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Navigating the Choices: MBA Data Science vs MBA Business Analytics, MSC Data Science vs MSC Business Analytics, PGCP BA vs PGCP Data Science 

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, selecting the most fitting educational program is a pivotal step toward achieving much-needed career success. The decision-making process becomes even more intricate when faced with innumerable choices available out there. The confusion as to which to pursue, a Master of Business Administration (MBA), or should you consider a Master of Science (MSC) in either Data Science or Business Analytics, or a specialized Post Graduate Certificate Program (PGCP) is as real as it can get. However, one must understand that each option brings unique benefits, and comprehending the subtleties of each can profoundly impact your professional trajectory. 

An MSC in Data Science will help you delve deep into the technical aspects of the field, equipping you with advanced proficiency in statistics, machine learning, and data modelling techniques. This specialization is perfect for those aspiring to tackle complex data challenges across various industries. 

On the other hand, an MSC in Business Analytics strikes the perfect balance between technical prowess and business acumen. Graduates from this program are well-prepared to leverage analytics tools for strategic planning, market analysis, and operational optimization. 

And for those seeking a quicker pathway to upskilling, a PGCP offers a focused curriculum tailored to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving business landscape. Whether specializing in Business Analytics or Data Science, these programs emphasize on practical applications, ensuring that professionals acquire hands-on experience to excel in their respective fields without having to hamper or take a break from their career. 

Finally, an MBA is probably one of the most versatile choices, offering a holistic approach to business education. It effortlessly integrates essential managerial skills with a strong emphasis on data-driven decision-making, positioning graduates as strategic leaders capable of navigating the intersection of business and technology. 

It’s crucial to align your aspirations, strengths, and career goals with the specific advantages each program offers while navigating these educational choices. Ultimately, the right decision hinges on finding a harmonious match between your educational path and professional objectives, propelling you toward a rewarding career shaped by data-driven insights and strategic acumen.  

1. MBA Data Science vs MBA Business Analytics: 

MBA Data Science: A comprehensive program integrating business strategies with a strong emphasis on data-driven decision-making. Positions graduates for leadership roles where they can bridge the gap between data science teams and business strategy. 

MBA Business Analytics: Another unique program that focuses on utilizing analytics tools and techniques for business intelligence and strategic planning. Suited for roles in business intelligence, market analysis, and strategic planning. 

2. MSC Data Science vs MSC Business Analytics

MSC Data Science: Emphasizes advanced technical skills in statistics, machine learning, and data modelling. Ideal for those aiming to work on complex data problems in diverse industries such as healthcare, finance, and technology. 

MSC Business Analytics: This offers a balance of technical skills and business acumen, preparing graduates for analytical roles. Focuses on applying analytics in business contexts like marketing, operations, and finance. 

3. PGCP BA vs PGCP Data Science

PGCP BA: A shorter, focused program providing essential business analytics skills for professionals seeking quick upskilling. Emphasizes practical application of analytics tools and methods in real-world business scenarios. 

PGCP Data Science: This is for individuals looking to specialize in data science, covering foundational and advanced concepts. Focuses on the application of data science techniques to solve complex problems. 

MAHE’s bouquet of programs for your successful career! 

MAHE (Manipal Academy of Higher Education) offers a diverse and enriching bouquet of programs designed to pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career. As a renowned institution committed to academic excellence, MAHE provides a spectrum of educational pathways to cater to varied interests and aspirations. 

From the globally recognized Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs that will instill strategic leadership skills to the specialized Master of Science (MSC) programs in Data Science and Business Analytics, MAHE ensures a comprehensive approach to education. The commitment to excellence extends to Post Graduate Certificate Programs (PGCP), providing a swift and focused avenue for professional upskilling ensuring all kinds of educational needs are fulfilled. 

MAHE’s programs stand out not only for their academic rigor but also for their practical relevance. Students benefit from a curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on applications, preparing them for the dynamic demands of the professional world. With its NAAC A++ accreditation, UGC-entitled degrees, MAHE is one of the most respected and well renowned degrees allowing you the best of career opportunities. 


Choosing between MBA Data Science, MBA Business Analytics, MSC Data Science, MSC Business Analytics, PGCP BA, and PGCP Data Science ultimately depends on your career goals, interests, and the level of technical depth you desire. Consider your strengths, aspirations, and the industry landscape before making a decision. Each program offers unique advantages, and the right fit will propel you toward a successful and fulfilling career in the dynamic fields of data science and business analytics. Always remember, the key lies in aligning your educational path with your professional objectives, ensuring a seamless transition into a world where data-driven insights drive innovation and success. 

BA vs BCA: What’s best for you

Looking for the right stream of study after completing Class 12? You have many options to choose from, based on your interests and preferences. In this blog, we will compare BA and BCA degrees – the two most popular study options students choose for undergraduate courses. Both the degree programs have their own benefits and future career prospects. 

Online BA courses are offered by Sikkim Manipal University (SMU), and online BCA programs are offered by Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ). Both these courses are offered in online mode on the Online Manipal platform. In the blog, we will highlight some key decision factors for BA vs BCA courses to help you make a well-thought-out decision. 

What is BA?

Before comparing the two Bachelor’s degrees for better understanding, let us briefly discuss each course individually. BA or Bachelor of Arts is ideal for students interested in gaining expertise in multiple areas. The course provides a foundation for the graduates to find suitable employment in government jobs or start their businesses after completing a BA degree. 

Additionally, students can choose to specialize in a particular domain of online BA programs Sikkim Manipal University offers with combinations of English, Sociology, and Political Science. Students can then opt for suitable career options based on their specialization. BA courses are generally three years long.

What is BCA?

BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications and aims to provide the basic foundational skills in the field of computer science. The course is generally preferred by students keen on entering the Information Technology (IT) industry. The curriculum is so designed that students gain a complete understanding of the latest technologies in the computer and programming arena. Moreover, BCA prepares students for rewarding careers in computer programming, coding, and other domains of the IT sector. The BCA offered by Manipal University Jaipur is online and lasts 3 years. 

Eligibility criteria: BA vs BCA

After understanding the basics of BA and BCA courses, let us move on to a comparative analysis. Many factors can help in choosing the right undergraduate program: BA vs BCA. One of them is the entry requirements for each of the courses. These can help you determine whether or not you are eligible to apply to the program in the first place. In most cases, the eligibility criteria of BA and BCA courses can also help students choose the relevant stream of study at the 10+2 level. 

An online BA program offered by Sikkim Manipal University on the Online Manipal platform requires students to complete their 10+2 or class 12 (as the case may be). Only after they qualify for this level of study from a recognized national or state board are they eligible to apply for the BA courses offered by the university. Alternatively, a 10+3 diploma from a recognized national or state-level study institution is also acceptable for admission to online BA programs by Sikkim Manipal.

As for online BCA courses that Manipal University Jaipur offers, the eligibility criteria for domestic (Indian) and international students vary. Both sets of criteria are listed below for easy reference:

Eligibility parametersDomestic students (India)International students (outside India)
Educational qualifications Completion of 10+2 from a recognized national/state board
10+3 diploma from a recognized national/state study institution 
10+2/intermediate/senior secondary schooling in any subject from a recognized board, or equivalent overseas qualification recognized by the Association of Indian Universities  
10+2/graduate level of study overseas with a Certificate of Equivalence from the Association of Indian Universities 
Grades Minimum 45% marks obtained in 10+2 or diploma (40% marks in case of reserved student category)
Minimum 45% aggregate secured in 10+2/intermediate/senior secondary education
Submission of relevant documents required for the application process by applicants who are not Indian citizens or live outside India 

BA course curriculum

The course content for both BA and BCA courses can also help gauge your interest as well as your preference for each program. Based on the course curriculum that you find relevant for your future career path, you may opt for online BA or BCA courses at Online Manipal. The online BA course offered by Sikkim Manipal University is available with a combination of 3 subjects – Sociology, English, and Political Science – and is divided into a total of 6 semesters covered over 3 years. Listed below is the curriculum designed for the online BA program by Sikkim Manipal:

