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How does BCA help IT professionals with diplomas?

Information Technology

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March 19,

A Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) offers a valuable pathway for IT professionals with diplomas, providing a comprehensive academic foundation in computer science and applications. This program bridges the gap between practical experience gained through diplomas and theoretical knowledge essential for career advancement. BCA covers programming languages, software development, database management, and system analysis, refining skills crucial in the IT industry. With a broader understanding of computer applications and technology, BCA graduates with prior diplomas acquire a competitive edge, positioning themselves for diverse roles and leadership opportunities in the ever-evolving field of information technology. 

Can I do BCA after doing a diploma in IT? 

Pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) after a diploma in IT is a seamless transition. Your prior diploma provides a strong foundation in practical skills, and a BCA further enriches your knowledge with theoretical insights into programming, software development, and system analysis. This combination of hands-on experience and formal education enhances your qualifications, making you well-equipped for a variety of roles in the dynamic field of information technology. The BCA program offers a comprehensive pathway to furthering your expertise and advancing your career in IT. 

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Can working professionals pursue BCA without quitting their job? 

A professional degree has tremendous importance for career advancement. Candidates who want to pursue a full-time, high earning IT job must consider enrolling in a suitable graduate degree program to increase their employment prospects.  

But what happens if you already have experience in computer-related fields and are working? You won’t have to leave your current workplace if you opt to complete your BCA course online. Take it into consideration as a career investment to advance your career. You can easily complete your online learning BCA program by committing to consistent self-study time and prompt assignment submissions. 

When you apply for a job, having a degree adds value and credibility to your resume, increasing the likelihood that recruiters will choose you for the role. It demonstrates your dedication to earning professional degrees. Flexibility is the greatest attribute of online programs. Online courses can still assist you whether you are currently employed or unable to attend campus classes.  

Additionally, they are relatively inexpensive because you save money on travel and physical study materials. You can also complete the course from the convenience of your home or office. An online BCA is a requirement for IT candidates seeking advancement in their professional careers. Even if you intend to switch careers, you should enroll in this course to obtain the necessary training and credentials required by the IT industry.  

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Benefits of doing BCA after diploma 

Upskilling is required to advance in your career. Everyone needs to cope with emerging technologies in their vocational path, from tech experts to top executives. You get to work with the most recent technology, which is a massive benefit of taking up a BCA degree. The degree will encourage you to take action on your own. If you have good technical skills, you might be able to create your website, app, or even a piece of software. Numerous opportunities will become available to you as an outcome. In the sector of IT or computer applications, you can launch your own company and establish a reputation for yourself.  

You will be able to pursue a career in any industry as a BCA degree holder. The best part is that you will have access to various employment opportunities in diverse fields. Following are some of the benefits of doing a BCA after a diploma in computer science: 

1. Advanced skill set 

Practical knowledge driven by a solid theoretical base works best. Even if you have years of experience, earning a bachelor’s degree will still be beneficial to you because it enhances your IT abilities and opens doors to top employers. There may be more educated individuals, but the combination of your prior experience and newly gained abilities will offer you the distinctive character that employers seek. 

2.Greater potential for promotion 

Everyone aspires to have better salaries. Your prospects of getting promoted in your current position can be improved by pursuing an online bachelor’s degree in computer applications. You will get timely promotions if you are adequately qualified for the industry. This course also enhances your chances there if you want to get a higher position at another job. 

3. Increased compensation and benefits 

BCA degree holders earn substantial compensation due to the field’s rapid technical improvement and evolving trends. This qualification opens all avenues to the best technological advancement with the finest salaries and perks. Promotions are simple to obtain based on one’s abilities and productivity. 

4.New-age perspective 

BCA instructional strategies make use of the most recent technologies and place a huge focus on developing the student’s skill sets and personalities. Additionally, the BCA curriculum is created with the quickening pace of technological advancement in mind. The necessary fundamental foundation is provided to aspiring computer application specialists for them to have a chance of thriving in the field. A solid academic foundation is necessary before anything else if one wants to keep ahead in the fiercely competitive economy. 

5. Greater employment possibilities 

Both education and the job market are highly competitive today. Once you earn your bachelor’s degree in computer application, you have an advantage over other job seekers, and the employment market becomes wider with less competition. You should think about enrolling in this course if you intend to progress in the future by specializing in computer applications. You can get better jobs with higher pay after you finish this course. 

