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6 Biggest Surprises of Online MBA Programs


Employers are now more amenable to recruiting e-degree holders, thanks to the government of India’s announcement in 2020 that over 100 prominent institutions in the country are now qualified to provide online degree courses. MBA is one of the most rewarding degrees for recent graduates and working professionals who wish to stay updated in the job market and increase their earning potential. The degree offers several advantages to offer the career-oriented individual, whether they take classes on campus or online. MBA students from all over the world can register in an e-degree program and receive a high-quality education. 

Some of the specializations provided by India’s best educational institutions offering an e-degree in MBA include supply chain management, business analytics, international business, marketing, and finance.

Apart from this, distance learners can take future-oriented electives like Managerial Economics, Managerial Finance, Managerial Marketing, Applied Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management Business Policy, and more as part of their online MBA education.

Why an online MBA

In many aspects, the 2019 pandemic has disrupted the educational services sector, but students can still access quality education because of technology-enabled e-learning. People who wish to prolong their studies from home and working professionals who want to stay relevant by upskilling with an MBA degree will find online MBA programs to be a blessing. There are many well-reputed educational institutions in India offering the best MBA courses. With the help of their experienced faculty, who are accustomed to delivering classes online, these institutions make each learning session productive, interactive, and informative for their students.

The fee in some of the best universities for an MBA e-degree is considerably lesser than an on-campus MBA degree which might cost students up to 40 lakhs. 

Students must pay a fee before being granted access to the institution’s learning management system, e-library, and student portal, which is a rather straightforward process. Lessons and lectures are delivered to students using pre-recorded videos, course reading materials, audio-visual interactive materials, podcasts, and other means. Students can clear their doubts, connect with their teachers and peers, and complete group tasks during live webinars. Students can also use email or instant messaging to communicate with their mentors and peers. The exams will be digitally administered and proctored online.

6 surprise factors of online MBA 

  1. Inclusive learning: The online classes are modeled to mimic the on-campus atmosphere with thought going into making each session inclusive so that no student feels left behind. The degree that online MBA students will receive will be equivalent and as valuable as the regular on-campus MBA classes.
  2. Experiential learning: Online MBA faculties adopt a pedagogy that includes the four stages of experiential learning. The stages include doing or having an experience, reviewing or reflecting on the experience, learning from the experience and implementing the knowledge acquired in practical scenarios. The classes are made interesting through experiential learning methods such as simulation, gamification etc., that make online classes as effective as they should be.
  3. Simulates real-world business practices: The sessions mimic real-world business scenarios while imparting knowledge on topics such as organisational behavior, statistics for management, managerial economics, and HR management, Production and financial management, MIS, CRM, duality analysis, game theory and simulation, strategic management and business policy, international business management etc.
  4. Promotes connectivity between peers: The students come together to attend the sessions, they work together on assignments and conduct virtual presentations etc. Such group activities remove the feeling of isolation, and promote interaction and comradeship.  
  5. Faculty support: The teachers are well trained not only to conduct online classes but also support students as they transition from on campus to online classes. Special course mentors and coordinators take extra care in making their students comfortable in their learning journey by understanding the needs of students who have to adapt to an online mode of learning. 
  6. Convenience: Unlike on-campus classes, the online classes are time saving and cost effective. Students and teachers do not have to spend time on money or commute. They can learn from the comfort of their home or from any location. Most of these classes are recorded for future reference which significantly improves lesson recollection. 

Advantages of online MBA

  • Quality: The institutions offering online MBA ensure that the quality of education is not compromised irrespective of the learning mode chosen by the students. The course syllabus is curated by industry leaders in the field of business administration. Students are given access to extensive e-libraries and online quizzes, games etc., are conducted to ensure that the students stay engaged and become active participants in the learning process. 
  • Flexibility: The classes are mostly pre-recorded giving the students the option to learn from any place and at any time. Online Manipal offers its MBA students the option to attend live/recorded lectures and talks which gives them the feasibility to learn on their own schedule. This makes it a great option for working professionals who cannot attend a full-time course and are looking for MBA programs that can be attended along with their day job.
  • Reputation: Online MBA course certificates are highly valued in the industry and are a must for people exploring job roles such as financial analyst, operations manager, marketing manager, HR manager, researcher, etc. Certifications offered by premier institutions like online Manipal are widely accepted by corporates, government sectors, and more.

Questions to consider while choosing an online MBA program

  • What are the key factors to consider when choosing the best MBA course? 

Affordable tuition fee, course duration, certifications, internet bandwidth required for attending online classes, faculty, and campus interviews.

  • Are the classes taught by experienced faculty?

The courses are conducted by teachers who have adapted to the online mode of teaching. Their teaching methodologies are fine-tuned to make the sessions interesting and effective for the students. 

  • Are the classes pre-recorded or delivered in real-time?

Many online institutions pre-record the MBA classes for the benefit of the students, however many assignments, webinars, and workshops are delivered in real-time to help students get to know each other and clarify their doubts with the faculty.

  • Do student get access to financial aid or career support?

Many of the online MBA programs offer full support to their students including financial aid such as no-cost EMIs, scholarships, internships, and job interview opportunities as well as career support. 

  • Are there opportunities provided to network with alumni or peers?

Students can stay connected with their peers through group assignments, discussion forums, and more. Many premier institutions invite their alumni during the online classes and this gives students an opportunity to interact with them face to face. 


Manipal University’s Online Manipal offers one of the most stellar online MBA programs in the country. Rated by Careers360 as the number 1 in India’s Best Online MBA Institutions, the program offers electives including Finance, Marketing, HRM, Analytics & Data Science, Retail Management, BFSIIT & FinTech, and Operations Management. The 24-month course is conducted on an advanced digital platform by faculty who are Ph.D. holders. Manipal’s online learning management system offers a wealth of knowledge through 650+ hours of digital content, 880 hours of e-tutorials, and 300+ hours of additional learning videos.  The online classes can be accessed even on low bandwidth internet and can be used on your phone, laptop, or desktop. Be it the fabled success of the institution’s unique educational programs or the well-respected academic departments, Manipal offers an excellent educational experience for both its online and on-campus students. To know more about the MBA programs offered at one of the best MBA colleges.


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