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What are the career options after completing a BCA? 

Admin | October 27, 2021

Bachelors in Computer Science (BCA) is a vast field. It is among the highly popular graduation programs that students opt for after they finish school. However, most candidates who have pursued BCA online classes are often troubled by the most taxing question: what are my career options? Fortunately, there are several career paths that one can take after BCA to establish a successful career.

Here, we will look at the different career options you can consider after completing BCA distance education and have a stable profession. Let’s begin.

1. Become a Data Scientist

If you have a knack for numbers and statistics, you can become a data scientist after completing online BCA programme. It is one of the quickly growing sectors with a great demand for trained and skilled professionals. These professionals are expected to work in industries like technology, finance, MNCs, and others.

To become a data scientist, one must know about the necessary skills. These include Predictive Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Data Visualization, Programming, Machine Learning, Big Data, and other related subjects. You can join a data science course to grasp knowledge about the aforementioned topics.

2. Become a Digital Marketer

This is another one of the popular career choices after finishing online BCA courses. As an increasing number of businesses shift online, the importance of digital marketing has increased more than ever. Digital marketers are professionals who promote a company’s products and services to expand the customer base and generate more sales.

BCA graduates can easily enter this lucrative field and establish a thriving career. If you wish to take this career route, you must opt for a short-term digital marketing course and gain the requisite skillset.

There are several job profiles available in the digital marketing field. This includes content manager, SEO analyst, digital marketing manager, social media expert, UI/UX designer, and more.

3. Become a Cyber Security Expert

Online BCA courses from a reputed university can equip the candidates with the necessary cybersecurity knowledge. Thus, becoming a cybersecurity expert is another good career option after BCA.

From large-scale multinational organizations to governmental establishments, everyone requires the services of skilled cybersecurity professionals. The demand for such experts is on a constant rise. There are many hackers out there who are continually preying on the weak points of digital organizations. Also since an increasing number of companies are shifting their transactions and resources online, the need for cybersecurity professionals has also surged.

To enter this field, you must learn a few critical skills such as application security, data secrecy, network security, and cryptography. You can opt for a cybersecurity short course before you embark on this career choice.

4. Learn Product Management

Another great option to opt for after BCA distance education is Product Management. This involves a study of the various stages of product development along with its advertisement. Product managers are professionals who help companies in identifying, developing, and releasing products based on the needs of the consumers. This is one of the best career options for BCA graduates.

In the past few years, the market has become extremely competitive and fast-moving. In order to stand out, businesses are looking to launch newer software products. Consequently, they are on the constant lookout for expert product managers who can help them create and deploy new products quickly.

This is a highly lucrative field so if you have a liking for software and management, pursuing a Product Management course can be your best bet.

5. Enter the Blockchain industry

After your BCA online classes are over and you are looking for a career choice, consider entering the blockchain industry. Although it is relatively new in comparison to other fields, it has generated a demand for skilled tech professionals.

Digital transactions are becoming increasingly common and this necessitates the requirement of efficient infrastructure. This is where the blockchain industry comes in and many reputed companies like IBM, Accenture, and others are looking for blockchain managers and developers to join their team.

To become a blockchain professional, you need to understand the term and its various tools. You must grasp some skills required for the profession, such as java, core backend development, smart contracts, solidity, and more.

6. Opt for higher studies

After completing BCA, graduates can opt for higher studies. Some of the course programs that they can pursue include:

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

As far as higher studies after BCA is concerned, the most natural thing for candidates is to opt for MCA. It is a post-graduate level course in computer application. The program enables the students to delve deeper into the field and acquire formal knowledge of the tools needed to succeed in the field.

After MCA, you can apply for various jobs related to software development in large-scale organizations. These most common job profiles include network engineer, system analyst, database administrator, software engineer, etc.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

This is another popular course after BCA for those looking to earn a management degree. The program focuses on various topics like organization, finances, management, human resources, and other important business areas.

Although the field is different from the tech sector, it promises high-paying jobs in different leadership roles. After completing MBA, you can apply for management roles in specific areas of organizations.

CCNP or CCNA Certifications

A Cisco Certified Network Professional or CCNP is an IT certification by Cisco systems. It is great for network engineers and administrators and network operations specialists. These certifications can add increased value to your resume and help you land lucrative jobs.

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