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MBA in Healthcare Management course details

September 13,

As the healthcare industry continues to grow, so does the need for managers who can keep up with the pace of change. A master’s in business administration (MBA) with a concentration in health management is a great way to prepare for this.

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and is expected to continue growing. With that growth comes increased demand for high-quality care, which requires intelligent and efficient management.

An MBA with a concentration in healthcare management is an ideal way to develop those skills. It helps you build your knowledge of health insurance, hospital operations, and other aspects of healthcare management while also preparing you for careers outside of healthcare (for example, within private companies).

An MBA healthcare management online program can give you a broad understanding of how different departments work together within a company or organization—and how they operate differently depending on their size and type—and help you develop a firm grasp on how to manage them effectively.

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MBA healthcare management course details

Listed below is the general eligibility criteria, fee structure, and career paths for an MBA in healthcare management.

Course Duration2 years
EligibilityA UG degree from any of the streams with minimum 50% marks
Admission processEntrance exam conducted by colleges, GD & PI
Course fee7 LPA
Examination typeCAT, MAT, XAT, GMAT, CMAT
Average starting salary12 LPA
Top sectorIT, BPOs and Healthcare Industries like Hospitals, Nursing homes etc.
Top employersFortis, Manipal Hospitals, Medanta The Medicity, Apollo, Max Healthcare, Narayana Health, The Christian Medical College, Columbia Asia

What is an MBA in healthcare management?

Healthcare management is a booming industry and one of the fastest-growing fields in the world. With that growth comes increased demand for qualified managers who can handle the complexities of healthcare organizations. An MBA in healthcare management is an excellent way to prepare for this opportunity.

MBA in healthcare management is a two-year program that focuses on how to run a healthcare facility and the processes involved in managing it. It covers topics such as financial management, marketing, and human resources.

The MBA in healthcare management is exciting and challenging and offers students a chance to explore the many facets of healthcare management.

Healthcare management is broad, including everything from hospital administration to insurance and billing practices. The degree focuses on developing leadership skills, organizational strategies, and collaborative teamwork to help professionals advance their careers within the healthcare industry.

An MBA healthcare management online program is popular because it can benefit students seeking management positions with hospitals or other healthcare institutions. It will help them gain experience in these areas while still in school.

It is, especially, suitable for those who don’t have time to attend classes on campus or want additional flexibility from their learning experience.

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Why choose MBA in healthcare management?

If you are looking for a career in the healthcare industry, an MBA in Healthcare Management is the best way to get started. With an online MBA in healthcare management, you can take what you’ve learned in a technical degree and apply it to real-world situations while also learning how to run a business and manage people.

With an MBA in Healthcare Management, you can gain a vast exposure to the industry, as explained below –

  • An in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry

One of the most important things that an MBA in Healthcare Management can do is help you understand how the healthcare industry works. You will learn about everything from billing processes to insurance regulations and much more. This knowledge will help you make informed decisions as a manager or leader in your field.

  • Gain leadership skills

One of the main goals of an online MBA healthcare program is to teach students how to lead others and manage teams effectively. This is especially true when it comes to being an effective leader within a healthcare organization because there are so many different departments involved that require different skill sets—and knowing how each one works will help you understand how best to motivate your employees and keep them engaged with their work.

  • Understand how to manage and improve hospital operations

With a focus on clinical, financial and administrative management, an MBA in Healthcare Management program will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to optimize and improve business performance in healthcare organizations. You will learn about strategic planning, finance, human resources, information technology, marketing and management of healthcare organizations.

  • Knowledge and skills needed to maximize success in healthcare organizations

In addition to helping you develop the knowledge and skills needed to optimize and improve business performance in healthcare organizations, the online MBA program will also prepare you for career advancement by providing an understanding of organizational behavior and leadership styles.

  • Expand your global perspective through international study and internships

The MBA in Healthcare Management can help you develop the skills that will enable you to lead a global healthcare system, whether it is in the US, Europe, or Asia. The curriculum includes a mandatory study abroad experience and an opportunity to travel the world while earning credits toward your degree. In addition to learning about other cultures and languages, you will also get valuable career experience from working alongside leaders from around the globe.

  • Learn by doing with experiential learning projects

An MBA in healthcare management offers experiential learning opportunities that allow you to apply what you learn in the classroom directly to real-world situations. You will engage in hands-on learning projects that will challenge you to think critically about healthcare management issues in your community or worldwide, so when you graduate with your MBA. 