SemesterCurriculum for BA with EnglishCurriculum for BA with SociologyCurriculum for BA with Political Science
1Foundations of Political Science, Indian English Literature, Natural Science, Communicative English, Introduction to SociologyIndian English Literature, Introduction to Sociology, Natural Science, Foundations of Political Science, Communicative EnglishIndian English Literature, Foundations of Political Science, Natural Science, Introduction to Sociology, Communicative English
2Political Theory, World Literature, Environmental Science, Functional English, Sociology in IndiaWorld Literature Sociology in India, Environmental Science, Political Theory, Functional EnglishWorld Literature, Political Theory, Environmental Science, Sociology in India, Functional English
3Comparative Political Analysis, Essays and Poetry, Digital Fluency, Universal Human Values, Rural SociologyEssays and Poetry, Rural Sociology, Digital Fluency, Comparative Political Analysis, Universal Human ValuesEssays and Poetry, Comparative Political Analysis, Digital Fluency, Rural Sociology, Universal Human Values
4Women Writing in English, New Literature in English, Urban Sociology, Literary Terms, Forms, and Movements, Classical Indian Political ThoughtPrinciple of Sociology, Urban Sociology, New Literature in English, Family, Kinship, and Marriage, Classical Indian Political ThoughtPolitical Economy, Classical Indian Political Thought, New Literature in English, Theories of International Relations, Urban Sociology
5Children’s Literature, Victorian and Modern Literature, Social Problems in India, Poetry: Evolution, Elements and Genres, Human RightsSocial Demography, Classical Sociological Thinkers, Children’s Literature, Social Problems in India, Human RightsHuman RightsPolitical Processes in IndiaChildren’s LiteratureIndia’s Foreign Policy in a Globalized WorldSocial Problems in India
6Novels and Short StoriesAmerican LiteratureSociology of Change and DevelopmentOne Act Plays: Introduction & StudiesUnited Nations and Global ConflictsSocial Movement in India, Sociology of Change and Development, American Literature, Sociology of Education, United Nations and Global ConflictsGender and Politics, United Nations and Global Conflicts, American Literature, Public Policy and Administration in India, Sociology of Change and Development

BCA course curriculum

While differentiating BA and BCA programs, it would also be helpful to take a detailed look at the course content of BCA programs. The table below lists the curriculum of online BCA programs offered by Manipal University Jaipur on the Online Manipal platform. The course is also offered for a total of 3 years covered over 6 semesters:

Semester Curriculum 
1Basic Mathematics, Fundamentals of IT and Programming, Practical – Programming in C, Programming in C, Understanding PC and Troubleshooting
2Object-Oriented Programming C++Operating Systems, Practical – Data Structures and Algorithm Using C++Data Structures and Algorithms, Communication Skills and Personality Development, Digital Logic
3Computer Organization, Computer-Oriented Numerical Methods, Practical – DBMS, Basics of Data Communication 
4Principles of Financial Accounting and Management, Java Programming, Computer Networking, System Software, Practical – Java Programming
5Visual Programming, Web Design, Software Engineering, Practical – Web Design, Practical – Visual Programming, Elective 1 – Graphics and Multimedia/Compiler Design/E-commerce (choose any 1)Practical – Python Programming, Python Programming
6Mobile Application Development, Project, Elective 2 – Open Source Systems/Advanced Web Design/Cloud Computing (choose any 1)Elective 3 – Software Project Management/Knowledge Management/Supply Chain Management (choose any 1)Practical – Mobile Application Development

Top jobs to explore after BA

A significant differentiating factor between BA and BCA courses is the job prospects both programs create upon course completion. The table below details the top 5 careers that are possible after pursuing an online BA from Sikkim Manipal University, along with their approximate corresponding salaries:

Expected job roleApprox annual salary
Campaign ManagerINR 5 lakh – INR 11 lakh per annum
Public Relations SpecialistINR 591,795 per annum
Policy AnalystINR 9,11,345 per annum
Urban PlannerINR 5.4 lakh per annum
TeacherINR 5,60,000 per annum

Top jobs to explore after BCA

Students completing online BCA courses from Manipal University Jaipur are likely to find the following jobs after graduation. The expected job roles along with the average annual salaries estimated for these positions are shared in the table below:

Expected job role
Approx annual salary
Software DeveloperINR 5 lakh – INR 13 lakh per annum
Quality Assurance AnalystINR 4,48,881 per annum
Technical WriterINR 7.85 lakh per annum
System AnalystINR 14,00,000 per annum
Web DeveloperINR 600,000 per annum

How to choose between BA and BCA?

In this blog, we covered many areas highlighting the key differences between BA and BCA programs – both offered at the undergraduate level. The eligibility criteria, course curriculum, and career prospects for both courses are likely to be different. This helps us narrow down our choice to any one program based on our interests and career goals.

To summarize, it can be deduced that BA is a more generic study program covering multiple study areas. However, the course does provide scope for specialization in any one area. It also opens up wider career opportunities for graduates.

On the other hand, a BCA program is a more technical and professional course specifically aimed at students interested in a career in computers and programming. The course’s career potential and salary rewards are also different from those expected in BA programs. All of these are considerations when deciding between BA and BCA courses to be pursued on the Online Manipal platform.


Both BA and BCA programs, irrespective of which one you choose, are readily available on the Online Manipal platform. The courses can conveniently be pursued from the comfort of your home at a pace that best suits you. Moreover, both Sikkim Manipal University offering BA and Manipal University Jaipur offering BCA programs are NAAC-accredited universities, and their program offering is entitled by the UGC.

BA vs BBA: What to choose?

The transition from class 12 to the undergraduate level is a big step for students. It is also the time to make crucial decisions about your future and the career path you intend to follow. For undergraduate students completing class 12, BA and BBA courses are two of the most popular choices among various others. Both these courses are offered on the Online Manipal platform as Bachelor’s programs. However, each of the courses covers different scopes of career prospects and varied specializations. This blog compares BA and BBA degrees by detailing their fundamental differences. It also aims to help you choose the right course that best meets your career goals. 

Before getting into the prime differences between BA and BBA courses, let us look at each of these programs individually.

What is BA?

BA is the popularly used acronym for Bachelor of Arts, one of the most widely preferred undergraduate courses among students after class 12. The course is offered for 3 years and covers a wide scope of Humanities or Arts subjects. While the program’s content is more generic, it allows students to choose an area of specialization in tune with their academic interests or career objectives. Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) offers BA courses on the Online Manipal platform. 

What is BBA?

BBA, or Bachelor of Business Administration, is a more professional course ideal for students who wish to pursue a career in management. The degree is offered at the Bachelor’s level and lays the foundation for a career in management for these students. Like the online BA course offered by Sikkim Manipal University, BBA is also a three-year course with specializations in varied professional subjects that help you prepare for real industry experience. BBA degrees are imparted by Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) on the Online Manipal platform to students.

Eligibility criteria: BA vs BBA

One of the key decision factors for BA vs BBA courses is determining the eligibility criteria for admission to each of these programs. If you meet the entry requirements of any of these courses, you can consider proceeding with the application process. 

BA is offered on the Online Manipal platform by Sikkim Manipal University and requires successful completion of 10+2 qualification by students. Only after you have completed a 10+2 from a recognized school at the national or state board can you be considered for admission to BA courses on Online Manipal. Alternatively, students completing a 10+3 diploma from a recognized national or state-level study institution are also eligible to apply for a BA program by SMU on the Online Manipal platform.

For online BBA courses on the platform, offered by Manipal University Jaipur, the eligibility criteria slightly vary for domestic and international students. The entry requirements for both types of applicants are shared in the table below:

Domestic applicantsInternational applicants
10+2 from a recognized national/state board school or completion of a 10+3 diploma from a recognized national/state board institutionCompletion of 10+2/intermediate/senior secondary education from a recognized board
Equivalent qualification in any discipline. Certificate of Equivalence for 10+2/graduate-level studies completed outside India, recognized by the Association of Indian Universities
Minimum 45% (40% for reserved student categories) aggregate marks in 10+2/diploma Minimum 45% aggregate score in 10+2/intermediate/senior secondary

To sum up the eligibility criteria for BA vs BBA courses, the latter may require specific grades to be considered for admission to the program, while a BA course simply requires successful completion of 10+2.

BA course curriculum

When choosing the right undergraduate program, BA vs BBA, another factor to consider is the course curriculum designed for both courses. Here, we discuss the BA course curriculum in detail to understand whether it is ideal for you.

