for success in practically every industry. Good communication skills make you more approachable, making it simpler to make a lasting impact on anyone.

Leadership: Leadership quality is required in every step of life. Leadership and decision-making abilities move hand in hand, and BBA prepares them for that. Once you complete your BBA, you’ll be required to manage people under you. 

Entrepreneurial skills: BBA promotes entrepreneurial drive in students. It prepares them to start their own business venture by imparting the required acumen. 

Discovering inner capabilities: This training will not only assist you in breaking into the corporate world, but it will also assist you in uncovering inner qualities that you were previously unaware of.

Is BBA a good course for the future? 

After BBA, there are a lot of options available for the students to choose from. There are a variety of courses that the students can pursue like an MBA. It is like an extension to Masters of Business Administration (MBA). It has great potential in terms of salary and job opportunities. This course prepares you to become managers at entry-level positions, by imparting students with required skills that give them an edge in employability.

Let’s discuss the future career possibilities after pursuing BBA: 

It prepares you for roles like an assistant manager in marketing, finance, HR, Corporate Sales Manager, Relationship manager, and more. You could also pursue a management-related MBA or PGDBM. As a result, once you complete your BBA, you will have a wide range of options.

Why choose Manipal University for a BBA course?

At Manipal University, we have a comprehensive BBA program that is made in line with the latest pedagogies and prepares the students for any circumstance that their professional life might take. We provide the facility of online learning, you can learn at your own time whenever you want. We have a reputed faculty to help you with your doubts and queries. We have the best interactive online learning platform. We have dedicated student support or a help desk to help them out whenever they feel stuck. 

Still not convinced? Let’s talk stats now. We have more than 68 years of expertise in educational excellence, with more than 485 experienced teachers, students from more than 35 countries, and more than 100 recruiters from Fortune 500 companies. All students are taught employability skills and given placement assistance. We are recognized by UGC and accredited by NAAC, AICTE, etc. We have a robust alumni network of more than 7000 students and professionals.  


So, all in all, BBA is a life-changing course if done from a reputed college like Manipal University. It grooms the students to enter the corporate sector and makes them fit for business ventures. After the successful completion, of course, the students will have a lot of opportunities to choose from. 

Manipal University Jaipur is a NAAC A+ accredited institution, which offers various professional degree courses. The courses are available at no cost EMI. We help you develop the right skills and prepare you for the corporate world. If you want to know more about BBA online degree in India

6 Biggest Surprises of Online MBA Programs


Employers are now more amenable to recruiting e-degree holders, thanks to the government of India’s announcement in 2020 that over 100 prominent institutions in the country are now qualified to provide online degree courses. MBA is one of the most rewarding degrees for recent graduates and working professionals who wish to stay updated in the job market and increase their earning potential. The degree offers several advantages to offer the career-oriented individual, whether they take classes on campus or online. MBA students from all over the world can register in an e-degree program and receive a high-quality education. 

Some of the specializations provided by India’s best educational institutions offering an e-degree in MBA include supply chain management, business analytics, international business, marketing, and finance.

Apart from this, distance learners can take future-oriented electives like Managerial Economics, Managerial Finance, Managerial Marketing, Applied Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management Business Policy, and more as part of their online MBA education.

Why an online MBA

In many aspects, the 2019 pandemic has disrupted the educational services sector, but students can still access quality education because of technology-enabled e-learning. People who wish to prolong their studies from home and working professionals who want to stay relevant by upskilling with an MBA degree will find online MBA programs to be a blessing. There are many well-reputed educational institutions in India offering the best MBA courses. With the help of their experienced faculty, who are accustomed to delivering classes online, these institutions make each learning session productive, interactive, and informative for their students.

The fee in some of the best universities for an MBA e-degree is considerably lesser than an on-campus MBA degree which might cost students up to 40 lakhs. 

Students must pay a fee before being granted access to the institution’s learning management system, e-library, and student portal, which is a rather straightforward process. Lessons and lectures are delivered to students using pre-recorded videos, course reading materials, audio-visual interactive materials, podcasts, and other means. Students can clear their doubts, connect with their teachers and peers, and complete group tasks during live webinars. Students can also use email or instant messaging to communicate with their mentors and peers. The exams will be digitally administered and proctored online.

