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Top 10 companies that hire healthcare management professionals


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February 8,

The healthcare sector has many job opportunities for doctors, nurses, therapists, administrators, technicians, paramedics, and more. A commitment to giving back to the community runs through all of them. Work-life balance and increased workplace flexibility have been given top priority by the greatest healthcare organizations to work for. 

Some companies use incentives like increased pay and more vacation time to entice current workers to stick around. Most significantly, Top Workplaces in the healthcare sector promote a culture where people come first. These businesses prioritize creating an atmosphere where employees feel valued, backed up, and trusted.

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Top 10 healthcare organizations to work for

The finest healthcare organizations to work for are those aware of their staff members’ top priorities. These businesses benefit from high levels of employee engagement, contentment, and pleasure. The top healthcare businesses give staff members a happy, safe, and healthy work environment as well as perks that promote their general health and well-being with MBA in healthcare students can gain tremendous leverage.

In India, Manipal Hospital is an advanced multi-specialty tertiary care hospital. It is well-known for its cutting-edge technologies that are utilized to help both domestic and foreign patients. They have touched the lives of over 45 million people from diverse nations by offering world-class medical care. 

In India, they are running 27 healthcare institutions (7600+ beds) across 15 cities. Manipal Hospitals has over 60 specialties and over 4000 specialists who deliver the finest care.

Cardinal Health is committed to creating an atmosphere where all staff members feel they can contribute to the company’s success, grow personally and professionally, and have fun at work. Why take into account a career with Cardinal Health? They can provide exciting employment that allows you to have a positive influence on consumers and communities since they are a large, expanding organization.

Since, they are concerned with making healthcare more affordable, they see themselves as the industry that supports it. They are a crucial connection that enables healthcare providers to cut costs, enhance operations, and raise quality to improve patients’ treatment.

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Athena Health collaborates with healthcare institutions throughout the care continuum to improve clinical and financial outcomes. Their experienced teams create cutting-edge technologies in an open, interconnected environment, producing insights that benefit their clients and the patients they treat. 

Athena Health Inc. and Virence Health, two organizations with decades of expertise in healthcare technology, merged to become a new Athenahealth in 2019. The extensive national reach results from combining technology, intelligence, skills, and client base. Because of this, they have a unique position to access and comprehend healthcare data from throughout the country.

The work conducted at Philips contributes to improving people’s lives throughout the world. It goes beyond just being a job. This unplanned professional experience will change you both professionally and emotionally by producing significant innovation that aids in resolving some of the largest problems in healthcare. 

The goal of everything they do at Philips is to improve people’s lives on a global scale. Developing significant solutions that address a variety of complex and simple healthcare problems. While working with Philips, you’ll be a part of a multicultural, international culture that prioritizes people—both employees and clients.

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Why not seek a company trying to alter everything if you’re going to change careers? United Health is your ideal destination if you have that type of thirst for change. They propel innovation and change globally as members of the expanding United Health Group family of companies. That’s opening doors for individuals with drive, passion, and a focus on quality right here in India.

Their motivation is to support individuals in leading healthier lifestyles and enhancing the healthcare system’s efficiency as a whole. This is the one career opportunity that can alter everything for you because they want to make a difference.

Cigna is a worldwide health services organization committed to assisting individuals in enhancing their health, happiness, and sense of security. The improvement of the lives of the people they serve is the common purpose shared by all 40,000+ members of team. They endeavor to introduce adaptable and new solutions to the present market, promoting mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. They want to make their customers’ experiences simple, dependable, and personalized in proactive and sensitive ways.

At Abbott, sustainability refers to running their business to benefit the community they serve over the long term, influencing healthcare policy, and improving the lives of the greatest number of people possible. At Abbott, diversity permeates everything—from their workforce to their perspectives. It is essential to achieving their goals and is ingrained in their principles. 

A diverse set of viewpoints fosters an innovative working culture, which is crucial for addressing global healthcare concerns. Abbott has the advantage that needs to develop health innovations that can improve people’s lives because of these diverse ideas and insights.

Omega Healthcare is the top supplier of analytics solutions and processes for revenue cycle management in the healthcare sector. For their clients, their technology-driven solutions and services are delivered by more than 26,000 skilled workers, which helps to save costs and free up time. 

Their mission is to be the premier worldwide supplier of knowledge process outsourcing services for the healthcare industry.

To provide the life sciences sector with actionable information, IQVIA (NYSE: IQV) is a top global provider of advanced analytics, technological solutions, and clinical research services. IQVIA believes in pushing the limits of data science and human science to assist its clients in building a better society. Every employee at IQVIA works toward the common objective of enhancing human health, regardless of their position. 

In addition to general dentistry, Gentle Dental offers orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, pedodontics, prosthodontics, and oral surgery. Under the names Gentle Dental and Smile Keepers, Gentle Dental offers patient services at 180 sites in eight western states.

Each team member is patient-focused and consistently demonstrates how group dentistry can provide patients with superior, more moral, and all-encompassing options. 

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How to become a quality manager in healthcare?

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) offer online MBA programs in healthcare management through Online Manipal (MUJ). One of the few higher education institutions in India having the Institute of Eminence designation is MAHE, which has a NAAC ranking of A++. 

MAHE offers its online programs through Online Manipal, that gives all qualified online degree students placement aid. It arranges virtual and local recruitment campaigns regularly. Additionally, Online Manipal offers specialized programs in job orientation, skill development, and resume writing.

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Hierarchy in Healthcare Management

Manager Senior15.1 LPA
Associate Manager7 LPA
Manager (Admin)4.5LPA
Source: AmbitionBox


Despite the ongoing evolution and change in the healthcare sector, many outstanding firms continue to stand out. See if one of the top healthcare organizations is a suitable fit for you by researching them. A company could succeed for many reasons. However, you might want to consider employee satisfaction and work-life balance when choosing the best private and public healthcare organizations to work for.
MAHE provides 10 specializations including healthcare management as part of its online MBA program in established and new fields. Delivered by expert faculty at MAHE, this online MBA program is designed for working professionals, who has at least one year of experience.

Key takeaways:

  • Large organizations frequently provide formal training programs, meaning there are more development and growth prospects.
  • You’re more likely to be able to make career switches and try out other responsibilities because of the variety of positions that are accessible in large organizations. You’ll also have more prospects for promotion thanks to the number of roles available.
  • Larger businesses have access to a wider range of people and frequently draw the finest and the brightest. As a result, you’ll get the chance to study under people who are subject-matter experts.
  • Both professionally and personally, in that you’ll encounter a wide range of individuals with really diverse skill sets, and personally, in that there’s a vast pool of people to make friends with and interact with, diversity in the workplace is advantageous.
  • There are many possibilities for networking at large firms because of the vast and diversified community close at hand. When the time comes for you to uproot and move to a new firm and a new career, this will be helpful if you’re interested in changing roles inside.


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Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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