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What is the examination process for online degree students?

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Manipal University Jaipur offers various courses online. Students have to fulfill the eligibility criteria to be able to enroll in the courses. Post enrolment, candidates are expected to appear for examinations to complete their programs. The examination process for Manipal University Jaipur’s online students is online proctored. All the online students who enroll in the courses at Manipal University Jaipur are required to take online proctored exams and need to have some basic infrastructure to take the exam smoothly. The examination process is fairly simple, and everything from the schedule to the results are provided online. 

Online-proctored exams are like a real-life exam setting that is monitored virtually. 

The main difference is that candidates take exams from a location of their convenience and not in a centrally located examination hall. An online proctor will watch and monitor the candidate’s activity as they take the exam on their computer via a webcam. The examiner has the authority to intervene if they notice anything suspicious or unusual, just like in a real classroom setting. 

Advantages of online proctored over regular exams

There are several advantages to an online proctored exam in comparison to a regular exam. Some of the benefits are discussed below:

  • Candidates have greater flexibility and choice as to when they wish to appear for the exam. The exam provider is not confined to a specific examination day and can offer a window of days to take the exam and pick a suitable time.
  • Candidates can decide where they want to sit while taking the exam and avoid taking time off work or traveling to an examination center.
  • Candidates have the advantage of taking the exam from the comfort of their own homes or office. This is extremely relaxing and eases a lot of pressure of sitting in a hall that is unfamiliar and helps the candidates to focus better.
  • It is perfect for professionals who are working and would not want to take the examination in a center due to their schedule.
  • Candidates can give the exams on a computer with basic infrastructure which helps to appear and give the exams easily without worrying about a lot of things.

Examinations process for Manipal University Jaipur online students

The process and requirements for examinations for online degree programs at Manipal University Jaipur are simple and straightforward. Candidates can take the exam at a time and place of their convenience. Minimal infrastructure is needed, and the most important requirement is good internet connectivity. Candidates can acclimatize with mock exams and book convenient slots to take the exams. Practical examinations are also conducted via virtual programming environments, and the evaluation system post-exams is quick and efficient. 

Basic requirements:

There are a few basic requirements that candidates will have to tick before taking the online proctored exams.

  • Laptop/desktop

Candidates must have a laptop or desktop with a microphone and webcam. The microphone is needed if the examiner wants any clarification, and the web camera helps the examiner to monitor the candidate.

  • Stable internet connection with good speed

The candidate must have a reliable and stable internet connection with high-speed internet connectivity to finish the exam without any interruption.

  • The latest version of Google Chrome

Candidates must download the latest version of Google Chrome for quick connectivity and easily log in to take their exams.

Examination Process: 

The examination process for online students at MUJ is pretty simple, and it starts with the exam schedule being sent to students and ends with the results. The procedure is as discussed below:

  • Exam schedule 

Candidates will receive an email or SMS notification about the examination schedule well in advance. This helps students to plan and book the examination slots according to their schedule.

  • Slot booking  

Candidates can consider their schedule and book exam slots accordingly through the Learning Management System.

  • e-Hall tickets 

E-Hall tickets are generated online and are available for students to download from the Learning Management System.

  • Exam 

Exams are online proctored and can be taken by students from the convenience of their homes on a secure Google Chrome browser.

  • Evaluation and results 

Exam submissions will be evaluated, and results will be declared and communicated to the learners. Learners have to score a minimum percentage to pass the exams.

Pursue UGC-entitled online degrees from Manipal University Jaipur and advance your career

Online degree programs from Manipal University Jaipur are ideal for those who wish to improve their career prospects by learning at their own pace. It is the best way to earn a degree and equip oneself with relevant qualifications that are in great demand in the industry. With guidance from expert faculty who are prominent in their field of work and career, online degree programs from Manipal University Jaipur are perfect for those who career advancement. MUJ offers various benefits to students pursuing the online program. 

Students have free access to Coursera courses which allows them to further upskill themselves. Online Manipal, the online platform of MUJ, also offers placement support to all online students to help them land their dream jobs. The placement cell helps students find relevant opportunities and prepares them for interviews via workshops, mock interviews, and various other placement assistance services. MUJ also offers easy financing options and scholarships to help students fulfill their dreams.


Online degree programs have risen in popularity over the last few years as it helps professionals enhance their career prospects and also offer the flexibility to gain a degree at their own convenience. It is a great option for those students who do not have the ability to go to a university and pursue a degree owing to certain commitments. MUJ offers various courses online to help students succeed in their careers without compromising on their commitments. Enroll in the course of your choice from MUJ and start your journey towards upskilling yourself and advancing in your career.


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