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Benefits of doing an MBA after BCA


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December 23,

Higher education is essential for career advancement, and it all begins with selecting the appropriate degree. It’s natural to have confusion when selecting a postgraduate program, given the extensive range of alternatives. After earning a BCA degree, one can pursue a postgraduate or professional certificate to have a successful career. 

After a BCA, getting an MBA is one of the most preferred career paths. It is a wise professional move, as the combination of it with a degree in computer studies can be rewarding. According to MBA central, 79% of MBA graduates get to work in established companies. So, why MBA after BCA? An MBA after BCA supports individuals in acquiring leadership and management skills necessary for exposure to the business world and can help significantly increase professionals’ salary range. 

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Who should do an MBA after BCA?

An MBA program should be your foremost consideration if you’re looking for a suitable course after your graduate degree in computer applications. An MBA is appropriate for applicants with computer expertise who want to start a business in the industry or work for a corporation. Professionals wanting to get into top management roles in the IT industry and get significant salary hikes can also opt for an MBA after BCA.

Online MBA is the best option for working BCA graduates

An online MBA program is ideal for those who want to simultaneously work and pursue their education. The benefits of doing an online MBA after BCA for working professionals are as follows:

  • Learn industry trends

The key benefit of pursuing an MBA after earning a BCA is that you will be introduced to some of the leading business skills and industry trends in coping with and developing them. 

  • Management abilities

An MBA can assist you in gaining the management abilities required to succeed in managerial roles in the business world. Those who want to upskill themselves and advance into administrative and other executive positions can consider an MBA.

  • Continually adapt to the job market

An online MBA might provide you with the advantages you need to stay one step ahead of the pack. It not only provides you with topic knowledge but also develops your problem-solving, management, interpersonal, and other crucial job-readiness skills.

  • Greater career opportunities

The job market is quite competitive in today’s world. So, upgrading your skills can provide you with a competitive advantage. Candidates with advanced computing abilities are sought after for many professions, especially managerial ones, to oversee the company’s operations. Candidates can climb the organizational ladder in their existing companies after earning an online MBA.

  • Substantial income packages

An MBA can help you land some of the best administrative jobs in the business world. You can anticipate substantial income packages as it is one of the most sought-after postgraduate programs.

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Build a secure career with an Online MBA through Online Manipal

Manipal University Jaipur is renowned for its extensive selection of courses, which includes an online MBA program with new-age electives. One can experience a top-notch education in this UGC-recognized, and NAAC A+ approved institution along with the additional benefits of user-friendly LMS (learning management system), free access to Coursera, and highly qualified and experienced faculty. The program will help you improve and sharpen your critical thinking abilities with the help of case studies from the actual world. It also provides comprehensive training and placement assistance. So, which specialization is best in an MBA after BCA? BCA graduates can choose from the MBA specializations IT & FinTech, Information System Management or Analytics & Data Science

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The MBA program has a substantial amount of advantages as compared to other postgraduate degrees. Candidates truly interested in business administration can enroll in an MBA program after earning their BCA. So, enroll in an online MBA program from MUJ to confidently pave your success path.


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