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Career prospects after an MBA in Healthcare Management


In the dynamic field of healthcare management, the need for skilled management professionals has never been more crucial. If you are a fresh graduate confused about which MBA specialization to choose, an MBA in Healthcare Management can be a great option. There are ample opportunities in the healthcare sector as a management graduate. An MBA in Healthcare Management helps you gain valuable skills and knowledge required to excel in the dynamic healthcare industry. If you want to enter the field, scroll down to learn more about the MBA healthcare management jobs for fresh graduates, career prospects, salaries, and more.

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What is an MBA in Healthcare Management?

Healthcare management, also known as Healthcare administration, is the process of managing the oversight of healthcare sectors, hospitals, public health systems, or other medical facilities. Simply put, from medical insurance to drug manufacturing, every aspect of the healthcare industry requires management. This is where an MBA in Healthcare Management comes in. An MBA in Healthcare Management is a specialized postgraduate program designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in leadership roles within the healthcare industry. With a blend of healthcare expertise and business knowledge, this program allows individuals to navigate the complex challenges and dynamics of the rapidly evolving healthcare sector.

Top careers after MBA Healthcare Management

There are plenty of job opportunities you can explore in healthcare management, which requires skilled professionals to obtain leadership and management roles. Here, we have listed some of the sought-after jobs for an MBA in healthcare management in India, including salary, roles, and responsibilities.

Job titleAverage salary (INR)
Healthcare Administrator6.2 LPA
Clinical Research Manager9 LPA
Nursing Home Administrator5.5 LPA
Clinical Coordinator3.4 LPA
Medical Information Managers11 LPA
Claims Manager7.8 LPA
Medical Practice Manager23.9 LPA
  • Health Administrator

The role of the healthcare administrator is to ensure that the organization is operating smoothly, delivering the best possible care for patients. They  provide training sessions for doctors, nurses, and other personnel, analyze the employee schedules, give feedback, and manage company records. Furthermore, they are also responsible for the safety and hygiene of the facility.

  • Clinical Research Manager

The Clinical Research Manager is responsible for managing the clinical monitoring process and administering the clinical trials. They have to examine whether the studies are conducted in compliance with ethical standards and scientific principles, monitoring the progress of each study until it meets the desired goals.  

The managers also hold a primary role in recruiting participants for clinical trials, including identifying potential individuals, screening them for eligibility, and arranging interactions with researchers.

  •  Nursing Home Administrators

A nursing home administrator has to be proficient in two aspects – business and healthcare. In short, they are responsible for maintaining the business and organization aspects of healthcare facilities. 

However, they are also involved in the operation on a personalized level focusing on achieving quality and safety of resident care. They tend to manage various tasks, including hiring, training, evaluating, and scheduling the staff and taking control of the finance and budgets of the organization.

  • Clinical Coordinator

A clinical coordinator analyses and oversees the day-to-day activities and duties of the healthcare clinic, managing and communicating with staff and ensuring the highest level of care. They serve as a lesion between administration and patients, making sure to coordinate their every need. 

Another responsibility of the clinical coordinator is to create and implement a budget, to meet all the supplies required for the facility. Moreover, they can also train and supervise staff, design policies and ensure they are implemented.

  • Medical Information Managers

The role of health information managers is a data-driven one, where they have to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the data and information collected from various departments in hospitals, private medical practices, or other health-related businesses. 

The job is based on the knowledge of the healthcare industry with a basic foundation understanding of treatments, billing codes, and coding software. The professionals have to coordinate and supervise staff and keep up the accuracy, timelessness, and completeness of the financial statements, data, and productivity reports.

  • Claims Manager

The primary role of the Claims manager is to receive, assess and manage the claims made by the policyholder. They have to examine whether the claim is valid and arrange the health fund and action as needed. 

He or she is responsible for making timely and proper disposition of claims depending on the health policy provisions. In addition, they can also recommend and implement best practices to complete claim settlements, legal reviews, and compliance with company policies and regulations of the insurance industry.

