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MBA vs MCA: What is Better after BCA

Admin | February 25, 2022


An MBA (Masters of business administration) program is a postgraduate degree program that specializes in Business management studies through various practical and theoretical understanding. AN MCA program (Masters of Computer Applications) is a postgraduate program that focuses on application development programs and helps you pick up the latest computer programming skills. MBA and MCA are two different management streams of education. An MBA helps you to gain the skills to manage any business, while an MCA degree helps you climb the ladder in the IT and communications sector. 


MBA and MCA degrees can never be compared as they are two different streams of study. You can pursue an MBA after any basic undergraduate program. Similarly, an MCA can be pursued after any basic UG program. While MCA opens up venues for recent developments in IT technologies. An MCA graduate has a chance to get a starting package of 4 lakhs/annum in top-tier companies like Wipro, IBM, TCS and a few. MBA course gives you a chance to get into management level roles in any field like IT, food industry, entertainment to name a few. 

To put in simple terms, if you are a people persona and interested in leadership roles, you can take up an MBA to pursue a career in management. If you are more inclined towards software development and learning new technologies and computer languages, an MCA degree will be helpful.

MCA top recruiters:

An MCA degree can fetch you a job in the IT industry, communication, and telecom industry (both private and government sectors). IT industry is booming owing to the amount of digitalization happened in the past few years. Everybody is tech-savvy and uses digital money for transactions, e-commerce for both grocery and other personal shopping. All of which comes under IT and technical support. Few leading companies in hiring include Wipro, IBM, Dell, TCS, and others to name a few.

MBA top recruiters:

As an MBA graduate, you have venues opened in any field and any company as business development and management is the backbone of any business irrespective of their specialization. If you are interested in running campaigns, growing the business, and managing people, you have a plethora of opportunities in the growing startups and all leading MNC.

On that note, which course is best MBA or MCA, depends on your preference and your goal on what your future must be. 

Online courses at Online Manipal:

Online MBA course:

We at MUj, have an online MBA degree in India for both foreign and Indian students. We have carefully curated an MBA course that prepares you for the competitive world outside. Our digital classrooms enable you to network and interact with fellow students for better collaboration and growth. We also have industry experts who can provide you one-one mentoring if required. Our enhanced digital library provides you access to over 150000-course material and other related e-books. We also have a robust LMS that helps our students to track their progress on the dashboard. 

Online MCA:

 Online Manipal Plus also offers online MCA degree in India for both foreign and Indian students. Our online MCA program is on par with the global tech perspective, provides hands-on experience, proven and effective communication skills, the latest coding skills, and better job prospects. We stand out for providing an immersive learning experience on an advanced digital learning platform. We have onboarded a few industry experts to get insights from them. We also provide career counseling, assigned course mentors, and placement assistance.


We at MUJ, have dedicated online assistance for any queries regarding course and guides. We also have other undergraduate courses adaptable to the current scenario. Our courses are easily accessible by students from all geographical locations. The college has an alumni network for the ease of the students to have guidance from their peers.

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