6 surprise factors of online MBA 

  1. Inclusive learning: The online classes are modeled to mimic the on-campus atmosphere with thought going into making each session inclusive so that no student feels left behind. The degree that online MBA students will receive will be equivalent and as valuable as the regular on-campus MBA classes.
  2. Experiential learning: Online MBA faculties adopt a pedagogy that includes the four stages of experiential learning. The stages include doing or having an experience, reviewing or reflecting on the experience, learning from the experience and implementing the knowledge acquired in practical scenarios. The classes are made interesting through experiential learning methods such as simulation, gamification etc., that make online classes as effective as they should be.
  3. Simulates real-world business practices: The sessions mimic real-world business scenarios while imparting knowledge on topics such as organisational behavior, statistics for management, managerial economics, and HR management, Production and financial management, MIS, CRM, duality analysis, game theory and simulation, strategic management and business policy, international business management etc.
  4. Promotes connectivity between peers: The students come together to attend the sessions, they work together on assignments and conduct virtual presentations etc. Such group activities remove the feeling of isolation, and promote interaction and comradeship.  
  5. Faculty support: The teachers are well trained not only to conduct online classes but also support students as they transition from on campus to online classes. Special course mentors and coordinators take extra care in making their students comfortable in their learning journey by understanding the needs of students who have to adapt to an online mode of learning. 
  6. Convenience: Unlike on-campus classes, the online classes are time saving and cost effective. Students and teachers do not have to spend time on money or commute. They can learn from the comfort of their home or from any location. Most of these classes are recorded for future reference which significantly improves lesson recollection. 

Advantages of online MBA

  • Quality: The institutions offering online MBA ensure that the quality of education is not compromised irrespective of the learning mode chosen by the students. The course syllabus is curated by industry leaders in the field of business administration. Students are given access to extensive e-libraries and online quizzes, games etc., are conducted to ensure that the students stay engaged and become active participants in the learning process. 
  • Flexibility: The classes are mostly pre-recorded giving the students the option to learn from any place and at any time. Online Manipal offers its MBA students the option to attend live/recorded lectures and talks which gives them the feasibility to learn on their own schedule. This makes it a great option for working professionals who cannot attend a full-time course and are looking for MBA programs that can be attended along with their day job.
  • Reputation: Online MBA course certificates are highly valued in the industry and are a must for people exploring job roles such as financial analyst, operations manager, marketing manager, HR manager, researcher, etc. Certifications offered by premier institutions like online Manipal are widely accepted by corporates, government sectors, and more.

Questions to consider while choosing an online MBA program

  • What are the key factors to consider when choosing the best MBA course? 

Affordable tuition fee, course duration, certifications, internet bandwidth required for attending online classes, faculty, and campus interviews.

  • Are the classes taught by experienced faculty?

The courses are conducted by teachers who have adapted to the online mode of teaching. Their teaching methodologies are fine-tuned to make the sessions interesting and effective for the students. 

  • Are the classes pre-recorded or delivered in real-time?

Many online institutions pre-record the MBA classes for the benefit of the students, however many assignments, webinars, and workshops are delivered in real-time to help students get to know each other and clarify their doubts with the faculty.

  • Do student get access to financial aid or career support?

Many of the online MBA programs offer full support to their students including financial aid such as no-cost EMIs, scholarships, internships, and job interview opportunities as well as career support. 

  • Are there opportunities provided to network with alumni or peers?

Students can stay connected with their peers through group assignments, discussion forums, and more. Many premier institutions invite their alumni during the online classes and this gives students an opportunity to interact with them face to face. 


Manipal University’s Online Manipal offers one of the most stellar online MBA programs in the country. Rated by Careers360 as the number 1 in India’s Best Online MBA Institutions, the program offers electives including Finance, Marketing, HRM, Analytics & Data Science, Retail Management, BFSIIT & FinTech, and Operations Management. The 24-month course is conducted on an advanced digital platform by faculty who are Ph.D. holders. Manipal’s online learning management system offers a wealth of knowledge through 650+ hours of digital content, 880 hours of e-tutorials, and 300+ hours of additional learning videos.  The online classes can be accessed even on low bandwidth internet and can be used on your phone, laptop, or desktop. Be it the fabled success of the institution’s unique educational programs or the well-respected academic departments, Manipal offers an excellent educational experience for both its online and on-campus students. To know more about the MBA programs offered at one of the best MBA colleges.

Why do business administration aspirants learn BBA?


BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration provides fundamental to advanced knowledge on business administration. Theory and practical education imparted in BBA online courses focus on creating the right set of business skills and knowledge. Students understand business, economics, international business, administration, business accounting, business laws, and several other related subjects. BBA is a comprehensive course to become an effective business administrator.

Why is BBA highly preferred to become a business administration professional?

  • Learn leadership skills

An online BBA course such as the one offered at Manipal University Jaipur has several modules on leadership theory. In business, leadership and decision-making are important skills. They require a measured and schematic approach. Leaders use data and scientific methods to derive decisions. An online BBA degree helps students get these skills the right way. 

  • Develop decision-making skills

A decision has an impact on a large number of people in the world of business. That’s why it is important to make the right decisions. But decision-making itself is an art and science. While some have formal education in it, many others don’t. BBA online courses are the best way to get a formal education in decision making.

  • Specialization in a business field

An online BBA degree from Manipal University Jaipur provides a crease to develop into specialists in a particular business domain. Students can take further education such as an online MBA program from Manipal to specialize in management. They can prepare for UPSC exams. They can become data scientists, financial accountants, business analysts, and even entrepreneurs. 

  • Confidence to handle business matters

BBA online courses, especially the good ones offered at prestigious universities such as Manipal, give hands-on education. Students gain the necessary confidence in handling projects. They enter the corporate world and are able to handle large projects for their companies. They understand the principles, practices, and methodologies to apply, and can easily transition into any role.

  • Be able to spot business trends

A good business management and administration professional is one that adds value to an organization. In this regard, an online BBA degree teaches students ways to add value. One of the ways is to spot trends. Businesses rely on this information and its accuracy for performing various activities. 

  • Excellent career opportunities

BBA online courses provide graduating students with lots of career opportunities that they can use to seek employment in the public or private sector. They can choose to be management professionals, digital marketers, product managers, program managers, business administrators, entrepreneurs, business technologists, business lawyers, market research analysts, banking professionals, loan officers, and HR officers. 

  • Provides a good foundation for pursuing MBA

BBA is often a stepping stone to doing an MBA. After an online BBA degree, students tend to do the online MBA course from Manipal. BBA provides the base knowledge to do the MBA. Doing the combination of BBA and MBA makes a person fully equipped as a management and business professional. 

Online BBA degree at MUJ (Online Manipal)

Of all BBA online courses, the online BBA course at Manipal University Jaipur is widely regarded as the best. The course has been recognized by the industry and academia as a comprehensive one. The 36-month course is reasonably priced and is an opportunity for working professionals to work and learn at the same time. 

Get more details from MUJ (Online Manipal)

Contact Manipal University Jaipur to get details on the online BBA degree. Download the brochure and talk to the counselors. The university provides excellent assistance at all stages of a student lifecycle – from pre-administration to post-administration, during the study tenure, placement season, and as alumni. Students can use the flexible and convenient schedules along with world-class study materials to get an online BBA certification of the highest quality. 

Role of MBA in Today’s World

The significance of doing an MBA is increasing with the changing decades. People are flipping the calendar sheets along with their future careers. The importance of having an education is changing rapidly. Youth in today’s generation are becoming more focused on their career. Among all these, MBA is grabbing the Limelight.

The online MBA course in India plays a pivotal role in almost all sectors. But students nowadays are keen on receiving degrees and not the essence of thorough knowledge. Few of them are unaware of where they will be in the near future. Due to this reason, one should choose the MBA.

The relevance of MBA in today’s world

MBA would help the students study with the perks of having an education while exploring the various learning factors. Apart from that, it turns reality into the goals one needs to set up their career. With various hands-on project experiences, internships, and assignments, one can receive everything in a capsule to help them feel the difference within themselves.

Significance of MBA

The MBA is the abbreviation of Master of Business Administration. In every business school, one can take up MBA admission. With the increase in communication and business because of privatization, globalization and liberalization, companies are looking for knowledgeable managers with all the experiences. It is only possible when a person undergoes the degree of an MBA program.

How is a regular MBA different from an online MBA and distance MBA?

In the case of a regular MBA course, one needs to attend the regular classes physically. Students taking up regular MBA need to visit the institution daily to complete the course.

But in the case of an online MBA course in India, you can take up the learning virtually. You need to be familiar with technology, such as skills and computers, so that you can get the benefit of such classes. One can even get the experience of a traditional classroom model while discussing the topic with a classmate or asking questions to the instructor.

Whereas speaking about the distance MBA, one needs to do a lot of self-study. The distance MBA helps a candidate to learn independently at their convenience.

