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10 reasons why you should choose an online MBA in India

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October 6,

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, the pursuit of an MBA degree has never been more relevant. While choosing to do your MBA, there’s no better option than an online MBA in today’s fast paced world. Virtual classrooms are as innovative and interactive as traditional MBAs and offer working professionals with flexible learning opportunities. An online MBA is convenient, affordable, and recognized at par with a traditional MBA degree. Online MBA also facilitates global networking, which is essential for every professional today. In this blog, we give a deep dive into why pursuing an online MBA in India can be the best choice for you. 

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What is an online MBA program?

An online MBA is a virtual replica of the traditional MBA. An online MBA program is delivered in a fully virtual mode, where live classes are conducted via a virtual learning platform. Moreover, online MBA courses in India are recognized at par with on-campus degrees. In an online MBA degree, you can interact with peers & world class faculty, work on assignments, case studies, and write online proctored exams from the comfort of your home. 

10 reasons to choose online MBA

The popularity of online MBAs have risen over the last few years, and has become a top choice among graduates and working professionals. Here are top reasons to choose an online MBA. 

Flexible & accessible

The ability to access online lectures and other study resources from any location can make or break your academic success. You can choose the best study locations for your learning pattern, and you can continue your MBA studies despite job changes, migration, travel, or other life events. The ability to access online lectures and other study resources from any location can make or break your academic success. You can choose the best study locations for your learning pattern, and you can continue your MBA studies despite job changes, migration, travel, or other life events.

Worldwide recognition 

An online MBA degree is recognized at par with traditional MBA. Moreover, online MBA degrees today are recognized worldwide. So, you can explore international job opportunities or plan to study further after completing an online MBA. 


By enrolling in an online MBA, you can avoid the exorbitant tuition fees associated with traditional full-time MBA programmes at prestigious MBA schools. There is no additional commuting, which will save you both money and time. Moreover, with an online MBA, you can continue working while completing your program. This precludes you from losing your paycheck, and you can pay a portion of your fee with a portion of your salary. 

Choose from top universities 

Online MBA degrees know no boundaries. You can pursue an online MBA from any university in the world, given you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned by the respective university. Pursuing an online MBA from a reputed university adds great value to your resume and professional advancement. 

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Wide range of specializations

Online MBAs offer a wide variety of in-demand specializations. From data science, business analytics, healthcare, FinTech, healthcare, project management, and more. This allows you to choose a specialization that aligns to your career goals and you can tailor your education.

Accelerated career growth

Online MBA widens the avenues for working professionals to pursue their careers and education together. Learning online enables them to update their domain knowledge and apply this newly acquired knowledge and skills in their profession. Upon successful completion of an online MBA degree, they can advance in their career by taking up new roles in managerial or leadership positions. Hence, in many ways, an online MBA helps working professionals grow in their careers.

Easier career switch

If you are planning to switch your career, then an online MBA can be a gamechanger in your professional journey. Online MBA can be your best pick for a career switch, as you can pursue it in any specialization. This facilitates a smooth career transition. For example, an experienced mechanical engineer can enroll in MBA marketing and eventually switch to a career in the marketing sector.

Global networking & alumni access

The ability to network with new people is what makes an online MBA program valuable. You can network with peers from around the world that will help you build invaluable industry connections. Engaging with peers from different countries also gives you a global perspective in your online MBA degree. Moreover, you will have access to the university’s alumni network, which will help further expand your professional network. 

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Managerial and leadership skills

An online MBA in India allows you to refine your managerial and business skills while also gaining a new professional fulfillment perspective. It can assist you in developing business skills such as strategic thinking and leadership. These skills will boost your confidence, allowing you to seize new professional opportunities or drive transformation in your current role. Because online MBA programmes place a premium on business management, leadership, and marketing. Both hard and soft skills are useful. Many jobs require more than just technical skills to complete the work correctly. Soft skills are required for all careers to make hard skills marketable.

Higher earning potential

Online MBA programs prepare you for high-paying positions in today’s competitive market, in addition to broadening your employment options. After earning an MBA, you will be able to obtain a high-paying job easily. The instructors in the online MBA program are experts in marketing, accounting, communication, organizational behavior, and other fields. The industry you choose and the firm you join will also have an impact on your salary.

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Why choose Online Manipal for your online MBA?

Online Manipal gives access to online MBA degrees from premium institutes like Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ), and T.A. Pai Management Institute. 

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)

Specially tailored for working professionals, an online MBA from MAHE gives you the right boost to your career. With 10 in-demand specializations like HRM, Data Science, Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Healthcare Management and more, you can tailor your career path according to your requirement. A NAAC A++ accredited university, MAHE’s online MBA degree elevates your career and helps you explore a wide range of lucrative job opportunities. 

Manipal University Jaipur

Manipal University Jaipur is NAAC A+ accredited. Established in 2011, the university has gained fame for delivering quality education. MUJ widened its presence to online space by offering a host of UGC-entitled online degree programs. The online MBA at MUJ is a comprehensive curriculum which was delivered through the state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS). Online MBA comes with 13 in-demand specializations like Finance, Marketing, Analytics & Data Science, IT & FinTech, Project Management, and more. 

T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI)

TAPMI offers an online MBA in Banking & Financial Services, a premium program designed for working professionals who are willing to excel in the new-age BFSI sector. This online program offers four industry-oriented elective baskets that help you gain the right expertise. 


An online MBA offers a plethora of job opportunities to both fresh graduates and working professionals. It allows you to study flexibly, advance your career in a short span of time and increase your earning potential. So choose the online MBA that fits you right. 


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Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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