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Advantages of a B.Com degree


B.Com is one of India’s most sought-after undergraduate courses because of the wide range of career options it provides. Commerce is the country’s most vital industry, and it has a significant impact on the economy. As the economy grows, so will the number of job opportunities in the commerce sector. As a result, a Bachelor of Commerce degree allows you to build a successful career.

A B.Com graduate earns a solid financial planning and management foundation, which makes them a valuable asset to any organisation. A strong educational foundation opens the door to more advanced degrees or certifications like a CA, a master’s in commerce, or even an executive MBA.

What is B.Com?

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is an undergraduate programme for students who wish to pursue their careers in the commerce discipline. A B.Com course is designed to teach students the managerial skills and competencies required in commerce. The three-year degree course provides students with a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of business communication, accounting, statistics, economic policies, taxation, finance, marketing, and law. 

Earning a B.Com can open up many career paths, including accounts, management, finance, advertising, business law, and design, to name just a few. Full-time, part-time, distance learning and online study options are all available for this course.

Five reasons why Bachelor of Commerce is the best decision that you will make

Some of the B.Com benefits that students receive after completing their course are listed below:

  1. Huge employment scope after B.Com

Accounting, Costing and Taxation, Law, Marketing, Economics, Management, and Business are some of the subjects covered in a Bachelor of Commerce degree. This opens up the door for a wide range of employment opportunities.

The sectors that employ commerce graduates include banking, accounting firms, business consultancies, industrial houses, educational institutes, investment banking, budget planning, treasury & forex, stockbroking, agricultural economics, etc.

A B.Com graduate’s salary will be determined by various factors such as level of qualification, years of experience, area of specialisation, location, and others. A  professional with a B.Com degree can earn between INR 4.5 Lakhs and INR 9.8 Lakhs per annum depends on the role and domain.

  1. Numerous jobs after B.Com

A B.Com graduate can choose from multiple job profiles based on their interests and abilities. A few of them are:

  • Accountant: By collecting, tracking, and correcting company finances, an Accountant helps business management make critical financial decisions. Their responsibility is to conduct annual financial audits, reconcile bank statements, and ensure that all financial records are accurate
  • Finance Analyst: Many different types of research is performed by financial analysts to develop investment strategies and make investment decisions for their companies and clients
  • Portfolio Manager: They are in charge of making investment decisions. They develop and implement investment strategies and processes to meet client objectives. They manage portfolios and decide when and what investments to buy and sell 
  • Investment Analyst: They research financial instruments and securities and make recommendations on the purchase, sale, or holding of securities
  • Tax Consultant: People and businesses turn to tax consultants and tax advisors for assistance in paying their taxes. Tax law, tax compliance, and tax planning are their areas of expertise. Tax consultants can be hired by both individuals and business owners for short- and long-term tax optimisation
  1. Higher education opportunities post B.Com degree

After a B.Com degree, many students pursue further education. There are many postgraduate courses or programmes available to help one’s career. M.Com, MBA, CA, CS, CFA, CFP, Digital Marketing, and ACCA are among the courses on the list. Some students also take competitive government exams.

After B.Com, which course is best? 

MBA and M.Com are the most popular and widely pursued higher education courses after completing their B.Com degree. If you want to advance your career after B.Com, Manipal University Jaipur offers M.Com and MBA online courses designed to be  at par with the best on-campus programmes in the world.

  1. Opportunity to work in both the public and the private sector

Another B.Com advantage is that there are many job opportunities for B.Com graduates in both the private and public sectors. There are many jobs in government sectors, such as banks, railways, agriculture, defence, etc., where only B.Com degree holders are eligible to apply. In addition, there are numerous opportunities for B.Com graduates in the Finance & Accounts department at public enterprises such as NTPC, SAIL, and BHEL.

  1. Ready for both jobs and entrepreneurship 

A B.Com degree holder is well-suited to a business career, whether as an employee or an entrepreneur. B.Com graduates can adapt to the ever-changing business world and have a thorough understanding of the market-relevant aspects of the business. As an alternative, they can start their businesses and run them successfully and professionally without the assistance of accounting or marketing experts. They can also consider international opportunities in the financial sector.

BBA or B.Com which is better?

B.Com or BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), which is better? On many fronts, the B.Com is a better career path than the BBA. Let’s look at some of the B.Com advantages:

  • Subjects covered: B.Com emphasises in-depth knowledge of business subjects such as accounting, administration, finance, and economics, while BBA focuses on providing management knowledge along with finance, marketing, and human resource. 
  • Employment opportunities: Students with a BCom degree are well-prepared for the corporate world and entrepreneurship, unlike those with a BBA, which focuses on management roles. In B.Com programmes, students learn enough about business and finance to succeed in the workforce or as business owners.
  • Job domains: There are more career options for Bachelor of Commerce graduates than BBA graduates. Holders of a B.Com degree can find work in various fields, including consulting and organisations, public accounting firms, marketing, investment banking, and foreign trade.
  • Higher Education options: After completing a B.Com, you will have a plethora of options for continuing your education. A B.Com student can pursue an M.Com or an MBA, depending on their career goals. Commerce graduates can also pursue a career as chartered accountants, company secretary and many more. 

