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How can an online MBA help your career?

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February 7,

Did you know that MBA aspirants may now take their courses online and get a government-recognised degree while studying from the comfort of their own homes? Thanks to online MBA programmes, thousands of students and working professionals are able to learn from top institutions in the country and are tutored by highly qualified academicians.

A higher percentage of aspirants choose MBA online courses offered by 31 of the top government recognised universities that issue e-degrees in MBA and other subjects.

What are the benefits offered by an online MBA?

Apart from the fact that an online MBA reduces transit time, there are several additional advantages that make the classes appealing to students and professionals. These include:

  • MBA online classes are conducted by professionals who have experience in the field of business and can share nuggets of knowledge on real-life business challenges and the effective methods through which the challenges can be overcome.
  • Another major advantage offered to MBA aspirants who are working professionals is that they can pursue an online MBA and also keep their day job. Learn as you earn is facilitated by online classes through flexible class timings, pre-recorded classes, course materials and the option to access study materials anywhere and anytime.
  • Online MBA classes also open a door of opportunity to network with a large group of MBA students, faculty, and alumni which can assist them in connecting with and growing a strong professional network.

Who can apply for an online MBA?

Students with a bachelor’s degree from any recognized university can apply for MBA online classes. Working people who want to upgrade their abilities or increase their earning potential can also enrol in online MBA programmes. Doctors and engineers, in addition to sales and IT workers, are enrolling in online programmes. MBA aspirants can register on the institution’s website, pay the fee, and begin classes online. While most colleges offer direct access, a few need entrance tests, and others may accept students based on merit.

What to look for in an institution that offers online degrees?

Before sending in applications for your online MBA course, make sure to check out the below points:

  • Recognition and accreditation: Online E-degrees issued by the university must be recognized and accepted by the government of India. This is why it is important to choose top-ranked educational institutions with the right accreditation to offer online degrees.
  • Ease of access: Students should be able to attend online classes using their phone, laptop, or desktop even if they have a low-bandwidth internet connection.
  • Careers360 ranking: India’s leading career magazine, Careers360, curates the best online MBA institutions and scores them based on student engagement and support, faculty, quality & delivery, learning and accreditation, as well as accessibility/placements/research and academic reputation.

Pursue Online MBA from Manipal University Jaipur

One of the top institutions in the country offers online MBA programmes with electives that include HRM, Marketing, Analytics & Data Science, Finance, BFSI, IT & FinTech, Retail Management, and Operations Management. Recently ranked by Careers360 as the number 1 in India’s Best Online MBA Institutions, Manipal University Jaipur’s 24- month course is perfect for both students and working professionals. The course is conducted on an advanced digital platform, the robust online learning management system (LMS) delivers more than 650 hours of digital content, more than 300 hours of additional learning videos, and  880 plus hours of e-tutorial. The faculty includes distinguished Ph.D. holders who are proficient in organising and handling online classes. To know more about Manipal University Jaipur’s online MBA programmes.


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