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Can individuals from any stream pursue a data science program?

Data Science
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December 5,

The most important factor in today’s corporate landscape is considered to be data. A recent study found that the majority of firms view data and analytics as essential components of their development strategy. Data science plays a big part in addressing numerous real-world difficulties and delivering the best results, which are currently being accepted by many businesses.

Talented individuals with expertise in data science are therefore in high demand. You need to broaden your data knowledge, develop sophisticated techniques, and train yourself to stand out in the competitive industry. It will enable you to make wise judgments that will benefit businesses and pave the way for a promising career.

Courses in Data Science

You should evaluate various alternatives for completing the course if you pursue a career in data science. Whether the program is a certificate, diploma, degree, postgraduate, MBA, or postgraduate certificate program, its goal is to set the applicants up for a successful career. Let’s quickly review the various data science course options.

  • Certificate

A data science certificate program is a specialized education program created to reinforce or develop particular career skills necessary in the data management industry. A certificate program advances your understanding of data science and counts as continuous education.

  • Diploma 

A 1-2 year short course that focuses on preparing students for employment in a profession related to data science is known as a certificate course.

  • Degree

A degree program in data science typically for three to four years and strongly emphasizes academics. Examples of BSc Data Science disciplines include machine learning, cloud computing, data visualization, python programming, operating systems, and other topics.

  • PG

A PG in data science equips students with both business knowledge and data analytics skills. Students who enroll in this program will gain business intelligence, data analytics, and information technology knowledge and the abilities needed for business process analysis and predictive modeling.

  • MBA

An MBA in data science is a conventional curriculum for a span of two years and allows students to take regular sessions during the week. Additionally, they will have the chance to participate in clubs, groups, and sporting activities.

  • PGCP

The postgraduate certificate program creates a strong data science and analytics foundation through studying industry-standard tools and methodologies and a practical, business-focused curriculum. The course is for a period of 6 months to a year.

Eligibility for a data science program

A data science course enhances and develops students’ abilities to make better business decisions. They must fulfill several data science course eligibility criteria, including the following.

  • Indian Candidates – As a data science course requirement, candidates must have a 10+2+3-year (for some courses) education for a degree in data science from a recognized university/institution. 
  • International Candidates- To apply to any institution in India, candidates must have earned a graduate degree certificate of equivalency from the Association of Indian Universities, which is needed for students with foreign education.

Prerequisites or experience for a data science course

Work experience is not mandatory but is preferred to increase the chances of admission into various data science courses.

  • Science stream – Students seeking to enroll in data science courses must hold a BE/BTech/MCA/MSc degree with statistics, computing, or programming as their primary disciplines.
  • Non-science stream – This program is open to graduates and working professionals with a technical background and up to three years of experience. However, Students from non-science backgrounds could do courses in Python or data analytics. But learning advanced level data science may be difficult.

Data science course syllabus

Students specializing in data science will develop the skills necessary to succeed in risk management, public finance, management counseling, and strategic planning. The focus of the course is to improve students’ knowledge of big data analysis, analysis of decision-making, and problem-solving techniques in various fields, including e-commerce and education. The data science course syllabus includes database expertise, R and Python programming, machine learning, probability, and statistics.

The program’s curriculum is created to address the essential principles of the industry and teach applicants how to approach business from a data-driven standpoint. Let’s look at the topics that data science covers.

  • Database management

Database management is a method for organizing, storing, and retrieving data from a computer. Throughout the life cycle of the data, a database administrator’s (DBA) operations, security, and storage procedures are referred to as database management.

  • Probability distribution

Understanding the behaviors and characteristics of variables is a big portion of data science, and this is only possible with knowledge of the distributions to which they belong. Simply expressed, the probability distribution is a means to show the potential values and associated probabilities for a variable.

  • Programming with R and Python

Python and R are top-notch programming languages frequently utilized for data sciences. Additionally, both are suitable for those who have never learned how to code.

  • Machine learning methods

In order to reduce the workload for data scientists, machine learning automates the examination of massive volumes of data. The methods for performing data extraction and interpretation have changed due to machine learning, which substitutes automatic sets of generic approaches for traditional statistical techniques.

Skills you will learn during a data science program

Given the demand for professionals in the data science field, you need to possess certain skills to stand out from the crowd to enhance your chances of getting selected.

  • Data management

In the data science course, students learn how to gather and analyze large quantities of structured and unstructured data from various sources. It will aid in the development of useful insights for future decision-making.

  • Python

The data science sector extensively uses the interpreted programming language Python. Coding readability and extensive whitespace usage are stressed in data science courses.

  • Excel

Excel is a crucial software tool in the course where students can learn to examine the collected data needed by data science professionals.

  • SAS

In terms of business analytics software and services necessary for business operations in data science, SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is regarded as the industry pioneer.

How can I become a data science expert?

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) offers one of the top online MBA in data science programs through the Online Manipal. The course’s objective is to keep professionals up to date on the most recent skills and help them to stay competitive with cutting-edge tools and strategies to improve their work output and earning potential.

Professionals who want to advance in their careers should enroll in the Master in Data Science program. You will graduate from the program with the technical know-how required to pursue a rewarding career in data science. The curriculum aims to educate you for analytical and leadership roles in various sectors through a perfect fusion of big data analytics, statistics, and machine learning. Learn how to effectively work in teams, generate strategic and tactical suggestions, and manage processes, work, and people while gaining expertise in machine learning applications, predictive modeling, and problem-solving using real-world data.

The top facilities include:

  • Renowned experts from the field.
  • Online education and in-depth research materials.
  • Make use of business cases for more exposure and investigation.
  • Practical knowledge of Python, R, and other pertinent technologies.


Data must be considered when trying to make better decisions. This is also true at the organizational level, where most of today’s firms depend on data-driven decisions and strategic planning to accomplish their long-term objectives. You may optimize and restructure business processes by implementing a well-defined data science process.

Enroll in the Master’s Program in Data Science offered by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). Through Online Manipal, improve your cognitive abilities and develop your data science skills, enabling you to stand out as a qualified professional in the field. Data science is one of the fields with the quickest growth rates due to the rapid increase in data sources, allowing organizations to evaluate data and offer useful insights to enhance outcomes.

Key takeaways:  

  • In the current digital era, where massive amounts of data are constantly being produced, data science is an interesting and in-demand profession.
  • Aspiring candidates acquire fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience in management and business analytics when they earn a degree in data science.
  • The Online Manipal platform offers a variety of data science courses that are renowned both nationally and internationally for their extensive curriculum.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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