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MBA after BBA: Benefits, specializations, jobs, salary and more 


An MBA degree upholds its prominence as among the extremely sought-after postgraduate programs for BBA graduates, owing to its unparalleled perks and relevance in the business world. An MBA delivers an extensive and detailed curriculum that expands upon the core concepts acquired during a BBA. Learners gain a comprehensive understanding of multiple corporate disciplines, making them well-rounded professionals furnished to navigate diverse managerial challenges. An MBA offers a valuable environment for networking with prominent alumni, business executives, and fellow learners from different socioeconomic strata. 

Furthermore, MBA programs provide hands-on learning via practicals, assignments, and webinars. This allows graduates to use conceptual ideas in practical scenarios while developing the transferable abilities that employers value. Thus, earning an MBA after BBA is an excellent strategic move for individuals seeking an upward trajectory and a lucrative vocation in the corporate world.

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Why choose MBA after BBA

If you are wondering, “Why MBA after BBA?”, read on to comprehend a host of benefits that can help one’s professional and personal development immensely. These are the top advantages of this educational path.

  • Enhanced business acumen:

A BBA program lays the foundational groundwork, whereas an MBA program offers a deeper knowledge of various business disciplines. Learners are better equipped to traverse the ups and downs of corporate life owing to this deeper wisdom that equips them to arrive at informed rulings, analyze multifaceted company scenarios, and develop innovative approaches.

  • Global perspective:

MBA programs frequently have a strong emphasis on global business, exposing students to various cultural norms, economic structures, and market dynamics. This global perspective helps a BBA graduate’s aptitude for adaptability and cross-cultural interaction, both of which are essential in the interlinked, swiftly evolving global marketplace of today.

  • Credibility and value

The status of an MBA from a reputed university significantly raises the credibility of a professional’s resume. Employers frequently place a high priority on higher learning and perceive MBA graduates as motivated, competent, and ambitious, which can lead to valuable career opportunities and raises.

  • Expanded networking opportunities:

 MBA programs provide extensive possibilities for networking with accomplished peers, business leaders, and notable alumni. Throughout one’s professional excursion, cultivating and upholding these ties can result in beneficial collaborations, mentorships, and professional milestones.

  • Access to numerous specializations: 

Graduates of BBA programs can explore specialized sectors of interest, including marketing, finances, HR, or technology administration, by pursuing an MBA. By specializing in a particular field, individuals can create a special niche for themselves and establish themselves as subject matter experts while enhancing their prospects for securing employment in that industry.

  • Entrepreneurial edge: 

An MBA imparts ambitious entrepreneurs the necessary resources to create, launch, and run successful businesses. An MBA offers essential skills to regulate the challenges that entrepreneurship brings and boost the likelihood of sustained business success, from formulating business proposals to comprehending financial strategies.

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Top MBA specializations to pursue

Today, there are a wide range of MBA specializations to pursue. You can choose a specialization that fits your interests or career path. If you are wondering which specialization is best in MBA after BBA, here are some of the most in-demand MBA specializations. 

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • HRM
  • Analytics & DS
  • IT & FinTech
  • Operations Management 
  • International Business 
  • Project Management 
  • Information System Management 
  • Supply Chain Management 
  • Total Quality Management 

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Online MBA course curriculum

Pursuing an MBA after BBA gives you in-depth business knowledge and sets your career path to explore lucrative jobs. 

The online MBA is categorized into 4 semesters. Here is the semester-wise breakdown of the syllabus of the online MBA.

Semester 1

The focus of this semester is on developing fundamental management abilities, including managerial economics, human resource management, organizational behavior, and statistics for management.

  • Management Process and Organizational Behavior
  • Business Communication
  • Statistics for Management
  • Financial and Management Accounting
  • Managerial Economics
  • Human Resource Management

Semester 2

Students are provided with the ability to analyze situations and make decisions in their second semester. They discover novel concepts about managing finances and production. A general overview of managing MIS, CRM, and other global systems will also be provided. We provide you with an introduction to operations research, duality analysis, game theory, and simulation.

  • Production and Operations Management
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Information System
  • Operations Research
  • Project Management

Semester 3

Explore in-depth research methodology, commercial and intellectual property law, and various strategic electives to focus on a particular area of interest.

  • Research Methodology
  • Legal Aspects of Business
  • Chosen Elective

Semester 4

You will understand strategic planning & corporate policy, management of international businesses, and the development of entrepreneurial talents throughout your final semester. You’ll gain practical experience working on projects in the elective field of your choice. 

  • Strategic Management and Business Policy
  • International Business Management
  • Business Leadership
  • Chosen Elective

Pursue MBA while still working a full-time job

Highly driven individuals looking to progress their professional lives and broaden their range of expertise can successfully and profitably pursue an online MBA while holding down a full-time job. An array of notable benefits make an online MBA an acceptable and practical choice for working people. Online MBA programs give you the flexibility to effectively manage your educational regimen by giving you access to instructional content, lectures, and projects from any place through the internet. 

Furthermore, with so many acknowledged and authorized institutions presently offering online initiatives, the credibility of an online MBA program has grown substantially in recent years. These programs frequently involve seasoned instructors who are experts in their disciplines, ensuring that the knowledge gained is on par with the exceptional standards. 

Using contemporary communication technology, online MBA programs additionally facilitate a collaborative learning atmosphere. Learners can interact with fellow students with diverse vocational and geographic origins, offering favorable networking possibilities. Participants can acquire distinctive viewpoints and perspectives on global business practices by participating in online debates, group projects, and discussion boards. It can eventually improve their knack for problem-solving and their adaptability in an ever-evolving business setting. 

An online MBA’s pragmatism enables you to apply freshly learned principles and strategies to real-life scenarios, bridging the gap between theory and application. In conclusion, driven individuals who want to continue their education have the option of earning an online MBA while pursuing a full-time job. You can arm yourself with the know-how needed to thrive in the dynamic and competitive workplace of today and tomorrow by leveraging the advantages of online learning.

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Choose Manipal University Jaipur for your online MBA

Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ), a NAAC A+ accredited university, provides UGC-entitled online MBA program through Online Manipal. The online MBA offers aspiring professionals a convenient and adaptable virtual educational setting that enables them to hone their leadership abilities without jeopardizing their obligations. The program’s accessibility and prominence in the industry, together with the program’s cost, make it an appealing choice for anyone looking to develop their career in the fast-paced field of business management.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates must have a 10 + 2 + 3-year bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or an equivalent qualification as recognized by the Association of Indian Universities.
  • Candidates must have at least 50% overall aggregate in their graduation(45% for reserved groups).
  • Candidates must clear the online aptitude examination administered by MUJ as a requirement for the application procedure.
  • Candidates who have passed any aptitude exam (CAT/MAT/CMAT/XAT/GMAT) with an acceptable score (40 percentile) need not take the aforementioned exam.

Program fee: INR 1,66,000

(INR 41,500 per semester)

Program duration: 24 months


An MBA can advance your career in today’s world of automation and disruptive inventions from conventional ways of working to the fast-paced sector and help businesses adapt to adapt while accomplishing goals that integrate and synchronize all corporate contexts. MBA courses following BBA are the best pick for your career. You can choose an online MBA program from prominent educational institutions such as Manipal University Jaipur through the platform of Online Manipal.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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