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New way of distance MCA: the online MCA

Online Manipal Editorial Team | September 14, 2022

MCA or Masters of Computer Applications is a postgraduate course. The course provides theoretical and practical knowledge on computer technology, computer science, programming, and software engineering. Completing MCA provides postgraduates opportunities to work in industries such as IT and BT. 

What is MCA in online mode of learning?

MCA distance learning is a unique way to learn computer applications remotely. The student uses a virtual learning platform to attend theory and practical learning sessions. All interactions are conducted online. Lab sessions are conducted using virtualised lab platforms. Exams are conducted virtually and even the convocation is done online too.

What are the various jobs that students can get after an MCA course?

  • Business Analyst: An MCA online remote learning course has modules that prepare students for business analyst roles. Subjects such as requirements gathering, technical documentation, software testing, system analysis, system design pertain to this role.
  • Big Data: Java and related topics are useful for Big Data developers. Hadoop and several other BigData frameworks are also covered. As part of labs, students learn how to process BigData samples using MapReduce. All of this learning provides a strong foundation to become a BigData professional.
  • Software Developer: An MCA online course covers study areas and practicals on several programming languages and software development frameworks. Students can choose to become software developers. They can specialize in Java, .NET, Python, Machine learning, Big Data, or Cloud Computing.
  • Data Science: Study topics pertaining to Data Science introduce students to the fundamentals of this discipline. Although a broad and evolving field, the study material provided in this MCA course prepares students to become Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, or Data Modelers.
  • BI Analyst: The MCA course has modules that build foundational, intermediate, and expert knowledge of students on business intelligence. Students gain an understanding of the various BI tools and their applications. They are better informed on the type of BI tool to specialize in and the type of role to build a career.
  • AS400: Although AS400 is a legacy system, it is still being used by thousands of companies. AS400 has opportunities across the world because of this. There are very few AS400 professionals, so the opportunity to get jobs in AS400 overseas is more. The MCA online course provides students with knowledge on AS400.
  • Ethical Hacker: The MCA distance course offered through online medium provides cutting-edge education. One among them is topics on cybersecurity. The MCA course provides the direction to take for students to specialise in this area. They can become ethical hackers and cybercrime professionals.

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What is the difference between MCA in distance eduation and online MCA online?

Both are types of courses that are taken remotely. But there are differences. The latter is a modernised version. There are face-to-face interactions over an online medium. Schedules are flexible. Online digital libraries are available. Exam mode is online. 

Benefits of online MCA over distance learning

  • Better technology awareness: Students have more knowledge, information, and interactions. They are able to form their opinions and judgments. They understand where to steer their career towards. So more often than not, they land in the right professions after the online MCA course.
  • Better job opportunities: With quality education and training, getting good opportunities is inevitable. Students are able to clear interviews. They are able to grasp concepts and be productive in their jobs with minimal guidance.
  • Hands-on practical experience: Computer science and technology is learned best by doing. The online MCA course focuses on hands-on training. It helps students gain a holistic understanding of the system. They are able to use that understanding to apply the technology effectively to solve business problems.
  • Coding skills: Programing is a way to build solutions, services, or act as a way to express oneself through a technological medium such as a computer. Learning to code allows students to form better perspectives of computing. They can also become creators of products and solutions.
  • Effective communication skills: When working in organisations, communication skills help convey and receive information effectively. The online MCA distance course provides training on building communication skills. It helps students to become effective team members of their respective organisations.

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Eligibility for online MCA

10 + 2 + 3 degree such as a bachelor’s degree from an accredited and recognised university or educational institution. Minimum 50% marks at graduation level. Mathematics is required at the graduate level, or a bridge course can be taken to fulfill the requirement. 

What are the specialisations that can be taken up after online MCA?

  • Application Software Development – Software application development, web and mobile app development, testing, and maintenance. 
  • Hardware Engineer – Computer, networking, data center hardware technician, expert, developer, administrator, configuration expert. 
  • Management Information Systems – MIS expert, developer, modeler, administrator, quality assurance, integration specialist, MIS business analyst. 
  • Software Development – Driver, embedded, firmware, middleware development. Back-end development. 
  • Systems Management – IT infrastructure management, technology management, IT facilities management. 
  • Systems Development – Technical architecture, system integration architecture, data modeling. 
  • Systems Engineering – General systems engineering, technology analyst, and technology management. 

How strong are the career opportunities after completing an online MCA course?

There are many specialisations to choose from. The career opportunities for online MCA course postgraduates lie in software development, testing, programme management, project management, general technology management, business analysis, data science, etc. 

MCA course related FAQs

Is distance MCA equal to regular MCA?

Distance education or online MCA remote course offered by reputed and recognised universities such as Manipal University Jaipur is equal to regular MCA as per UGC guidelines. In fact, it is better than regular MCA in some aspects. 

What are the eligibility criteria of MCA distance learning?

The eligibility criteria for MCA online distance learning is 50% in 10 + 2 + 3 bachelor’s degrees. 

Is MCA a good career option?

MCA correspondence online course can open up opportunities to a wide variety of career streams. One can make a career in anything related to computers, computational science, IT, BT, software, hardware, electronics, telecommunications, etc. 

Is computer background required to take admission in MCA distance learning?

It is not necessary but it certainly helps. Because the MCA online course is rigorous, in order to understand the subject areas faster, it helps to have some basic background in computer sciences. 

What is the duration of MCA course?

The online MCA course from Manipal University Jaipur is for the duration of 24 months. 

Is there any entrance examination for taking admission in MCA distance learning?

There is no entrance exam. However, the candidates must meet the eligibility requirements. Graduates from non-science backgrounds have to take a bridge course. 

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Taking up an online MCA course is helpful for working professionals, those who are living in different locations, and those who want quality education. The online MCA course from Manipal University Jaipur fulfills all of these requirements. It is a distance education course, but with the rigour of a regular MCA course. 

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