The online BA course offered by Sikkim Manipal University is available in a combination of 3 subjects – Sociology, English, and Political Science. The table below highlights the curriculum of the online BA program with the 3 combinations offered on the Online Manipal platform. The course is divided into 6 semesters, as defined in the table below:

Sem 1Communicative English, Introduction to Sociology, Foundations of Political Science, Indian English Literature, Natural Science  
Sem 2Functional English, Political Theory, Sociology in India, World Literature, Environmental Science
Sem 3Academic Writing, Comparative Political Analysis, Rural Sociology, Essays and Poetry, Digital Fluency
Sem 4Literary Terms, Forms, and Movements, Family, Kinship, and Marriage, Theories of International Relations, Women Writing in English, Urban Sociology, Classical Indian Political Thought, New Literature in English, Principle of Sociology, Introduction to Political Theory
Sem 5Poetry: Evolution, Elements and Genres, Social Problems in India, India’s Foreign Policy in a Globalized World, Victorian and Modern Literature, Classical Sociological Thinkers, Political Processes in India, Children’s Literature, Social Demography, Human Rights 
Sem 6Comparative Literature, Sociology of Education, Public Policy and Administration in India, American Literature, Sociology of Change and Development, United Nations and Global Conflicts, Novels and Short Stories, Social Movement in India, Gender and Politics

BBA course curriculum

The Manipal University Jaipur offers the BBA course on the Online Manipal platform for a total duration of 36 months or 3 years. The course is divided into a total of 6 semesters, and the curriculum for each semester is listed below:

Sem 1Business Environment, Communication Skills and Personality Development, Computer Fundamentals, Organizational Behavior, Marketing Management 
Sem 2Human Resource Management, Business Communication, Term Paper, Financial Accounting, Retail Management, Quality Management
Sem 3Research Methodology, Legal and Regulatory Framework, Project Quantitative Techniques for Management, Advertising and Sales, Financial Management
Sem 4Management Accounting, Business Strategy, Rural Marketing, Management Information System, International Marketing, Environmental Science
Sem 5Business Analytics, Elective – Retail Management, Consumer Behavior, Elective – General Management
Sem 6Digital Marketing, Elective – Retail Management, Customer Relationship Management, Elective – General Management

Career opportunities after BA

This is yet another key factor differentiating BA and BBA programs, which helps students make a more informed decision. The prospective employment outcomes after course completion can help them determine which course is better to opt for in terms of future career stability and growth. To help you gain a clearer picture, listed below are the top 5 careers that online BA graduates from Sikkim Manipal University are likely to pursue, along with their approximate annual salary figures:

Expected job role after BAAverage annual salary (approx)
Campaign ManagerINR 5 lakh – INR 11 lakh per annum
Public Relations SpecialistINR 591,795 per annum
Public AdministratorINR 5 lakh – 7 lakh per annum
Content ManagerINR 5 lakh – INR 11 lakh per annum
Policy AnalystINR 9,11,345 per annum

Career opportunities after BBA

Now, let us take a quick look at the career prospects that will likely open up for graduates of online BBA programs from Manipal University Jaipur. This would help you better understand and also do a comparative analysis of the career opportunities that online BA courses offer (as tabulated in the section above).

Expected job role after BA
Average annual salary (approx)
Business AnalystINR 7 lakh – INR 20 lakh per annum
Technical Product ManagerINR 10,83,523 per annum
Brand ManagerINR 9 lakh – 22 lakh per annum
Operations Analyst INR 4,71,646 per annum
HR ManagerINR 10 lakh – INR 12 lakh per annum

Choosing between BA and BBA

This blog covered in detail the various considerations when deciding between BA and BBA courses after completing class 12. The eligibility criteria for admissions, the course curriculum, and prospective career opportunities after both play an important role in deciding which course would be the better among the two to opt for.

The choice, however, becomes simpler if you have absolute clarity on your career goals, moving forward, and also your specific academic interests. BA courses offered by Sikkim Manipal University on the Online Manipal platform are more generalized, primarily focusing on Arts and Humanities courses. They are, therefore, more academically inclined when compared to professional-oriented BBA courses.

The online program offered by Manipal University Jaipur is a professional degree aimed at students with a specific interest in the area of management. Students pursuing BBA are therefore encouraged to choose their specific area of specialization suited to their academic interest and career objective. 


The choice between BA and BBA courses, both undergraduate programs, is all about the students’ career preferences considering these two programs. BA courses generally result in a wide array of professional choices for graduates, while BBA programs open doors to lucrative and professional management positions in the relevant industry. You can apply for online BA courses by Sikkim Manipal University as well as BBA courses by Manipal University Jaipur, both on the Online Manipal platform. 

BA vs BA Honors: Key differences 

Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Arts Honors (BA Hons) may seem like two peas in a pod, claiming to be the best undergraduate courses for students after 10+2. Although both sound similar in name, they have their unique flavors. 

Talking about the fundamental differences between BA and BA Honors the first and foremost is specialization. While an online BA course from Sikkim Manipal University means studying at least 5 subjects, on the other hand, a BA Hons means specializing in one subject for 3 years. It is as if a BA course is like serving a dish with other 4 dishes, while a BA Honors is like serving a Biryani as the main dish. 

Choosing between BA and BA Honors programs can be challenging for many, so we thought of simplifying the choice by discussing both courses in detail in this post. So, join us to understand the key distinctions in BA and BA Honors degrees in terms of objective, eligibility, curriculum, and career prospects. 

What is BA? 

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program is the most popular UG course offered by almost all universities and colleges. It is a course that aims to allow students to explore various subjects before they proceed to a particular specialization. The main skills imparted to an online BA student from universities like Sikkim Manipal University through the Online Manipal platform are communication, critical thinking, research, and analysis skills. A BA course can be like a stepping stone that prepares students to dig deeper for diverse career paths at the postgraduate level. 

What is BA Honors?

Before throwing light on the advantages of pursuing BA Honors over a simple BA program, it is crucial to know what is BA Honors. A Bachelor of Arts Honors or a BA Hons is a 3-year undergraduate specialized degree course offered in various subjects to help individuals grab skills specific to a particular field. A BA Hons course is like an academic red carpet that invites students to step beyond the spectrum of general knowledge and attain specialized expertise in subjects like English, Political Science, and Sociology. 

Eligibility criteria: BA vs BA Honors 

No matter, whether you choose to pursue an online BA course or a BA Honors degree program, the eligibility criteria may vary from institution to institution. So, it is better to check and verify the exact eligibility requirements of the university or college you want to apply for your preferred BA or BA Hons UG course. 

The standard eligibility criteria for BA and BA Honors degree programs are as follows:

BA Course Eligibility BA Honors Course Eligibility
Completion of 10+2 from a recognized board in either Science, Arts, or Commerce streamCompletion of 10+2 from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% marks
Pass the CUET entrance examMinimum age to apply: 17 years
Maximum age to apply: 25 years

BA course curriculum

Whether one chooses to pursue an online BA in English, Sociology, Political Science, or any other subject, the course curriculum is designed to equip an individual with a versatile set of skills that can be applied in various professional fields. The entire BA course is split into 6 semesters that are covered in 3 years. Giving students the best choice to grasp skills in three popular subjects, English, Sociology, and Political Science, Sikkim Manipal University has launched a combination online BA course that covers all three in one program.

BA Honors course curriculum 

Bachelor of Arts Honors (BA Hons) is a well-planned course that aims to inculcate an individual’s critical thinking, creativity, and clear communication skills. Those interested in pursuing a BA Honors through the Online Manipal platform can enroll at Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) in a variety of subjects like English, Sociology, Philosophy, History, German, French, and Spanish. 

The course curriculum of a Bachelor of Arts Honors (BA) Honors course at MAHE focuses on offering fundamental concepts. However, at the end of the first semester, students can decide between three learning paths to continue studying. These are what they call Majors, Minors, and Double Majors. For this, they can opt for any of the following three options:

Explorer1 Major + 1 Minor
Innovator1 Major + 2 Minors
Consolidator2 Majors

The table below shows the year-wise program structure of a BA Honors from Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE):

YearSemester and Program Structure
Year 1Semester 1 & 2: Foundation courses, Extra Disciplinary Competencies
Year 2Semester 3 & 4:Major & Minor Courses, Extra Disciplinary Competencies
Year 3Semester 5 & 6:Major & Minor Courses, Extra Disciplinary Competencies
Year 4Semester 7 & 8:Literature Review, Research Proposal, Thesis

Source: https://manipal.edu/mcph/program-list/ba-humanities2.html 

Career opportunities after BA 

A host of bright career opportunities can come your way once you get a UGC-entitled online BA degree from a top-class university like Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) through the Online Manipal platform. The knowledge and skills one grasps during this popular humanities UG course enable course graduates to fit into several exciting job roles ranging from a digital marketing manager to a human resource manager, from an academician to a content writer, and a public relations manager.

