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How can BCA graduates increase their earning potential?

Information Technology
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September 20,

A BCA degree is required in the modern world; however, it is insufficient if someone does not pick the right courses after it, as it would then become difficult for them to find money-making professions. After earning a BCA degree, one must pursue post-graduation coursework or a professional credential to have a successful career.

After BCA, students have a variety of employment alternatives at their disposal; however, not all students are aware of the various paths they can pursue to establish BCA job chances. Focus on your skills and complete internships throughout your college breaks if you desire higher pay after receiving your BCA. Colleges just award degrees, they do not impart any transferable skills. An internship can teach you things that you cannot learn in theoretical classes.

Through this article, we will examine the finest career paths, concentrating on computer-related professions with promising job outlooks you can pursue after a BCA degree. To make the best choice, one needs to be aware of all available careers after earning a BCA.

In addition to the BCA’s range, the following list of excellent courses is provided for your consideration:

  • Obtain an MBA 

Getting an MBA is one of the most preferred path after a BCA. The topics covered in a Master of Business Administration programme include administration, planning, financing, human resources, and other crucial business disciplines. Although this industry is distinct from the field of technology, it undoubtedly provides benefits.

  • Get into data science

You can pursue a career in data science if you’ve always had a fascination with statistics and numbers. There is a great need for data specialists in today’s industries with the fastest growth rates worldwide. Numerous fields, such as technology, FMCG, marketing, and others, use data science.

  • Career in digital marketing

After earning a BCA, pursuing a career in digital marketing is one of the most common choices. Digital marketers are becoming more and more important as firms migrate online. Businesses need the skills of digital marketers to market their goods and services online and increase sales. You have the choice to work as a digital marketer in this profitable industry as a BCA graduate. To do this, you’ll need to acquire the necessary abilities and aid in the online expansion of firms. After BCA, one of the top courses in digital marketing.

  • Understand product management

Product Management is a distinct and intriguing response to the question, “What to do after BCA?” Product managers are knowledgeable about all phases of a product’s development as well as its marketing. They assist businesses in identifying, developing, and delivering products that meet the needs of their clients. 

  • Consider the Blockchain Sector

Consider Blockchain as an option if you’re unsure of your next steps following BCA and looking for a relatively new industry. The blockchain industry is rather new compared to the other industries we’ve covered here. Although it has only been for a short time, it has already increased the demand for talented workers and given freshmen some of the top tech positions. You might choose to enter this profitable industry as a blockchain professional after earning your BCA. After a BCA, one of the top employment paths is blockchain development.

  • Become an expert in cybersecurity

Still looking for alternatives before deciding what to do following your BCA. The vulnerability of online platforms was demonstrated by the recent hacking of well-known Twitter accounts. It also reflected the importance of cybersecurity expertise. You can pursue a career in cybersecurity if you are interested in encryption and security. Everyone needs the services of cybersecurity professionals, from government agencies to international corporations, making this one of the top post-BCA employment prospects.

  • Pursue a Master of Computer Applications degree

If we didn’t have MCA on our list of suggestions for what to do after BCA, our list would be incomplete. Another well-liked option for courses after a BCA is to pursue an MCA (Master of Computer Applications) and improve one’s specialisation. It gives you the abilities and information required to work as an IT expert. After BCA, MCA is one of the most popular courses.

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Is an MBA a good postgraduate degree for BCA graduates?

A popular and highly desired postgraduate programme among students is the MBA. You would have two options if you completed your undergraduate degree in a technical subject like BCA. To enhance your technical skills, either take a postgraduate degree in MCA, MIM, or MCM or opt for a management profession.

How an MBA helps you get high-paying jobs

If you’re interested in a career in business, an MBA can be a useful advanced degree because it can help you develop important business skills and boost your credibility. Your income potential can be considerably increased by earning an MBA. What business field you specialise in will typically determine how much money you may make with an MBA, so it’s crucial to know what professions pay the highest incomes. In this post, we define an MBA, discuss the kinds of professions it can help you land, and offer a list of the highest-paying positions that require an MBA.

A master’s degree in business administration, or MBA, is an academic credential provided by business schools. It normally takes two years to finish this advanced degree. Possessing critical commercial and management abilities, including research, long-term planning, and leadership, are demonstrated by holding an MBA. Students who enrol in an MBA programme take classes in accounting, economics, and marketing, with the option to specialise in a business-related field. 

