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PGCP in Management course details

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August 26,

Key takeaways:

  • A postgraduate certificate programme in management is a course of higher studies in management, that serves aspirants to acquire a shiny edge and emerge as the best candidate for reputable management jobs.
  • PGCP in Management broadens the scope of career options for you. It will even allow your exploitative spirits to flourish in this field’s newer areas. 
  • The programme is for professionals who want to integrate job experience and classroom learning in real-time, gaining in depth insights to promote personal growth and career development.

The business vertical across the globe is constantly evolving and is more dynamic now than ever. To remain prepared and stay ahead, post-graduate certification management course is a great pick. It will educate and enable them to manage their businesses, contributing to the economy of the nation in various ways. 

The PGCP in management provided by TAPMI through Online Manipal offers different sought-after skills, allowing students to obtain effective strategies, frameworks, and knowledge.

An individual’s career development requires him/her to go beyond the core subject area, obtain a prominent presence in the venture, comprehend business tasks and gain a multidisciplinary way of dealing with management. PGCP in management is an exceptional module designed to broaden your viewpoint in business, master key skills and enhance your authoritative abilities. 

In short, after completing the management course, you will be able to recognize, define and tackle complex issues in the real-world environment, aiming to drive advancement and hierarchical change. 

Scroll down to explore the comprehensive PGCP management course details and its role in amplifying your learning experience and career prospects. 

What is PGCP in management?

The Postgraduate Certificate Programme in Management is a programme designed for working professionals who wish to boost their managerial career prospects. The primary objective of this master’s level course is to deliver managerial skills accompanied by efficient career options. This course is meant to train professional candidates and fresh graduates for various IT firms, financial positions, consultancy firms, and MNCs. 

A PGCP in management also provides flexible learning alternatives from excellent e-learning platforms like Online Manipal to study while you work. There are countless opportunities for aspiring individuals to acquire both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience during the course of this programme.

Why consider a business certification programme?

Gain Competitive EdgeBoost Productivity and EfficiencyEnhance your Earning Potential Establish credibilityGrow your skills and knowledge

A professional certification sets one apart, making them a valuable asset to an organisation. A business certification program validates an individual’s high level of expertise and adds value to their resume, helping them to move to the next level in their career. It is a trusted tool that aids in your career growth to a great extent.

In short, a certification in management speaks about your professionalism, serves as proof of your qualification, and boosts the credential of your professional image. Here are some aspects of how a business certification program helps you mark your potential in the competitive industry.

  • Greater competitive edge

When you have business training that other candidates don’t, it will differentiate you from them in the field. It also shows your impeccable commitment to excel in your profession, eventually providing you a competitive advantage in today’s market. It is because the certification prepares you to deal with real-world challenges, aiding in improving the productivity of your profession.

  • Improved efficiency

A business certification program will offer extra training and complete knowledge, ensuring that aspirants become employment-ready and need less training than other candidates. The certification will imbibe you with up-to-date tools and skills, training you to manage all aspects of work efficiently. Potential employers appreciate independent professionals since it saves their valuable resources. 

  • Boosting earning potential

This might be the most important benefit of considering a business certification programme, enabling you to earn more with better raises and attractive bonuses. Very simply put, the time and effort you have invested in the certification program will get you increased income. 

  • Commitment and credibility

Considering the increasing number of companies, non-profitable organisations, and government agencies, gaining a recognised business certification is inevitable to prove your worth. It helps you to display your commitment to your role, professionalism, industry standards, and learning. 

Overall, it will help you to enhance your credibility and prestige within and wide around your network, whether you are looking for new business opportunities or bidding on projects for new clients.

  • Grow your skills

A business certification program will help you obtain new and updated industry-relevant skills and techniques, helping you in honing your abilities. This will increase your competency and confidence while you are establishing the groundwork to incorporate a more effective professional environment. 

Career prospects after pursuing a PGCP course 

A consistent thirst for knowledge is key to growth and achieving success in the ever-evolving business world. Completing a postgraduate certification in management will widen your scope to impressive and desirable management jobs. 

Through this course, individuals will be able to carve innovations in the business world with a touch of high quality and creativity. Simply put, the course will act as a complete realistic server for individuals to aim for one of the top titles in management. Here are a few areas where your hard-earned expertise is in demand. 