The table below highlights the top 5 job opportunities for online BA graduates:

Job RoleJob DescriptionApproximate Salary
Content WriterCreating engaging content for various online and offline platformsINR 6,70,995 per annum
Public Relations ManagerMonitoring media releases and other communications to shape a positive image of a companyINR 9.83 lakh per annum
Digital Marketing ManagerPlanning content strategies to boost the digital presence of a companyINR 7,50,000 per annum
AcademicianImparting knowledge and skills to interested students in a specific fieldINR 14.5 lakh per annum
Human Resource ManagerEnsuring good relations between employees and employers and hiring the best talent for the companyINR 10 lakh – INR 12 lakh per annum

Career opportunities after BA Honors 

A Bachelor of Arts Honors course, when pursued from a reputed university, can kickstart a bright career. Elaborately speaking, career options for a BA Honors graduate are not limited to jobs in the fields of content writing, human resource management, event management, or teaching; one can also get success in starting and handling a business.

The table below highlights the top 5 career prospects open for BA Honors graduates:

Job RoleJob DescriptionApproximate Salary
Teacher/ ProfessorMotivating, inspiring, and educating learners with the right skills and knowledgeINR 5,60,000 per annum
Content WriterWriting grammatically correct and interesting content for magazines, books, blogs, or websitesINR 6,70,995 per annum
CounsellorEnsuring the emotional well-being of individuals who are facing psychological and emotional issuesINR 5.1 lakh per annum
Event ManagerPlanning and managing an event for an individual or organization INR 700,000 per annum
Digital Marketing SpecialistUpscaling the digital presence and marketing of a company through social media and other online and digital platformsINR 7,50,000 per annum

Choosing between BA and BA Honors 

So far, you have learned about the course curriculum, eligibility, and career prospects of a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts Honors course. Now, join us to learn about the factors to consider when deciding between BA and BA Honors. You must note that no one choice can be accepted as universal for all. What we mean to say here is that the decision to pursue either of these two undergraduate courses might not stay the same for everyone and is bound to vary depending on a person’s interests, career, and academic goals.

The table below will reveal the key differences between BA and BA Honors to help you make the right choice for your graduation:

ParameterBA Degree CourseBA Honors Degree Course
Main area of studyGeneral education in more than one humanities subjectIn-depth study of the chosen humanity subject
Course duration3 years3 years
Eligibility criteriaCompletion of 10+ 2 from a reputed board and clearing the CUET entrance examCompletion of 10+2 from a reputed board with a minimum of 50% marks and should be between the age limit of 17 – 25 years
Specialization General education in subjects like English, Political Science, Sociology, History, Economics, Music, Drama, and Philosophy Wide range of specializations in subjects like English, Political Science, Sociology, History, Psychology, Economics, and Fine Arts
ScopeBA graduates can contribute to several industries with their communication and research skillsBA Honors graduates can contribute to specific fields related to the subject of their specialization
Skills taughtCritical thinking, communication skills, research, and analysis skillsSpecialized knowledge of a particular subject and advanced research and analytical skills
Career opportunitiesTeaching, counseling, writing, PR management, HR management, and customer care managementJournalism, writing, editing, research analysis, event management, digital marketing management, and teaching


We assume this article helped you learn the difference between a BA and a BA Honors degree course. Both are almost similar, but the latter enables you to dig deeper into specialization in a particular humanities subject. If you are keen to learn at your own pace, then enroll for an online BA course at Sikkim Manipal University and make way for empowered education through an enhanced digital learning platform. The whole team of experienced faculty and real-world mentors are awaiting your presence in this seamless learning journey. You don’t have to worry about excessive financial burden, as it is an affordable course offered by the university. 

Skills to cultivate in the age of AI

Since its emergence, Artificial Intelligence, or AI, as we popularly know it, has been riding the revolutionary wave all across the globe. Its impact can particularly be felt in various industrial sectors – healthcare, software, digital marketing, and e-commerce – to name a few. The technology has been able to bring in mass automation, thereby improving productivity and efficiency in various work arenas. By creating personalized shopping experiences, AI has even succeeded in creating a never-before shopping feel for customers around the world. 

It is only natural to feel threatened whether AI will soon take over each industry and its workers will be rendered jobless. The reality is thankfully not so grim as yet. The new technology can still not replace the value of a human mind nurtured by education. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree still holds relevance in today’s competitive world and AI cannot replicate the human skills that these courses impart. 

This blog highlights the current relevance and importance of pursuing an online BA/MA degree and how these degrees can equip us with the skills required in an AI-led world

Industries that are AI-proof

We know that AI has successfully brought massive change in various sectors and industries, some of which we pointed out at the beginning of this blog. AI algorithms can analyze data and even provide suggestions to make optimum use of available resources in a business. This helps prevent large-scale wastage and avoid grave errors. 

That said, can AI take over every industry in the world? Does technology have the potential to completely replace human effort which has always been regarded as valuable and irreplaceable by businesses worldwide?

The answer is no, it cannot. AI technology is still far from replicating human effort or completely displacing it. Certain industries remain “AI-proof”, as we put it, untouched by the storm that the technology is creating across the globe. Let’s take a look at some of these industries in this section. 

  1. Creative Jobs: Creating a piece of art, music, or writing a story – they still require the emotion, empathy, and imagination of a human mind to create a breathtaking effect on the audience. It is difficult for AI technology to replicate the same originality and impact.
  1. Teaching: E-learning may have become the new reality in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic; however, it still cannot replace the place of a teacher in a real classroom. The ambiance, the learning, and the one-on-one interaction between the teacher and the student in a physical school are far different from what technology can ever create. Not to forget, the motivation teachers provide to their students cannot be done by any technology.
  1. Skilled Jobs: Can you imagine AI technology fixing a bulb or tap in your house? Even today, an electrician or plumber is the first person that comes to mind when there is a repair in the house that needs immediate attention. These professionals are skilled in their trade and have the required technical knowledge and attention to detail, something AI cannot match up to.
  1. Nursing: This very profession has empathy at its core – which AI cannot possibly simulate. Nurses care for their patients and empathize with their pain. Besides, there is no scope for automation in this industry since nurses have specialized medical knowledge and need to make complex decisions for the patient’s overall health, which technology cannot automate and simplify.
  1. Social Work: This is another industry that stays AI-proof in today’s times primarily because it thrives on human connection and emotional intelligence – a competence that AI will find difficult to imitate or replace. 

Skills you need to learn in an AI-led world

Now that we know which industries are likely to remain untouched by AI, let us look at some of the critical skills we can develop that can be immensely useful in resisting the effect of technology, especially in a world led by AI.

Skill parametersHow they can help compete with AI
Active LearningMake sure that you are always learning and up-to-date with the recent developments in AI, ML, and other latest technologies. Continuous learning helps you stay on top of the game at all times.
Strong Verbal & Written CommunicationInterpersonal skills are one area where AI lacks the intelligence to compete with. The technology does not have the Emotional Quotient (EQ) or social skills that humans possess. 
CreativityAI can help generate innovative ideas but the creativity involved in expressing them in a manner that strikes a chord with your audience is not something that the technology can simulate. 
People ManagementDeveloping people management skills can be beneficial as you cannot only understand your clients’ exact requirements through human interaction but also address their complaints and grievances effectively by offering empathy and personalized service. All this is not possible for AI to replicate.
Decision-makingEffective communication can help in this process and also enable a person to understand concerns from the other side before arriving at a crucial decision. Humans, and not AI technology, can do this task best.
Leadership skillsA good leader can understand their team well, motivate them, assess risks, and communicate to achieve common goals. All of these are not possible with the AI technology.


Now, we know that AI is not capable of taking over the industries that have been run by humans for ages. Human effort is not entirely replaceable. The human mind still holds value and potential over that of Artificial Intelligence. Learning and using certain skills can help nourish the human mind more. This is why Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) offers a host of undergraduate and postgraduate study programs through their online BA and online MA degrees. These courses are imparted on the Online Manipal platform to students sitting in the comfort of their homes. 