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Progress in your IT career with a BCA degree 

Elevate your IT career by pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) degree, a strategic move that enhances your expertise and employability. A BCA equips you with advanced knowledge in programming, software development, and system analysis, complementing the practical skills gained through your professional experience. This comprehensive education opens doors to diverse roles, from software engineering to IT consulting. It not only hones your technical proficiency but also cultivates problem-solving and analytical capabilities crucial for leadership positions. A BCA degree serves as a catalyst for career progression, empowering you to navigate the dynamic landscape of information technology with confidence and competence. 

An overview of BCA 

The BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) program is a three-year, full-time program. It offers the knowledge and skills one needs to pursue productive careers in the quickly developing information technology sector. The disciplines that are taught to learners have a direct connection to the technology applications required in the modern workplace. Additionally, one learns programming languages like Java, C, HTML, SQL, and others. Along with information on numerous computer applications, the most recent developments in IT and communication systems are also provided. 

BCA Subjects 

Six semesters make up the three years of the BCA undergraduate program. According to the BCA first semester syllabus, students have to study all required and core course topics. They can select electives for the BCA third-semester curriculum to add variety and flexibility to their course. The fifth semester of the BCA curriculum continues to advance, and students will be able to complete projects or research-based assignments to grasp the material better. Student specialization and in-depth subject knowledge are made possible by the electives.  

Know if you’re eligible to pursue a BCA 

Candidates for the BCA course must have completed their 10+2 in the science stream with mathematics and computer science as compulsory subjects from a recognized board. Depending on the university admission criteria, some universities admit commerce and art students as well who have studied mathematics and computer science. Other basic qualifications to enroll in a BCA program are: 

  • Candidates must have earned between 45 to 55 per cent overall in Class 12 and their diploma program (the pass percentage might vary from college to college). 
  • While some schools and universities admit applicants based solely on merit, other institutions admit students after conducting interviews and written tests. 

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Online BCA or Offline BCA: What to choose? 

The core of the BCA education system is acquainting students with the world of computer applications. The BCA program can be pursued by students full-time, part-time, or through online courses. Because of this, some students can enroll in the course even if they are working or enrolled in multiple courses. The BCA program comes in the following variations: 

  • Full-time BCA 

A standard BCA course, known as a full-time BCA, requires students to take classes on campus. Students who enroll in the full-time BCA program will have on-campus access to all the lessons and course material as well as be required to take their semester exams there. 

  • Part-time BCA 

There is a part-time BCA program for students who can’t commit to full-time study. The part-time BCA course lasts a similar amount of time as the full-time BCA program. However, students can only attend a certain number of on-campus or online classes depending on their schedules. 

  • Online BCA 

Online degrees are intended for working professionals or otherwise employed individuals who cannot enroll in on-campus BCA programs. With the aid of these courses, working individuals can advance in their professions, find better jobs, and, if they want, change to a better working environment. Online courses offer numerous benefits like self-study, flexibility in terms of studying from anywhere, taking up classes according to your convenience and schedule, and saving transportation costs. Due to the numerous benefits these online courses offer, more and more working people are enrolling in them. Thus, online BCA courses are more convenient and affordable.  

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Career options after BCA 

The need for BCA graduates is constantly rising along with the rapid expansion in the IT sector. Both public and private sector employers have openings for BCA graduates. 

  • Private Companies 

Individuals can easily find a rewarding career after BCA in top IT firms like Oracle, IBM, Infosys, and Wipro after completing their course. After completing the BCA program, one can work as a system engineer, software tester, junior programmer, web developer, system administrator, and software developer in various private companies. 

  • Government Sector 

Additionally, public sector organizations also offer excellent employment chances for BCA graduates. Government agencies, including the Indian Air Force (IAF), Indian Army, and Indian Navy, employ a sizable number of computer specialists for their IT departments. 

Following completion of your BCA, you may search for employment in the following sectors: 

  • Tech consultancies 
  • Bank and investment firms 
  • Financial institutions 
  • Government institutions 
  • Software development companies 
  • Security companies 
  • Network management companies 
  • BPOs 
  • Website / web app designing and development agencies 
  • Game designing firms 
  • Graphic design agencies 

Job opportunities after BCA 

There are numerous work opportunities for BCA pursuers. BCA graduates have access to a wide range of highly sought-after IT-based positions. The job opportunities that a BCA graduate can consider are listed below.  

  • Web Developer: 

 Candidates for this position will work as technicians building and managing websites. As they may use their understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and PHP in their projects, it is the top career after BCA.  

  • Software Developer Trainee: 

A software development trainee has excellent career potential despite being an entry-level position. As they gain experience in training, software developers will be able to design and manage software programs. It is among the greatest ways to gain practical knowledge of programming languages. 

