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Who should pursue an online MA? 

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October 30,

The pursuit of an MA (Master of Arts) degree is a significant educational endeavor that holds the potential to transform lives and careers. Whether driven by career aspirations, intellectual curiosity, or personal growth, the world of MA education welcomes a wide array of seekers, each with their unique motivations and goals. This academic program offers limitless potential for growth and transformation, making it a worthwhile path to pursue for anyone with a drive for knowledge and advancement. 

This post delves into the diverse spectrum of individuals who can benefit from pursuing an online MA degree and helps determine if an online MA aligns with your educational objectives

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What is an online MA? 

An online MA program is a contemporary, technology-driven mode of higher education that allows students to pursue advanced degrees from the convenience of their own homes. Students in an online MA program participate in a virtual learning setting, gaining access to lectures, course content, and assignments via web-based platforms. This method transcends physical boundaries, enabling a diverse global student body. 

Online master’s degrees cover an extensive set of academic disciplines while maintaining the same standards of academic rigor, faculty knowledge, and recognition as conventional on-campus programs. They offer the necessary flexibility to reconcile study with employment and personal obligations, making academic pursuits easier and more practical in today’s digital age.

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Who should pursue an online MA? 

An online MA is a versatile and inclusive program that serves a diverse range of individuals. This educational model embodies the democratization of knowledge, empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Pursuing an online MA degree is a strategic choice for a diverse range of individuals mentioned below.

  • BA graduates: 

Graduates with a BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree are well-poised to leverage online MA programs. These individuals want to specialize in their chosen field, enhance their skill set, or make a career change. Online MAs offer them the opportunity to advance their knowledge and expertise conveniently.

  • Working professionals: 

Online MA suitability for career advancement makes it highly sought after by working professionals. The demands of a full-time job can deter many from pursuing advanced degrees. Online MA programs cater to the needs of working professionals by offering flexible schedules. They can seamlessly integrate coursework into their busy lives, ultimately enhancing their career prospects without needing a career pause.

  • Students from inaccessible areas: 

Individuals residing in remote or underserved areas often face barriers to higher education. Online MAs bridge this gap by providing a virtual gateway to esteemed institutions. Geographic isolation no longer impedes access to quality education, enabling students to broaden their horizons.

  • Students who cannot attend college regularly: 

Online MA programs are a lifeline for students constrained by geographical, personal, or work-related reasons. Those who cannot relocate or commit to a traditional, on-campus education benefit significantly from the remote accessibility of online programs. This allows them to engage in academic pursuits without compromising other aspects of their lives.

  • Homemakers: 

Online MAs are a valuable resource for homemakers seeking personal growth or preparing to reenter the workforce. These programs empower them to pursue academic goals while managing family responsibilities. The adaptability of online learning ensures they can balance education and homemaking.

  • Entrepreneurs: 

Entrepreneurs, often self-starters, value the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills without disrupting their business endeavors. Online MAs provide the means to acquire specialized expertise, enhancing their entrepreneurial acumen and the success of their ventures.

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Eligibility for online MA 

The eligibility criteria for the ideal candidates for online Master of Arts programs are as follows:

Candidates are required to hold a bachelor’s degree in 10+2+3 years from an accredited institute or a comparable degree approved by AIU (Association of Indian Universities).

Admission process for online MA 

The admission process for an online MA is mentioned below:

  • Select the program you want to study and register by providing basic information and submitting the registration fees.
  • Fill up the information about your education and professional experience.
  • Pay the application cost for the first semester/year or the entire program.
  • Upload supporting papers and submit your application to complete the process.

Scope of pursuing online MA 

Pursuing an online MA degree offers a multitude of opportunities and is increasingly recognized as a valuable credential in today’s job market. The scope of online MA programs has expanded significantly, allowing individuals to acquire advanced knowledge and skills from the comfort of their homes. Online MA programs are accessible in diverse fields, covering management, education, psychology, etc. 

This adaptability allows students to customize the learning experience to their unique interests and career ambitions. Graduates of online MA programs are well-prepared for a myriad of job opportunities. Based on their field of study, they may pursue careers in management, educational administration, counseling, research, and consulting. 

Additionally, the growing prevalence of remote work and virtual collaboration has driven opportunities for those who have gained self-discipline and technical proficiency via e-learning. Thus, pursuing an online MA equips you with specialized knowledge and enhances your adaptability in an evolving job market. As technology continues to advance, the scope for online MA graduates is expected to broaden, making it a promising investment in one’s professional future.

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Why Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) 

Opting for an online MA program at SMU presents a multitude of advantages. SMU’s online MA programs provide unparalleled flexibility, allowing students to tailor their education around their existing commitments. The university boasts a distinguished faculty, ensuring that students receive top-notch instruction and exposure to current research and industry insights. 

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, SMU creates an interactive virtual learning environment, promoting engagement and collaboration among students and instructors. Additionally, SMU’s online MA programs often prove to be a cost-effective alternative to traditional on-campus education, eliminating the need for relocation and reducing various associated expenses. 


MA degrees are not limited by age, background, or aspiration. As we’ve gone through the profiles of those who would be interested in pursuing an MA, we’ve comprehended that it’s a path that caters to a remarkable range of people. Whether you’re a career enthusiast, an inquisitive mind, an educator, an aspiring academic, a lifelong learner, a global explorer, an entrepreneur, or someone seeking personal growth, selecting an online MA based on personal and professional goals is an informed choice.

Online Master of Arts offered by Sikkim Manipal University is the way to go if you are considering making tides in your career. SMU offers a great online MA experience distinguished by flexibility, skilled faculty members, cutting-edge technology, and affordability, making it an appealing choice for students looking to advance their professional and academic careers. So, hurry up! Enroll right now.

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