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Who will be my peers in an online MBA?


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December 14,

A Master of Business Administration or MBA is a postgraduate program that deals with business administration. An MBA program’s core curriculum encompasses many areas of business administration, such as accounting, finance, human resources, etc. The main reason why MBA programs are growing in popularity is that it allows students to gain in-demand skills, increase pay potential, and advance to senior management positions. According to the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, 45,038 students enrolled in online MBA programs during 2020-2021, compared to 43,740 in regular programs. 

A bachelor’s degree with 50% aggregate is the bare minimum requirement for admission to this program. Applicants with a valid CAT or CMAT score are also eligible to enroll. A regular campus-based schedule may be difficult for working people, making an online MBA a viable option, which is one of the major online MBA benefits. 

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Who can do an online MBA?

The MBA candidate profiles can be very diverse as people from different cultures and backgrounds of life enroll in an online MBA class. Following are some people who take up online courses –

  • Candidates looking to upskill and stay relevant – Online MBAs are frequently used as a pathway by professionals to stay relevant in the industry by upskilling themselves with the latest in-demand skills.
  • Candidates looking for a career transition – Online MBAs often act as a launchpad for individuals who want to move into the business management industry as individuals get to finish their online degree while working and can eventually shift their careers.
  • Candidates looking for a salary hike or promotion within the organization – People who want to earn a high pay scale or get promoted in their current organization typically opt for an online MBA to achieve their goals while maintaining their day job.
  • Candidates looking to get a PG degree – There are several job roles that require postgraduate degrees as a must-have, and the online MBA program enables aspirants to apply for such roles. Individuals who also want to pursue higher education also enroll in online MBA programs.
  • Candidates looking to get into managerial roles – Individuals wanting to get into managerial positions often enroll in online MBA courses as it provides them with various benefits.
  • Candidates looking to get a job after a career break – Individuals looking to get a job after a career break also opt for an online MBA, as it provides a huge boost by helping them acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

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Benefits of interacting with peers from diverse backgrounds

Following are some of the benefits of interacting with peers from diverse backgrounds in an online MBA class:

  • Cultural diversity enhances the educational experience – One of the most pertinent benefits of interacting with candidates from diverse backgrounds is that it enhances the overall educational experience with shared stories, new concepts, and perspectives.
  • Helps in understanding global perspectives – Interacting with candidates from diverse backgrounds helps understand global perspectives and aid in the overall growth of individuals. 
  • Improves your cognitive skills – Diversity influences how people think by encouraging creativity and invention, as well as decision-making and problem-solving abilities, all of which considerably improve their total cognitive abilities.
  • Prepares you better for workplace diversity – Diversity in the workplace is a positive change that the professional field has seen in recent years, and the online MBA program prepares individuals for the same.
  • Creates cultural awareness – Interacting with diverse peers also helps in forming cultural awareness and being sensitive towards people of different cultures.
  • Improves academic outcomes – While cultural diversity improves a candidate’s approach and perspective, it also aids in academic gains, as it helps in exploring new heights of inspiration and creativity.

Make the most of your peer interaction during your online MBA from MUJ

Students enrolling in the online MBA program from Manipal University Jaipur come from different regions and are of diverse cultures and backgrounds. The program not only academically and professionally pushes individuals towards a better future but also enables them to attain several important interpersonal qualities. It gives them the opportunity to absorb knowledge from different experiences, understand several perspectives, and increase their creativity for a successful life in a globalized metropolitan world.


Cultural diversity is an integral part of today’s world, and that is what the online MBA at MUJ prepares its candidates for. Along with a top-notch curriculum and optimized academic course, the program also prepares students with cultural awareness and allows them to absorb the maximum knowledge from it. This not only aids the candidates in their academic progress but also gives them a headstart for working in a culturally diverse professional setting.


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Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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