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Top hiring trends to watch out for in 2022-23

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September 10,

The pandemic has changed the way we look at things. It has disrupted our lifestyle and impacted every aspect of it. It has also changed the hiring methodologies and has given rise to tech-savvy HR professionals that incorporate technology and artificial intelligence in hunting for the right candidate. The change has also impacted the market requirement. 

For someone looking for an excellent career prospect and a high-paying job, these are some in-demand courses to consider:

  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Architect
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Web Developer
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Science 
  • Financial Management
  • Architecture
  • Investment Banking.

The following are the top 10 highest paying jobs in India that you can get after a well-guided course:

  • Data Scientist: Companies largely depend on data for their planning and strategy. A data scientist is responsible for analyzing and drawing conclusions from the enormous amount of available data. 
  • Blockchain developer: These developers design new applications for the blockchain platform and are responsible for its interface, backend development, and maintenance.  
  • Machine learning experts: They are engineers who design and build machine learning models to help businesses solve business problems and challenges. 
  • Product managers: They overlook the process of product development and are responsible for studying the prospective market and developing strategies for product success.   
  • Investment bankers: They are key players in the financial development of their company. They provide their expert advice for raising capital, merger and acquisitions.  
  • Management consultants: They provide services to their clients or organizations in managing their projects. They aim to troubleshoot management problems, improve performance and create long-term growth.   
  • Software developers: They design, develop, implement and maintain new software and upgrade them from time to time. 
  • Doctor: The pandemic made us realize the importance and need for a robust healthcare system. Consequently, the medical profession is highly in demand at present.
  • Investment analyst: They study and analyze the investment market and provide information that will help investors, fund managers, clients and stock brokers. 
  • Marketing managers: They are heads of the marketing department of the organization

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Update yourself with the changing times

Constantly upskilling is the need of the hour. The current hiring trends have made it necessary to keep up to date with the required skill set. Upskilling is the key to staying in the competition and rising in your career. If you don’t constantly upgrade yourself, you will be left behind. The following are some benefits you can reap with upskilling. 

  • Career advancement: If you are looking for a job change or promotion, getting advanced skills that are in demand in the market will open new job opportunities.
  • New career: If you’ve wanted to make a career shift, this is the perfect time to follow your passion and take that leap. But for that, you will first need proper training and certification for the skills required in your dream job.  
  • Job security: Staying in a job or company for years does not guarantee job security. Staying updated with the changing trends and demonstrating expertise in your field is much more important.

Ways to upskill:

  • Go outside your comfort zone: Ask for projects that are challenging and different from your usual skills that will help in learning new things.
  • Follow leaders: A mentor is a guide and provides directions. There are industry leaders that provide insight into recent trends and changes. 
  • Employer support: Many employers provide training to their employees to keep them updated with technical skills. 
  • Join courses: There are various online courses available that you can join and develop new, in-demand skills. World-class teachers and experts design the lessons so that you can reap their benefits. 

  • Digitization and automation – The technology boom has also impacted the recruiting process. Companies are aiming to digitize and automate lengthy and repetitive processes. Automation will save around 17 percent of hiring costs and 26 per cent of HR professionals’ time. A hiring process involves the following steps.
    • Posting about vacancies and openings in the company.
    • Creating job descriptions and advertisements.
    • Scrutinizing different resumes and shortlisting candidates.
    • Updating applications status.
    • Scheduling interviews.
    • Conducting interviews and other rounds.
    • Contacting candidates with results.
    • Mailing final results.

In the traditional hiring process, all the steps require human intervention, which makes the hiring process slow and lengthy for the candidate and the recruiting staff. Steps like the interview, group discussion and final meeting with prospective employees are vital steps and require human interaction. On the other hand, manual work and repetitive tasks like posting job vacancies, collecting documents, shortlisting candidates and sending application status updates can easily be automated. The current hiring trends in India save hiring costs and allow HR professionals to focus on the more critical tasks.   