MBA in the current scenario 

With the pandemic situation, the life of the people changed drastically. Students are continually looking for degree courses on an online mode. Several business schools are offering online MBA courses every year. It is making the situation more convenient for the students.

  • Covid situation and MBA

Even during the covid situation, the curriculum of the online degree course consists of interactive and live lectures with self-study materials and online assessments. Along with that, you can have the convenience of online communication via message boards or email. Students can also indulge in discussion forums through online channels.

  • Online MBA and its benefits

The online MBA program comes with various unique benefits. Not only does it allow the students to work at their convenience and pace, but they also learn a lot about time management skills.

MBA for a successful career

The students looking forward to a successful career should choose MBA as their career option. Once you pursue a master’s degree from any business management institution, you can make your dream come true. MBA can provide you with a new dimension to career growth. Whether you are interested in the economy or banking, financial sector or any other corporate sector, you can take the help of an MBA online admission for a successful career.

Especially if you want to choose a career that can contribute effectively to the modern world, you should choose Manipal University. The university offers 8 electives that you can take up as your option. Also, you can boost your career with the help of reputed faculty. Along with that, take your examination at the convenience and safety of your home.

Is It Worth Taking A Degree Online?

Over time, online degrees are becoming more mainstream and prominent. For various college students earning the degree online sounds like an ideal thing. Students taking up online degrees are not tied down to attend the classes at a given time. It makes them more flexible with the timing.

To qualify for education in the online mode, people have different thoughts and myths. This write-up speaks about whether it is competent enough to take online degree courses in India.

Are Online Degrees Easier Than On-Campus Programs?

The online programs have the provision of flexibility and convenience. But one requires a lot of devotion when taking up online classes. You need to participate in various class activities, review the course materials, complete all the assignments and prepare for the exams. The tips below would help students worry less while checking up on the best online degree courses.

  • Plan Of Action

The online courses come up with a few guidelines that would help you manage your daily schedule. Some of the best institutions offering online degree courses offer a week-wise program schedule. It helps the students complete the program’s requirements within the stipulated period without any inconvenience.

  • Unexpected Life Events

The biggest challenge of taking up online degree courses is to create a balance between personal life and the educational one. Managing the unexpected events of life can be a great task. Within a short time frame of the degree course, one needs to think about their priorities in life. It helps the students to be prepared for managing any life events.

  • Build Your Skills

The more you spend time on your online education, the better you get with your skills. You become more efficient with your time management skills. The students need to manage multiple priorities while meeting the class deadlines. It helps them build up specific strategies that help them improve certain areas related to prioritizing, procrastination, managing interruption, and goal setting.

Pros Of Taking Online Education

If anyone is mulling over taking online classes, there are certain advantages attached to online classes. These are:

  • Minimize Your Costs

The college makes a lot of money with a student’s fees. Students need to pay for the massive textbooks, activity fees, and other random expenses. But if you take up online education, you need not have to pay for any extra. You only pay for the university credits. It is a perfect solution to save your money while getting the needed education.

  • Saves Time

The online degree programs in India offer unparalleled flexibility. A student can learn other new skills even outside the course. Also, they have the convenience of completing the course within the preferable time. Whether you are a night owl or an early riser, you can log onto the online portal at your preferred time.

  • Increases Your Self Learning

Some students are self-learners. For them, online education is a boon. They would be able to pause their videos and re-listen to them as many times as they want.

  • A Huge Variety Of Options

With online learning, one can achieve various outcomes. Make sure the students attend regular on-campus programs to choose the best option.

  • Reduces Exam Stress

Exam stress happens to be a real thing for the students. But in online learning avenues, one can expect a reduction of exam stress.

  • Easy Certification

Students can receive easy certification when taking up the best online courses online.

Pursue Online Degree From MUJ (Online Manipal)

Choosing the online degree course of Manipal University can provide the students with different potentials. Considering a lot of things the Manipal University set up realistic expectations. It offers the students the needed curriculum that helps them progress their professional growth further. To take up any degree courses online

Discover Why An Online B.Com Is One Of The Most Popular Programs?

A career with B.Com can be a promising decision. Once you complete your higher secondary examination, you can pursue this course. This bachelor of commerce course is a 3-year undergraduate course. The curriculum consists of commerce and other related subjects, which provides the students with diverse managerial skills in taxation, accounting, management, and finance. 

