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How TAPMI online MBA-BKFS electives help professionals tailor their career paths

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January 25,

4 industry-relevant electives of the online MBA in BKFS

TAPMI’s online MBA-BKFS program comprises 4 industry-relevant electives designed to keep professionals up-to-date on the latest trends in the fields. The four electives are as follows:

  • Analytics for banking and finance
  • Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Advanced Corporate Finance

The four industry-relevant electives of the MBA-BKFS program can help professionals maintain a competitive edge in their field. These MBA electives in banking and finance are designed to provide an immersive experience and allow learners to get acquainted with the latest technologies that are relevant to the BFSI  industry. The electives are designed to provide a highly interactive learning experience, allowing professionals to apply their knowledge to real-world situations. These electives focus on developing skills that are relevant to work professionals in the BFSI industry do and will help them be more successful in their careers. 

Analytics for banking and finance

Analytics has become an important component of the BFSI sector because it aids in decision-making. It also aids in the comprehension of business models, customer, and market dynamics. 

Job roles to explore

Discussed below are some job roles professionals can explore with this elective:

  • Financial Analysts: Financial analysts are responsible for the analysis and evaluation of financial information for future decision-making. They use their skills in mathematics, statistics, computer science, economics, and business to inform decisions about the Company’s operations. Financial analysts may also perform research on potential new products or services for their clients and develop plans for implementing them.
  • Credit Risk Analyst: The Credit Risk Analyst is responsible for gathering and evaluating information, managing relationships, and communicating with stakeholders to identify risks that may impact the Company. They are responsible for developing and maintaining a credit risk model to help predict future financial performance. This role requires strong analytical skills, including the ability to read complex financial reports and communicate complex information clearly and concisely.
  • Analytics Banking Manager: The Analytics Banking Manager is responsible for helping build a bank that is data-driven, innovative, and customer-centric. They are responsible for providing analysis and recommendations to senior management on how to increase revenue for the bank through analytics. The role also includes working with external partners and clients to develop strategic relationships in order to help grow our business.
  • Investment Banking Analyst: The Investment Banking Analyst performs a variety of tasks related to the financing, development, and execution of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), equity capital markets transactions, and other investment banking services. An Investment Banking Analyst must have strong analytical skills and the ability to work independently. They must also be able to think critically about financial information and make recommendations based on their analysis.


Banking handles cash, credit, and other financial transactions for both individuals and businesses. Banking provides the liquidity that individuals and businesses require to invest in the future.

Job roles to explore

Discussed below are some job roles professionals can explore with this elective:

  • Treasury Management: The job entails working with the treasury department to ensure that all financial transactions are recorded and that the Company’s cash flow is managed in a way that allows it to meet its obligations. A Treasury Manager is responsible for overseeing the financial activities of an organization by developing and implementing a sound financial strategy, ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, and industry best practices, and providing leadership in establishing effective controls.
  • Fund Investment & Services: The Fund Investment & Services job roles are responsible for analyzing and selecting investment opportunities, analyzing risk, and managing the investment portfolio. These persons also work with other departmental members to ensure that the Company’s goals are met by increasing the value of their assets and ensuring that those assets are managed efficiently.
  • Finance & Operations: The Finance & Operations job roles are responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining the Company’s financial and operational systems. These roles will also have responsibility for ensuring that all financial and operational processes are up-to-date and accurate. These roles will also be responsible for managing the Company’s budgeting and forecasting processes, as well as overseeing operations management in support of these processes.
  • Business Development Manager: The Business Development Manager is responsible for helping the Company grow and expand. They manage the sales team, assist in identifying new markets, and develop a strategy for growth. They also help to recruit new employees and manage employee relations.

Capital Markets

Capital markets are venues that exchange funds between suppliers and those seeking capital for their own use. Capital markets are used to sell various financial instruments, such as stocks and bonds.

Job roles to explore

Discussed below are some job roles professionals can explore with this elective:

  • Fund Manager: A Fund Manager is responsible for keeping abreast of all current market conditions, including trends and developments in the market, as well as the ability to execute an investment strategy that meets the needs of the fund. They provide ongoing support to the investment team by helping them understand how their decisions impact portfolio performance and providing information about how funds perform when compared to benchmarks.
  • Senior Director- Capital Markets: Senior Director of Capital Markets is a position responsible for developing and executing the Company’s investment strategies, as well as providing leadership in managing the Company’s relationship with its investors. This person will also be responsible for leading the capital markets department and setting strategies for both new and existing clients.
  • Credit Analyst: A Credit Analyst will be responsible for performing credit analysis of assigned accounts, creating reports, and other analyzes related to their assigned accounts. The Credit Analyst will have the ability to analyze the financial statements and perform detailed research on a variety of topics.
  • Capital Market Analyst: Capital market analysts are responsible for providing financial and strategic advice to clients. Capital market analysts use their expertise to help businesses make informed decisions about how they should invest their money. These professionals also assist companies with their public relations efforts by providing information about the Company’s finances and operations.

Advanced Corporate Finance

Advanced Corporate Finance is an elective designed for senior banking executives and executives from other industries who have strategic financial oversight of their business and want to strengthen or broaden their understanding of corporate finance.

Job roles to explore

Discussed below are some job roles professionals can explore with this elective:

  • Corporate Finance Controller: Corporate Finance Controller is responsible for the financial management of a company’s operations. They are responsible for analyzing data, reporting and forecasting business performance, preparing financial statements, and reviewing financial reports with internal and external stakeholders. They are also responsible for supporting the business in all corporate finance-related matters, including compliance with regulations and legal requirements.
  • Financial Planning & Analysis: The Financial Planning & Analysis job roles are responsible for the analysis of financial data, including budgeting and forecasting. These roles also coordinate with other departments in order to ensure that the Company’s financial situation is analyzed thoroughly and in a timely manner.
  • Corporate Financial Analyst: The Corporate Financial Analyst is responsible for the planning and analysis of financial information for a company, including cash flow and expenses. They also perform analysis and prepare reports that are used to make decisions about investments and other resources. This role requires extensive knowledge of accounting standards and procedures, as well as research skills to gather relevant data from external sources, such as government agencies or other companies in the industry.
  • Business Finance Manager: Business Finance Manager is responsible for overseeing the financial planning, forecasting, and budgeting activities of a company. They ensure that the Company’s financial plans are in place to support future growth and are implemented as expected. They are responsible for ensuring that any changes to the budget or forecasts are communicated to all appropriate stakeholders.


In conclusion, the TAPMI’s online MBA-BKFS electives help working professionals tailor their career paths in a focused manner by providing them with the opportunity to learn and practice skills that will help them become more successful by advancing to leadership positions. The program gives learners an opportunity to explore different career paths and find new ways to grow. In addition, it provides professionals with an understanding of how they can improve their existing skills and make them more marketable.


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