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10 best career options after MCA

Online Manipal Editorial Team | February 22, 2022


MCA or Master of Computer Applications provides students with knowledge and practical skills on computer science and related subject areas. MCA online courses are a great choice for those who want to study remotely, want quality education at an affordable price, and working professionals looking to upgrade their careers. 

What are the career options after MCA?

  • Software Developer

MCA online from Manipal University Jaipur provides students with projects, industry use cases, and several other assignments. Students learn to create software applications to solve these business problems. The hands-on learning guidance and training is beneficial for those who want to pursue software development fields. 

  • Hardware Engineer

A hardware engineer is someone who designs, repairs, and maintains computer hardware. A hardware engineer can also design hardware  for the networking and telecommunications industry too. Hardware engineers are also employed in electrical and electronics industries. An online MCA course in India from Manipal provides students with enough knowledge and experiential learning to tread this path. 

  • Database Engineer

There are only a few MCA online courses that have good coverage of database theory, science, and practical education. Online MCA from Manipal has a comprehensive syllabus on database engineering. After completing database related projects, students have a firm grip of database theory. Students can opt to specialize as database administrators, database developers, database architects, or data engineers. 

  • Cloud Architect

MCA online course from Manipal University Jaipur prepares students for high-tech roles. Cloud computing concepts are covered in detail. Labs and practical education enable students to apply theoretical education. After completing these assignments, students gain deep understanding on cloud, data centers, and distributed data networks. They can then target roles such as Cloud Architect, Cloud Computing Expert, Cloud Administrator etc. 

  • Data Scientist

An online MCA course in India such as the one offered by Manipal, is one of those rare courses to offer a full-fledged course curriculum on data science. In the current century, data science is not a complementary activity, but a bare necessity for organizations. The online MCA from Manipal University Jaipur prepares students for careers in Data Science. 

  • Business Analyst

MCA online courses barely touch upon role-related topics. That’s why Manipal MCA is different. There are several topics related to system analysis and business analysis. After learning these topics and study areas, students are well-equipped to become business analysts. 

  • Technical Writer

MCA online course from Manipal provides several modules that educate students on the role of a technical writer. A technical writer’s job function is critical to a business. This is because the technical writer’s product descriptions, manuals, and help guides are used by customers, configuration technicians, field service professionals etc. 

  • Web Designer/Developer

A web designer and a web developer are often two sides of the same coin. A designer designs web interfaces. A developer codes the logic to make these user interfaces interactive. An online MCA course in India from Manipal University Jaipur prepares students to become web and mobile application developers and designers

  • Manual Tester

Quality assurance, manual testing, and software verification is the process of identifying bugs. MCA online courses don’t elaborate on the complete job profile of a manual tester. The role spans more than just defect finding. A manual tester may also offer remediation strategies, test driven development methodologies, and risk mitigation plans. 

  • Network Engineer

An online MCA course in India from Manipal has subjects related to network design, architecture, troubleshooting, and security. Students gain the requisite knowledge to become network engineers, network architects, or network administrators. 


The scope for students, who have completed MCA online courses, is vast. An MCA online course opens up a plethora of opportunities in India and overseas. Therefore doing an online MCA course in India from a reputed university such as Manipal University Jaipur is a worthwhile investment in time.

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