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Eligibility for admission to a BCA degree programme

Information Technology

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April 20,

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is a three-year undergraduate programme that teaches the fundamentals of computer application and software development.

The BCA degree course is a study option in a world where information technology and communications are progressing at an unprecedented rate. A bachelor’s degree in computer application educates students in many facets of computer science and the most recent breakthroughs in the fields of information technology and communications. 

Regular BCA courses include both classroom and hands-on training. So, while choosing a college or university for your BCA, look for one that combines both classroom learning and practical hands-on experience. Remember that, in addition to a solid understanding of the subject, you’ll need to know how to develop, design, and deploy software and applications. 

BCA courses are also available as BCA online and BCA distance education for people who want to study BCA while working full-time or on their schedule.

Online BCA courses

BCA online courses are proctored so that students learn applicable skills for the software or IT industry that are comparable to those of a computer or software engineer in a much shorter time frame.

After completing the BCA online course, individuals can work as Technical Support Engineers, Network Support Engineers, System Engineers, Software Testers, Project Managers, and Software Architects, among other positions.

The programme is ideal for candidates due to the comparably lower course fees and the flexibility to complete the BCA online courses at their speed.

Both merit-based and entrance exam-based admission approaches are used for BCA admission. All BCA top Colleges have a minimum BCA eligibility requirement of 50% in 10 + 2 or comparable examination with computer application/computer science as an extra or core subject.

Why should you study BCA online?

The following are some of the benefits for enrolling in a BCA online course:

  • The student will be familiar with a wide range of subjects that are not covered in the curriculum
  • There is no travel involved
  • The course is self-paced so students can learn at their own pace
  • When compared to offline classes, the fees is lower, which benefits the students
  • Allows students to expand their horizons in computer applications and gain a better grasp of the world around them

Manipal University Jaipur’s online BCA curriculum is designed to produce tomorrow’s visionaries by combining the most recent breakthroughs in computer technology, an eye on logic and creativity, and the changing ways of the industry. The programme incorporates the Google Cloud Computing Foundations curriculum, which covers cloud architecture, application development, big data, and machine learning and contains concepts, hands-on labs, exams, and a capstone project. You can attend live and recorded classes from the comfort of your own home, learn at your speed, and take online proctored tests.

BCA eligibility criteria

The most crucial need for BCA eligibility is to pass the 10+2 exam. A minimum of 45-55 percent is required. The minimum requirements for admission differ by college. Candidates from any discipline may apply for the course. 

Many colleges admit students to BCA programmes based on their performance in the 10+2 exams. Thus, there are no broad eligibility requirements for the BCA programme. In most colleges and universities, no BCA exam is required for admission. On the other hand, many universities and colleges conduct written entrance exams as well as personal interview rounds for BCA admissions. There is also an option for BCA distance education and online BCA courses as well.

The BCA programme is also offered through online platforms. The eligibility criteria for the BCA in 2022 differ from college to college. The admissions procedure was delayed this year because of the country’s COVID-19 pandemic scenario.

To manage various types of jobs, BCA graduates will need a variety of abilities

The following is a list of some of the skills:

  • Exceptional programming skills
  • Computer and IT expertise are required
  • Possess the ability to create apps for practical purposes
  • Thinking analytically
  • Strong communication abilities
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Solid database ideas

Syllabus for BCA degree course

The BCA curriculum is ideal for anyone interested in learning about computer programming, networking, and hardware. Classroom study, practicals, seminars, and bca final year project work are all part of the BCA syllabus. After completing a BCA programme, students can seek jobs in banking, website development, computer networking, software development, UI/UX development, systems analyst, network engineer, and so on.

Online BCA syllabus at Manipal University Jaipur is given below:

  • Semester – 1
    • Fundamentals of IT & Programming
    • Programming in C
    • Basic Mathematics
    • Understanding PC & Troubleshooting
    • Programming in C – Practical
  • Semester – 2
    • Operating Systems
    • Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Object Oriented Programming – C++
    • Digital Logic
    • Communication Skills & Personality Development
    • Data Structures and Algorithm Using C++ – Practical
  • Semester – 3
    • Computer Oriented Numerical Methods
    • DBMS
    • Computer Organisation
    • Basics of Data Communication
    • DBMS – Practical
  • Semester – 4
    • Java Programming
    • System Software
    • Principles of Financial Accounting and Management
    • Java Programming – Practical
    • System Software Programming – Practical
    • Computer Networking
  • Semester – 5
    • Web Design
    • Visual Programming
    • Software Engineering
    • Visual Programming – Practical
    • Web Design – Practical
    • Elective 1: 
    • Python Programming
    • Python Programming – Practical
  • Semester – 6
    • Project
    • Elective 2
    • Elective 3
    • Mobile Application Development
    • Mobile Application Development – Practical

Here are some ideas for BCA final year project: BCA final year project topics and ideas

What options are there for higher education after BCA?

