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What is TAPMI’s MBA-BKFS? Is it available online?

What is an MBA in BKFS?

The MBA in Banking and Financial Services (BKFS) by T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) is a two-year postgraduate program focusing on banking and financial management principles and topics, including accounting, banking, insurance, acquisitions, mergers, etc. 

Highlights of the TAPMI BKFS program 

TAPMI, a business school founded in 1980, has impressive accomplishments and accreditations that speak for itself. TAPMI, which is among India’s top 20 business schools, strongly emphasizes on preparing students for today’s competitive workforce. TAPMI firmly believes in active learning as one of the pillars of education.

Every component of the curriculum, which is action-based and outcome-focused, is designed to teach working professionals in the BFSI sector through practical experiences. One of the best choices you can make in your learning process is selecting TAPMI as your learning partner.

The MBA – BKFS program by TAPMI was carefully structured with the needs of professionals in the BFSI sector in mind. Top instructors teach the 100% online course, which includes the following program features:

  • Four industry-oriented electives
  • Live virtual classes with an advanced digital platform
  • Eight years of successful on-campus delivery
  • TAPMI alumni status and networking opportunities

Is the program available online?

MBA in banking and financial services is designed to help individuals advance quickly to managerial careers and work on leadership roles in the BFSI industry. Many career-focused professionals have chosen TAPMI’s MBA – BKFS program as their top choice, and after 8 years of successful on-campus delivery, the legacy is now available online.

Online students can now get an online MBA BKFS degree from TAPMI, available on the Online Manipal website, while remaining at home, working full-time, and at an unbelievable price. The program equips learners with digital transformation in the banking industry, emerging technologies, and other innovations in the new-age BFSI environment. It is supported by cutting-edge digital infrastructure, an up-to-date curriculum, and four industry-oriented elective baskets. 

Highlights of the TAPMI’s online MBA-BKFS program

  • Four elective baskets focused on the industry

The online program offers four electives that are pertinent to the industry-analytics for banking and finance, banking, capital markets, and advanced corporate finance. 

  • TAPMI alumni status

Students who choose the online curriculum will receive the esteemed alumni status of TAPMI.

  • The modernized online education platform

During live lectures on weekends, students can virtually connect with instructors and peers thanks to an integrated learning management system (LMS), which runs on low bandwidth. Access to e-books, case studies, and live virtual classes is available to students. 

There are several advantages to studying online, and with Online Manipal, you may experience a hassle-free online learning environment.

Is work experience required to apply for the program? 

Yes, a minimum of one year’s experience is required to apply for TAPMI’s online MBA-BKFS. 

When selecting candidates for the MBA program, institutes look for traits such as skill set, and managerial competence. These qualities can only be gained via experience, which is why work experience is required for an MBA. 

Moreover, TAPMI’s MBA in BKFS allows working professionals in the BFSI industry to switch to managerial positions and climb up the career ladder.

Demand for MBA BKFS

India has one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies, as well as a thriving banking and financial sector. The finance industry is moving closer to reaching its full economic potential. Due to the need of the BFSI industry, there is a constant rise in the demand for talented and highly qualified management professionals with experience in banking and finance.

Financial planning, controlling, and managing financial resources are the three primary functional areas required by the banking business. The MBA in Banking and Financial Services program’s framework develops a professional’s financial knowledge and expertise. 

The program is intended to assist working professionals launch managerial careers in banking and financial services with prominent national and global banks and financial enterprises. The curriculum assists professionals with mergers and acquisitions and smart asset management. 

Online Manipal advantage 

With Online Manipal, you can get to pursue a hassle-free online degree anywhere, anytime. Using technology-assisted procedures and resources, Online Manipal offers flexible learning options, e-learning material, and full-fledged program delivery over the internet. Through an integrated learning management system (LMS), learners can interact with peers and faculty, and take up quizzes, assignments and mock tests.

Meanwhile, the online MBA BKFS will help you boost your profession and land you high paying jobs. Additionally, you can complete your MBA without quitting your job, lounging at home, or from anywhere in the world, thanks to Online Manipal’s flexible online learning alternatives. An online MBA BKFS through Online Manipal can assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you want to change careers or improve in your current industry.


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