  • Private sector jobs

Various aspects of organisational units seek management students. Private companies generally look at your institution before hiring you. Otherwise, you can always go for entry-level jobs in marketing, finance, human resources, research, information technology, etc.  

  • Public and manufacturing sectors 

Although limited, a range of specialisations also exists in the public sector. In fact, applying for roles in manufacturing firms and industries will provide you with the strong foundation and exposure you need to grow well in any given field. It will give you real-time application of management concepts.

  • Research organisations 

Research organisations recruit postgraduates for the job profiles of success analysts and analytical experts because of their mastery in numbers. As the field moves forward, enrolling in PGCP in management will keep you up to date.

  • Business consulting 

Students trying out experimental areas through PGCP in management courses can benefit and find the relevant experience they are looking for in business advisory or consulting. As a financial advisor in financial institutions, a similar vacancy would be available in a tech firm and IT advisor. 

  • Entrepreneurship

A postgraduate certificate programme in management will help you acquire the skills you need to enter the world of entrepreneurship. 

  • Marketing Management

Marketing management programs are among the in-demand jobs today. It covers all aspects of marketing, such as product marketing, brand promotion, creating customer awareness, etc. The course helps you acquire the must-have skills – networking and communication skills.

  • Healthcare and Hospital Administration

The requirement for hospital management has risen in India over the past few years along with the increasing demand for healthcare facilities and policies. Healthcare & hospital administration provide non-medical backup services of general management, coordination, and other post-operative care that are essential for good reputation of hospitals and healthcare institutions. 

What are the benefits of PGCP in Management?

Going for a postgraduate certification program in management will help you in countless ways, from acquiring transferable skills to analysing a project. Furthermore, it will train you to address global business needs and incorporate effective strategies to solve them.

Enrolling in a PGCP course at the best online platform will offer you more than an enriching learning experience, help you glorify your resume, and advance your skills. Several factors can positively influence a person’s career if they are pursuing a PGCP in management. Check out some of the potential advantages of choosing certification course in management.

  • Exposure to external environments

A PGCP in management allows you to learn effective ways to tackle complex problems in a global business environment. You will learn how essential perceptions, opinions, and values of entrepreneurs affect the economic structure and the ways to deal with them. Such a problem-solving approach will help you gain valuable hands-on practical experience.

  • Increased salaries

The postgraduate certification course in management helps aspiring candidates to acquire a vast amount of knowledge and industry experience through its extensive curriculum. The course teaches students everything from basic concepts to complex problems, preparing them to take on the desired or top-level managerial/ executive position in the management sector with a higher pay scale.

  • Deeper understanding of the role

The primary goal of a management professional is to implement effective solutions and coordinate the action of the team to accomplish the goals and visions of the organisation. PGCP will help you understand the description of the role, daily tasks, fundamental responsibility, and more ins and outs to become a better and successful profession.

  • Better decision-making skills

Managerial professionals must be able to make a decision promptly and precisely. Preparing yourself with a post graduate certification course in management will help you recognize the importance and strategies of the decision-making process, inspiring a positive mindset. A good decision should be made through social, political, and emotional factors.

Eligibility criteria for PGCP in management

During the course, the candidate will have the opportunity to develop a better understanding in the role of the entrepreneur, ways to solve business issues and develop a strategy to succeed in the competitive marketplace. The course equips them with the knowledge required to meet the needs of management in the digital era and make the best out of it. Nonetheless, as a renowned certification course, PGCP in management wants the candidates to meet certain requirements. The eligibility criteria for the programs are mentioned below

Educational QualificationGraduates of any degree from recognised universities with minimum 50% marks
Professional ExperienceAt least one year of relevant industry experience from reputed organisations.


Pursuing a PGCP in management adds a great value in your resume. In the digital era, one needs to stand out from the crowd with great entrepreneurial abilities to become a potential creative leader in the field of management. 

The course duration itself presents you with loads of stellar opportunities to gain experience while you are learning the coursework. This professional certification by TAPMI will give you a headstart in the recruitment phase among your competitors. Also, the benefits of it are endless as job responsibilities, and profile will be one that fits your high qualifications. 

Online Manipal, through TAPMI, offers you a postgraduate certificate programme in management to help you gain success in the long term. The course is designed to deliver multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral management education, allowing you to emerge as a competent individual in the management arena. In a nutshell, the program will encourage you to explore the current dynamic business environment and encash the available opportunities to grow and flourish.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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