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How to get a job in marketing after BBA


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November 17,

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree represents an educational nexus, where finance, marketing, human resources, and the core pillars of business unite. This expansive foundation gives them a strategic perspective in addition to a solid understanding of these fundamental topics. A BBA degree gives graduates an exclusive blend of business acumen, consumer understanding, and analytical thinking that makes them ideal for the fast-paced field of marketing. In this article, we will explore steps to kickstart a marketing career with a BBA degree, highlighting the potential and opportunities within this dynamic field.

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Is marketing a good career choice?

Building a marketing career path after BBA can be a compelling and intellectually stimulating career choice for several significant reasons:

  • Diverse opportunities: 

A few of the several fields that are included in the marketing umbrella are brand management, content marketing, digital marketing, and market research. People might discover a specialization that aligns with their passions and abilities owing to this diversity. Whether you’re drawn to the creative aspects of advertising or the analytical side of data-driven decision-making, marketing job opportunities for BBA holders are immense, offering a multitude of career paths to explore.

  • Creativity and innovation

Marketing often serves as a playground for creative minds. Professionals in this field are frequently tasked with conceiving and executing imaginative campaigns to capture the attention of their target audience. The freedom to innovate and devise new strategies to promote products or services can be incredibly rewarding for those with a creative inclination.

  • High demand: 

Today, a company’s ability to succeed depends heavily on its marketing strategy, which is driving up the need for marketing experts. Businesses are willing to invest in hiring expert marketers to assist them in achieving this aim since they comprehend the worth of having a strong online presence.  This demand ensures job security and a plethora of opportunities for marketing experts.

  • Analytical skills: 

Marketing is not merely about creative brainstorming; it also involves the rigorous analysis of data and metrics. Marketers are required to interpret and draw insights from various data sources, enabling them to make informed decisions about campaign performance and strategy adjustments. This analytical component of marketing appeals to individuals with a penchant for numbers and data-driven decision-making.

  • Impactful communication: 

Effective communication lies at the heart of marketing. Marketers are responsible for conveying compelling messages to target audiences and persuading them to take action. Marketers are excellent communicators in a wider sense because they possess the valuable ability to create and convey concepts that resonate with consumers, a skill that goes well beyond the marketing domain.

  • Dynamic environment: 

The marketing industry is in a constant state of evolution. New technologies, platforms, and consumer behaviors continually shape the landscape. This dynamic environment keeps marketers on their toes, encouraging lifelong learning and adaptation to emerging trends. For those who enjoy staying up-to-date with the latest developments and embracing change, the marketing field is an exciting place to be.

  • Career progression: 

Marketing offers a clear path for career growth. Professionals can advance from entry-level positions to more senior ones and even managerial roles. The wide assortment of talents gained in marketing, including data analysis, strategic thinking, and leadership, provide flexibility in job transitions within an organization. This versatility allows marketers to explore multiple career avenues and continue to evolve in their professional journeys.

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Important skills required to become a marketing professional

Here are the 8 key skills required to become a successful marketing professional:

  1. Strategic thinking: Marketing professionals need to think strategically. This means they must be able to see the big picture and align marketing efforts with overall business goals. They should be capable of setting long-term objectives and designing campaigns that support these goals. Strategic thinking involves considering factors like market positioning, competitive analysis, and customer segmentation.
  2. Market research: Gaining a comprehensive grasp of both your target market and the industry as a whole is crucial. Extensive market research, which includes collecting and analyzing data on consumer demographics, behaviors, and preferences, is an ability that marketing professionals should acquire. This data guides marketing decisions and helps tailor campaigns to meet customer needs.
  3. Digital marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email, content, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and social media proficiency are prerequisites for this position. Expertise in these domains enables practitioners to effectively interact with prospective clients and entice a broader online audience.
  4. Content creation: Content is king in marketing. The ability to provide interesting and high-quality content is essential. This calls for proficiency in graphic design, video editing, writing, and other areas. Content can be presented via blog posts, videos, infographics, or a different format that the target audience finds engaging.
  5. Analytical skills: Marketing professionals must be data-driven. Analytical skills are needed to measure the performance of marketing campaigns and make informed decisions. This entails employing tools like Google Analytics to track traffic on websites, conversion rates, and other key metrics. Analyzing this data helps refine strategies and optimize marketing efforts.
  6. Creativity: Creativity is vital for developing unique and memorable marketing campaigns. Marketers need to brainstorm creative ideas, craft compelling messages, and design visually appealing materials. Creative thinking is what sets a brand apart from its competitors and captures the audience’s attention.
  7. Communication: Effective communication is a cornerstone of marketing. Whether delivering their messages verbally, in writing, or visually, marketers must do it with clarity and persuasiveness. Understanding the target audience’s requirements and preferences and crafting messages that appeal to them are also important components of effective communication.
  8. Adaptability: The marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Professionals must remain current with emerging technology, consumer trends, and industry trends.  Adaptability means being open to change and being willing to adjust strategies as necessary to remain effective in a dynamic market.