Being one of the highly career-centric courses, bachelor of commerce prepares the students to provide a possible solution for the corporate world. Along with that, they become ready to face the challenges of the various corporate actions. Applicants choosing B.Com as their career option can choose both regular and distance modes of education where they can do online B.Com classes.

Why Is Online B.Com Popular?

Online education is a popular choice. It increases the convenience and relevance during a period like this. India is now investing a lot more in e-learning techniques. The reasons for its popularity include:

  • Flexible Career

Choosing a B.Com program would allow the students to take up any career. Choosing the online mode would offer you enough time to pursue the degree and continue with your program or hobby. You will also be able to tweak assignments and classes per this schedule. However, motivation and self-discipline are the keys to completing any degree course.

  • Manages Cost

Out of every other degree course, the online B.Com degree happens to be pocket-friendly. You need to pay the tuition fees and the supplies. One need not have to incur the additional costs related to any course like the accommodation, commuting and many more. For those who want to receive a good education, the online course can be advantageous. But remember to choose a reputed institution for completing your course.

  • Increases Critical Thinking And Other Skills

If you want to create a place in the corporate sector, you have to hone new skills. With the help of this course, you need not have to invest extra time to groom yourself for the corporate world. The course itself includes confidence-building methods, language building, and many more. It makes you ready with various industrial and technical skills.

  • Relaxed Learning Atmosphere

When you choose online education, you are gifted with the advantage of attending classes from any part of the world. You would require a stable and high-speed broadband connection along with a laptop. And you are set to go.

  • Increases Value For The Life

With a variety of lucrative career paths, one can increase the value of life. B.Com makes this happen to every single one taking up the course.

  • Vast Industry Experience

An online program helps the students to get familiar with the real world. The best course would have students with various experiences from the industry. With different industry interactions and projects, the students of online B.Com receive a holistic approach. It provides them with a preview of various job opportunities in the allied paths.

  • Showered With Highest Packages

Whether it is a private sector or a government organization, a B.Com graduate would receive great employment opportunities. Even the freshers are booked with some highest employment packages.

Pursue Online B.Com From Muj (Online Manipal)

Various institutions, universities, and colleges offer online B.Com courses. But the real challenge is to find the best one. Students must choose one that has a good reputation and is accredited. Manipal University remains a name with the desired standards. 

With various award-winning academicians and recognized means of teaching, the name sparks the career of various students. Enroll yourself with the online B.Com course from Manipal University and propel your educational path in the right direction.

MBA vs MCA: What is Better after BCA


An MBA (Masters of business administration) program is a postgraduate degree program that specializes in Business management studies through various practical and theoretical understanding. AN MCA program (Masters of Computer Applications) is a postgraduate program that focuses on application development programs and helps you pick up the latest computer programming skills. MBA and MCA are two different management streams of education. An MBA helps you to gain the skills to manage any business, while an MCA degree helps you climb the ladder in the IT and communications sector. 


MBA and MCA degrees can never be compared as they are two different streams of study. You can pursue an MBA after any basic undergraduate program. Similarly, an MCA can be pursued after any basic UG program. While MCA opens up venues for recent developments in IT technologies. An MCA graduate has a chance to get a starting package of 4 lakhs/annum in top-tier companies like Wipro, IBM, TCS and a few. MBA course gives you a chance to get into management level roles in any field like IT, food industry, entertainment to name a few. 

To put in simple terms, if you are a people persona and interested in leadership roles, you can take up an MBA to pursue a career in management. If you are more inclined towards software development and learning new technologies and computer languages, an MCA degree will be helpful.

MCA top recruiters:

An MCA degree can fetch you a job in the IT industry, communication, and telecom industry (both private and government sectors). IT industry is booming owing to the amount of digitalization happened in the past few years. Everybody is tech-savvy and uses digital money for transactions, e-commerce for both grocery and other personal shopping. All of which comes under IT and technical support. Few leading companies in hiring include Wipro, IBM, Dell, TCS, and others to name a few.

MBA top recruiters:

As an MBA graduate, you have venues opened in any field and any company as business development and management is the backbone of any business irrespective of their specialization. If you are interested in running campaigns, growing the business, and managing people, you have a plethora of opportunities in the growing startups and all leading MNC.

On that note, which course is best MBA or MCA, depends on your preference and your goal on what your future must be. 

