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Why are MBA-BKFS graduates sought after?


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February 17,

India’s economy is among the largest and fastest-growing in the world, and its banking and financial industry is prospering. The financial and banking services sector is filled with opportunities for professionals who are equipped with cutting-edge technology and are knowledgeable about the complexities of this booming industry. Due to the demands of the BFSI industry, the employability of MBA in Banking and Financial Services graduates is increasing by the day. The framework of the MBA-BKFS program helps professionals to upgrade their financial knowledge and skills to advance their careers.

What is TAPMI’s online MBA in BKFS?

TAPMI online MBA-BFKS is a 2-year full-time program divided into 4 semesters. The online program offers four electives that are pertinent to the industry: advanced corporate finance, banking, capital markets, and analytics for banking and finance. The online program aims to prepare working professionals for the future by educating them about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and other innovations in the new BFSI environment.

How does the program help working professionals?

The objective of TAPMI’s MBA-BKFS course is to prepare students for managerial positions at top national and international banks and financial institutions. The demand for these graduates is increasing due to the transformation in the BFSI sector, which increases the need for highly skilled professionals. Graduates with suitable work experience and an MBA in BKFS might anticipate moving into managerial roles and receiving sizable compensation offers. The alumni status of the program will help individuals to develop a network of like-minded professionals and open up various networking opportunities which can ultimately help them land their dream job.

This program is best suited for working professionals of different experience levels:

  • 1-3 years: This program is well suited for early-career working individuals seeking a career in banking or financial management.
  • 3-8 years: Mid-level to senior-level financial services and banking professionals who are keen to comprehend risk management and control in a changing business environment can opt for this.
  • More than 8 years: Business executives in financial services and banking who are eager to learn more about the BFSI sector in this disruptive environment can enroll in this program. Also, this is beneficial to risk management consultants and finance experts who work in banks or fintech businesses or who work on similar clients/projects.

To know more, read How TAPMI online MBA-BKFS electives help professionals tailor their career paths.

What can you expect out of the program?

With cutting-edge digital infrastructure, a thorough curriculum, and four electives pertinent to the industry, the program strives to create well-rounded leaders with banking and finance skills for the competitive world of today.

  • Learners will have command over key topics, including blockchain technology in the banking sector, digital revolutions in the banking industry, and innovation in modern banking environments.
  • Students will be able to upgrade their knowledge and abilities to meet the expectations of the BFSI sector with enhanced problem-solving, managerial, and leadership skills.
  • This program aids experts in the field in improving their knowledge. Through this extensive program, early-career professionals can lay a solid foundation.
  • Learners will be able to gain specialized knowledge and skills according to their chosen electives. 
  • Learners will have the opportunity to investigate a variety of career paths and fields, including capital management, investment banking, financial risk management, corporate finance, and treasury management.

Learning outcomes of TAPMI’s online MBA-BKFS program

  • Command over topics such as blockchain technology in the banking sector, digital revolutions in the banking industry, and innovation in modern banking environments
  • Updated knowledge and abilities to meet the expectations of the BFSI sector with enhanced problem-solving, managerial, and leadership skills
  • Provide specialized knowledge and skills according to the chosen industry-oriented electives
  • Open various career paths in the BFSI sector, including capital management, investment banking, financial risk management, corporate finance, and treasury management

Careers to explore after online MBA-BKFS

Some of the careers to explore after an online MBA- BFKS course is mentioned below:

  • Wealth management: The wealth management procedure is a comprehensive framework that takes a holistic picture of a client’s financial situation, including portfolio management, planning of finances, tax planning, and estate planning.
  • Investment Banking: Investment bankers often work for brokerage firms, investment banks, or governmental organizations that oversee the country’s finances.
  • Financial risk management: Managing possible and current financial threats at a company or organization using a strong strategic framework that could be able to prevent revenue loss is referred to as “financial risk management.”
  • Financial analysis: All dimensions of a company’s capital planning fall under the purview of financial analysts, including estimating future expenses and profits, financial management, and financial structure.
  • Credit risk analysis: To ascertain the possibility of the issuer meeting its obligations, an investor or bond portfolio manager may conduct a credit analysis on a business, government, municipality, or any other institution issuing debt.
  • Treasury management: It is a management approach that aids in lowering the risks to your company’s finances, operations, and reputation.
  • Fund investment and services: Individual and business consumers depend on investment fund managers for advice on selecting and disposing of investment trusts, shares, or bonds as wise financial investments.
  • Asset Management: Asset management in the financial sector entails learning about the client’s financial objectives and then putting strategies like trading stocks, bonds, and resources to help the client achieve those objectives.
  • Corporate banking: Corporate banking deals with transaction initiation, structuring, obtaining financing permits, and executing financial solutions for a portfolio of clients.
  • Financial risk advisory: As implied by the position title, this person is in charge of identifying potential threats to the safety, continuity, and growth of the business’s finances.
  • Investor relations: Investor relations (IR) provide factual information about the firm’s situation so that potential investors may decide whether or not to invest their money in the company.
  • Financial compliance: For investors to feel secure in their investments, it is important to ensure that marketplaces are competing, open, and transparent.
  • Wholesale banking: The target market for wholesale banking is huge enterprises, as opposed to retail banking, which serves customers and small businesses.
  • Private banking: At financial institutions, private bankers provide services to clients with large and ultra-high net worth. Their main duties are managing the money of clients and offering guidance on how to invest it.


The online MBA-BKFS program by TAPMI available on the Online Manipal website is specially designed for working professionals and helps learners gain expertise in the fields of banking and finance, enabling them to improve their job opportunities. It also enables students to investigate managerial and executive positions. Through the online MBA BKFS program at TAPMI, students can gain a variety of real-world experiences that promote idea exchange and industry integration. 


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