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Why should you choose a university with a great placement cell?

Placement will definitely be one of the key points you look for when you enrol in a college or explore online degree courses. Universities and colleges that offer placement assistance give you a better chance of finding jobs in major companies. Moreover, colleges that have a good placement record provide training in interview techniques, soft skills and lots more to improve your chances of getting placed.

Why should you enrol in a university with great placement assistance?

There are many ways you will benefit by enrolling in a university that offers placement assistance. So, even if by any chance you’re not able to get placed during campus interviews, you will have the confidence to face interviews outside the campus. A good placement cell will also help students in the following areas:

  • Soft skills training: Soft skills and aptitude are essential for any work environment. Companies prefer candidates who have relevant soft skills such as communication, cognitive skills, logical thinking, reasoning skills, and lots more. One of the key responsibilities of a placement cell is to train students in time management techniques, problem solving, critical reasoning, logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, analytical thinking, and communication.
  • Personality development: Personality and attitude are two of the most crucial aspects that prospective employers will evaluate. The placement cell of universities organizes personality development workshops and programs. These programs are designed to train students to deal with various possible scenarios that could arise in the workplace.
  • Group discussions: The placement cell conducts mock group discussions that help students learn how to express themselves, speak in a group, and talk about various subjects and current affairs. These mock discussions will also help improve communication skills.
  • Interview preparation: A key role of a placement cell is to prepare students for the actual interview. They do this by conducting numerous rounds of mock interviews. Students will be taught about dress codes, body language, and other interview techniques. The placement staff will also give you career advice based on your skills and abilities.
  • Resume writing assistance: The resume creates the first impression in the minds of prospective employers. To ensure that your resume gets selected, it needs to be neatly organized and presented. A part of placement assistance also includes support for the creation and management of profiles on professional networking sites.

How does a university help in honing new skills?

Universities, these days, are shifting from traditional degree programs to industry-relevant degree programs. These courses are designed based on the latest developments in various industries. Also, the curriculum is more application-oriented than theory-based. All these improvements will help students prepare for their careers. Moreover, universities conduct workshops, conferences, training programs, and lots more to make students job-ready.


In order to build a good career in a field of your choice, you need to study a relevant course from a reputed university. Manipal University Jaipur offers regular and online degree courses in business and computer applications. Our MBA online degree program has the same credibility and value as their offline business courses. Manipal University Jaipur is a NAAC A+ accredited and UGC recognised institute that has both online degrees and professional courses.

Drop a mail to info@onlinemanipal.com for more details about the online degree courses offered by Manipal University Jaipur.

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Is online learning effective?

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the whole learning scenario for both students and professionals. Online learning has become the new normal and almost all the educational and training institutions have implemented digital learning for various subjects and domains.

Online learning is effective in many ways. But that does not mean it has no drawbacks. To understand this properly, let us learn about the pros and cons of online learning.

Advantages of online education

  • More convenient and effective: Probably one of the best advantages of online education is that it offers the learner convenience. Anyone at any point of time can start a course and complete the programme successfully without having to visit the study centre or institute in person. 

It could be any online degree courses, diploma or certificate courses, that one can take just by sitting at their home. You will find the missed videos and other resources for your course whenever you need them.  

Apart from this, online learning helps teachers to break free from the traditional way of teaching and embrace more innovative patterns of lesson plans. This makes online classes more effective.

  • Flexible mode of learning: You do not have to travel to reach your institute with online degree courses in India or for any other online professional courses. This saves you time and effort that you can invest more in your study and practise time. You actually achieve success in an online learning environment and can choose your study time and days as per your availability.
  • Affordable option: One of the major advantages of choosing online courses over traditional ones is the cost factor. Online classes cut your food and travel costs that you would have otherwise required when visiting a physical institute to study. Plus, with online study, you can go paperless and save a lot.
  • Broader platform for learners: With online learning, the scope of studying and exploring different subjects and unconventional courses is huge. It is applicable for both students and professionals. Apart from being an integral part of school and college-level education, online learning is also enhancing the business and corporate environment. One can take professional and job-oriented courses through an online mode of study. 

