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Why BBA? Top reasons to choose BBA

Admin | February 28, 2022

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration, it is a professional undergraduate program that helps you learn about the nitty-gritty of business and management. It is a three-year course that also acts as a stepping stone for those interested in pursuing MBA in the future. BBA is becoming increasingly popular among the students. Choosing a career can be a life-changing decision for students. So, it is important to make well-informed and well-calculated decisions that are also in the best interest of the students as well. Knowing what subjects interest you make the process easier. It teaches students about economics, statistics, mathematics, management, etc. BBA shapes you as an individual and prepares you with entrepreneurial skills. 

Considering BBA as a career

BBA teaches business, promotes entrepreneurship and management. So, if you are someone who sees yourself as a business owner or an entrepreneur, you should check out the online BBA courses available. If you graduate from a reputable college, such as Manipal University, you will have a plethora of opportunities.

Key reasons for choosing BBA 

Highly In-demand course: Skilled managers and individuals having a business mindset are highly in demand. From small business groups to MNCs, management roles are always available. 

High salary potential: Everyone desires a good salary, as compared to other employees, BBA graduates are highly compensated for their skills and management decisions. The salary we would receive after completing a course might influence our decision while selecting a course. Fortunately, BBA does well on this test.

Knowledge of FAME: The fame group subjects include Finance, Accounting, Management, and Economics. These subjects are highly in demand worldwide. BBA prepares you for the same and there are ample opportunities worldwide. 

Acknowledge accreditation: When an employer looks at your CV or resume, they would like to know your background and the college where you completed the online BBA course from. 

Specializations to choose from: Once you are clear about what you want to choose as a career, you would eventually understand which subject to specialize in. There are a lot of specializations to choose from, such as Financial Services, Marketing, and so on.

Building transferable skills: This course helps you in building transferable skills. From legal background to any other sector. 

Building a good business and academic network: Apart from the curriculum you will also get to meet fellow students, alumni, and guest speakers which strengthens your professional and academic network. This network might also help in future ventures. 

High earning potential: The amount that you invest in online BBA courses is worth it. Money can be a crucial factor that affects our decision. After doing BBA you’ll have a lot of exposure and employable skills that’ll help you land your dream job. By the time you graduate, there will be a lot of opportunities waiting for you. Hence this course is value for money. 

Become an effective team player: In this program, you will learn the concept of management so that you understand the value of a team and have collaborative skills. Working as a team will be a crucial part of your job. 

It also helps in other skills like: 

 Communication: BBA as a course molds your personality and grooms you to face the world with confidence and communication skills. Communication is one of the most critical abilities for success in practically every industry. Good communication skills make you more approachable, making it simpler to make a lasting impact on anyone.

Leadership: Leadership quality is required in every step of life. Leadership and decision-making abilities move hand in hand, and BBA prepares them for that. Once you complete your BBA, you’ll be required to manage people under you. 

Entrepreneurial skills: BBA promotes entrepreneurial drive in students. It prepares them to start their own business venture by imparting the required acumen. 

Discovering inner capabilities: This training will not only assist you in breaking into the corporate world, but it will also assist you in uncovering inner qualities that you were previously unaware of.

Is BBA a good course for the future? 

After BBA, there are a lot of options available for the students to choose from. There are a variety of courses that the students can pursue like an MBA. It is like an extension to Masters of Business Administration (MBA). It has great potential in terms of salary and job opportunities. This course prepares you to become managers at entry-level positions, by imparting students with required skills that give them an edge in employability.

Let’s discuss the future career possibilities after pursuing BBA: 

It prepares you for roles like an assistant manager in marketing, finance, HR, Corporate Sales Manager, Relationship manager, and more. You could also pursue a management-related MBA or PGDBM. As a result, once you complete your BBA, you will have a wide range of options.

Why choose Manipal University for a BBA course?

At Manipal University, we have a comprehensive BBA program that is made in line with the latest pedagogies and prepares the students for any circumstance that their professional life might take. We provide the facility of online learning, you can learn at your own time whenever you want. We have a reputed faculty to help you with your doubts and queries. We have the best interactive online learning platform. We have dedicated student support or a help desk to help them out whenever they feel stuck. 

Still not convinced? Let’s talk stats now. We have more than 68 years of expertise in educational excellence, with more than 485 experienced teachers, students from more than 35 countries, and more than 100 recruiters from Fortune 500 companies. All students are taught employability skills and given placement assistance. We are recognized by UGC and accredited by NAAC, AICTE, etc. We have a robust alumni network of more than 7000 students and professionals.  


So, all in all, BBA is a life-changing course if done from a reputed college like Manipal University. It grooms the students to enter the corporate sector and makes them fit for business ventures. After the successful completion, of course, the students will have a lot of opportunities to choose from. 

Manipal University Jaipur is a NAAC A+ accredited institution, which offers various professional degree courses. The courses are available at no cost EMI. We help you develop the right skills and prepare you for the corporate world. If you want to know more about BBA online degree in India

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