Who should choose an MBA in healthcare management?

An MBA in Healthcare Management is for anyone who wants to work in a healthcare-related field but doesn’t want to go through the years of schooling required for a medical degree. If you are interested in working as a manager or administrator in a hospital, clinic, or healthcare facility, an MBA in Healthcare Management can help you achieve your goals.

The MBA in Healthcare Management is the perfect path for you if you have a passion for healthcare management. You will learn how to manage complex organizations, develop strategic plans and implement them effectively, work with people from all walks of life and backgrounds, and more. Not only that, but a program from a reputed institution will teach you how to do it all with integrity and accountability.

If you want to be your boss and run your own business, an MBA in Healthcare Management can help get you there. This program will equip you with the skills necessary to create new ventures or take over existing ones. It will teach you how to develop a business plan that works for your unique needs and goals – and then help you execute it flawlessly!

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Admission process for MBA in Healthcare Management

The admission process for an MBA in Healthcare Management is not different from any other MBA program. 

The first step is determining if you have the prerequisites for admission after completing the entrance exams. You should have a bachelor’s degree and demonstrate leadership skills by showing that you were involved in extracurricular activities. If you do not have these two things, you must take some foundation courses before applying.

The next step is to apply and pay the application fee (this can vary depending on the university). You will need to submit an application form and transcripts from all previous undergraduate and graduate degrees. You may need letters of recommendation from people who can attest to your abilities and potential as an entrepreneur or business leader.

Once you upload the relevant documents, you might have to write an entrance examination or attend an interview, depending upon the guidelines of the university.

Eligibility criteria for MBA healthcare management

Generally, to be eligible for the MBA in Healthcare Management program, you must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with at least 50% marks. You must also have received good results on entrance exams and meet all other requirements. However, the eligibility criteria may vary based on the university you apply for.

An MBA in Healthcare Management is not restricted by age and does not require prior work experience. However, we highly recommend applicants with relevant experience to help prepare them for the course.

Selection process

The first step in the process is to apply online. Applicants must submit their forms, transcripts, and other relevant documentation.

After this, applicants will be ranked based on their academic records and work experience. They will then be invited to participate in an interview with a panel of admissions officers who will evaluate them based on their communication skills, knowledge of healthcare management principles, and ability to demonstrate commitment to their career goals.

Once the interviews are complete, final decisions will be made about which candidates will be accepted into the program and which will not.

What will you learn in MBA healthcare management?

The MBA healthcare management course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge about the various facets of the healthcare industry, including healthcare economics and finance, strategic planning for healthcare organizations, health policy and regulatory issues, corporate governance in healthcare organizations, ethical issues in healthcare management etc. 

The curriculum also covers operational aspects of public and private hospitals, such as hospital marketing strategies, patient satisfaction surveys and customer service management techniques.

In addition to classroom lectures by professors, students are also exposed to guest speakers from the industry who share their experiences. Students are expected to complete a project under the guidance of their faculty mentor during their final year, at which they present their findings before an audience of faculty members and other students who act as judges.

Some programs are offered online and on-campus, so students can choose the option that best suits their schedule and needs if they live far away from those programs.

Healthcare management skills you will learn from an MBA

The MBA degree is something that will teach you a lot more than just business. It can help you develop skills applicable to your life, from time management to project management to business ethics. Here’s what you will learn in an MBA program:

  • Time management

The most important thing you will learn from an MBA program is how to manage your time better. Whether it is learning how to say no or understanding how much time each task takes, effectively managing your schedule will help you be more efficient at work and home.

  • Project management

Another skill that all MBAs learn is project management. This means taking a project from beginning through completion while using resources efficiently and effectively. This skill can be applied in any setting, whether managing a team of employees or organizing your wedding plans with friends!

Can I pursue an MBA in Healthcare management online?

Yes! The online MBA in Healthcare Management is designed for current healthcare professionals and students who want to pursue a career in healthcare management. 

With this program, you can earn your MBA in as little as one year—without quitting your MBA in healthcare management job opportunities or moving to another city. The online format allows for maximum flexibility, so you can study at your own pace and on your schedule. 

This program is also ideal for working professionals looking to advance their careers by earning an MBA in healthcare management. Many graduates have used their new skills and knowledge to secure promotions and raises after completing this program.