  • Social recruiting – It uses social media to hire the next candidate for the available role. Here candidates are recruited from the platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and other similar platforms. Under this method, an HR person reaches out to the desired candidates, displays the job openings, and encourages them to apply. One of the main advantages of social recruiting is that the company can showcase its work culture and create a good employer brand. A few critical aspects of social recruiting are:
    • The process includes identifying candidates.
    • Sending direct messages on the respective platform.
    • Tweeting about the job openings and attaching links for submitting resumes.
    • Showcasing the company work environment by posting photos of existing employees and their experiences and encouraging potential candidates to become part of the team. 
    • The social recruiting process is company-specific and depends on the hiring department’s approach and philosophy. But continuously interacting with your audience is very important. A personal reply to an applicant’s comment or message will help develop connections. 
    • It is important to choose the right platform. Different platforms provide different functionalities, and companies must select the one that offers better reach. 
  • Remote hiring – Research shows that around 50% of positions can be filled virtually. Under remote hiring, all steps of the recruiting process take place online. The candidate is shortlisted and interviewed via videoconferencing, and the right candidate is onboarded. Here the process is completed without any physical meeting. One of the most significant advantages of remote hiring is that it removes geographical limitations. Now, companies can hire potential employees from any part of the world. Let’s look into some other advantages of remote hiring:
    • Cost saving: it is a cost-effective method. For a physical interview, companies must prepare the venue, provide refreshments and incur other expenses. But in the case of an online interview, all such costs are saved.
    • Schedule flexibility: Remote hiring gives an advantage of conducting interviews at the convenience of the potential candidate and the company. In the case of working professionals with busy schedules, a flexible schedule will be important. It is easy to reschedule any interview as per the need in case of an emergency. 
    • More expansive talent: Now, companies are not limited to a particular city and can explore a vast pool of talented professionals from around the globe. 
    • Convenient option: Remote hiring is win-win for both the candidate and the hiring team. No one has to leave their home or city or book any venue. It is a hassle-free and cost-effective option for companies and candidates.      
  • Recruitment marketing – According to a Human Capital Institute report, around 75 per cent of companies will increase their investment in recruitment marketing. The combination of different strategies effectively markets the job opening and company. This helps in attracting the most suitable candidates. The strategically designed job description, role requirement and description of the company and its core values increase awareness among the candidates. This will build interest in prospective candidates to join your team. Following are the different ways for recruiting marketing:
    • Advertising on social media platforms: There are two ways of advertising on social media. One is organically posting content about your company and reaching out to the applicants, and another is using paid advertisements. Companies must choose the social media platform that serves their purpose best. They can plan a strategy that is a combination of both organic and paid advertising. 
    • The company’s dedicated career page: Companies blog or career page is where it constantly posts about their available job and articles related to work culture. It is a perfect way to create interest in the applicants, as many potential applicants visit the career page or blog of the company. It also contributes to the brand development of the employer.  
    • Newsletters: Sending newsletters is one of the ways of recruiting marketing. Emails give a personal touch and effectively build relationships with prospective candidates. 
  • Diversity in hiring – It aims at providing equal opportunity to all and removing any kind of biases from the recruiting process. The reasons for diversity in hiring are:
    • Larger talent pool: Companies which promote diversity in the workforce attract more attention from candidates. People from different backgrounds and cultures want to work with them, which provides a large pool of talented applicants for the company. 
    • Reduce employee turnover: When employees feel accepted and develop a sense of belonging to the company, they will be more likely to be satisfied and happy. And chances of such employees leaving the organizations are very low. 
    • A positive image of the company: A company that embraces and promotes diversity sets high standards for the industry. It adds to the positive employer branding. 
    • Innovations and new ideas: When people from different cultures and backgrounds work together, they propose new and different ideas and solutions. 
  • Employer branding – A company has two brands, one is the impression or market value between consumers, and another is how a company is viewed as an employer. Employer branding is a process of managing reputation as an employer and influencing prospective candidates. The benefits of employer branding are:
    • Attracts more talents: A company which is considered a good employer and provides a good working environment are preferred by candidates. The applicants first research the company and its ethics before applying to any job opening. 
    • Work Culture: Prospective employees first search about the work culture in a company and view existing employees and their satisfaction level. Good employer branding will promote a healthy work culture. 
    • Cost-effective: A company with poor brand value will have to pay a higher salary than a company with an established good employer image.  
  • Workforce analytics – It is an advanced set of metrics that gives insight into workforce performance. Using these advanced tools and techniques of analysis, the recruiting department can improve its hiring process and make the right decisions.   
  • Data-driven strategy – Under this, the employer uses data, statistics and facts in hiring forces. It involves the use of different hiring metrics. These metrics give insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the recruiting strategy. It helps in improving and introducing new strategies that will have desired results.  
  • Passive hiring – A person in employment elsewhere and not actively looking for a job is a passive candidate. But these candidates have desired skills and experience. Passive hiring engages these candidates and attracts them to the new job opening and roles.  
  • AI-powered recruiting – The limitation that humans can be influenced and biased may lead to the wrong candidate selection. Incorporating AI in the hiring process helps in fair scrutiny and screening of candidates. The advantage of using AI is that it automates the manual and mundane processes that consume the HR staff’s important time. AI can never replace HR professionals’ expertise but can make their work less stressful.   