Online BA or MA programs from Sikkim Manipal University are designed to equip students with the desired creative skills to help foster their imagination and innovation to compete with the AI era. All degrees from Sikkim Manipal University are UGC-entitled and equivalent to a campus degree. The university is also accredited by NAAC and its degrees hold recognition and relevance all over India.  

Debunking misconceptions about artificial intelligence and employment

The fast-evolving technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought rapid changes in many areas of our everyday lives. One such area is our jobs – our daily bread and butter – that are threatened by the sudden and quick growth of AI. “Will AI finally succeed in taking over our jobs?” is the question that haunts most of us. However, there is another reality to this popular myth. AI cannot take over everything. This blog talks more about this reality and aims to bring forth the continued importance of a BA course. It also highlights the various jobs that open up after graduating with a BA degree, which AI cannot perform.  

Is AI a threat to today’s jobs?

Task automation, improved efficiency at work, quick data analysis and processing – AI has created a revolutionary wave across the globe. It has also changed the face of several industries in India. This leads to common anxiety among the country’s workforce over whether AI can seriously threaten the job sector, taking away our jobs. 

Let us begin by understanding a simple fact here: AI does not yet have the potential to take over everything. Your jobs remain secure, particularly if you have or develop specific skills that AI cannot duplicate. One example is human creativity. What and how a human mind can think, technology is yet to evolve to that level. Another example is human emotion, something that AI cannot compete with. Creative ideas with a touch of emotion have the potential to create beautiful works of art or literature that are 100% original as well. 

BA courses open up a whole world of creative opportunities in terms of job prospects. These jobs are not yet touched by AI technology and still require human effort and originality. A few examples of such creative skills are shared in the table below:

Creative job skills How AI cannot compete with them
Flexibility to changeCreative jobs require flexibility to adapt to changing environments and situations, which humans are more adept at than an AI tool.
Emotional intelligenceUnderstanding emotions and empathizing with them is not what AI can ever match up to. Humans are gifted with this ability. 
Originality While AI often produces set data patterns and finds it difficult to create original ideas, humans score over technology in this respect, creating authentic content specific to their audience’s interests.
Problem-solvingHumans are experts at analyzing complex situations and drawing possible solutions based on past experience or intuition, something which AI cannot succeed in.
Audience connectMost creative jobs rely heavily on establishing human connections with the audience. Humans are naturally attuned to this skill, which technology cannot easily replicate. 

AI vs creative jobs in arts & humanities

Although AI has successfully automated routine tasks and improved productivity and efficiency in many work domains, several areas still require human creativity. These are the areas where AI still cannot replace human interaction or emotions such as empathy, both of which AI is unable to provide. Most of these creative work profiles are available to graduates of BA degrees:

Creative jobs after BA that AI cannot replace yet 
Stage Performer
Content Writers/Creators
Social Workers
Community Helpers

These jobs can be pursued after completing a BA qualification. It is difficult for AI to completely replace the human connection or touch in these job roles. However, technology does bring other benefits to the creative minds at work in each of these roles. One big area where AI can be of great help is idea generation, which is of immense significance in any creative job. 

Another area where AI can help is automating routine chores so that creative artists can free up their time for more complex tasks such as innovation, analysis, and coming up with competitive works of art. AI can genuinely boost human potential in creative works and help humans advance to the next level of creativity.  

The way of work forward

The rise and growing popularity of Artificial Intelligence in our professional worlds has already changed the way we have been working all these years. One revolutionary change that technology has brought to our everyday work lives is automation – something which has greatly simplified our tasks and created more time for us to focus on the more important stuff in our work that matters. With the emergence of new technology, the need for learning and upskilling ourselves to use it to our best advantage has also risen. 

Instead of feeling threatened by AI and fearing its potential impact on our professional lives, how about we befriend the technology and learn how to use it better in our creative jobs to deliver better to our customers? AI holds immense potential for new and innovative idea generation, a skill that can be used to boost human creativity. Also, AI can help with expressing these ideas in a more appealing way to our audiences. We can still retain the human touch and value that we bring to our creative jobs while using AI technology to help us work better in our respective roles.


This blog aimed at debunking certain misconceptions that have been floating around since AI gained popularity – “Will the technology succeed in replacing my job?” The answer is that human touch is still valued in a lot of creative jobs, such as the few listed in this blog. There is no replacing the end value that human effort and mind can bring to these jobs. However, AI can still be used to supplement and assist the human creativity involved in these tasks by automating routine/tedious chores, thereby freeing up mental space for more creative work. Additionally, AI can help improve the efficiency of creative artists by generating innovative ideas and means of expression for them. 

Numerous creative jobs can be taken up after completing an online BA degree from Sikkim Manipal University on the Online Manipal platform. The Bachelor of Arts course is offered in combination with 3 subjects – English, Sociology, and Political Science. Students can, therefore, choose to learn multiple fields of study in parallel and can accordingly look for jobs in the industry in any of the 3 domains. The advantage of pursuing an online BA degree from Sikkim Manipal University is that it can be done sitting in the comfort of your home at your flexible pace. Moreover, Sikkim Manipal is a NAAC-accredited university that offers UGC-recognized degrees.

Sikkim Manipal University’s online MCA course details

Are you interested in exploring the infinite possibilities in the realm of computer applications? Does the thought of making computer software fascinate you? Then, an online Master of Computer Applications (MCA) course is just meant for you. Sikkim Manipal University offers the best online MCA course to students who want to excel in computer applications. 

Enroll in an online MCA course and get the virtual passport to explore the world of algorithms, software applications, and database management. Become future-ready and equip yourself with the technical skills demanded in the rapidly enhancing digital work environments with an online MCA degree from a reputed university like Sikkim Manipal University. 

Stay tuned to learn about Sikkim Manipal University’s online MCA course fees, duration, eligibility, and career prospects.

What is an online MCA? 

Now,  before we proceed with the course duration, fee, and other details of an MCA course, let us first of all, acquaint you with what is the MCA course. MCA stands for Master of Computer Applications, and it is a post-graduate program designed to sharpen an individual’s skills related to computer science and applications. Do you now want to know if one can pursue an MCA online? So, yes, a Master of Computer Applications can be done online through the best universities in India, like Sikkim Manipal University. Rest assured, the degree awarded for an online MCA holds the same value as a traditional campus degree.

Online MCA: An overview 

It won’t be wrong to call an online MCA a course that is no less than a treasure trove of IT skills for students who want to make a bright career in the digital world. Software development, database management, database designing, system analysis, and core programming languages like C++, Python, and Java are some of the key IT skills taught during an online MCA course

Sikkim Manipal University MCA course fee, eligibility, duration, and other details are mentioned below in the table for your reference:

Course Duration24 months
Course FeeINR 98,000
Semester-wise FeeINR 24,500
EMI per monthStarting INR 4,083 
EligibilityMinimum of 50% mark in graduation or 10+2+3 from a reputed college or university
Skills AcquiredSoftware development, machine learning, database management, networking, mobile application development, and artificial intelligence

Online MCA course curriculum 

An online MCA degree course is designed to impart knowledge about software development, database management, networking, cybersecurity, secure data transmission, mobile application development, and machine learning. This is not all; during an online MCA degree program at Sikkim Manipal University through the Online Manipal platform, students are familiarized with different tools like Visual Studio, MySQL, Oracle, Eclipse, Code Blocks, and Python. Based on the knowledge to use these tools, students can create software applications and programs and open a gateway of bright career opportunities for themselves. 