Disadvantages of Online Learning

  • Requires self-discipline and focus: Unlike a traditional learning environment, there is no one to help you stay focused. Therefore, it is you who has to discipline yourself and keep your focus on learning.
  • Prone to technical and internet issues: The biggest and most common disadvantage of online educationis a poor internet connection and technical faults. Both students and teachers have to face this issue which disrupts the study flow.
  • Isolated learning environment: Since there is minimal physical interaction in online classes, students may develop a sense of isolation and lose interest.
  • More screen-time and health issues: More screen time means more health concerns. Online classes affect health from eye strain due to constantly staring at the screen to bad posture and body pain.

How to overcome the flaws of online learning?

  • Always keep distractions away while studying and keep inspiring yourself to continue the study. Study in a calm and peaceful place without any disturbance.
  • Prepare a convenient regular schedule, and stick to that schedule to ease your learning journey.
  • Make sure you have a reliable internet connection for uninterrupted service. Also, use a good and functional device for your online class. 
  • Get yourself to talk over one and interact with your peers and teachers to avoid boredom and feeling of isolation.
  • Always take frequent breaks after every two hours. Splash water to your eyes and walk around a bit before getting back again. 

Bottom line

If you are looking for top-grade UGC entitled online degree courses in India, choose Manipal University Jaipur. 

We are NAAC A+ accredited institute offering professional degree courses online. Manipal University Jaipur offers courses with no cost EMI. You become a part of a larger community of learners and enhance your skills. Most importantly, Manipal University Jaipur allows you to develop the right skill and experience required as per the current job scenario.  

For more information visit our website https://www.onlinemanipal.com/.

How to decide on your MBA specialisation?

Master of Business Administration or MBA is one of the most sought-after courses that can shape your career on the right track and bring in attractive prospects. 

With the best online MBA degree, you can give your career the boost it requires. Your dream of a handsome job can be fulfilled if you pursue the right field of MBA. That is why choosing the right career path is so crucial for all MBA aspirants. 

Factors to consider for MBA specialisation

With an MBA degree, you get different options to choose from to start your career. For instance, a financial MBA professional has demand in the banking and finance sectors. You can also start entrepreneurship after completing MBA online course from a renowned university. Say, you have completed your MBA degree in marketing and finance, you can open a startup project and apply the learned skills that will give you an edge over others.  

To help you pick the best MBA specialisation, the following factors will help: 

  • Choose a reputed university

Always consider the university or institute you choose to study MBA. Make sure you find a top-rated university with good ranks and have accredited courses. Your B-school must have accreditation approved by a regulatory body. Otherwise, your diploma or degree will not carry any value. You must check the official website of the institution you choose to understand if the courses offered are approved. 

Also, a reputed online MBA programme must have a strong faculty. An experienced panel of MBA teachers with experience in different specialisations is a must to train aspiring students. Moreover, great placement opportunities and networking facilities should be counted on to achieve success right after you complete the course.

  • Know your strength and interest

Even before you choose an institute to study MBA, you should be able to identify your interest. Not every MBA specialisation will be right for you. The basic rule is to know your interest and then choose the field on the same track. This will help you to polish your talent and you will enjoy your job. 

  • Set a goal

Figuring out your goals is another important factor to consider. You need to see yourself after five to ten years and decide how you want your future to be. Once you set the goal, choosing an MBA specialisation will be simple for you. For instance, an aspiring marketing professional would love to choose an MBA in Marketing Strategy. Again, if you want to start your own consulting firm, an MBA in Human Resources is your best option. So choose wisely keeping in mind your future goal’s. 

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Benefits with different specialisations

Every MBA specialisation has its own advantages and career prospects. It depends entirely on what you choose and how you want your career to be. For some, finance is the best sector to work with, while for some, MBA in Healthcare Management is the wisest choice. 

What matters the most is earning a professional MBA degree from a top MBA institute. To be able to enjoy all the benefits of your MBA job, make sure you plan your career and finish your course at a prestigious management school.

Why Manipal University Jaipur for an MBA?

Known as one of the best MBA colleges in India, Manipal University Jaipur offers various professional online MBA courses. Manipal University is a NAAC A+ accredited and UGC recognised institute that has both offline and online degrees. With online MBA programmes, students can learn at their own pace and also get placement assistance. The online MBA gives options for marketing, finance and HR in the final semesters.

Wrapping up

If MBA is what you dream of, it’s time to pick your preferred specialization and go for it. Just be sure to choose the reputed and authorised management studies. Know more about the online MBA at Manipal University Jaipur here.

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