Online courses at Online Manipal:

Online MBA course:

We at MUj, have an online MBA degree in India for both foreign and Indian students. We have carefully curated an MBA course that prepares you for the competitive world outside. Our digital classrooms enable you to network and interact with fellow students for better collaboration and growth. We also have industry experts who can provide you one-one mentoring if required. Our enhanced digital library provides you access to over 150000-course material and other related e-books. We also have a robust LMS that helps our students to track their progress on the dashboard. 

Online MCA:

 Online Manipal Plus also offers online MCA degree in India for both foreign and Indian students. Our online MCA program is on par with the global tech perspective, provides hands-on experience, proven and effective communication skills, the latest coding skills, and better job prospects. We stand out for providing an immersive learning experience on an advanced digital learning platform. We have onboarded a few industry experts to get insights from them. We also provide career counseling, assigned course mentors, and placement assistance.


We at MUJ, have dedicated online assistance for any queries regarding course and guides. We also have other undergraduate courses adaptable to the current scenario. Our courses are easily accessible by students from all geographical locations. The college has an alumni network for the ease of the students to have guidance from their peers.

Differences between Regular MBA, Online MBA, and Distance MBA – Which Is Better?


MBA – Master of Business Administration is a postgraduate degree program that gives the knowledge about Management studies in different fields like finance, business, human resource, to name a few by various theoretical and practical training to understand different aspects of business management. An MBA degree helps you to climb up your career ladder into a managerial position and adds value to your resume. AN MBA degree additionally opens new career opportunities in various fields. It helps for better collaboration with the companies.

How to choose an MBA program:

How to choose an MBA program? A common question that is on top of everyone who wants to pursue an MBA. Before getting into how to choose an MBA, let’s discuss what are the prerequisites to get an MBA degree.

  1. If you are aspiring for an MBA, you must have completed a basic undergraduate degree in any stream.
  2. You must clear an entrance exam CAT/MAT/GMAT. While CAT (Common Admission Test) is the most sought-after entrance for MBA, a great GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) score can also add value to your application.
  3. While entrance tests are required for a regular MBA, the rules might differ according to the college for a distance and online MBA. Most colleges prefer a simple entrance test for distance and online MBA.

Once the prerequisites are taken care of, first it is vital to define a goal for which you want to pursue an MBA degree. It can be to get better career prospects or to climb up your career ladder into managerial positions or it can be for a switch in the career field. Once a goal is defined, based on the time and your availability you can choose to pursue an MBA on a  regular basis or distance or an online MBA. Deceive your field of specialization according to your preferred field of study. Following are the commonly available specializations of MBA:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • HRM (Human Resource Management)
  • Analytics & Data Science
  • Operations Management

Different types of MBA :

MBA degrees in India can be acquired in three ways, A regular MBA, distance or correspondence education, and an online MBA. Let’s discuss each type and its aspects:

  • Regular MBA:

 A regular MBA is a 2-year degree program, which requires you to be physically present in the college for the course timing. However, in the current scenario of pandemics, you will be required to attend the online classes and exams as per the college’s schedule. You can apply for a regular MBA if you are continuing your studies after your undergraduate degree and/or if you are a working professional, you must be able to leave the job and study full time. A regular MBA provides you with a chance to intern.

  • Distance / Correspondence MBA:

As the name suggests, a distance MBA course in India gives you the flexibility to have your job and learn parallelly. Most colleges have a minimum day of attendance requirement like 2 or 3 days weekly to complete the course. In the current scenario, you must attend an online class on the scheduled day and time. The course duration may vary anywhere from 2.5 yrs to 3 yrs based on the college. Any working professional who can spare a few days a week can take up the correspondence MBA. 

  • Online MBA:

An online MBA in India helps you to learn and finish the course at your own pace. It is the most flexible and viable way for MBA learning. An online MBA helps you to study and finish your course at your pace and also gives you access to any college from any geographical location. It also provides career guidance from industry experts as they can connect from their palace of convenience. 

Regular MBA vs Distance MBA vs Online MBA:

Each mode of MBA has its own advantages and disadvantages. It will cater to your different needs/ requirements. However, when a  question of which is better distance or regular MBA or online MBA, considering the perks and flexibility, online mBA is the best option. Here’s why: 

  1. An online MBA allows you to network with people and industry experts from other countries
  2. It allows you to finish the course at your pace 
  3. While pursuing an online MBA, you can retain your job as it just requires time management from your side.
  4. An online MBA helps you to upgrade your career as is in your current job and also opens new venues in different fields.
  5. If you are looking to restart your career, an online MBA can help you get the required launchpad into the management and business field.


