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Empowering healthcare professionals: Testimonials from online MBA students 

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April 8,

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, professionals are constantly seeking ways to enhance their skills and advance their careers. For Puja Maithra, Juhita Bhattacharyya, and Dr. Nandini L, pursuing an online MBA degree has been the catalyst for professional growth and development. Let’s delve into their experiences and insights as they navigate their career paths while balancing work, family, and education. 

Puja Maithra: Hectic schedule will not stop me! 

I’ve been working as a block medical officer for the last 15-20 years. I work 6 days a week from 10am to 7pm. My schedules are hectic sometimes, but I must manage despite the challenges. To improve my administration skills, I decided to pursue this online MBA degree. I feel this program is helping me immensely as I’m learning new skills. The live classes are very good, and the faculty are great. 

Juhita Bhattacharyya: Journey from a dentist to Medical advisor 

“I started my career as a dentist and then moved to become a medical advisor to explore this career option. To move up the career ladder, I decided to pursue an MBA in healthcare management. I’m learning skills like team management that I think will contribute to my career. I can access the material through my phone anywhere, anytime and that’s the best part about the program.” 

Dr Nandini L: A microbiologist’s corporate dream 

“After completing my MBBS, I’ve been working as a microbiologist for 7 years. I want to get into a corporate job and explore roles in hospital management or administration. With a 3-month-old baby, I couldn’t attend regular college and I also didn’t want to quit my current job. So, I chose an online MBA in healthcare by MAHE, because Manipal is a well-established brand, especially in the health sector. The program is conducted in a holistic manner and I’m able to gain knowledge in the functioning of the healthcare sector. The faculty are very knowledgeable, and the reading material is very good.” 

MAHE’s Online MBA in Healthcare: Career Transitions Made Easy 

  • Flexibility for Busy Professionals: Designed to accommodate the hectic schedules of healthcare professionals. 
  • Accessible Learning: Enables students to access materials and participate in classes from their smartphones, ensuring convenience and flexibility. 
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Equips students with essential skills and knowledge for success in healthcare management roles. 
  • Expert Faculty Guidance: Led by experienced faculty members who provide top-notch education and support throughout the program. 
  • Seamless Integration: Allows students like Puja Maithra, Juhita Bhattacharyya, and Dr. Nandini L to seamlessly balance work, family, an 


The testimonials of Puja Maithra, Juhita Bhattacharyya, and Dr. Nandini L underscore the transformative impact of pursuing an online MBA in healthcare. Through flexible learning options, expert faculty guidance, and comprehensive curriculum, Manipal Academy of Higher Education continues to empower healthcare professionals to achieve their career aspirations while making meaningful contributions to the healthcare industry. 


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