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Top 10 jobs after completing a degree in computer applications 

Have you always been very curious about how the computer works? Or do you have a knack for solving complex problems? It may be an indication that you have a bright future waiting in the field of computer science.

Indeed, curiosity-driven by passion is a must to excel in any field. You cannot possibly learn programming languages unless you have a propensity towards it. But passion is only one step towards your goal. It is equally important to pursue your education in line from a reputed institution.

For those who are interested in the field of computer science, online BCA and online MCA courses are some of the most popular choices. However, planning for your future cannot end with your education alone. You also need to think about the career options open to you once you have completed the course.

The right job will depend on factors such as your area of specialisation, your interests, personal skills, and the like. To ease the journey for you, here are some reliable career options that you may consider:

Software developer

You are used to performing various works on your devices, such as computers and tablets. But have you ever wondered who has designed these operations? Well, that’s what software developers do. They develop different types of software programs that enable you to perform the tasks. However, development is only part of a career in the software industry.

There is a constant need to test improvements and maintain the existing software. So a knack to solve problems along with creativity is what goes best in this field. Knowledge of computer languages is also very important in this line.

Database Administrator

You must have heard of the immense amount of data generated every nano-second in the internet world. It is the job of the data administrators to evaluate and analyse the data needs that users have.

Since the needs of the users are never constant and keep evolving, quick problem-solving abilities help a lot in this field. It needs no saying that thorough technical knowledge is also necessary to fix the malfunctions that come up in the database.

Computer hardware engineer

For working on computers, it is essential to first make a strong and powerful device. This is essentially what the hardware engineers do. A computer is made of several parts, each of them has to be creatively designed, developed as per plans, and tested for their abilities.

Many of these tasks may appear to be repetitive. So having patience and perseverance is what makes a sound computer hardware engineer.

Computer systems analyst

If you are writing with a defective pen in the exam, your speed will inevitably slow down, and your overall performance will be affected. Similarly, an organisation’s performance can be affected if the hardware or software they use is not optimised correctly. To solve this problem, computer systems analysts are employed. They recommend necessary changes so that the company’s output may be increased further.

Strong interpersonal skills are required as you will need to communicate with the employees or the managers. A business sense can also be an asset. So, additional qualifications such as BBA distance learning can again do you right.

Computer Network Analyst

Be it the local area network, the extranets, or the intranets; they require good designing, implementation, and maintenance. This is done by computer network analysts and architects. As a network architect, you will be expected to understand the organisation’s needs in terms of data sharing and communication and accordingly develop plans for them.

You may also need to evaluate the usefulness of products and services already available in the market in terms of the company’s needs. Higher educatio after completing BCA online classes may be useful for this line.

Information Security Analyst

Words such as cyber-attack and cyber-crime are not new in today’s time. In fact, as people’s dependency on the digital world is rising, cybercrimes are also increasing manifolds. To prevent these problems, information security analysts are put in place.

As a security analyst, your task will be to protect the vulnerable information networks and prevent the chances of security breaches. So analytical and problem- solving skills are both needed to do well in this line.

Web developer

You may have come across pages on the internet that is extremely slow or do not respond. That is when the web developers are to be blamed. A web developer’s task is to access the needs of the users and then come up with the technical structure of the website.

Accessibility, loading speed, and the like are the factors you need to keep in mind while developing the web page. With a good design, you can increase the page views and encourage more visitors to access your website. In turn, this will help the organisation that you work for to do well in business.

IT Project Management

IT projects are not handled by a single person or department. Often a large team is at work. To co-ordinate the efforts and ensure that the desired result is obtained within the stipulated time and budget, IT managers are required. Since managerial skills are also involved here, opting for the best online MBA course can be beneficial.

Information System Manager

As an information system manager, the entire organisation’s computer-related requirements will come under your supervision. You will be expected to continually monitor and access the software and hardware needs of the company. Accordingly, you will also have to install and maintain them.

So dynamism and an active mind will be helpful to shine here.