  •  Medical Practice Manager

The medical Practice Manager’s primary role is to supervise the operations of various departments of healthcare organizations, from the front office and staffing requirements to managing patient complaints and maintaining an inventory of medicines and equipment. Simply put, they have to oversee various tasks to ensure the clinic is performing at its peak smoothly and successfully.

Why choose an MBA in healthcare management as a career?

Due to the ever-evolving demand for expert managers, the healthcare industry is actively looking for MBA graduates. The graduates will be provided with various career opportunities from MNC to government jobs after an MBA in healthcare management, considered one of the highest-paying and most rewarding professions. For instance, the healthcare management consultant’s salary will be approximately INR 5 to 6 LPA.

MBA holders in healthcare management have bright careers in various roles. Let us explore why you should choose an MBA in healthcare management as your career.

  • Healthcare is inevitable

Healthcare has recently been one of the fastest-growing sectors, especially due to the pandemic. Hence the field calls for skilled professionals to acquire the position of administrator or manager in the organization to manage costs, resources, and manpower. Moreover, the sector’s continuous growth will move you up the career ladder. Enrolling in hospital administration courses or healthcare management programs are quick way to start a career in healthcare industry.

  • Step up and stand out

MBA healthcare management jobs will help you gain business acumen, including ideas, theories, and techniques of medical establishments. It will help you have the edge over the competitors, enabling you to make a mark among peers and leaders.

  • Harnessing holistic growth

The healthcare sector is full of advanced technology, enabling seamless and streamlined healthcare operations. Moreover, you will be in a better position to amp up your ability in dealing with various aspects, including diversity, ethics, and cultural differences. It will assure you of holistic career growth where you can deliver improved quality care.

  • Fulfilling financial rewards

Besides numerous job opportunities, an MBA healthcare management career places you in a position with a higher pay bracket. According to a recent survey, the average salary for healthcare management freshers is INR 5 LPA which might increase to INR 20 LPA.

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Top recruiters in the healthcare management sector

An MBA in healthcare management opens up various opportunities in hospital management, hospital administration, and other senior positions. Some of the top recruiters who hire MBA healthcare management graduates are –

  • Cipla
  • Fortis
  • Apollo
  • Manipal Hospitals
  • KPMG
  • Practo
  • Glenmark
  • Pfizer
  • Omega Healthcare management
  • Star Health
  • Siemens
  • Health Trail Portal
  • IMS Health
  • Max

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Can I study healthcare management online?

Considering the lucrative healthcare management salary in India, the online MBA in Healthcare Management offered by Manipal Academy of Higher Education can be the best choice for you. This online MBA program designed to suit the schedules of working professionals will prepare you for a career in the healthcare industry, instilling practical understanding and problem-solving ability. 

This postgraduate course equips the students with strategies and systems involved in managing the healthcare industry. It will teach them to improve the internal and external cooperative systems, ensuring a broad number of job opportunities in hospital and healthcare-related firms.

Eligibility criteria

Educational QualificationGraduates (10+2+3) in any discipline from recognized universities/ institutions, or an equivalent qualification as recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) with a minimum of 50% of marks or equivalent grade.
Professional ExperienceOne year of work experience in reputed organizations

Learning outcomes

  • Explore different domains such as finance, marketing, management principles, business, and more
  • Get a deep insight into the healthcare operations sector
  • Detailed knowledge to seal the gap between hospital administration and patients
  • Stay ahead in learning about the latest trends and policies in the industry
  • Acquire a broader perspective and enhance your earning potential

Bottom line

The healthcare sector is vast and growing, and so is the position, making a mass impact on the economy worldwide. Hence, choosing a career in healthcare management can be extremely rewarding and an ideal option for those looking for a perfect way to make a difference in the industry. 

If you are seeking to enter the world of distinguished and better-paying MBA healthcare jobs, then it’s time to advance your career with MAHE’s MBA in Healthcare Management by Online Manipal. In a nutshell, healthcare management continues to thrive and grow, offering various opportunities to contribute to the community and society to a large extent.


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