We at MUJ have an online Manipal plus program, an exclusive online campus for online MBA, and other online postgraduate programs. Our Online MBA program is open for both Indian and foreign students. We bring in our best industry experts in the virtual classes to enlighten our students with an enriching experience. A robust LMS helps our students to keep a tab of their progress and helps them achieve their goals easier. 

10 best career options after MCA


MCA or Master of Computer Applications provides students with knowledge and practical skills on computer science and related subject areas. MCA online courses are a great choice for those who want to study remotely, want quality education at an affordable price, and working professionals looking to upgrade their careers. 

What are the career options after MCA?

  • Software Developer

MCA online from Manipal University Jaipur provides students with projects, industry use cases, and several other assignments. Students learn to create software applications to solve these business problems. The hands-on learning guidance and training is beneficial for those who want to pursue software development fields. 

  • Hardware Engineer

A hardware engineer is someone who designs, repairs, and maintains computer hardware. A hardware engineer can also design hardware  for the networking and telecommunications industry too. Hardware engineers are also employed in electrical and electronics industries. An online MCA course in India from Manipal provides students with enough knowledge and experiential learning to tread this path. 

  • Database Engineer

There are only a few MCA online courses that have good coverage of database theory, science, and practical education. Online MCA from Manipal has a comprehensive syllabus on database engineering. After completing database related projects, students have a firm grip of database theory. Students can opt to specialize as database administrators, database developers, database architects, or data engineers. 

  • Cloud Architect

MCA online course from Manipal University Jaipur prepares students for high-tech roles. Cloud computing concepts are covered in detail. Labs and practical education enable students to apply theoretical education. After completing these assignments, students gain deep understanding on cloud, data centers, and distributed data networks. They can then target roles such as Cloud Architect, Cloud Computing Expert, Cloud Administrator etc. 

  • Data Scientist

An online MCA course in India such as the one offered by Manipal, is one of those rare courses to offer a full-fledged course curriculum on data science. In the current century, data science is not a complementary activity, but a bare necessity for organizations. The online MCA from Manipal University Jaipur prepares students for careers in Data Science. 

  • Business Analyst

MCA online courses barely touch upon role-related topics. That’s why Manipal MCA is different. There are several topics related to system analysis and business analysis. After learning these topics and study areas, students are well-equipped to become business analysts. 

  • Technical Writer

MCA online course from Manipal provides several modules that educate students on the role of a technical writer. A technical writer’s job function is critical to a business. This is because the technical writer’s product descriptions, manuals, and help guides are used by customers, configuration technicians, field service professionals etc. 

  • Web Designer/Developer

A web designer and a web developer are often two sides of the same coin. A designer designs web interfaces. A developer codes the logic to make these user interfaces interactive. An online MCA course in India from Manipal University Jaipur prepares students to become web and mobile application developers and designers

  • Manual Tester

Quality assurance, manual testing, and software verification is the process of identifying bugs. MCA online courses don’t elaborate on the complete job profile of a manual tester. The role spans more than just defect finding. A manual tester may also offer remediation strategies, test driven development methodologies, and risk mitigation plans. 

  • Network Engineer

An online MCA course in India from Manipal has subjects related to network design, architecture, troubleshooting, and security. Students gain the requisite knowledge to become network engineers, network architects, or network administrators. 


The scope for students, who have completed MCA online courses, is vast. An MCA online course opens up a plethora of opportunities in India and overseas. Therefore doing an online MCA course in India from a reputed university such as Manipal University Jaipur is a worthwhile investment in time.

How worthwhile is Online Manipal for online education?

Students and their guardians will need to give a lot of thought and consideration before deciding to pursue online education in India. Indians place a high value on education since it is the only way to live a happy life. There are several reasons why online learning may be a fantastic option for students, one of the most important of all is that they can receive an education from anywhere.

Young people in India can enrol in a variety of online degree courses offered by Manipal University Jaipur through Online Manipal portal. Understanding whether or not one of these is a suitable fit for you is critical to your further education and professional goals.

What you should look for when choosing an online degree course

  • The reputation of the college or institution 

The first thing to look at is definitely the reputation of the institute you are thinking of enrolling in. Manipal University Jaipur has been in operation since long and it has gained a lot of reputation for the kind of online courses after 12th that brings students from all across the globe. It is important to note that MUJ not just has students in India, but those from abroad as well, making it a truly international educational experience.