Top job roles in marketing

Marketing career entry for BBA graduates leads to various career opportunities as follows:

  • Marketing manager: 

The Marketing Manager assumes a leadership role, responsible for overseeing the entire marketing function within a company or department. Their duties encompass the development and execution of comprehensive marketing strategies, the setting of clear marketing objectives, and the coordination of various marketing activities. They are entrusted with budget management, team leadership, and performance evaluation to ensure that marketing goals and objectives are met. 

Highest salary: ₹23 lakh pa

  • Digital marketing specialist:

This expert employs internet platforms to advertise a business’s goods or services. They boost website traffic, engagement, and conversions using analytics and data-driven strategies. Among the aspects of digital marketing are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing.

Highest salary: ₹11 lakh pa

  • Content marketing manager:

These experts craft and manage valuable content aimed at engaging the target audience. This role involves the development of a comprehensive content strategy, governing content creation, and ensuring alignment with the company’s brand and marketing goals. The ultimate objective is to establish thought leadership and cultivate a dedicated audience through content.

Highest salary: ₹23 lakh pa

  • Brand manager:

The Brand Manager concentrates on the maintenance and enhancement of a company’s brand image and identity. They work diligently to ensure that the brand’s messaging and visual elements remain consistent across all marketing endeavors. This involves comprehensive market research, brand positioning, and the development of strategies designed to establish an emotional connection with customers, fostering brand loyalty.

Highest salary: ₹32 lakh pa

  • Product marketing manager:

The Product Marketing Manager is the authority in promoting specific products or services within a company’s portfolio. Their role encompasses extensive market research to understand consumer needs, the creation of product positioning strategies, the development of pricing and distribution plans, and the coordination of product launches. This professional plays a critical role in translating product features into customer benefits.

Highest salary: ₹33.8 lakh pa

  • Market research analyst:

The Market Research Analyst is an analytical professional dedicated to the collection and analysis of data related to consumers, market trends, and competitor insights. They utilize a variety of research methodologies, from surveys to data analysis, to deliver insights that guide critical marketing decisions. The results of their research are pivotal in influencing product development, pricing strategies, and overall marketing efforts.

Highest salary: ₹29 lakh pa

  • Public relations specialist:

The Public Relations Specialist is entrusted with the management of a company’s public image. Their responsibilities encompass building and nurturing relationships with the media, crafting press releases, and coordinating communication strategies during various situations, including crisis management and product launches. 

Highest salary: ₹18 lakh pa

  • Social media manager:

Monitoring a business’s presence on social media sites falls within the purview of the Social Media Manager. They are responsible for content production, curation, and scheduling; they also actively participate in online communities and keep an eye on important performance indicators. Their objectives include building brand awareness, engaging the audience, and driving leads through strategic social media management.

Highest salary: ₹10 lakh pa

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Get into high-level roles in marketing with an MBA degree

An MBA in marketing is a powerful catalyst for ascending to top-level roles in the marketing domain. This advanced degree offers a comprehensive curriculum that goes beyond the basics, allowing professionals to gain a deeper understanding of marketing principles, consumer insights, and market dynamics. Furthermore, it instills critical skills in strategic planning, data analysis, and leadership, which are indispensable in leadership positions. MBA programs often facilitate real-world experiences, fostering hands-on knowledge and problem-solving abilities. Equally important is the networking aspect; the connections established during the program can lead to high-profile opportunities. In sum, an MBA in marketing is an essential stepping stone to gaining the advanced knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in top-level marketing roles.

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Get into the HR field with an online BBA from Manipal University Jaipur

MUJ offers a prestigious online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program that provides an excellent gateway to the competitive world of marketing. This program offers a comprehensive understanding of business fundamentals, including finance, marketing, management, and economics, laying a solid foundation for future marketing endeavors. For professionals aspiring to ascend the corporate ranks, MUJ’s MBA in Marketing offered through the Online Manipal platform is an ideal choice. 

This program is expertly tailored to accommodate working individuals. It showcases a unique blend of flexibility and a curriculum precisely attuned to the dynamic needs of the industry. Capitalizing on the reputation of MUJ and the distinct advantages of Online Manipal, graduates are well-prepared to venture into the marketing domain. Armed with a strategic business mindset and refined marketing prowess, they are poised for success in the competitive marketing landscape.

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The transition from completing a BBA degree to establishing a thriving career in marketing necessitates a strategic and diligent approach. Landing a marketing job after BBA involves introspection, practical experience acquisition, and network building, all while adapting to the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Furthermore, continuous learning is imperative in this dynamic field. For those who value a robust educational foundation, consider online BBA and MBA programs from Manipal University Jaipur. This esteemed university is well-known for its commitment to offering top-notch instruction and a curriculum that is pertinent to the business world, giving students a solid foundation for outstanding marketing careers. So, hurry! Enroll now.


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Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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