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What do recruiters across industries look for in candidates?

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September 11,

In today’s job market, you often need to demonstrate more than just the necessary attributes to get noticed and hired. There are some specific traits that almost every employer looks for in candidates during the recruiting process, irrespective of the firm, job role, or pay range. The most desired employee qualities are frequently ubiquitous, even if certain vocations require an infinite variety of skills. 

There is a lot of competition in today’s job market, and recruiters are looking for the best talent to hire for their organization. Technical abilities will make you stand out immediately, but hiring managers are aware of the significant implications soft skills have on the ethos and efficiency of the business. But what do recruiters look for in prospective employees? What qualities and abilities are they looking for in new hires? Read on to discover some of the abilities that stand out to recruiters in candidates.

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Attributes that recruiters look for in prospective employees

Here are some attributes and qualities that hiring managers are looking for in a candidate which can help you stand out during the hiring process:

  • Willingness to learn 

Employers want to hire individuals who can consistently contribute to their organization, whether it’s by rising to senior roles or by bringing in fresh skill sets and expertise. Taking online classes is one way to illustrate to recruiters that you are planning for the future, contemplating your upcoming role or the in-demand skills your industry may demand in the coming years. Your willingness to learn and progress will come across in your attitude, and your interviewing skills may also get a boost.

  • Ability to adapt to the evolving job market

Employees must be prepared to adapt as skills evolve in today’s job landscape. Additionally, with the advent of hybrid job categories, it’s vital to efficiently acquire and blend diverse skills. The ability to tweak the challenges of the job market can be exhibited by studying a discipline that doesn’t correspond to your existing background. Equip yourself for hybrid careers in developing sectors by mastering in-demand skill sets like data analytics and digital marketing to stand out to organizations.

  • Effective communication 

Individuals should be intellectual and adept at using a combination of both verbal and nonverbal channels, including social media, email, telephone, in-person interactions, and others. This trait facilitates the development of strong commercial ties and interactions with different organizational departments. Effective communication helps a candidate stay connected with the business for potential prospects in the future, even if they are spurned in the interview.

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  • Leadership traits

Technical expertise and an impressive resume are undoubtedly important attributes in a job application, but they aren’t always sufficient to set you apart. Employers are especially interested in whether or not you possess the leadership skills required for managing and executive positions. You’ll be better able to motivate others to join you in working toward your team’s goals by mastering soft skills like cooperation and collaboration.

  • Passion for work

The passion a candidate has for their profession is among the most crucial traits a recruiter looks for. Recruiters seek candidates who are enthusiastic about their work, the business they work for, and the cause they are supporting. All of the employee characteristics are undoubtedly significant, but work passion is extremely considerable. While unenthusiastic employees may accomplish their tasks for a while, if they lack passion for the work, they are missing the essential component for sustainable, long-term performance in the business.

  • High emotional quotient (EQ)

Applicants with low emotional quotient tend to undermine the workplace since they demoralize both themselves and their coworkers. The management then has to invest a lot of time in making the workplace positive and zealous. The straightforward qualities that enable emotionally intelligent individuals to stand out and grab the notice of both current and potential employers include:

  1. The skill to motivate and convince others.
  2. Inspiration to advance in all fields.
  3. Having the competence to manage leadership challenges.
  • Cultural fit

Cultural fit is a crucial consideration for the majority of professions when it comes to recruiting. You’ll probably be asked queries during an interview to ascertain whether or not you suit the corporate culture. Being genuine and being who you are is the best approach to disseminating your ideals. Additionally, it’s a smart option to do some preliminary study on the company’s culture and provide instances of how you’d fit in. 

  • Teamwork

Teamwork is crucial for all businesses, from startups to large multinational enterprises, as a company is never run by one individual. No business wants to recruit a candidate who struggles to work well in a team environment and produces deliverables more quickly and efficiently. The applicant should provide optimism to the workplace and be a team player.

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Wrapping up 

It’s a wise move to be aware of what recruiters are looking for in candidates when preparing your portfolio and getting ready for interviews. As recruiters look to hire the best applicant available for the position, the characteristics discussed above will help you stand out from the crowd and gain an advantage over your contemporaries. You’ll be a step closer to getting your dream job if you show the abilities and experience hiring managers would like to see. 

Today, most colleges and universities, both online and on-campus, are preparing their students to stand out in the job market by providing the necessary placement training besides providing them with academic knowledge. Online Manipal is one such e-learning platform of Manipal University Jaipur(MUJ) that offers UGC-entitled online degrees with industry-relevant curriculum and placement assistance. Students who want to get a degree from a safe environment and working professionals who want to upskill themselves without quitting their jobs can opt for online degrees offered by MUJ.

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