Apart from a professional study experience, MUJ provides tools and resources for students to do their very best. Whether it is access to the huge e-library or live and recorded classes, the university has the reputation of keeping students’ needs in mind every step of the way.

  • Standard of education provided

This is the second consideration to make while evaluating online learning platforms. The quality of education provided is extremely crucial. You want one that prioritizes providing students with an education that will help them navigate their professional life, not simply the degree for which they have enrolled.

Obtaining an online bachelor’s degree in India from MUJ guarantees you access to a world-class education. Students are given e-learning content that is grounded in reality and intended to teach them what they need to know in order to thrive in the professional world.

Not only is the study material great, but faculty members’ contributions to online learning platforms cannot be overlooked. The majority of our faculty members at MUJ have earned a Ph.D., indicating that they are specialists in the disciplines they teach. They are also deeply invested in their students’ success, so they are willing to assist them in any manner that deems fit.

  • The career prospects you have ahead of yourself

When deciding whether or not to pursue an online bachelor’s degree in India, you should consider your career opportunities. Choosing a professional path, whether it’s a BBA or a BCA, will help you make the best decision possible about online learning. It is critical to understand that an online bachelor’s degree from a university like Manipal University Jaipur holds the same value as a degree from any other Indian institution. If the corporate sector is what you are aiming for, a degree from this university is going to hold you in good stead.

Why Online Manipal is a top choice for online learning

  • Accreditation of the University

If you’re looking for an online degree certificate, MUJ is the finest option, primarily due to its certification. It is UGC-approved as well as AICTE-accredited. It’s crucial to note that the courses we provide online are widely recognised by government agencies and businesses. Furthermore, any university’s degree will be recognised and fully legitimate if you pursue higher education elsewhere.

  • The faculty 

The faculty at MUJ are experts at providing full-fledged programme delivery to students with the help of technologically assisted resources and mechanisms. Proctored examinations are held which let students give their examinations from anywhere they are comfortable with.

  • Alumni network

We have a sizable alumni network of students who graduated from MUJ after completing an online degree. They help students who are looking for guidance and support in their professions by providing assistance and networking opportunities.

  • Placement assistance 

MUJ works hard to provide not just online courses beyond 12th grade, but also placement assistance. Our university’s career counsellors are qualified to assist students in honing their interviewing skills so that they may perform well in interviews. When it comes to preparing for the professional world, our counsellors can also assist students with crafting impressive resumes.

Courses at Manipal University Jaipur 

  • MBA

Our Online MBA provides opportunities for online study in India that can be done from within the comforts of home. The MBA programme we offer is of a 2-year duration, and covers not just the subject matter, but also relevant current industry practices to help students get a grip of the professional world. If a career in management is what you envision, this is a great choice.

  • BBA

This is an under graduate management programme that has many takers in India and abroad. This online bachelor’s degree in India will teach you the basics of management and is of 3-year duration.

  • MCA

Our Online MCA is a post-graduation course that targets students who have computers and technology as their interests. It prepares them for this field that is constantly changing and dynamic. It is of 2-year duration.

  • BCA

This online bachelor’s degree in India teaches the basics of computer applications and is of a 3-year duration. 


  • Are these online degrees worth it?

Not all online degrees are worth it. But if you choose MUJ to get your online education from, it is definitely worth it because they are UGC-approved, AICTE certified, and of NAAC A+ grade.

  • Are these online degrees accepted by employers?

Yes, of course. The online graduation courses in India offered by MUJ are on par with any other degree certificates from institutes because they are UGC-approved. This means they have wide acceptance everywhere, including abroad.

  • How is this different than a regular full-time degree?

The main difference between an online degree and a regular full-time degree is you get to study from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and computer available with the former. Online learning platforms also offer a lot of flexibility in various spheres which means that students can learn no matter what their situation or circumstances may be.

  • How is this better than a distance degree?

An online education from MUJ is much better than a distance degree because it offers a classroom experience in the form of live and recorded classes, access to an extensive e-library, and multi-channel support to students, none of which is offered by distance degree programs.


Choosing to pursue an online degree certificate from Manipal University Jaipur may be one of the best decisions you make in life. Study from anywhere while you pursue your other interests and hobbies. Get a degree that will help you in achieving your career goals. To know more, get in touch with them at +91 7304-000-444.