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7 career prospects for a management graduate

Lt. Mayank Mittal | July 22, 2021 3 Min Read

7 career prospects for a management graduate

Getting a degree in management widens your career opportunities and unlocks great potential in landing a secure, high-paying job. This benefit holds irrespective of whether you have acquired an on-campus degree or opted for online BBA degree or accelerated online MBA.

In any case, an aspirant (or a degree holder, for that matter) may wonder about the future career prospect of management degree. Hence, the following are seven most sought after positions for management graduates:

1. Human Resource Manager

A career in human resource management continues to remain an evergreen choice amongst management graduates. HR managers tap into their soft skills to build rapport with the employees while also keeping the executives happy. From resolving workplace conflict to developing worker-friendly policies – you may be actively involved in all the tasks that promote the welfare of the workforce. If you are a “people person”, then this position is ideal for you. From hiring to relieving, the HR department is responsible for managing each employee’s career cycle in any organisation.

2. Business Management Consultant

A Business Management Consultant makes use of their experience and foresight to implement changes within a business to help them achieve their goals. These goals could be in the form of increased sales or improved productivity, and so on. You will require strong research skills paired with an acute understanding of the market trends. Further, you must follow a data-driven approach to drive the results.

3. Business Development Manager

A career in Business Development is an off-beat choice for management graduates. However, it only goes to display the versatility of the degree. If you have acquired specialisation in business, finance, accounting, sales, or marketing, then this profile is perfect for you. As a Business Development Manager, you will have to formulate strategic plans to increase business profitability and brand position in the market.

4. Project Manager

Project Managers are responsible for juggling people, tasks, and resources to deliver projects in a timely fashion. You will have to participate in every stage of project development, right from the moment where the client outlines their goal until delivery and support. To work at the position of a Project Manager, you may have to acquire industry certification such as Agile or PRINCE2.

5. Social Media Manager

Given the status social media platforms have gained in the past few years, there has been an increased demand for Social Media Managers. If you are a tech-savvy individual, who knows the value of multimedia and content, then this emerging field could nurture your interests. Do bear in mind that the world of social media is ever-changing, so you would be required to stay abreast of all these changes and apply your theoretical knowledge against this backdrop. This can be made a little more elaborate by adding tech sub domains /roles in social media marketing.

6. Risk Manager

As businesses have started to focus on reputation building and management, it has given rise to the profile of a Risk Manager. Risk Managers offer a holistic approach to assess the risks that may impact the safety and security, profitability, and reputation of a business. In addition to identifying threats, they plan out risk mitigation and disaster recovery plans to prevent and recover from these risks. Given its sensitive nature, this job requires an extremely experienced professional with robust analytical skills. You need to have a complete understanding of business requirements, legal conditions, corporate governance, tax compliance, as well as environmental factors. Mention what specialization are eligible for this job.

7. Entrepreneur

Do you have a unique business proposition and a defined plan to realise this dream? Then you may consider starting up your own business venture.

As a management graduate, you will possess the requisite business acumen that will help you create, manage, grow, and sustain a business. And while there is no sure-shot formula for becoming a successful entrepreneur, your degree in management will surely improve your chances. Can touch upon some subjects that will be learned and how that will help while starting up.

Final Thoughts

A degree in management presents unique opportunities to grow and diversify your career. The seven career prospects cited above illustrate the many ways through which you can build a promising career. Now it is all about getting the required degree!

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