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Top tech jobs to explore after MCA in 2024

Information Technology

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January 29,

Ever since the evolution of computers, they have been witnessing technological upgrades. Tech advancements define the computer landscape today. They make working with computers more exciting and rewarding. This is why technology students must keep pace with these changes to perform at par with the desired industry standards. MCA courses provide a deep insight into the latest technologies, the knowledge of which can attract high-paying jobs upon course completion.    

This blog takes a detailed look at some of the top tech jobs that are worth exploring after pursuing MCA in 2024. It also highlights the popular technologies shaping MCA career paths because it is these technological advancements that generate a demand for skilled MCA professionals. The blog also points out why pursuing an online MCA in 2024 from Sikkim Manipal University can be your best investment for the year. 

Tech roles to explore in 2024

Upon completion of the 2-year MCA program, you can apply for a host of prestigious jobs in the IT industry. These job roles come with attractive pay packages and are, therefore, in high demand. The table below lists some of these high-demand tech roles post-MCA courses that you must consider applying for in 2024. Each of these job roles has been described, and the corresponding salary has been shared:

Job roleResponsibilities Average annual salary
Database DeveloperCreation, optimization, and maintenance of databases to enable organizations to use data effectively  INR 6,69,500 per annum
Cloud ArchitectCreation and organization of cloud systems, design and improvement of existing cloud technology, and ensuring cloud securityINR 21,59,316 per annum
Big Data EngineerWorks on data architecture, maintains a pipeline of data, structures and manages data, and analyzes processed dataINR 6 lakh – INR 11 lakh per annum
Data ScientistData extraction, data cleansing, algorithm development, and data analysisINR 7 lakh – INR 20 lakh per annum
AI/Machine Learning EngineerBuilding AI models, designing ML systems, and data science infrastructure building, and running tests for ML  INR 10,22,496 per annum
Robotics EngineerBuilding, testing, and debugging robotic systems, processing sensor data, and offering technical support for robotic systemsINR 5,48,786 per annum
DevOps EngineerPlanning projects, tasks, and processes automation, testing, maintenance, and troubleshooting INR 8,60,000 per annum

Top tools you need to know for a tech job

Your tech job role can be rather competitive, and to help you stay on top of the game, you would need to familiarize yourself with certain tools that can help you do the job better. Detailed below are the most important ones you would need for a tech job role after MCA:

  • Visual Studio: One of the most popular and highly sought-after programming tools used for developing web applications, games, and desktop and mobile apps. The tool makes app development fairly easy for developers on any language and platform. It can be used to build code, edit and debug it, and then publish an app for final use by the end user.
  • Oracle: A free tool that enables developing and deploying applications connecting to the Oracle Database. Oracle is a relational database management system (RDBMS) used commonly in organizations. Users cannot only build and deploy but also integrate and extend applications in the cloud.
  • MySQL: This visual tool is used for developers, database architects, and DBAs. MySQL is yet another RDBMS tool that is developed by Oracle and based on SQL or structured query language. It can be effectively used for storing data in tables that can be mapped onto objects. 
  • Python: A common tool used in the development of software and websites, Python also finds common use in the analysis of large data, automation of repetitive tasks, and visualization of data. The tool is developed to simplify and make the user’s tasks simpler and more efficient.
  • R: It is a statistical programming tool that is particularly useful for handling large datasets. It can efficiently run on several platforms, such as MacOS, Windows, and UNIX. 

Top skills you need for a tech job

A unique skill set is required for MCA tech jobs, which makes them high-paying in the industry. These skills can be acquired by professional MCA study programs. Listed below are some of the key skills that MCA courses impart students with, which come in handy during their job roles:

  • Coding: One of the basic and essential skills required in the tech industry that all programmers are required to possess. Coding can easily help understand technology and also help improve cognitive abilities. It enables the creation and development of different software programs, applications, games, websites, and the like.
  • Operating system knowledge: Yet another vital skill required from tech professionals is a fair knowledge of the operating system (OS) that enables the management of both hardware and software on a computer. All basic tasks, such as memory management, filing, and providing common services for computer programs, are performed by an OS.
  • Database management: Navigating the database is an important skill for MCA professionals, wherein they understand locating records, using reports and built-in features in the database software. 
  • Software development engineering: Working in the tech industry would require you to develop software for everyday use in organizations. This is why MCA graduates must know and understand the process involved in building, designing, maintaining, and testing software programs. 
  • Network maintenance: This skill involves ensuring that all networks within the enterprise operate smoothly with minimum interruption. You would need to test, assess, and troubleshoot the existing networks in your organization from time to time as part of regular maintenance procedures. 

Why pursue an online MCA from Sikkim Manipal University?

Now that we know the lucrative job market trends for MCA graduates, it only makes sense to pursue the program in 2024. When considering your choices, do pay attention to the 100% online MCA course offered by Sikkim Manipal University on the Online Manipal platform. The course is delivered by esteemed experts from the technology field and can be received anywhere from any device. You get the exclusive facility to enjoy learning from the comfort of your house. 

The online MCA program by Sikkim Manipal is designed to enable students to gain advanced knowledge and the required technological skills in computer application and programming. The course prepares you for a rewarding career path in the industry at handsome pay scales. Moreover, Sikkim Manipal University is accredited by NAAC, and all its degree programs are UGC-entitled.


MCA is one of the most high-demanded courses in the country today. The year 2024 is witnessing a surge in demand for the program, given the future career prospects of the course. You could be the next in line for a promising and secure future with knowledge of the latest technologies in your pocket that online MCA by Sikkim Manipal guarantees.  


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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