Why study B.Com online?

Online BCom programs have grown in popularity in recent years, and with the pandemic, it is gaining even more traction. Online B.Com is a convenient, simple, and cost-effective way to obtain a degree. The following are some of the main reasons to take BCom courses online:

  • You can study B.Com at any educational institution, regardless of your location. 
  • There is no need for students to spend time travelling, which allows them to concentrate better. Also, online courses have a flexible schedule. 
  • Because the course is self-paced, students can pursue at their own pace without needing to keep up with their peers.
  • Students benefit from lower costs/fees compared to traditional offline courses.
  • Learn more about what is going on in the world of commerce and help students see things from a different perspective.

What are the subjects in online B.Com at Manipal University Jaipur?

Manipal University Jaipur offers a three-year B.Com programme divided into six semesters. The details of the syllabus covered in each semester are provided below:

Semester 1

In the first semester, you learn business fundamentals, managerial economics, and accounting. Theories and applications of economic laws are also covered, and this prepares you to make sound business decisions.

Semester 2

From computer basics to principles of marketing and entrepreneurship, semester two covers all the concepts to run a business. Also, analyse the country’s macroeconomic system by learning about economic development concepts and determinants.

Semester 3

Through real-world examples, learn financial management and cost accounting. Understand the various market and employment disciplines, such as stock market trends, interest and inflation rates over time, demographic shifts, etc. Understand the application of financial statement analysis. Discover the analytical skills involved in interpreting a firm’s financial position using financial statements, market information, and industry knowledge to make informed business decisions.

Semester 4

The fourth semester covers corporate finance and the knowledge capital structure of corporations, sources of funding, managers’ actions to maximise shareholder value, and the analysis and tools used to allot financial resources. Learn about indirect taxes and the issuance, forfeiture, and redemption of shares and debentures. Learn about the policies and practices that govern India’s human resources management.

Semester 5

Fundamental knowledge about various investment options and their associated risks, the effect of e-commerce on governments, business enterprises & consumers, and international trade and finance are covered. Learn about the management and cost accounting techniques and how to prepare management reports. Also, get an overview of different theories of money, the Indian banking system, and credit creation in India.

Semester 6

Semester six focuses on developing an entrepreneurial vision and the ability to recognise opportunities. Learn about the principles and practices of auditing and the various provisions of the Income Tax Act. Discover business environments and how to manage an organisation, its people, and its systems efficiently, effectively, and ethically. Finally, use multidisciplinary concepts, tools, and techniques to solve organisational issues in your dissertation.

What are the total fees of Bachelor of Commerce?

Manipal University Jaipur provides students with flexible payment options to pay their fees in semester-based instalments.

The fees structure is: 

Total course fee: INR 80,000 (inclusive of all taxes)

Fee per semester: INR 13,333 (inclusive of all taxes)

The university also provides simple financing with no-cost EMIs to assist you in funding your education so that cost is not a barrier. It also provides scholarships to military personnel, people with disabilities, government employees, and deserving students.

Is Manipal University Jaipur’s online Bachelor of Commerce degree valid?

The Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) is accredited by NAAC, WES, AICTE, ICAS and is also recognised by the UGC. These certifications serve as evidence of the quality of their academic model, pedagogy, and curriculum, as well as a means for employers to verify the credentials of their graduates.

University Grants Commission (UGC) Regulations 2020 are used to design MUJ’s online degree programmes, recognised on the same level as on-campus programmes. MUJ’s online degrees are widely accepted by governments, corporations, and higher education institutions for jobs and education.

How to enroll for online B.Com course at Manipal University Jaipur

Students can apply online at www.onlinemanipal.com with all the necessary information. Once the candidate has submitted the required information, an admissions counsellor will contact them to assist with the application process. 

Alternatively, students can call at 7304-000-444 or email at info@onlinemanipal.com for assistance with the application process.

To apply, candidates must submit their personal information, identification proof, academic information, and other relevant documents. If the university team has any questions about the information provided, they will contact the candidate.

Applicants must pay an application fee of Rs. 500/-, which is later deducted from the first-semester fee after admission.


There are many reasons why a person should pursue a Bachelor of Commerce after completing their secondary school studies. It is one of the more promising undergraduate courses and provides opportunities for a lucrative career. It also gives you the option of pursuing higher education to advance your career. Furthermore, if you have entrepreneurial ambitions and are eager to pursue them, you will be better prepared.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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