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Transforming virtual learning the Online Manipal way 


As a learner at Online Manipal, you will not only get access to UGC-entitled online degrees from premium universities, but also get the benefit of a 360-degree learning experience. Online Manipal offers a wide range of opportunities to learners to enhance their knowledge and skills, build professional networks, socialize with peers, interact with industry leaders and experts & find the right job opportunities aligned with their career aspirations, all in the virtual mode. From our interactive learning methodology, access to additional professional certifications, expert sessions & webinars to exclusive student engagement activities, Online Manipal offers an engaging online learning experience.   

Here’s a sneak peek into the entire journey of learners at Online Manipal.   

A fun, interactive virtual orientation  

It all starts with a virtual orientation that is organized for every batch, which serves as an opportunity for learners to connect with their peers from around the world. The virtual orientation not only allows learners to get to know their classmates and faculty, but also participate in fun games and interactive sessions.  

Read how Online Manipal welcomed Batch 5 of Manipal University’s online students  

An all-in-one enhanced digital learning platform  

Learners can get a personalized experience through our integrated learning management system (LMS). This platform is a go-to for everything that a learner needs during the online learning journey. Learners can access the platform anywhere, anytime, attend live classes, access e-learning material & recorded sessions, attend live doubt clearing sessions, take up quizzes, practice sessions & assignments, all at one place.   

A virtual programming environment for tech geeks  

UNext Labs is a virtual cloud environment designed specifically for our learners who are tech geeks. This platform ensures that every learner gets an on-campus programming experience in the online mode. UNext Labs is seamlessly integrated with programming languages, where learners can attempt timed challenges and practice coding.   

Meet your peers in person!  

Online Manipal provides a great opportunity for online learners to meet their peers and classmates in-person, through our Ekam event. This event is aimed at helping learners create a stronger bond with their batchmates and faculty members. The event serves as an opportunity for online learners to get out of the virtual bubble, build connections and expand their professional networks.   

Our learner, Shalini Kumar, who is pursuing her online MBA from Manipal University says, “I attended the Ekam event that took place in Bangalore and the one in Manipal University Jaipur campus. It was good to see my peers in-person for the first time. It helped me create a stronger bond with my batchmates.  

Here’s what transpired at Ekam, 2023  

Explore our in-house networking app  

Epic.U is our very own community networking app, where learners can interact and stay in touch with their peers from across geographies. They can join communities based on shared interests, participate in weekly meetups, and connect with each other. This allows them to have healthy conversations outside of academics.  

Access 10k plus Coursera courses!  

Our learners get exclusive access to thousands of professional certifications from various domains including cloud computing, data science, entrepreneurship, business essentials and more on Coursera, from leading global universities. So far, our learners have shown keen interest in enhancing their knowledge through these courses to enhance their knowledge and skills.   

Our learner, Joel George, who is pursuing his MSc in Business Analytics, is making optimum utilization of the free access to paid Coursera content. “Through this program, I hope to expand my knowledge in business analytics and apply it to my current job role. Online Manipal has enabled me to learn at my convenience and the free access to Coursera content has helped me gain key skills,” he says.  

Get in touch with industry leaders & experts  

Apart from live classes, e-books and other e-learning material, our learners get an opportunity to attend insightful webinars led by industry leaders and experts. They can regularly interact with subject matter experts, expand their knowledge & skills and in turn, build on their connections. Our webinars also include career readiness sessions, where learners in their final semester are trained to appear for placement interviews.   

Our online learner, Jyoti Jitesh Kumar, who is pursuing her online MBA from Manipal University Jaipur has attended the industry readiness webinars conducted by Online Manipal, and she says, “the industry readiness webinars were insightful and were extremely helpful in preparing for placement interviews.”  

Catch up on latest news through our newsletters  

Through our monthly newsletters, learners can catch up on the latest academic information from universities. The newsletters also recognized student & faculty achievements, and other recent developments that our students need to be aware of.   

Take exams at your convenience  

Take online-proctored exams at any time and place, with a laptop and good internet connection. All you must do is book your slot through the LMS, download the hall ticket and take up the exam from the comfort of your homes.   

Wrapping up  

Online Manipal aims to ensure that learners get nearly an on-campus experience in the virtual mode. We ensure learners get to engage and interact with their peers even outside of academics through our exclusive student engagement activities. Get a hassle-free online learning experience and a degree from a premium university through Online Manipal.   


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Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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