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Why BBA? Top reasons to choose BBA


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October 17,

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year professional undergraduate program that helps you learn about the nitty-gritty of business and management. BBA is becoming increasingly popular among the students. Choosing a career can be a life-changing decision for students. So, it is important to make well-informed and well-calculated decisions that are also in the best interest of the students as well. Knowing what subjects interest you makes the process easier.

Considering BBA as a career?

The online BBA program gives a strong foundation for business aspirants and prepares them for a range of management careers. So, if you are someone who wants to seek a career in business management or entrepreneurship, you should check out the online BBA courses available. Getting an online BBA degree from a reputable institute such as Manipal University Jaipur, you will have a plethora of opportunities.

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Reasons for the growing demand of BBA course

  • A great way to start learning about management is to enroll in an online BBA program. In order to reflect important business developments, it is routinely updated.
  • New technology is bringing about a lot of changes, and one has to stay updated to be in the game. Online BBA makes it possible as its course curriculum stays relevant with the latest industry trends.
  • Experts in the education system predict that bachelor’s degrees in management and other related fields will become more popular than those in science, the arts, and economics.

Advantages of BBA course

  • Highly In-demand course: Skilled managers and individuals having a business mindset are highly in demand. From small business groups to MNCs, management roles are always available. 
  • High salary potential: Everyone desires a good salary, as compared to other employees, BBA graduates are highly compensated for their skills and management decisions. The salary we would receive after completing a course might influence our decision while selecting a course. Fortunately, BBA does well on this test.
  • Knowledge of FAME: The fame group subjects include Finance, Accounting, Management, and Economics. These subjects are highly in demand worldwide. BBA prepares you for the same and there are ample opportunities worldwide.
  • High earning potential: The amount that you invest in online BBA courses is worth it. Money can be a crucial factor that affects our decision. After doing BBA you’ll have a lot of exposure and employable skills that’ll help you land your dream job. By the time you graduate, there will be a lot of opportunities waiting for you. Hence this course is value for money. 
  • Develops interpersonal skills: BBA as a course molds your personality and grooms you to face the world with confidence. Communication is one of the most critical abilities for success in practically every industry. Good communication skills make you more approachable, making it simpler to make a lasting impact on anyone.
  • Leadership: Leadership quality is required in every step of life. Leadership and decision-making abilities move hand in hand, and BBA prepares them for that. Once you complete your BBA, you’ll be required to manage people under you. 
  • Imparts entrepreneurial skills: BBA promotes entrepreneurial drive in students. It prepares them to start their own business venture by imparting the required acumen. 

Why should you pursue BBA in online mode?

  • Budget-friendly: Students who cannot afford to invest a hefty amount of money in their college degree or who want a BBA degree on a low budget can easily go for BBA online degree India. In India, there are still many students who cannot afford the cost of private universities and professional courses. Therefore, such students can easily go for BBA online courses. They will not have to pay the accommodation expenses even if the university is not in their city, and they will not have to pay the traveling expenses. A student will just need a reliable internet connection, phone or laptop, 
  • Flexible timing: The most significant advantage a student gets while enrolling in an online degree is the flexible schedule. Students can do more activities along with their degrees. They can manage their personal life, hobbies, side hustles, more efficiently. In BBA online degree, if any student cannot attend the online class on a particular day, they can listen to the recorded lectures afterwards. Thus, there is no fear of missing classes. All these facilities are available only in an online degree.
  • Build a business and academic network: In a traditional learning setting, interactions between students are restricted to the classroom. Students from all over the world can interact in an online BBA course. Apart from the curriculum you will also get to meet fellow students, alumni, and guest speakers which strengthens your professional and academic network. This network might also help in future ventures. 
  • Learn while you earn: Students can obtain a BBA degree while working a full- or part-time job thanks to the flexibility provided by online learning programs. Along with strengthening their skill sets, students can apply the knowledge they learn in the course in their individual working situations. Students will therefore graduate from the program with a degree and a wealth of practical experience that will improve their employment opportunities in the future.

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Is a BBA course really worth doing?

After BBA, there are a lot of options available for the students to choose from. There are a variety of courses that the students can pursue like an MBA, which has great potential in terms of salary and job opportunities. This course prepares you to become managers at top firms as it imparts required skills that give them an edge in employability.

BBA graduates can apply for jobs in various fields like retail, finance, marketing, construction, and so on. Following are some job profiles one can look for after BBA online degree:

  • Office Admins
  • Account Supervisor
  • Marketing Executive
  • Administrative Officer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Development Executive
  • Operations Analyst

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Why prefer Manipal University Jaipur for a BBA course?

Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) is a top institution that offers online through the Online Manipal platform. This flexible, affordable, technology-driven online course is suitable for individuals of all ages, regions, and social segments. The course is delivered through the advanced learning management system that allows learners to access course material and e-library, attend live and recorded classes, attempt quizzes, and interact with faculty and co-learners. The university also provides placement assistance to all students to land the best career upon completion of the programme.


Online degree courses provide interactive learning without physical presence. Pursuing an online BBA helps learners acquire all the in-demand skills and enhance their knowledge base in business and management. The best part of online BBA is the opportunity to pursue the course from any leading higher education institution without shifting from your convenient location.


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