An online Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is a 2-year PG course split into 4 semesters, each covering different advanced studies of computer applications in the curriculum in the following manner: 

Semester NameCurriculum Covered
Semester 1Advanced Java Programming, Advanced Java Programming Lab, Computational Mathematics, Database Management System Operating Systems, Database Management System Lab, Fundamental of Mathematics, Fundamentals of Computers and IT
Semester 2Computer Network, Computer Network Lab, Python Programming, Python Programming Lab, Latest Trends in Computer Application, Computer Organization and Architecture
Semester 3Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lab, Software Engineering and Unified Modelling Language, Software Engineering and Unified Modelling Language Lab
Elective (Pick any one)Digital Image Processing, Management Information System
Elective 2 (Pick any one)Cloud Computing, Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Semester 4Project Work.NET Framework.NET Lab
Elective 1: (Pick any one)Social and Web Media Analytics, Machine Learning
Elective 2: (Pick any 1)Virtualization and Cloud Security, Blockchain Technology

Eligibility criteria for Online MCA

Curious to know what is MCA course eligibility. Different institutes and universities might have different eligibility criteria for admitting students to an online MCA course. The eligibility criteria for an online MCA course at Sikkim Manipal University is not at all tough and is mentioned below:

Educational QualificationMinimum of 50% marks in graduation or 10+2+3 from a reputed institution or university

Admission process for Online MCA 

Sikkim Manipal University offers the best quality education with a simple admission procedure. Therefore, students from India and neighboring countries prefer enrolling in an online MCA at this university. In short, the admission procedure for the SMU online MCA program is not a big affair and can be done by following these 4 steps:

Step 1: Search for the online registration form for an online MCA course and fill it out properly

Step 2: Enter the information required in the application form 

Step 3: Make the payment for the entire program fee or on a semester-wise basis

Step 4: Last of all, upload the required documents and submit the application form online

Job opportunities after online MCA 

Unfold an array of exciting job opportunities after finishing an online MCA from a reputed university like Sikkim Manipal University. An advanced understanding of computer systems, programming languages, and software development imparted during an online MCA course from SMU can help individuals sail smoothly in top careers related to computer science. An online MCA graduate can excel as a software developer, system analyst, IT architect, database engineer, or technical consultant.

The table below highlights the top 5 career opportunities after an online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University:

Job RoleApproximate Salary
Software EngineerINR 5 lakh – 15 lakh per annum
IT ArchitectINR 18 lakh – 33 lakh per annum
Technical ConsultantINR 14 lakh per annum
System AnalystINR 1,400,000 per annum
Database EngineerINR 1,500,000 per annum

Benefits of pursuing online MCA from SMU 

Nestled amidst the lush-green surroundings in north-eastern India, Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) has emerged as the hallmark for distance education, offering the best online courses such as MCA. Listed below are some of the key benefits of pursuing an online MCA from a university that is amongst India’s top 101- 150 universities in 2023, according to NIRF:

  1. NAAC A+ accreditation and UGC-entitled degree: Sikkim Manipal University has turned out to be the number one choice for students worldwide because it is an NAAC A+ accredited university that offers AICTE-approved programs like online MCA. All the degrees rewarded by the university are UGC-entitled and are equivalent to campus degrees. 
  1. Pocket-friendly fee: If there is one university that offers the best online degree courses with affordable pricing, then it is none other than Sikkim Manipal University, which offers flexible payment options with no-cost EMI. Not just this, the university offers exciting scholarships to five types of candidates. 
  1. Interactive Learning Management System (LMS): Pursuing an online Master of Computer Applications (MCA) from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) means gaining access to its interactive Learning Management System (LMS). Through LMS, students can use various elements like threaded conversations, video conferencing, and student discussion boards.
  1. Expert Faculty: The expert faculty at Sikkim Manipal University will not only impart the best knowledge to students but also help guide them after MCA, which course is best in India.
  1. Glorious Manipal alumni status: The ultimate benefit of choosing Sikkim Manipal University for an online MCA course is the exquisite Manipal tag that comes with it. Students who pass out with degrees from the Manipal group are recognized everywhere and grab the best job opportunities domestically and internationally.
  1. Placement assistance: There is no better place to kickstart your placement journey after finishing an online MCA than Sikkim Manipal University, as it offers the best placement assistance to its students. The faculty here conducts mock interviews, helps in resume building, and familiarizes you with the entire placement procedure. 


To sum up, the pursuit of an online MCA is more than just studying for a digital degree; it means opening the doors to a virtual corridor for an expedition into the heart of the technological frontier. It’s time to rise and shine with the knowledge gained in the field of computer applications in the AI-run world with an online MCA degree in hand. So, hurry to enroll in an online MCA course from Sikkim Manipal University through the Online Manipal platform and enjoy the flexibility of studying while staying committed to your other commitments, that too for a pocket-friendly fee.

Sikkim Manipal University’s online MCom course details

Keen to master the various aspects of commerce, finance, and business? Then, pursue a Master of Commerce (MCom) and seek advanced knowledge in solving real-world problems, research methodologies, organizational behavior, e-commerce, management concepts, and international business. But do you know that all these can now be accessed from anywhere in the world? Thanks to the online MCom degree course offered by Sikkim Manipal University, which provides the flexibility of studying remotely.

Come and navigate through the intricate landscape of management, business, and finance without the constraints of traditional learning by pursuing an online MCom program from Sikkim Manipal University. At the end of this popular PG course, bag exciting jobs with a UGC-entitled degree from this NAAC A+ accredited university. 

Continue reading to learn all about Sikkim Manipal University MCom program details and how to get admission.

What is an online MCom? 

Do not let distance hamper your higher education goals, so act smart and opt for a popular online degree course like an online Master of Commerce (MCom) from a top university like Sikkim Manipal University. Delivered online, this 2-year PG program includes a comprehensive curriculum to impart learning to the students through e-learning materials, a Learning Management System (LMS), and live online lectures from expert faculty. The intricacies of commerce imparted online through an online MCom course has gained immense popularity among those who are bound by professional commitments and want to balance their academic pursuit with work.

Online MCom: an overview 

Structured to deliver theoretical knowledge and practical application, while enhancing the digital skills of domestic and international students, an online MCom is an apt course for anyone from a commerce background. Through this online course, students are equipped with multiple skills and can analyze, research, and solve problems, manage accounts, interpret, and communicate in different fields of commerce. 

The table below will help you gather relevant information about the course fee, eligibility, duration, and format of MCom offered at Sikkim Manipal University:

Course Duration24 months
Course FeeINR 90,000
Semester-wise FeeINR 22,500
EligibilitySuccessful completion of a bachelor’s degree course from a reputed university or college
Skills AcquiredAdvanced business knowledge, communication and leadership skills, research ability, networking, and technological proficiency

Online MCom course curriculum 

The online MCom at Sikkim Manipal University is a 2-year PG course divided into 4 semesters. The main goal of this online degree program is to cultivate the expertise required for leadership roles in an individual to help them sail smoothly in the contemporary business world. Hence, the course curriculum includes a fusion of business and economic theories, risk management skills, corporate governance, accounting, and practical applications. 

Have a look at the table below to understand the curriculum and structure of SMU MCom courses:

Semester NameCurriculum Covered
Semester 1Marketing ManagementEconomics for ManagersCorporate Financial ManagementAdvanced AccountingAdvanced Corporate Accounting – I
Semester 2Audit and AssuranceHuman Resource ManagementBusiness and Economic LawsCost Analysis and ControlAdvanced Corporate Accounting 
Semester 3Management AccountingStrategic ManagementBusiness Ethics and Corporate Governance
Elective: FinanceSecurity Analysis and Portfolio ManagementManagement of Financial Services
Elective: MarketingConsumer BehaviorE-Business
Semester 4Project WorkResearch Methodology and Statistical Analysis
Elective: FinanceInvestment ManagementCorporate Tax Laws and Planning
Elective: MarketingAdvertising Management and Sales PromotionInternational  Marketing

Eligibility criteria for online MCom 

To enroll in an online Master of Commerce (MCom) course at Sikkim Manipal University, one must fulfill some general eligibility requirements set by the university. The university asks for a simple educational qualification mentioned below from interested candidates who wish to pursue higher education in the form of an online MCom:

Educational QualificationApplicant must have completed a bachelor’s degree from a reputed college or university

Admission process for online MCom

Students from not just India but also neighboring countries like Bhutan, Nepal, and UAE also enroll for an online Master of Commerce degree at Sikkim Manipal University. The admission requirements for SMU MCom programs or any other online degree course are quite simple. Interested candidates can get admission to this top university of northeast India by following the mentioned-below 4 easy steps:

  1. Registration form: The admission procedure for an online degree course at Sikkim Manipal University starts by filling out the registration form and paying the applicable fee
  1. Provide required details: Ensure providing all the required details about the educational qualifications and other parameters with accuracy
  1. Program fee payment: The third crucial step is to pay the program fee for the first semester or year of the course, adhering to the payment deadline set by the university
  1. Document uploading and application submission: The last step that will conclude your application procedure for an online MCom course is all about submitting the relevant documents and submitting the application form

Job opportunities after online MCom 

An online Master of Commerce (MCom) degree makes one skilled and versatile for various career opportunities in the field of commerce. With advanced financial knowledge, research skills, and analytical prowess, an online MCom degree graduate can find themselves apt for job profiles like auditors, financial analysts, tax consultants, investment bankers, and market research analysts.