Computer Research Scientist

Have you ever wondered how new technological innovations come to the fore? That is what research scientists do. As a computer research scientist, you will have the scope to invent new life-changing technologies or improve the existing ones.

However, innovating new technology is not as easy. So you will have to be a complete computer wizard to pursue this line.

While this list brings you the top professions in this line, it is in no way absolute. The paths open to you are endless. So, pick out the right profession for you today.

What makes Manipal University Jaipur the best university for an online BBA? 

Manipal University Jaipur is one of the most prominent names in the field of higher education. With the country progressing gradually towards the adoption of the technically advanced education industry, MUJ is one name that the future of the country will rely on. Being a part of the Manipal Education and Medical Group, the institution aims to add an edge to all the aspirants’ career.

MUJ offers extensive programmes in business management, Engineering, Architecture, Planning, Fashion Design, Interior Design, etc. Fine Arts, Hospitality, Humanities, Journalism, and Mass Communication are some of the streams the institution boasts. From basic Sciences, Law, Commerce to Computer Applications, MUJ offers comprehensive programmes for several fields of studies. Besides being one of the best universities for BBA, MUJ offers excellent degrees in computer application as well.

The institution was founded in the year 2011. Ever since, the institution has only focused on academic excellence alongside the overall development of the students. Career-orientated studies have always been the idea behind the institution’s curriculum designing. The veteran teachers, who shape the future of the nation, keep a friendly relationship with the students. MUJ, one of the best universities for BBA, maintains a candid environment that helps the students cope with the progressive learning processes.

Superior infrastructural facilities, a sprawling campus, supportive teachers, expert career counsellors, and more remain integral to MUJ. From classroom programmes to online courses, the university offers everything a student might be looking for. As one of the best universities for BBA, MUJ offers an extensive range of correspondence and online courses to facilitate those who stay far.

The institute has introduced several online courses in business management as well. The institution also offers state of the art research facilities coupled with advanced laboratories. The experiential learning facilities here make MUJ one of the best universities for BBA and MBA. The digital library of MUJ is one of its kinds and offers access to books and journals available worldwide. The motto of MUJ has always been to impart international standard education to all aspirants. This is what makes MUJ one of the best universities for BBA and other higher studies as well.

The dedicated placement cell of MUJ makes sure that every student finds a suitable opening in the job market after the course gets over. The modern education process and the hands-on-experience facilities always keep the MUJ students ahead of the others when it comes to grabbing the best jobs. MUJ also offers excellent computer application, law, fashion designing, and more.

MUJ is a NAAC accredited institution that stands for academic excellence. MUJ is pledged to make the future of the nation brighter and more capable of meeting global demands. The institution is surely one of the best universities for BBA and other higher studies.

The BBA programme at MUJ

MUJ aims at honing the business management skills of the aspirants. It offers an inclusive curriculum that teaches all about becoming a good manager and to start a career in the corporate world. With technology taking care of every sphere of the businesses, requirements in business management have also changed. MUJ takes note of every change that takes place and integrates the same in the curriculum to keep it upgraded.

MUJ understands that classroom teaching often falls short of the requirement. Especially for management aspirants, a real-life experience of the corporate environment is a must to comprehend the industry and its ways. Hence, the institute keeps the arrangements for hand-on-training available for all students pursuing a BBA degree. These internships make MUJ one of the best universities for BBA.

MUJ also offers special entrepreneurship modules to the students pursuing BBA degrees. This makes sure that every student gets to know all the requisites to start an enterprise if they aspire to be entrepreneurs. It is not only the academic excellence that makes MUJ one of the best universities for BBA. It is also the progressive teaching methods that make it an advanced educational institution. MUJ offers an extensive range of online BBA programmes that makes all these accessible and available to all the students everywhere.