Students can pursue the following programmes after completing BCA:

  • Master of Computer Applications (MCA): MCA is the postgraduate programme in Computer Applications and most suitable for BCA graduates because it is an advanced study in the subject. This two-year programme extensively covers various Computer Applications concepts, including those one studies in the BCA course. MCA graduates have higher career options with lucrative salary packages.
  • Business Administration Master’s Degree (MBA): BCA graduates can also choose MBA for their postgraduate study. MBA helps a student learn various management concepts and skills. This two-year course will be an add-on to BCA graduates to emerge as a successful project or product manager in the Information Technology and Software industry. With specialisations, MBA also opens various avenues across the sectors.
  • Information Management Master’s Degree (MIM): Master of Information Management is most appropriate for BCA graduates because it focuses on preparing strategic leaders in IT. Students in MIM can develop expertise in information technology development and deployment, information strategy and governance, data analytics, data visualisation, and cybersecurity and cyber-threat intelligence. The prospectus for MIM graduates are huge since organisations across industries are focusing on digital transformation using niche technologies.
  • Computer Management Master’s Degree (MCM): MCM is a two-year postgraduate Computer Science course that impart skills in software, applications and management. Students can learn various methods to design and develop advanced computer applications systems, which are significant for sectors including business, health, education, and services. Hence, earning an MCM degree will give you broad opportunities.
  • Corporate Studies Post-Graduate Programme (PGPCS): PGPCS is a diploma course in business management. It focuses on providing knowledge on business techniques, management techniques, leadership skills and all about managing functional roles. PGPCS introduces various areas of business such as accounting, marketing, human resources, manufacturing management, and others.
  • Information Security Management (ISM): BCA graduates can enrol in an Information Security Management diploma or degree course. The course covers several concepts including fundamental theories, models, practices of information security management, ethical and legal aspects, privacy management, risk management, security planning, security awareness and security escalations issues, and technological innovation process in IT security. Since organisations have geared up implementing information security to strengthen its services, the prospects for Information Security Management professionals are high.
  • Master’s in Information Technology: This degree course blends theoretical knowledge and experiential learning to design, manage and implement brand-new information technology services. Going deep into the subject, the course helps students develop managerial skills and learn how to use your knowledge of the field in a business context. It is the best course for BCA graduates to enhance their skills in IT and land an attractive job.

Students can also prepare for the following:

  • To pursue an MBA in IT Management, you must take the CAT
  • CCNP or CCNA Certification as a Networking Diploma
  • MCSA stands for Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
  • Redhat Certifications are a set of certifications issued by Red Hat


BCA degree is the best stepping stone for students to enter the corporate world. It gives foundational knowledge and skills to succeed in their professional lives. Pursuing a BCA degree will instil the ability to adapt quickly, the creativity to come up with new ideas, the openness to interact with people, and the readiness to share knowledge. 

Manipal University Jaipur, an A+ NAAC accredited university, is the best institution for BCA degree programme, that focuses on preparing future-ready candidates. The university is now offering an UGC-entitled online BCA degree. By enrolling on the Online Manipal website, Students can pursue the course from the comfort of their homes along with other jobs or commitments. The learning material is available on the state-of-the-art learning management system, which can be accessed from anywhere using any device. 

Students can attend live and recorded lectures, bite-sized explainer video content, quizzes and interact with course instructors and peers on the discussion forum. The programme includes the Google Cloud Computing Foundations curriculum that will introduce you to the breadth of cloud technology with concepts, hands-on labs, assessments, and a capstone project on topics ranging from cloud infrastructure to application development.

In addition to interactive learning, the university focuses on placement assistance by conducting skill development workshops and other events to help students find suitable jobs and thrive in their job roles. 

In conclusion, all of BCA’s programmes are geared to fulfil the expanding demand for qualified workers in various fields, not just the IT industry. Job prospects after graduation include Software Engineering and Development, Hardware and Networking, Research and Development, Services and Applications Support, and so on. Students work as Programmers, Software Testing Engineers, Analysts, and Administrators in many IT sectors and businesses.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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