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Skills that you gain after a BBA course

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration degree programme is designed for future entrepreneurs and business persons. The course curriculum is curated to help you learn the skills and gain the knowledge to navigate the competitive business landscape. You will also learn the technical aspects of starting and running a business from the ground up. Top BBA colleges in India also offer career guidance and career opportunities in addition to helping you hone the essential BBA skills.

Eligibility for a BBA

To enrol in the best college for BBA, you need to clear the 10+2 or equivalent with good scores. Some colleges also accept minimum marks for admission. Other than this, there are no specific requirements to enrol in this course. If you are already working but are interested in business, you can even enrol in an online BBA course without halting your job.

Skills you gain during a BBA course

You will acquire many soft and hard skills during a BBA course. Some of them include:

  • Leadership qualities: As a part of the BBA course, you are expected to work on individual or group projects and case studies. Sometimes, you may have to interact with new people. This kind of hands-on training will help you learn the essential leadership skills, which are very important when you join an organisation for a job or start your own business.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: In order to succeed in this highly competitive business world, it’s important to have an entrepreneurial mindset. The characteristics of this mindset include creative thinking, a positive attitude, motivation, drive to succeed, a healthy dose of ambition, and tenacity. One of the essential aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset is facing and accepting failures and learning from them.
  • Creativity and innovation: A successful business person is one, who can identify an opportunity where others don’t look. This is where you need to think creatively and innovatively. Whether you study BBA online or in a regular course, creative thinking and innovative thinking are two vital skills that you’ll learn.
  • Soft skills: Soft skills such as decision making, communication, critical thinking, reasoning and analysis are very important in any work environment. These soft skills will help you perform better in a competitive business ecosystem.
  • Networking: The key to a successful business is a wide network. This business course not only teaches you the nuances of networking but also fine-tunes your networking skills for better application in real-world scenarios.  
  • Technical skills: Hard skills are as important as soft skills in a business environment. The course will equip you with the knowledge and expertise in accounting, auditing, finance, and other tech skills that are essential for operating a business.
  • Decision making: It’s important to make ethical and strategic decisions when you’re running a business. This course will teach you all about business principles that you can rely on while making decisions.
  • Strategic thinking: Strategising is essential for operating a business. You need to study the market scenario, observe the trends, check competitors and prepare a strategy. The top BBA schools will have projects and assignments that will help you build strategic thinking skills.
  • HRM: As a part of the training in this business course, you will learn the basics of human resource management. 
  • Market Research: It’s one of the key skills that you need to establish yourself in the business world. You will learn the principles, techniques and applications of market research. 


A bachelor’s degree in business administration helps build a strong foundation for your career in the world of business. If you’re interested in pursuing this business course but have constraints and commitments, you can enrol in an online BBA course. Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) offers UGC-entitled online BBA courses via its online learning portal. To know more about the eligibility criteria and course details, contact us.


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