Listed below in the table are the top 5 career opportunities open for online MCom graduates:

Job RoleApproximate Salary
Financial AnalystINR 5.6 lakh per annum
Investment BankerINR 8 lakh – INR 23 lakh per annum
Management AccountantINR 4 lakh – 14 lakh per annum
AuditorINR 4 lakh – 11 lakh per annum
Market Research AnalystINR 4 lakh per annum

Benefits of pursuing online MCom from SMU 

By now, you must know what an online MCom degree is and what the job prospects are after obtaining one such degree. It is now time, that we throw some light on the benefits of pursuing an online Master of Commerce degree from Sikkim Manipal University, so have a look at the pointers mentioned below:

  1. NAAC A+ accreditation and UGC-entitled degrees: The first major reason to pursue an online MCom from Sikkim Manipal University is to grab a UGC-entitled degree from this NAAC A+ accredited university. This makes the degrees rewarded by the university globally accepted by all employers around the world. 
  1. Flexibility: Online MCom is a more convenient option for acquiring advanced knowledge about the commerce field. Not to forget that online degrees hold the same value as traditional campus degrees so that you can study and work simultaneously. 
  1. Robust Manipal alumni network: Getting recognized with the glorious Manipal tag by pursuing an online MCom program from Sikkim Manipal University is one thing that is not to be missed. You get to associate with the robust Manipal alumni, who have become professionals working in various industries and gain from their experience.
  1. Learning Management System (LMS): Another advantage of studying online MCom from Sikkim Manipal University is the access to its exceptional Learning Management System (LMS). It is a web-based technology that allows students to proceed with a flawless interactive education with utmost flexibility. Through LMS, online students can track the data, access online learning journals, and be future-ready to succeed in a wide range of careers. 
  1. Affordable fee:  One of the main reasons a student chooses Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) to pursue an online MCom program is its reasonable fee and flexible payment with no-cost EMI. Not just affordable fees, this institution also offers exciting scholarships to disabled candidates, defense personnel, meritorious students, and applicants from northeast regions of India. 
  1. Placement assistance: Students who choose an online degree course from Sikkim Manipal University receive placement assistance in the best industries and startups. Resume building, skill assessment, and mock interviews are some of the excellent placement assistant services offered by Sikkim Manipal University.


To conclude, one thing is clear pursuing a Master of Commerce (MCom) degree online means going beyond the traditional classrooms and equipping yourself with the latest digital tools while enjoying oodles of flexibility and breaking down the barriers to education. Online MCom can help you acquire crucial skills required to navigate the complex business landscapes in today’s AI-integrated work environments. So, what are you waiting for now? Enroll in an online MCom degree program from Sikkim Manipal University and gear up to shine bright in a career related to commerce. A globally accepted degree gained after studying the comprehensive curriculum taught by expert faculty during an online MCom from Sikkim Manipal University at an affordable fee structure is something you must not miss out on! 

Sikkim Manipal University’s online BCom course details

How about exchanging the traditional classroom setup with virtual discussion forums, interactive lectures, and global networking opportunities? If you want to taste all this, opt for an online BCom degree course from a world-class university like Sikkim Manipal University through the Online Manipal platform. An online Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree can act as a passport for a convenient, comprehensive, and captivating education in the rapidly changing landscape of commerce. 

Pursuing a UG course like BCom online comes packed with multiple benefits for the students. From flexibility to affordability, from networking to placement assistance, online BCom students can avail of all sitting from the comfort of their homes without giving up their current jobs or personal commitments. 

Continue reading this post to learn about Sikkim Manipal University BCom program details like eligibility, admission procedure, curriculum, and job prospects. 

What is an online BCom? 

Come and embrace the digital age with an online BCom degree course from Sikkim Manipal University. An online Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is a 3-year undergraduate course designed to help commerce students grasp the skills and fundamental knowledge in subjects like finance, accounting, marketing, business law, management, and economics. 

Unlike traditional classrooms, an online BCom course is all about creating a vibrant virtual classroom and making way for interactive learning with a global perspective. The primary skills acquired by an online BCom graduate are business ethics, critical thinking, financial literacy, global awareness, ethical decision-making, analytical and research skills, communication and collaboration skills, and time management. 

Online BCom: an overview 

The first degree program that clicks the mind of any commerce student after finishing school is none other than a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree. Now, the same degree course can be pursued from anywhere online. Thanks to universities like Sikkim Manipal University, which offer this dynamic and adaptable approach to commerce education by allowing students to enroll in an online BCom program, a perfectly flexible platform preparing students for diverse fields of business. Worry not for its value and acceptance because an online BCom degree holds the same value and is globally recognized, just like a traditional campus degree. 

The table below enlists the course fee, eligibility, duration, and format of BCom courses at SMU:

Course Duration36 months
Course FeeINR 75,000
Semester-wise FeeINR 12,500 per semester
EMI StartingINR 2,083 per month
EligibilitySuccessful completion of 10+2 under a recognized board
Skills AcquiredBusiness ethics, time management, entrepreneurial mindset, critical thinking, communication skills, IT proficiency, adaptability, and analytical skills

Online BCom course curriculum

An online BCom course at Sikkim Manipal University through the Online Manipal platform is a 6-semester course that takes 36 months or 3 years to complete. The course curriculum has been meticulously crafted to provide the students with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of commerce, like finance, business, accounting, economics, and management.

Have a look at the curriculum and structure of SMU BCom courses that can be pursued online from anywhere:

Semester NameCurriculum Covered
Semester 1Digital Fluency, Business Organization and Management, Communicative English, Corporate Legal Environment, Financial Accounting – I
Semester 2Economic Theory, Functional English, Financial Literacy, Environmental Studies, Financial Accounting – II
Semester 3Basics of Statistics and Mathematics, Corporate Accounting, Principles of Marketing, Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibilities, Personality Development and Leadership
Semester 4Entrepreneurship Development, Management Accounting, Cost Accounting, Financial Markets, Institutions and Services, E-Business
Semester 5Principles and Practice of Auditing, Direct Taxation and GST Law and Practice, Human Resource Management, International Financial Reporting Standards, Fundamentals of Financial Management
Semester 6Project Work, International Finance, Investment Options and Mutual Funds, Business Research Methodology, Strategic Financial Management

Online BCom eligibility criteria 

To pursue an online BCom or any other degree course from Sikkim Manipal University through the Online Manipal platform, the applicants must meet the pre-defined eligibility criteria that comprise basic academic qualifications mentioned below:

Educational QualificationApplicant must have completed 10+2 schooling under a reputed state or national board or a 10+3 diploma from a reputed state or national institute

Online BCom admission process

Getting admission to an online PG course at Sikkim Manipal University like an online BCom is not very complicated. In other words, the admission process for an online BCom degree program at Sikkim Manipal University is pretty simple and can be done in 4 simple steps that are described below:

Online BCom Admission StepsProcedure
Fill Registration Form Fill in the registration form with the correct contact details and pay the course application fee
Provide Educational InformationSubmit accurate educational details and professional experience
Pay Program FeePay the full course fee or semester-wise fee within the deadline mentioned by the university
Upload Documents and Submit ApplicationSubmit the application form online along with all the required documents and allow Sikkim Manipal University to evaluate your application and communicate approval for your admission

Career prospects after online BCom 

With an online BCom degree from a top university like Sikkim Manipal University, you can open doors for many job opportunities. This most popular UG degree in commerce can easily make you competent to try a career in cost accounting, financing, business management, tax consultation, investment banking, insurance consulting, chartered accounting, and chartered secretary. 

The table below highlights the top 5 job roles for an online BCom graduate from Sikkim Manipal University:

Job RoleApproximate Salary
AccountantINR 4 lakh – 15 lakh per annum
Financial AnalystINR 5.6 lakh per annum
Business ConsultantINR 7 lakh – 20 lakh per annum
Investment BankerINR 8,32,116 per annum
Tax ConsultantINR 6 lakh – 8 lakh per annum

Benefits of pursuing online BCom from SMU 

In the rapidly growing digital world, we tend to look for everything online, sitting in the comfort of our homes. So, this is one of the key reasons for anyone to prefer pursuing an online BCom course instead of a traditional campus degree program. Online UG or PG courses are smart choices for students to study and work with unmatched freedom. 

