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Tips to ace your job interview


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September 6,

The interview may be the toughest part of the entire job search process. It takes a lot of time to thoroughly research potential jobs, prepare questionnaire answers, and present your most confident self to recruiters. Only preparation and practice won’t help you ace a job interview, and you should focus on a few other essentials to crack an interview. You should be capable of aptly articulating why you are the best fit for the role and how your virtues and personality attributes align with the long-term objectives of the company. You should be able to distinguish yourself from the competition during an interview. Let’s take a look at various pointers regarding “How to ace your interview?”

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How to prepare for an interview?

The following six interview tips will help you with interview preparation.

Research is essential

You can better prepare for interview questions by researching the potential employer. Study the organization’s mission, background, and intended audience to increase your confidence.

Highlight your areas of expertise

Go through your resume and the job requirements to find your strongest qualifications for the role and describe how your abilities can help the business achieve its objectives. 

Adopt forward-thinking perspective

Specify the outcomes you have achieved for the organizations you have worked for. Even if you’ve not achieved excellent outcomes, illustrate that you’re still committed to growing and highlight your forward-thinking perspective. 

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Provide a plan

Outline the objectives you hope to achieve during the initial days with the company. Explain your strategy for gaining the necessary skills to succeed in your position and how it relates to your department’s success. 

Pay attention to your body language

Sit up straight and make eye contact with the interviewer to ascertain that you have their entire attention. Your body language should reflect your confidence and interest in the role.

Reiterate your interest in the job

Reaffirm your interest in the post after the interview, and express gratitude to the interviewer for their time.

Steps to stand out in an interview 

Take into account these five suggestions to stand out and convey your real self throughout a job interview.

Be yourself 

Just be yourself. Discuss your personality qualities and how they relate to the qualifications needed for the position. Practice expressing yourself with assurance, clarity, and simplicity.

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Have meaningful conversations 

Tell the interviewer a little bit about your interests and hobbies outside of work. You’ll make it easier for them to connect with you.

Be vulnerable

Balance the experiences you share about your successes with a few examples of difficulties or failures. You’ll impress the interviewer when you own up to your faults and acknowledge your mistakes. 

Communicate authentically

Hiring managers can recognize when you are reciting prepared responses or simply stating what you believe they would like to hear. Neither of these types of responses will help you advance in the interview process, so communicate authentically. 

Pose thoughtful questions to your hiring manager

Employers appreciate responding to inquiries because doing so exhibits your willingness to comprehend important aspects concerning the position. 

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Online Manipal makes students interview-ready through rigorous training

Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) has contributed an intriguing strategy to the rapidly expanding field of online education. The university offers online undergraduate and postgraduate degrees through its online platform Online Manipal. These programs offer thorough educational experiences that help students acquire and improve skill sets that they can use in their careers. Online Manipal offers students various placement assistance services to prepare students for the job market. Students are prepared to land their careers in their preferred fields through resume building, interview readiness and tips, skill assessment tests, and more.

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You can gain an advantage by taking measures to set yourself apart from other candidates and leave a good impression throughout an interview process, whether it takes place in person or remotely. Hope the article has made it clear regarding “How to prepare for an interview”, so work on these points and get ready to ace your interview.


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Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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