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High-paying jobs in the BFSI industry & how MBA-BKFS can help you

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March 20,

For people with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets, the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) industry provides a wide range of employment prospects. The top positions in the BFSI sector include investment banker, financial risk manager, and bank manager, among many others. By giving students a solid framework in finance, accounting, risk management, and other pertinent fields, TAPMI’s online MBA in BKFS can aid people interested in pursuing a career in the BFSI sector. The online program by TAPMI provides advanced knowledge in banking, insurance, and financial services to help working professionals advance in the BFSI sector. 

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Opportunities in the new-age BFSI sector

The BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) industry is among the most rapidly expanding sectors worldwide, with numerous career opportunities. Here are some of the ways that the BFSI business is producing more job opportunities:

  • Growing Demand for Financial Services: As more individuals use financial services, more job possibilities for customer service agents, financial advisors, and investment bankers have arisen.
  • Digitalization: The BFSI industry is increasingly adopting digital technology to provide clients with seamless and convenient services. As a result, new professional roles have emerged, such as digital marketers, software developers, data analysts, and cybersecurity experts.
  • Risk Management and Compliance: Because the BFSI sector is extremely regulated, experts must manage risks and follow the rules. As a result, new job roles have emerged, such as risk managers, compliance officers, and internal auditors.
  • Globalization: As the BFSI industry expands globally, job opportunities for experts who can navigate multiple markets and cultures have arisen.

Overall, the BFSI industry is expanding job possibilities in a wide range of activities and skill sets, from classic professions like banking and insurance to new roles like digital transformation, innovation, and risk management.

High-paying in the BFSI industry

Here are some of the top job profiles for MBA BFKS graduates in the BFSI industry: 

Bank Manager

A bank manager is a person in charge of managing a bank’s day-to-day operations. They are often in charge of overseeing personnel, establishing financial objectives, creating and putting into practice policies and procedures, and making sure that legal and regulatory requirements are met. Bank managers are crucial to providing excellent customer service since they are in charge of preserving good connections with clients and resolving any problems that may emerge.

Financial Risk Manager

A specialist in identifying, evaluating, and managing financial risks is known as a Financial Risk Manager (FRM). They conduct market, and financial data analyzes to create solutions to lessen the effect of prospective losses. FRMs are in charge of spotting potential risks like credit risk, market risk, and operational risk, as well as creating strategies to lessen those risks. Additionally, they create risk management policies and processes and make sure requirements are followed.

Investment Banker

An investment banker is in demand as a profession nowadays and is accountable for handling initial public offerings (IPOs) and choosing the best mergers and acquisitions at a reasonable cost and value. With their analyses, they assist in raising capital. The development of financial risk models by investment bankers also aids in the organization’s decision-making and growth.

Fund Manager

A fund manager’s job is to develop, plan, and carry out investing strategies for a particular fund. Fund managers analyze markets, talk about customer needs, and adjust their investment strategy as they oversee the fund’s portfolio trading activity. According to the fund strategy, the fund managers conduct research on, buy, and sell the finest stocks, bonds, and other securities.

Financial Advisor

A financial advisor is a specialist who offers direction and counsel on wealth management, investment strategies, and financial planning. They assist people, families, and organizations in achieving their financial objectives, such as putting money aside for retirement, purchasing a home, or paying for a child’s education. To create a personalized financial plan, financial advisors evaluate a client’s financial condition, including their assets, obligations, income, expenses, and risk tolerance.

Insurance Advisor

An insurance advisor is a specialist who counsels both individuals and corporations on insurance plans. They assist clients in determining their insurance needs and make recommendations for suitable plans to guard against potential dangers, including property damage, bodily harm, or financial loss.

Portfolio Manager

Individuals are solely accountable for handling the finances of hedge funds as portfolio managers (pooled money of an enterprise). They must constantly research the state of the market and assist clients in attaining their defined financial goals.

Credit Risk Analyst

A credit risk analyst is a specialist who assesses a person or organization’s creditworthiness to determine the risk of lending them money. To assess the risk of a borrower defaulting on a loan, they examine financial data, credit reports, and other information. Credit risk analysts are employed in a range of sectors, such as banking, lending, and insurance.

How TAPMI’s online MBA-BKFS helps you launch a career in the BFSI industry?

Opportunities abound in the banking and financial services area for those who have access to the most recent technology and are knowledgeable about its details. Many career-focused people have chosen TAPMI’s online MBA – BKFS program as their top choice. The online program provides four relevant industry-oriented electives that open up several high-paying jobs in the BFSI industry.

Online students can now achieve our flagship MBA BKFS degree and successfully move to a leadership position while remaining at home, working full-time at a discounted introductory batch fee. The strong industry connections and the alumni network of TAPMI can also offer students helpful career advice and networking possibilities. Overall, a TAPMI’s online MBA in BKFS can give students the information and abilities needed to succeed in the fast-paced and cutthroat BFSI sector.

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