  • Software Tester: 

A software tester is responsible for devising and putting software test procedures into place to ensure the software is operating as intended. Additionally, they gather customer feedback and adjust their methods accordingly. 

  •  Network Administrator: 

The hardware and software components of a computer are at the center of a network administrator’s responsibilities. They mostly set up new upgrades for both old and new networks, find problems and fix them, and provide solutions for any issues that can impair the computer network’s functionality. 

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  • Web Designer:  

A web designer uses coding to organize, develop, and maintain internet websites. Their work involves fusing words with music, pictures, and video to create a website that is appealing to viewers and easy for visitors to browse. The task is never-ending because they can build new websites from scratch or upgrade ones that currently exist. 

  • Computer Programmer: 

A computer programmer creates, tweaks, and evaluates codes that affect how well computer programs or applications work. They work together with programmers to translate their designs into directions that a computer can then execute. 

  • System Analyst:  

A system analyst is in charge of creating new computer systems and frameworks, diagnosing technical issues, organizing risk-reduction strategies, and guaranteeing the consistency of system performance. They serve largely as the interface between an organization’s management and IT divisions. 

  • System Engineer:  

A system engineer’s duties comprise controlling a system’s management, business, and engineering components. They identify and fix issues inside a system, frequently create new ones, and even upgrade the hardware. 

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Higher studies after BCA 

Graduates of the BCA program have a variety of alternatives accessible to them. If students want to expand their professional development and job possibilities, they can also choose to pursue higher education. 

  • Take a master’s program 

You can improve in your field by gaining specialized knowledge with the aid of a master’s degree. After earning their BCA, graduates could undertake a Master of Computer Application (MCA) degree to advance their knowledge of cutting-edge technologies or to engage in more in-depth research. The importance of education and experience in recruiting is undeniable. However, some businesses only hire people with master’s degrees. A master’s degree can help you advance by preparing you for managerial responsibilities in various IT organizations. 

  • Enroll in an MBA program 

The most sought-after program after a BCA is an MBA since it equips you with the skills necessary to work in management and hold managerial and executive positions in IT companies. The target audience for this course are IT professionals looking to advance to management and leadership roles in IT companies. After obtaining a BCA, those with a managerial orientation can pursue an MBA.  

  • Certification courses following a BCA 

A strong understanding of programming languages is the most crucial qualification for any BCA graduate. Therefore, after earning a BCA, choosing certificate programs in programming languages can be great. Developing a thorough understanding of the programming languages will be beneficial. Additionally, it will strengthen your portfolio. An employer will favor applicants who are experts in a certain programming language when they seek a position. Following a BCA, some well-liked career-focused certification programs are given below: 

  • Python Certification 
  • Java Certification 
  • Certification in PHP 
  • Database Support Certification Course 
  • Certificate in ASP.NET with C# 
  • Computer Graphics Certification 

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Pursue your online BCA degree from Manipal University Jaipur while still working 

If you want to master top coding skills from experienced industry professionals and improve your career chances, opt for an online BCA course at Manipal University Jaipur, a NAAC A+ certified university that offers a thorough online learning experience. The online BCA program is designed to produce tomorrow’s visionaries by fusing the most recent advancements in computer technology with an eye on logic and creativity in addition to the shifting norms of the industry.  

With a 36-month duration, the BCA program at Manipal University Jaipur facilitates you to study at your own pace, participate in live or recorded classes, access tutorials online, take quizzes, interact with professors and classmates on discussion boards, and conveniently take online exams from your home on your laptop, or desktop. Also, this course contains the Google Cloud Computing Foundations curriculum, which will provide you with an overview of the breadth of cloud technology through ideas, practical labs, exams, and a capstone project on subjects including cloud infrastructure and application development.  

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The technological world is fascinating because new heights are reached and explored every day. Currently, in-demand jobs could become obsolete in a few years. Thus, it is always important to innovate and stay on top of developments. It’s fair to conclude that BCA is a solid major for future careers, given the trend of people moving toward a computer-centric society.  

Hope this article has cleared your query regarding the question, “Can I take BCA after diploma?” The justifications provided above demonstrate how vital a BCA degree is for a distinguished career in the technical field. It offers more technical skills and knowledge than any other computer degree, so if you are truly passionate about the world of coding and programming, you should choose it. To meet technical standards, you may enroll in an online BCA course from a reputed institute, such as Manipal University Jaipur, that provides hands-on experience and instruction in theoretical concepts.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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