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Is pursuing an online B.Com along with CA a good idea?

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December 27,

The B.Com curriculum helps build a foundation in accounting and finance, which are essential topics one needs to master to become a Chartered Accountant. The overall CA pass percentage for the December 2021 session was 15.31% (new course) and 1.42% (old course). Since the pass percentage of the CA exam is quite low, it can take repeated attempts to clear it. An online B.Com course helps CA aspirants by providing a backup option for employment while preparing for the CA exam. 

An online B.Com is especially beneficial for CA aspirants as it provides them with the flexibility to complete the program according to their schedule, which helps them prepare for the CA exam. According to a survey, 52% of graduate students said that their online college-level education provides a better learning experience than traditional education.

The B.Com subjects beneficial for CA exams include – accounting, finance, marketing, microeconomics, statistics, and financial accounting. These subjects are beneficial for students aspiring to become chartered accountants. In addition, B.Com graduates can also find employment in various fields, such as banking, insurance, and taxation, while preparing for CA.

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Key concepts covered in online B.Com

So, how does B.Com help in CA preparation? Let’s look at some of the key concepts covered in an online B.Com that help with CA preparation:

1. Business and Economics: The online B.Com course covers key concepts in business and economics, including microeconomics, macroeconomics, business law, and accounting. It provides students with a strong foundation for their CA studies.

2. Financial Accounting: Students will learn about financial accounting concepts such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. This knowledge will be essential for preparing for the CA exam.

3. Taxation: The online B.Com course covers various aspects of taxation, including direct and indirect taxes. It will help students understand the tax laws and regulations they need to know for the CA exam.

4. Management Accounting: Students will learn management accounting concepts such as cost-benefit analysis and activity-based costing. This knowledge will help them manage their finances as well as those of their clients.

5. Auditing: The online B.Com course covers key concepts in auditing, including internal controls, risk assessment, and auditor independence. This knowledge will be important for students who wish to pursue a career in auditing or become a CA themselves.

Some top jobs you can get after B.Com

You can get many top jobs after completing your B.Com degree online. Then you can prepare for the CA exam after B.Com. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. Accountant: As an accountant, you will maintain and prepare financial records for businesses and organizations. You must have strong math and analytical skills to succeed in this role.

2. Financial Analyst: A financial analyst provides insights and recommendations to businesses and organizations about financial decisions. You will need to have strong research and analytical skills to succeed in this role.

3. Tax Specialist: A tax specialist is responsible for helping businesses and individuals comply with tax laws. You must have strong knowledge of tax laws and regulations to succeed in this role.

4. Financial Planner: A financial planner helps individuals and businesses create long-term financial plans. You will need to have strong knowledge of financial planning principles and investment strategies to succeed in this role.

5. Management Consultant: As a management consultant, you will provide advice and assistance to businesses on how to improve their operations. You must have strong problem-solving and communication skills to excel in this role.

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Why do an online B.Com through Online Manipal?

Manipal University Jaipur offers an online B.Com degree that will help you develop the competencies to succeed in the field following the completion of the program. It is a three-year program designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles, economic policies, export and import laws, and many other aspects that affect trade and business.

As part of the course, you will learn how to analyze and interpret data, as well as how to use various methods and techniques to generate business ideas and solve real-world business problems. There are many reasons why you should pursue an online B.Com through MUJ, and the main reason is that you can get a UGC-entitled degree from a NAAC A+ university completely online. 

The online B.Com program is comparatively cheaper and more flexible than a traditional program since you won’t have the overhead costs of a traditional program. Additionally, you can tailor your course schedule to better fit your needs and lifestyle since you’ll have the freedom to study on your own time. Overall, it can be a great way to get ahead in your career without sacrificing your work life.


Overall, online B.Com helps CA aspirants in a number of ways. It is flexible and convenient, allowing you to study at your own pace and around your other commitments. It also allows you to learn from expert faculty members with industry experience. In addition, online B.Com courses typically cover a broad range of topics that can help you prepare for the CA exam. So, enroll today in the online B.Com program from MUJ and start preparing for a successful career.


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