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Why you should pursue an online MA from Sikkim Manipal University

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November 23,

A master’s degree from a prestigious university adds immense value to your resume. If you want to pursue a postgraduate program that allows you to balance your studies with other commitments, an online MA from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) can be your perfect choice. Thanks to the power of the Internet, you can now pursue an online MA from anywhere without commuting daily to a campus. Just a stable internet connection and a computer or a laptop, and you are good to study an online MA.

While we recommend you to pursue an online Master of Arts (MA) program, understanding who should choose an online MA program from SMU would help you make an informed decision. An MA (Master of Arts) degree from SMU through Online Manipal can open doors to a bright career and give you excellent opportunities to connect with professionals from around the world. Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) is known for its quality education, and getting your MA degree from such a reputable university can undoubtedly enhance your credentials. Get the flexibility to attend live and recorded lectures and write online proctored exams from anywhere online by enrolling in an online MA program at SMU. These are just a few benefits of pursuing an online MA from SMU; the list is endless!

Continue reading this entire post to understand the advantages of pursuing an online MA from SMU.

What is an online MA?

An online Master of Arts (MA) is a postgraduate degree typically done in humanities, fine arts, social sciences, or other non-scientific fields. It is a preferred higher education program often chosen by those who have already done a Bachelor of Arts (BA) program. It is as good as an offline campus degree and provides the same career opportunities as provided to those who pursue an MA through on-campus programs. If pursued from a top-class university like SMU, an online MA program helps students empower themselves and choose various lucrative career options after completing the course.

What makes an online MA a far better choice than an on-campus degree is that it provides flexibility to individuals bound with other personal or professional commitments. They can easily seek advanced education while enjoying a flexible schedule by opting for an online master’s program.

Why you should choose SMU for an online MA

Options are galore when choosing an institution to pursue an online MA. But if you wish to make a difference and pave a path for a bright future, then consider SMU’s online MA as a smart educational choice for yourself. SMU boasts of a distinguished faculty that imparts knowledge to the learners, creating an unparalleled interactive virtual learning environment. This is just one reason for us to recommend you to pursue an online MA from SMU; there are various other reasons too!

Have a look at some of the main reasons to choose an SMU online MA degree: 

  • UGC-entitled degree from NAAC A+ University: Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) is among India’s top #101 out of 200 colleges per the NIRF Ranking 2023 and it holds the 17th position in the IIRF 2023 ranking for top private universities in India. It is accredited with an A+ grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). Remember that SMU’s UGC-entitled online degrees are equivalent to campus degrees. 
  • Comprehensive curriculum: Studying online Master of Arts degrees from SMU means specializing in a field through a comprehensive curriculum. You will get a chance to understand the core concepts and theories along with the practical knowledge of the same for an overall comprehensive understanding of the subject you choose for an online Master’s program from SMU. 
  • Advanced learning management system: Another significant advantage of pursuing an online MA from SMU is its advanced learning management system. Sikkim Manipal University offers the flexibility to all its teachers and students to connect through a web and mobile-based software platform that automates attendance, course mapping, academics, digital learning, assessment grading, and LMS platform.
  • Expert faculty: Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) has onboard skilled faculty members with practical and real-world experience in the industries related to the programs to provide valuable insights and connections. Pursuing an online MA from SMU means gaining knowledge from such an expert faculty. 
  • Diverse career paths: An online MA degree from SMU means opening up many diverse ways depending on the field of study and interests. You get the chance to hone your skills in a particular niche or start-up as an entrepreneur. Besides, you can build a career as a content specialist, media analyst, diplomat, or even as an administrative officer after completing an online MA from a prestigious university like SMU.
  • Robust alumni networking & prestigious Manipal status: Get the chance to establish valuable connections with experienced professionals from different backgrounds and gain valuable insights into various industries to prepare yourself for the competitive job market. In short, get access to the robust alumni network of SMU and get the prestigious Manipal alumni status with an online MA program through Online Manipal.

Benefits of pursuing MA

The ultimate benefit of doing a Master’s degree is to master the knowledge in a field! The more knowledge you gain on a subject, the more you feel equipped to use the learning in a professional set-up. The degree also helps in your personal growth as it enhances your personal development. Moreover, the program gives you the opportunity to connect and learn from experienced professors and faculty who foster skills to grow in life. The well-researched study materials also play a pivotal role in the learning.

Have a look at the top benefits of an online MA program at Sikkim Manipal University, and we bet you will not be able to resist enrolling for one soon:

  • Higher earning potential: The prime benefit of choosing an online MA program from Sikkim Manipal University is that it helps the students acquire knowledge that can widen their career prospects and open up higher earning opportunities. 
  • Competitive advantage: Pursuing an online MA program from SMU means getting a competitive advantage over others, as all these online programs offered by the university are designed to enable the students to apply the newly acquired knowledge and skills in their current job. 
  • Specialized knowledge: Online MA programs from top-class universities like SMU provide a rich and diverse learning environment to students from various locations. They get access to cutting-edge technology for learning and, at the same time, get exposed to the latest tools and digital platforms. 
  • Versatile skill set: Online education through degrees like an online MA from SMU helps instill skills such as self-directed learning, technological proficiency, and adaptability. All these will help you take the lead in today’s rapidly changing work environment. 

Top careers to explore after an online MA 

Curious to know about the career options after pursuing an online MA from SMU? It is natural; after all, you ought to know the job profiles open to you after spending 2 years pursuing an online MA. We do understand your concerns and, hence, covering all the possible career options after acquiring an online MA degree from SMU:

Job ProfileRole and ResponsibilityApproximate Salary
Content SpecialistResponsible for creating, editing, and managing content across various platformsINR 6,70,995 per annum 
JournalistResponsible for gathering, investing, and reporting news stories to the publicINR 6,70,572 per annum 
AuthorResponsible for creating, publishing, and promoting written worksINR 4 lakhs per annum
Video JockeyResponsible for presenting music videos, hosting shows, and engaging with the audienceINR 10.8 lakh – INR 13.8 lakh per annum
Radio JockeyResponsible for connecting with  listeners through engaging content, commentary, or musicINR 8,71,932 per annum
Civil ServicesResponsible for governing and administering the country by implementing the best government policies and maintaining law and orderINR 6.73 lakh- INR 15.84 lakh per annum
Administrative OfficerResponsible for ensuring the effective functioning of the organization across various sectorsINR 10,15,668  per annum
Digital MarketerResponsible for promoting services, brands, and products and engaging with a target audienceINR 7,50,000 per annum
EditorResponsible for editing books, social commentary, and educational enlightenmentINR 6.15 lakh per annum
DiplomatResponsible for representing the country’s interests on the international stage and fostering diplomatic relations with other nationsINR 1,40,97,963 per annum


No matter where you reside in India or whatever your age is, you can choose to pursue an online MA from SMU and acquire skills and lifelong learning. If you wish to deep dive into political structures then choose an online MA in Political Science, but if you are keen to explore societal dynamics, opt for an online MA in Sociology from SMU. On the other hand, an online MA in English can be the best course for you if you are eager to hold a grip on language and literature of all times. The online MA program’s advantages and SMU’s offerings can help you go a long way in your career. Get access to the best online MA experience and enjoy affordable study from skilled faculty members. In short, enroll for an online MA program at SMU through Online Manipal now!


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Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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