Among the top specialisations are:

  • Finance
  • Business Analytics
  • Business management
  • Marketing management
  • Logistics management
  • Operations management
  • Human resource management
  • Healthcare management
  • Rural management
  • Event management
  • Information technology

One of the main advantages of this degree is that it frequently leads to higher compensation because employers think those with an MBA have a wider range of critical business knowledge and skills. For instance, a finance analyst with an MBA often makes a lot more money than a finance analyst with a business administration bachelor’s degree (BBA). However, keep in mind that other criteria, such as your specialisation and the business school you attended, may also affect your specific compensation.

Although an MBA primarily trains you for a position in business administration, the abilities and information you acquire from it are immediately applicable to a variety of other business and business-related positions, such as:

  • Commercial consulting
  • Business activities
  • Banking and Finance
  • healthcare administration
  • Marketing information technology
  • Public Affairs
  • community service

The growing need for data experts and high compensation are the main justifications for taking an online MBA degree in Data Science. You will be able to interpret organisational data, design and create data management procedures, and use data to guide important business decisions if you pursue an online MBA in Data Science.

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Technical skills you learn during your MBA in analytics and data science programme

  • Data visualisation: The depiction of data through the use of typical graphics, such as infographics, charts, and even animations, is known as data visualisation. These informational visual representations make complex data relationships and data-driven insights simple to comprehend.
  • Data wrangling: Data wrangling, also known as data cleaning, data remediation, or data munging, refers to a number of procedures intended to convert unstructured data into formats that are easier to work with. Depending on the data you’re using and the objective you’re trying to achieve, the precise approaches vary from project to project.
  • Programming: Methods and procedures that tell computers what to do are known as computer programming techniques. These instructions, collectively referred to as “code,” are created by computer programmers to solve issues or carry out particular activities.
  • Machine learning: Large data sets are used in machine learning, so it is essential to have a solid foundation in fundamental concepts like complexity, computer architecture, algorithms, and data structures. Exploring new ideas and going in-depth with the programming books can be beneficial.
  • Deep learning: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques called deep learning models help people acquire specific types of information. Data science, which also encompasses statistics and predictive modelling, contains deep learning as a key component.
  • Data extraction: Data administration, software development, and other sophisticated fields are all needed in the difficult field of data mining. Critical and creative thinking skills are essential for success in the profession because they may be used to uncover important data patterns and insights by leveraging resources and tactics in novel ways.

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Essential soft skills you learn during an MBA degree

Business sense: The ability to comprehend and handle a variety of business circumstances is known as having business acumen. This skill set combines a number of diverse skills rather than being restricted to just one to develop a high competency in business acumen.

Intellectual curiosity: The urge to know more about the world and uncover the answers to bigger issues is referred to as intellectual curiosity. People who are intellectually curious frequently enjoy learning how systems operate, understanding why people behave in particular ways, or analysing the underlying causes of a decision.

Interpersonal skills: People skills, social skills, and social intelligence are all terms used to describe interpersonal skills. They entail accurately analysing the signals that other people convey in order to formulate successful answers. People constantly demonstrate their interpersonal abilities just by interacting with others.

Problem-solving skills: Employees must be able to overcome obstacles to guarantee that they are valued team members and that the organisation works efficiently. Employees who take the initiative to seek guidance from others also become knowledgeable, dependable team participants, even if they are unable to solve the problem themselves.

Decision-making: Decision-making abilities may make a difference in our ability to make a decision that enhances our organisation’s reputation, our future, etc. The capacity for decision-making is always a leadership quality that demonstrates our capacity for critical thinking to advance our objectives.

Critical thinking: The capacity for factual analysis and opinion formation is known as critical thinking. It is a type of emotional intelligence.. When the occasion calls for it, a person with critical thinking abilities can think clearly and logically. They are able to make decisions and solve problems more effectively as a result.

Why is Manipal University Jaipur’s MBA in Analytics and Data Science a great choice for BCA graduates?

The online MBA in Analytics and Data science offered by the Manipal University Jaipur is a 2-year programme that trains professionals to address complicated business problems in the future that call for the integration of data-driven decision-making modules into IT, contemporary software, and mobile apps. Manipal University Jaipurs has been recognised and accredited by regulatory bodies like . the University Grants Commission, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, the AICTE, WES, and ICAS. Upon completion of the degree, Online Manipal’s placement assistance cell prepares students for jobs through mock tests, resume building, interview tips, etc. MUJ’s online degrees are highly valued in India and abroad and are accepted by employers worldwide.


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