Eligibility criteria to join online BBA programmes

The following are the eligibility criteria for joining an online BBA programme offered by MUJ

  • The students must have completed 10+2 in any discipline securing at least 50% marks in aggregate
  • Or, the student must have completed a diploma (10+3) from a state board or an AIU recognised equivalent degree in any discipline securing at least 50% marks in aggregate
  • For reserved categories, the minimum mark is 45% in aggregate

Enrollment process to online BBA

Enrollment to the online BBA programmes offered by MUJ is hassle-free.

  • Visit the official website of the university.
  • Download the form available for BBA admission.
  • Please fill the form and submit it within the specified date.
  • Pay the application fee online.
  • Once you complete the procedure, an expert counsellor will call you to assist you through the rest of the admission procedure.
  • You need to keep your Id proof, address proof, and academic qualification documents available for verification at the time of admission.
  • You also need to submit these documents while applying.
  • MUJ will intimate you regarding your selection through email or SMS.

If you wish to give wings to your dreams of becoming a successful manager, join the online BBA programmes of MUJ.

How can parents help their children decide on an online degree?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the entire reality of education. Online learning is the new normal, and both students and working professionals have to adjust to this system. But online learning has its perks that can help you achieve success in your career path.

With the help of online degree programmes, you can continue with the education that suits your interest. The role played by the parents here is crucial as they help children choose the right career path online.

How can parents guide with online learning?

Online learning for undergraduate or postgraduate degrees is a constant effort that requires the right balance between mental and physical factors. Achieving success through online education is possible only through a balanced mind and body and a focused attitude. 

Parents can become the best guide and enthusiasts to keep their sons and daughters motivated and goal-oriented. They can help the students to find a suitable career path and stick to it. A learner must stay positive and constructive while pursuing online degree courses.

If students see their parents as the secondary mentor who provides enthusiasm, motivation, and suggestions, they will not get confused with their career decisions. Thus, a parent can truly support their child in an independent learning environment of the online classes.

Parents help in choosing a career path

Parents can be the guide to finding strength and passion in students. The pandemic put a halt to classroom education for colleges and other educational institutions across the globe. In this scenario, online education has emerged as the best approach to continue higher education for different degree programmes. But students can make mistakes while choosing the best career option for them.

To avoid such situations, parents could play a vital role. Parents can be involved in the selection process and help children figure out the best course. They can consult career counsellors for a better understanding of a course and its career path. Parents also need to encourage children to take aptitude tests. By doing all of these, parents can also understand the natural strength of their children and guide them on the most suitable field for higher education. 

Online learning with Manipal University Jaipur

When it comes to online education, parents always look for UGC-entitled online degree courses in India. Manipal University Jaipur is one of the top institutions in India that offers online programmes such as M.Com., MA Journalism and Mass Communication, BBA, BCA, B.Com., MBA, and MCA. 

Parents can guide students to choose one of these career-game-changing degree programmes which will suit their future intentions and enhance their inner skills. A parent must understand if their child has skills towards computer application or wants to achieve success through business administration. 

Depending on what piques their interest, choosing an online degree course from Manipal University Jaipur can truly help build a bright future.

Importance of parents in online learning

Here’s a list of the things parents can do to support their children to achieve success through online courses.

Fix a schedule 

Setting up a proper routine for online study is an essential part. Parents can help students to practise discipline while pursuing any course online. Students tend to get distracted and behave unruly with online learning. By fixing schedules and setting a timetable, parents can guide students to continue their studies without any lag.

Proper study space

Dedicated study space for online degree courses is necessary. A perfect environment will be helpful for students to remain motivated and organised at the same time. A proper study station creates the right mindset for learning. So, parents must prepare a separate place in the house and provide all the necessary tools to study. 

Start Communication:

Since the pandemic, stress is a common phenomenon, and students are very much affected too. Thus parents must speak with students who are pursuing higher education online. If you can share their emotions and worries, they will feel motivated and positive to stay focused.  

Wrapping up

The influence of parents on their children’s education is a factor that cannot be denied. Especially during online learning, parents can become the constant support to empower students towards achieving success. 

For expert advice on choosing the best online degree course, get in touch with Manipal University Jaipur.