Listed below are some key benefits of pursuing an online BCom from Sikkim Manipal University:

  1. Flexibility and convenience: The first and foremost benefit of pursuing a BCom is the unconventional way, or, say, online way, which means opting for flexibility, where you can work while you study. It comes as a major plus point for people who want to balance education with other personal and professional responsibilities. 
  1. Affordable Fee: Enjoy the ultimate flexibility and grab a good degree from a top university like Sikkim Manipal University at affordable fees by pursuing an online BCom course. Students are allowed to pay the fee semester-wise with a no-cost EMI. Moreover, there are attractive scholarships offered for 5 types of candidates trying to enroll at SMU. 
  1. NAAC A+ Accreditation and UGC Recognition: Sikkim Manipal University is a NAAC A+ accredited institution that offers UGC-entitled degrees for all courses like online BCom. Owing to this accreditation and recognition, governments and organizations widely accept the online BCom degree possessed by the students.
  1. Career advancement: An online Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree from Sikkim Manipal University through the Online Manipal platform can act as a catalyst for you to pursue higher education in the form of MCom, MBA, CA, CS, CMA, MFC, or CFA. 
  1. Brilliant networking opportunities: While pursuing an online BCom degree from an exceptional university like Sikkim Manipal University, you get the chance to network with peers, faculty, and industry professionals. These connections can further help you gather valuable insights for specific industries and significantly widen your job prospects. 
  1. Glorious Manipal alumni status: Why miss out on availing that 70+ years of Manipal legacy by pursuing an online BCom course from anywhere around the world? So, this is one of the major benefits to reap by choosing Sikkim Manipal University for an online BCom course. 


We assume you have learned all about the admission requirements for SMU BCom programs and the benefits of enrolling in such programs. An online BCom degree program from Sikkim Manipal University means glorifying your resume with the prestigious Manipal branding and getting updated with the right skills under the guidance of expert faculty. You can attain this at a highly affordable cost through an online BCom degree program offered by a leading university in northeastern India. So, hurry apply now, get admission for the online Bachelor of Commerce at SMU, and pave the path for a successful career. 

10 reasons to pursue an online degree from SMU

Ever since its inception in the year 1995, Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) has helped thousands of students pave a path for a glorious career through its quality education. Now, this top university located in north-east India has opened its doors to enthusiastic students who can’t commute to the campus owing to their personal or professional commitments. Thanks to the Online Manipal platform, students from anywhere can pursue online degree courses from Sikkim Manipal University at their convenience. 

UGC-entitled degrees, expert faculty, robust Manipal alumni status, affordable fees, and comprehensive curriculum are some of the key advantages of online degrees from SMU. What makes Sikkim Manipal University better than other universities is its commitment to offering student-centric learning using innovative instructional approaches for the overall holistic development of the students. 

Are you still wondering why to chose Sikkim Manipal and not any other university to pursue an online course? You will get not one but 10 reasons to choose SMU for online degree programs in this post, so don’t go anywhere and read this complete post. 

Top reasons to choose SMU for your online degree 

There are ample reasons to choose Sikkim Manipal University for an online UG or PG course. But we understand your concern about why you should choose only SMU and not any other university for the same course. 

So, we thought of sharing 10 benefits of pursuing online education at SMU:

  1. UGC-entitled degrees: 

The prime reason to choose Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) for an online degree course is its globally acknowledged accreditation and recognition. Sikkim Manipal University is a National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) A+ accredited institution that offers UGC-entitled degrees to its students. 

  1. Scholarship opportunities: 

Another thing that makes Sikkim Manipal University stand apart from leading universities is its exciting scholarship opportunities to encourage students to pursue higher education. 

This leading university located in north-east India boasts 5 types of scholarships that are listed below in the table: 

Type of Scholarship
Scholarship Percentage
Candidates from Sikkim and Northeast IndiaReserved for candidates from Sikkim and northeast IndiaApplicant must provide a valid proof of address30% scholarship
Defense PersonnelReserved for eligible defense personnelApplicant must provide the ID or service number of the defense sector20% scholarship
DivyaangReserved for candidates with disabilitiesApplicant must present a valid certificate from an authorized healthcare professional about the disability status20% scholarship
Alumni of Sikkim Manipal UniversityReserved for UG and PG graduate alumni of Sikkim Manipal UniversityApplicant must provide the degree earned by the university20% scholarship
Meritorious StudentsReserved for students who have scored 80% or above in 10+2 or a UG courseApplicant must provide the mark sheet provided with a recognized board10% scholarship
  1. Affordability:

Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) scores high by offering low-cost online degree programs. Students need not hesitate to pursue higher education anymore, by enrolling in affordable online degree courses from Sikkim Manipal University. Moreover, the university makes it easier for students to focus on their studies rather than on financing their studies by offering them a flexible payment mode with no-cost EMI payments. 

  1. Expert faculty: 

Get the golden opportunity to study from the expert faculty of Sikkim Manipal University from anywhere through an online degree program. The experienced professors and teachers at the university will not only provide valuable insights but will clear all your doubts, thereby offering you specialization in your chosen online UG or PG course from Sikkim Manipal University. 

  1. Placement assistance: 

Sikkim Manipal University not only impacts quality education through its online degree courses but also helps students with exceptional placement assistance. It helps students reach out to industries that can give them wings to establish a bright career with placement assistance services like industry-readiness sessions, mock interviews, skill assessments, resume building, and virtual placement drives. 

  1. Prestigious Manipal alumni status: 

Who doesn’t want to get the label of the glorious Manipal group in the resume? This is what makes SMU a top choice for online education. Sikkim Manipal University is counted among India’s top 100-150 universities according to NIRF and proudly enjoys the 1st rank in the list of top private universities in North East in 2023 according to IIRF. This is not all; SMU has grabbed the 6th rank in the top multidisciplinary universities in the east zone as per THE WEEK. So, pursuing an online degree from this university means enjoying the prestigious Manipal alumni status. 

  1. Diverse classroom: 

When listing the unique features of online degrees at SMU, it is impossible to miss mentioning its diverse classroom. The most significant advantage of studying online through a top-notch university like Sikkim Manipal University is getting the opportunity to be part of a diverse peer group of people from all backgrounds, geographical locations, and cultures. The global classrooms of Sikkim Manipal University, through the Online Manipal platform, help online students connect with learners from over 1500 cities and 50 countries. 

  1. Exhaustive e-content: 

Pursuing an online BA or any other degree from Sikkim Manipal University is more than just live classes. Students get access to exhaustive e-content in the form of e-books and other e-learning material on diverse subjects. They are encouraged to interact with subject matter experts to expand their knowledge base and grab skills peculiar to their chosen course. This is not all; they also get to access the monthly newspapers to update themselves with the latest academic information from the university. The same newsletter acknowledges the student and faculty achievers from time to time to boost their confidence. 

  1. Industry simulations & webinars: 

Another feather in the cap of Sikkim Manipal University that appeals to students who want to pursue an online degree course is its 360-degree learning experience. The university emphasizes interactive learning methodology and holds expert sessions and webinars to engage the students in their chosen fields of specialization. They start with a virtual orientation of each fresh batch and then gradually introduce them to an all-in-one enhanced digital learning platform with the latest industry stimulations and doubt-clearing sessions. All this is done through the Sikkim Manipal University’s Learning Management System (LMS).

  1. Online proctored exams: 

Students who study online for any undergraduate or postgraduate degree course at Sikkim Manipal University can conveniently appear in online proctored exams, which are no less than real-life exams and are monitored virtually. They can take the exam from anywhere, and an online proctor will keep a watch on the candidate’s activity during the exam via a webcam. This allows these online students to take the exam on a convenient day and pick a suitable time. 


Now that you know the endless reasons to pursue online degree courses from Sikkim Manipal University, it is time we update you with the types of online degree courses offered at SMU through the Online Manipal platform, so have a look:

If you are keen to enjoy flexibility and quality education at affordable pricing, then Sikkim Manipal University is the right choice for you to pursue an online degree program. The university equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s competitive and AI-integrated world. Rest assured, the degrees you will get after an online course hold the same value as that of a traditional campus degree, so gear up and embark upon a journey to accommodate higher education with online degree courses at SMU without sacrificing your job or other personal commitments.

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