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Seven ways online degrees help ambitious professionals grow in their career

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September 9,

Key takeaways:

An online degree is a great option for working professionals who wish to enhance their skills or climb the career ladder. 

Online degrees are flexible, accessible and affordable when compared to traditional on-campus degrees. 

If you are a working professional who wants to explore better career opportunities without quitting your job, then an online degree is the best option for you. 

What is an online degree?

An online degree is very similar to a traditional on-campus degree, except that classes are held virtually and students don’t have to be physically present in classrooms. Teachers use tools such as Google Meet, Zoom, or Teams through which live classes are conducted. These live sessions will also be recorded and students can access them anywhere, anytime. 

How online degree helps ambitious professionals in career growth 

For graduates looking to improve their career prospects, pursuing an online degree is probably the best option. Pursuing an online degree benefits working professionals in many ways. You don’t have to quit your job to pursue an online degree. The flexibility and accessibility of online degrees helps working professionals balance their work life and academics smoothly. Here are seven ways how an online degree helps working professionals grow in their career. 

Learn while you earn

For working professionals, the biggest boon that an online degree offers is that you don’t have to take a break or quit your job to obtain a degree. Online degrees offer great flexibility, wherein you can learn at your own pace, watch recorded classes and schedule tests according to your convenience. Online programmes are designed in a way that they don’t hamper your work life and you can balance your academics without any hassle. 

Greater affordability

Affordability is another factor that makes online degrees more desirable for working professionals. Online degrees are generally more budget-friendly than on-campus degrees. So you can save up on costs like accommodation, travel, etc. Also, most universities offer easy EMI options that don’t burden your pocket. As a working professional, this will be more of an investment than an expenditure. 

Helps you in career switch

If you are a working professional looking for a career switch, then pursuing an online degree is the best option for you. You can choose a degree that interests you, without quitting your job. Online programmes offer a wide range of specialisations that you can choose from. Once you graduate, you can explore job opportunities in the chosen field.

Expand your knowledge

Since you are working while pursuing the online degree, you will be able to expand your skills. Sometimes, you have to go back to studies to understand the fundamentals of a particular subject in depth. You can also gain in-depth knowledge about your specialisation, if your job role suits the same. 

Build new skill sets

Skills are highly valued assets in the working world. An online degree helps you improve already existing skills and also helps develop new skills required for your chosen career path. Learning from scratch alongside your work gives you a chance to practically apply what you study and sharpens your skill set. 

Get on the leadership track

While many professionals start their work in a promising way, they often find it difficult to grow beyond a point, as they are not seen as potential leaders. Online programmes help bridge these gaps. For instance, a post graduation online programme will add value to your academic background, boost your resume and help you in your career growth. With a master’s degree in in-demand specialisation, you can get senior-level jobs with a better pay scale as well. 

Explore new career opportunities 

A professionally designed online programme gives you enough placement assistance. It grooms your skills further, helps in resume building and interview tips. This helps you explore greater career opportunities. Moreover, most universities have established industry networks and a large pool of alumni. This kind of networking helps you find better job opportunities. 

As a working professional, the combination of your work experience and newly-earned educational credentials will help you start your next career innings. 

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Advantages of online degree

An online degree comes with several advantages of pursuing an online degree. Here are a few-

Study anywhere, anytime

If you are pursuing an online degree, you can study anywhere and anytime. With the help of a smartphone or laptop with internet connection, you can attend classes remotely. Online learning is making way for easy and flexible access to learning.  

Learn at your own pace

You can access the digital syllabus and the e-learning materials at any time. You can attend live sessions, and also refer to recorded classes in case you missed any or if you wish to clarify doubts. 

Wide range of programs

Online degrees usually consist of a wide range of programmes and specialisations to choose from, when compared to on-campus learning. You can choose a specialisation of your interest and pursue it hassle-free. 

Enhanced digital learning platform

You can gain access to a vast digital syllabus when you are pursuing an online degree. You can take up tests and quizzes that enhance your knowledge. Online degrees include tools such as learning management systems (LMS) that serve as a virtual classroom, where students and teachers can interact with each other. 

Choose programs consciously

We have already stated the benefits of an online degree for ambitious working professionals. However, it is also important to choose an online degree that is right for you. There are multiple factors to consider before you choose an online degree. 

  • Make sure you are choosing a degree of your interest. If you wish to grow in the field you are already working in, choose the right specialisation that will help you explore better job opportunities. 
  • If you want to switch your career path, then you can weigh the various online degrees available and pick the one that best suits you. 
  • Make sure the online degree fits in your budget.
  • Do ensure that the university you are choosing is rated well and has accreditations. 

Pursue an online degree with Online Manipal

The institution that you choose plays a key role in your career path. It is important for the university to have a management legacy and legitimate accreditation. As a working professional, boost your career with Online Manipal. You can obtain online degrees from top universities including Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) and T. A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI). With Online Manipal, you can pursue a hassle-free online degree that holds great value. With a variety of programmes and specialisations to choose from, world class mentors, alumni network and free Coursera content, you will learn all you need to become a future ready professional. 


These days, online degrees are recognized at par with traditional on-campus degrees. With the help of cutting-edge technology, educators are able to use various innovative digital tools to deliver classes. If you’re considering pursuing an online degree, this is just the right time.

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