How do online courses/degrees help you stay in the game?

Online courses and degrees have opened new doors of opportunity for everyone, from students to working professionals. Online education provides an affordable, flexible, and convenient variety of options. Hybrid options are available for those who want both online and offline campus experiences. This non-traditional education has revolutionized how we have perceived degrees and courses. Following are a few advantages of pursuing online courses and degrees:

  • Flexibility: Most online courses are self-paced or provide recorded lectures in the form of videos and podcasts. This helps students in taking classes at their convenience. They can refer to recorded lectures for better understanding and easily repeat what they have learned in class. You can easily manage your education along with other activities. 
  • Low-cost education: Online degrees and certificates are much less expensive than classroom programmes. Students can also save on transportation and residence costs. Online study materials also cut down costs significantly.  
  • Comfortable learning experience: Online education has changed the dynamics of the education world by promoting learning whatever you want and wherever you want. They have made popular degrees and certification courses easily accessible to every person. One can study at a library, cafe, or home per their preference and comfort.   
  • International courses: Students are required to relocate to study at top universities and international universities. Online education has opened the gates to global universities. You can now complete courses from renowned universities from the comfort of your home. This digital way of education has helped education to transcend borders.   
  • Improve technical skills: A wide variety of technical courses available will help you gain in-depth knowledge and practice new skills. You can acquire skills that are in high demand and showcase your learning during the hiring process. 
  • Career growth: Sometimes, companies want specific qualifications along with work experience for granting promotion. A candidate can easily complete their master’s degree and apply for these positions or promotions. Working professionals need not leave jobs to get higher education. Generally, managerial positions are reserved for MBA holders.  
  • Easy career change: Professionals planning for a career shift can easily browse various courses available and get specialization and technical skills that will facilitate a smooth career switch as per their interest and market demand. 

Many universities provide quality online education. An excellent option would be the esteemed Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ), which offers various specialized online courses and degrees.

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Why are the online degrees from Manipal University Jaipur rated high by employers?

Get the career growth you desire by enrolling in UGC-entitled courses from MUJ’s online platform, Online Manipal. MUJ offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and certification courses from industry leaders. You get free access to paid courses from “Coursera” students can explore around 4500 courses from world-class universities. The programmes are comprehensive and well designed, preparing you for the current job market. The case studies and real-life-based examples help better understand the topic and will assist in applying the knowledge acquired in the programme. 

Here are some advantages of an online degree from Manipal University Jaipur-

  • MUJ provides recorded lectures that students can refer to whenever they want. 
  • It is best suitable for working professionals. They can enroll in Master’s and Management courses to help them climb the corporate ladder.
  • Many excellent options are available for students. MUJ provides various degrees and courses like MBA, BBA, Bcom, BA, etc., that you can choose from. 
  • Courses are affordable, and the university provides different payment options and scholarships.  

An online degree is considered equivalent to a classroom programme. These courses are the best way to learn new skills that will provide the edge to your resume and help in career advancement.


The corporate world is dynamic and will keep changing and evolving, and so will the recruitment process. The pandemic has changed the way companies work and hire candidates. With the right skills and certification, you, too, can achieve the career of your dreams. The hiring process will continue to advance in the upcoming years, and certified training from the right university will only prepare you for the best opportunities that will come up along the way.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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