In-demand computer skills to build a successful career in IT

Are you seeking a career in the IT sector? It needs no telling that IT generates the highest volume of jobs in our country today. It is estimated that nearly two lakhs of IT jobs are generated in India alone each year.

What is more, with the right skills in your resume, you can crack a job that not just gives you satisfaction, but fills your pocket too. As such, if you are looking for online MCA courses, it is important to see the kind of skills offered by the program.

But what are the right skills? And what are the areas that you must work on to be always in demand?

Understanding the IT Sector

To answer these questions, it is important to have a good understanding of the IT sector first. It is also crucial to look into the data regarding skills and the IT sector’s associated salary. Apart from that, looking into the hiring areas that prove to be challenging or the areas that are in highest demand may also prove to be beneficial.

The COVID-19 has also added a new angle to this. Organisations are grappling with challenges that they have never experienced before. As such, skills that help in the economic recovery process are likely to stand the test in this trying time.

Based on the above factors, experts have identified areas which are going to experience the highest demand in the coming times for a successful career in IT:


If you are not acquainted with the IT sector, you may be surprised to find programming as the first skill on this list. It is true that programming is not doing very well in the present times. But a subset that falls within programming itself has risen to be the star of the show- that is coding.

Java, Python and the like are some of the most popular programming languages today. As the demand for new and better apps is always felt in the market, programming is sure to fetch you a lucrative salary.

Cloud Computing

Another certification that is in top demand in the IT sector is cloud skills. If you have cloud computing included in your online BCA course from a reputed institute, you may expect some of the best salary packages in the industry. The simple reason behind the demand for cloud computing is that it intersects all the other essential skills in the IT sector.

Be it data analytics, cybersecurity or even project management for that matter; cloud computing has changed the entire game of the IT industry. You may also be interested to know that the second-highest amount of investment in the IT sector goes towards cloud computing. So there is no dearth of opportunities for one who has specialised in this area.


Cybersecurity has always been an area of top priority in recent times. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have fuelled the demand for this even further. As the physical world has been forced to come to a standstill, people’s dependency on the digital world seems to have expanded further. As a result, more and more criminal minds are making the digital world their playground now. Even for a company running on shoestring budgets, cybersecurity is an area that they cannot afford to ignore.

A global study reveals that even before the pandemic hit, about fifty per cent of all the top IT decision-makers expected their organisations to have a solid investment in the cybersecurity area. So post-pandemic the figures have only risen higher. Added to that, cybersecurity is considered as a challenging area with a shortage of professionals. So if you have expertise in this area, there is no stopping you.

Project Management

Planning of projects is always important to ensure that the organisation meets its objectives. Initially, when you plan a project, achieving it may appear to be simple. But it is not as easy as that. Plenty of setbacks and unforeseen challenges await that may not let you complete the project within the given time or within the given budget. Management becomes the key in such circumstances.

Since success in IT is often gauged by the completion of projects, companies are usually ready to spend a big amount in project management. By specialising in that, you will find yourself in high demand.


Did you know that the number of devices connected to IP addresses will far exceed the global population by at least 3 times in less than two years! So networking is not just playing a key role now; its importance is only bound to increase in modern times.

Experts predict that even amidst the economic slowdown, companies are bound to spend more on networking. So a solid career awaits all those who are heading to that field.

Data Science

There is a constant accumulation of data so long as man remains dependent on the digital world. Data scientists are always needed by organisations. When you specialise in data science, you learn how to organise or store your data. You also learn how to use the available data to get valuable insights into the organisation.

It has been rightly said that data is the new oil of the modern world. So managing the wealth of data is scored as one of the top challenges in this sector. You can sort this problem by gaining knowledge and experience in the field of data science.


Irrespective of the size of the company, virtualisation has risen to be a key concern among all the stakeholders in the IT sector. Visualisation reduces cost while boosting up ability in the IT sector- both the points are thoroughly prized in today’s time.

