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Top 10 jobs after completing a degree in computer applications 

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November 22,

Have you always been very curious about how the computer works? Or do you have a knack for solving complex problems? It may be an indication that you have a bright future waiting in the field of computer science.

Indeed, curiosity-driven by passion is a must to excel in any field. You cannot possibly learn programming languages unless you have a propensity towards it. But passion is only one step towards your goal. It is equally important to pursue your education in line from a reputed institution.

For those who are interested in the field of computer science, online BCA and online MCA courses are some of the most popular choices. However, planning for your future cannot end with your education alone. You also need to think about the career options open to you once you have completed the course.

The right job will depend on factors such as your area of specialisation, your interests, personal skills, and the like. To ease the journey for you, here are some reliable career options that you may consider:

Software developer

You are used to performing various works on your devices, such as computers and tablets. But have you ever wondered who has designed these operations? Well, that’s what software developers do. They develop different types of software programs that enable you to perform the tasks. However, development is only part of a career in the software industry.

There is a constant need to test improvements and maintain the existing software. So a knack to solve problems along with creativity is what goes best in this field. Knowledge of computer languages is also very important in this line.

Database Administrator

You must have heard of the immense amount of data generated every nano-second in the internet world. It is the job of the data administrators to evaluate and analyse the data needs that users have.

Since the needs of the users are never constant and keep evolving, quick problem-solving abilities help a lot in this field. It needs no saying that thorough technical knowledge is also necessary to fix the malfunctions that come up in the database.

Computer hardware engineer

For working on computers, it is essential to first make a strong and powerful device. This is essentially what the hardware engineers do. A computer is made of several parts, each of them has to be creatively designed, developed as per plans, and tested for their abilities.

Many of these tasks may appear to be repetitive. So having patience and perseverance is what makes a sound computer hardware engineer.

Computer systems analyst

If you are writing with a defective pen in the exam, your speed will inevitably slow down, and your overall performance will be affected. Similarly, an organisation’s performance can be affected if the hardware or software they use is not optimised correctly. To solve this problem, computer systems analysts are employed. They recommend necessary changes so that the company’s output may be increased further.

Strong interpersonal skills are required as you will need to communicate with the employees or the managers. A business sense can also be an asset. So, additional qualifications such as BBA distance learning can again do you right.

Computer Network Analyst

Be it the local area network, the extranets, or the intranets; they require good designing, implementation, and maintenance. This is done by computer network analysts and architects. As a network architect, you will be expected to understand the organisation’s needs in terms of data sharing and communication and accordingly develop plans for them.

You may also need to evaluate the usefulness of products and services already available in the market in terms of the company’s needs. Higher educatio after completing BCA online classes may be useful for this line.

Information Security Analyst

Words such as cyber-attack and cyber-crime are not new in today’s time. In fact, as people’s dependency on the digital world is rising, cybercrimes are also increasing manifolds. To prevent these problems, information security analysts are put in place.

As a security analyst, your task will be to protect the vulnerable information networks and prevent the chances of security breaches. So analytical and problem- solving skills are both needed to do well in this line.

Web developer

You may have come across pages on the internet that is extremely slow or do not respond. That is when the web developers are to be blamed. A web developer’s task is to access the needs of the users and then come up with the technical structure of the website.

Accessibility, loading speed, and the like are the factors you need to keep in mind while developing the web page. With a good design, you can increase the page views and encourage more visitors to access your website. In turn, this will help the organisation that you work for to do well in business.

IT Project Management

IT projects are not handled by a single person or department. Often a large team is at work. To co-ordinate the efforts and ensure that the desired result is obtained within the stipulated time and budget, IT managers are required. Since managerial skills are also involved here, opting for the best online MBA course can be beneficial.

Information System Manager

As an information system manager, the entire organisation’s computer-related requirements will come under your supervision. You will be expected to continually monitor and access the software and hardware needs of the company. Accordingly, you will also have to install and maintain them.

So dynamism and an active mind will be helpful to shine here.

Computer Research Scientist

Have you ever wondered how new technological innovations come to the fore? That is what research scientists do. As a computer research scientist, you will have the scope to invent new life-changing technologies or improve the existing ones.

However, innovating new technology is not as easy. So you will have to be a complete computer wizard to pursue this line.

While this list brings you the top professions in this line, it is in no way absolute. The paths open to you are endless. So, pick out the right profession for you today.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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