Which is the best place to learn MBA in Healthcare Management?

An online MBA program in Healthcare Management offered by MAHE is one of the most popular programs for students who want to pursue a career in healthcare management. The program has been designed in such a way to help you gain an understanding of all aspects of health care, from patient care and hospital administration to insurance and regulatory compliance.

It also allows you to develop strong business acumen through finance courses and build your leadership skills through project management classes. With this knowledge, you will be able to make informed decisions about how best to manage your organization’s resources while ensuring the safety and well-being of patients.

The flexibility of this program allows you to complete it at your own pace, so even if you have a busy schedule outside of class, you can still get everything done on time. You will also have access to expert faculty members who guide you through each course and ensure you keep up with all assignments as they come due.

Fee structure for online MBA in Healthcare Management

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) is a leading MBA institute in India and provides world-class education in the field of healthcare management. The fee structure for online MBA in Healthcare Management from MAHE is quite affordable, and the course curriculum is designed to meet the future needs of the healthcare industry.

The fee for online MBA in Healthcare Management from MAHE is INR 2,60,000. 

Career options after an online MBA in Healthcare Management

There are plenty of opportunities for you to work in the healthcare industry and improve people’s lives. Here are just a few of the most popular career paths:

  • Hospital administrator

It is a great option if you want to be in charge of major decisions at a hospital. You will need to have an understanding of the business side of healthcare, as well as the medical side. You will also need to be able to manage people and budgets effectively.

  • Hospital CFO

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) manages all financial matters, including budgets, accounting and human resources. This position requires strong analytical skills and an ability to make difficult decisions under pressure.

  • Product management for medical device companies

This might be a good option if you are interested in developing new products for medical device companies. You will need strong communication skills and knowledge about medical devices to communicate effectively with clients and other stakeholders involved in product development.

  • Pharmaceutical product manager

Pharmaceutical Product Managers help bring new drugs from concept through commercialization by overseeing all aspects of drug development from idea generation through market launch. They must have extensive knowledge about pharmaceuticals and medicine and excellent interpersonal skills to work well with other team or department members.

  • Healthcare management consultant

 A healthcare management consultant helps various organizations, including hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies, achieve their goals by offering services like strategic planning and system development.

  • Healthcare executive

A healthcare executive might work for a hospital or insurance company; they oversee all aspects of the company’s operations, from marketing to finance.

  • Health information management director

Health information managers manage all aspects of patient information systems at hospitals and other health organizations; they ensure that patient data is accurate and secure throughout the organization’s workflow processes.

  • Healthcare financial manager

 Healthcare financial managers ensure that hospitals or clinics have enough money to pay bills without going into debt (or losing donors).

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Higher education options

There are many different types of MBAs, each specializing in a specific field. The most common areas are:

  • Financial management and accounting
  • Business administration
  • Human resources management
  • Information technology and marketing
  • Healthcare management

Here are the list of future prospects for graduates of MBA in healthcare management.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the best ways to use my MBA in healthcare management?

The best way to use your MBA in Healthcare Management is to prepare for a career as a healthcare manager.

Which degree is better for a career in health care: an MBA or a master of health administration?

An MBA is a better choice if you are interested in a career in healthcare. While both degrees are designed to prepare graduates for jobs in the field, an MBA provides more comprehensive training. A master of Health Administration focuses on management and administration, while an MBA provides a solid foundation for leadership positions.

Will earning an MBA increase my salary?

Yes, earning an MBA is one of the best ways to increase your salary.

Is MBA hard to study?

The answer to that question is: it depends on you. If you are a fast learner and have the discipline to stay on track, then no. It is not hard to study for an MBA degree.

Key takeaways:

  • The healthcare industry is constantly transforming, and staying on top of the latest trends and developments is crucial.
  • An MBA in healthcare management will help you understand how to run your business in a way that makes it profitable and sustainable—and helps it thrive in the future.
  • You will be able to make decisions for your organization based on data-driven insights about what’s working and what isn’t, which is essential when looking at big-picture goals like growth and sustainability in a rapidly evolving industry like healthcare management.
  • An online MBA in healthcare management will give you the tools you need to succeed as a healthcare manager by introducing you to new concepts like leadership development, process improvement methodologies, best practices for developing talent within organizations, practical communication skills across departments and teams within organizations, among others.


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