With heavy expenditure being made in this line, qualified staff is always in demand. You may also be interested to know that visualisation falls within the top ten highest paying areas in the IT sector as well.

Now that you have this list to yourself find out your area of interest and boost your career by building skills that are always in demand.

Skills that you gain after a BBA course

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration degree programme is designed for future entrepreneurs and business persons. The course curriculum is curated to help you learn the skills and gain the knowledge to navigate the competitive business landscape. You will also learn the technical aspects of starting and running a business from the ground up. Top BBA colleges in India also offer career guidance and career opportunities in addition to helping you hone the essential BBA skills.

Eligibility for a BBA

To enrol in the best college for BBA, you need to clear the 10+2 or equivalent with good scores. Some colleges also accept minimum marks for admission. Other than this, there are no specific requirements to enrol in this course. If you are already working but are interested in business, you can even enrol in an online BBA course without halting your job.

Check this out: How a BBA degree can help in choosing the right career path?

Skills you gain during a BBA course

You will acquire many soft and hard skills during a BBA course. Some of them include:

  • Leadership qualities: As a part of the BBA course, you are expected to work on individual or group projects and case studies. Sometimes, you may have to interact with new people. This kind of hands-on training will help you learn the essential leadership skills, which are very important when you join an organisation for a job or start your own business.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: In order to succeed in this highly competitive business world, it’s important to have an entrepreneurial mindset. The characteristics of this mindset include creative thinking, a positive attitude, motivation, drive to succeed, a healthy dose of ambition, and tenacity. One of the essential aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset is facing and accepting failures and learning from them.
  • Creativity and innovation: A successful business person is one, who can identify an opportunity where others don’t look. This is where you need to think creatively and innovatively. Whether you study BBA online or in a regular course, creative thinking and innovative thinking are two vital skills that you’ll learn.
  • Soft skills: Soft skills such as decision making, communication, critical thinking, reasoning and analysis are very important in any work environment. These soft skills will help you perform better in a competitive business ecosystem.
  • Networking: The key to a successful business is a wide network. This business course not only teaches you the nuances of networking but also fine-tunes your networking skills for better application in real-world scenarios.  
  • Technical skills: Hard skills are as important as soft skills in a business environment. The course will equip you with the knowledge and expertise in accounting, auditing, finance, and other tech skills that are essential for operating a business.
  • Decision making: It’s important to make ethical and strategic decisions when you’re running a business. This course will teach you all about business principles that you can rely on while making decisions.
  • Strategic thinking: Strategising is essential for operating a business. You need to study the market scenario, observe the trends, check competitors and prepare a strategy. The top BBA schools will have projects and assignments that will help you build strategic thinking skills.
  • HRM: As a part of the training in this business course, you will learn the basics of human resource management. 
  • Market Research: It’s one of the key skills that you need to establish yourself in the business world. You will learn the principles, techniques and applications of market research. 

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Here is why pursuing online BBA is best with MUJ!

Pursuing an online BBA program with Manipal University Jaipur presents a compelling opportunity for individuals seeking a flexible and accessible path to higher education. This mode of study allows students to transcend geographical barriers and engage with a reputable institution from the comfort of their homes. Manipal University Jaipur’s online BBA program maintains the same high standards of education as its on-campus counterpart, with a curriculum designed to instill fundamental business knowledge and skills. Through the use of innovative e-learning platforms, experienced faculty, and interactive digital resources, students can benefit from a rich and engaging academic experience.

Furthermore, the online format offers the flexibility to balance studies with work or other commitments, enabling individuals to tailor their learning schedules to their specific needs. This accessibility is particularly valuable for those who are unable to relocate or attend classes in person. Manipal University Jaipur’s commitment to fostering a supportive online learning community ensures that students receive personalized attention, guidance, and opportunities for networking and collaboration. The university’s strong industry connections and career support also extend to online students, enhancing their prospects for internships and job placements. Overall, pursuing an online BBA with Manipal University Jaipur is a viable and convenient way to acquire a quality education, empowering individuals to advance their careers and achieve their academic goals.


