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Stay relevant in the age of Artificial Intelligence 

Information Technology

Do you find Artificial Intelligence mastering all the skills you have built over time with much effort and patience? 

Do you think that AI is likely to take over the job you are working hard to sustain?  

Do you feel that AI could easily replace your know-how of technology and other scientific domains? 

If your answer is yes to even one of the above questions, then read through this article on how to build resilience and immunity towards Artificial Intelligence.  

1. Human-centric skills: AI can learn and master most of the skills except the ones that often need human intervention. Therefore build on skills that only human can rightfully intervene into.   

2. Context of Problem: AI can be able to skill up in almost every task that you are trained on, but it cannot understand context of a problem exactly same as that of human intelligence. Hence the best way to solve some problems will be to take help of human intelligence. Identify such problems and master the art of solving them better than the machine ever could.  

3. Ethical Dilemmas: AI cannot resolve moral and ethical dilemmas like how you can. Critical thinking is one of the skills that human being will lead the way through. Imbibing critical thinking in your day to day tasks can help resolve the AI encroachment problem for you.   

4. Creativity: Creative tasks are still better off without AI intervention. This article was written without the help of AI, as you might have guessed that AI will not discriminate or disregard itself.  

5. True Understanding of Language: Although AI can grasp vocabulary from different languages, it cannot have a true understanding of language. Multilingual skills are still better off with human interventions.  

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6. Judgement: The skills of intuition and personal judgement are still human qualities that you can master. Since AI cannot get a grasp on intuition, it can make judgements. So master such tasks at which you are a pro in making decisions happen.  

7. Information Credibility: AI cannot to a reliable extend evaluate the credibility of a source of data and information. Hence, it needs human experience and expertise to identify whether the source of a given information is credible to be relied upon or not.  

8. Subjective experiences: AI has its own set of problems dealing with subjective experiences. Human are the best when asked to share their subjective experiences.  

9. Real-time Decision Making: You can rely on the human brain to make real-time decisions. But one cannot muster up the courage to rely on the decisions made by the machines.  

10.Solving Emergent Problems:  To solve emergent problems, it is best to rely on the human brain. AI can hardly prove to be of any help when it comes to solving emergent problems.  

11. Insufficient Data: If the data is insufficient or incomplete, AI will find it difficult to perform decision-making. Whereas humans can easily connect the dots and bridge the incompleteness of the data, to complete the holistic picture and solve the problem.  

12. Context: To learn, understand and interpret the context, human intelligence will always be preferred. Understanding context is beyond the purview of artificial intelligence.   

Here at Directorate of Online Education, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, we teach you not just to master technology but also stay relevant in the industry amidst the growing significance of Artificial Intelligence. To learn more, do check out our course offerings in machine learning and deep learning.  


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