A bachelor’s degree in business administration helps build a strong foundation for your career in the world of business. If you’re interested in pursuing this business course but have constraints and commitments, you can enrol in an online BBA course. Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) offers UGC-entitled online BBA courses via its online learning portal. To know more about the eligibility criteria and course details, contact us.

Will employers accept online degrees?

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, students across the world are facing an uncertain situation. While it may take some time for the world to come out of this crisis, students cannot allow it to impede their growth. This has led them to search for alternatives that can allow them to progress even when they are at home.

With the brick-and-mortar classrooms being considered unsafe, more and more students are enrolling in online degree programmes. Online programmes are also suitable for all those who are already engaged in some work or who do not have suitable opportunities for higher education. However, a pertinent question that students often ask is whether their online degree will be accepted by their employers.

The answer is a resounding yes. The sheer popularity that programmes such as online MBA degrees prove their value in today’s job market.

The employers of today are aware that sheer documents and academic credentials are not enough. What actually proves as an asset for the company is the knowledge and experience of the employee. Online programmes wholly fulfil this need.

How degrees play an important role in hiring decision?

Your qualification is your key to unlocking the right job for you. Each degree that you add to your resume gives you an edge over your competitors. It also increases your chance of cracking the job of your desire.

If you are wondering why degrees still matter? The reason is simple. Your degree makes your skill visible. For instance, even if you have the best managerial skills, the top corporates won’t hire you, unless your knowledge is supplemented by a master’s degree in business management.

Similarly, for any job and any position, a person with a higher education level will be preferred over the other person. It also establishes you as an expert in the said field. So even if you are planning to start your own venture or become a freelancer, the person at the other end is likely to ask for your degree. An online degree also increases your chance of getting promoted in your existing job.

How universities’ accreditation proves the validity of your education?

When a prospective employer goes through your credentials, they not just see what degrees you have but also the university from where you have acquired it. Universities play an important role in determining the quality of education. That is why the same BCA course from two different places may hold different levels of value.

The top universities offering online programmes have taken several steps to ensure that students learning via their digital devices are at par with the students who opt for offline classes. By employing the world-class digital infrastructure and latest smart learning tools, the students get a similar experience to what they would even if they were attending the offline classes. So efficient are these tools of learning that even the offline classes often depend on the digital medium to help the students gain wholesome knowledge.

So even if you are opting for an online degree, its value will be based on the accreditation of the institution provided by the rating agency. In fact, for the top universities, online degrees prove to be more valuable than offline ones from mediocre universities.

Which professions are best suited for online degrees?

Although there is no hard and fast rule for programmes that can be conducted online, there are certain programmes that require practice in laboratories. For such programmes, the college can opt for a mix of online and offline classes. However, for most other programmes such as MBA, BBA, BCA, BA and so on, the entire programme can be successfully completed online. So, it largely depends on the discipline that you take upon whether you can go for a fully online programme.

Employers take online degrees seriously

Now that you have understood all the details of an online degree and how it is attained, we hope you are confident that you will stand at the same level as your peers who opt for offline classes. The employers too are aware of this fact. That is why they give the same weightage to an online degree as the offline one. All it matters to them is how much knowledge you possess and how well you can apply it to real-life situations.

To get you ready for the challenges that you are likely to face in the real world, online degrees put a lot of emphasis on providing you with practical knowledge. Real-life situations are emulated in the classroom, and students are urged to join internships and the like. So, after you are done with the programme, you will find yourself totally ready to take on the challenges posed by the employers.

What will make you stand out?

An online degree from the right place can even help you stand out amidst the cut-throat competition of today. Given that online degrees are so flexible, you can opt for more than one degree within the same period of time. You can also further your career as an established professional by opting for an online programme without taking a break from your job.

Manipal University Jaipur offers an Online MBA programme entitled by UGC focusing to build future-ready employees by delivering all the key skills required to excel in their career.

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