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Seven ways online degrees help ambitious professionals grow in their career

Lt. Mayank Mittal | July 22, 2021 4 Min Read

Seven ways online degrees help ambitious professionals grow in their career

The pandemic of 2020 has forced many shifts around the world, but one of the positive ones is the investment by the top universities in online education. Not only has the equity of online education gone up, but so have the standards of delivery. Additionally, there is a positive shift in the minds of employers with respect to how they value online degree programmes.

For graduates looking to grow their prospects, regardless of the stream they pursued for undergraduate, an online MBA or MCA degree is just a click away, and it offers flexibility, affordability and other distinct advantages. Even if you could not pursue a master’s degree after graduation for some reason, the opportunity is accessible today.

Let’s understand in detail some of the advantages of contemporary online degree courses offered by the top universities in India and the world.

Study while you work

Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of pursuing an online degree programme. You get to continue working, while also pursuing your studies and growing your knowledge in subjects of your interest. This ensures that you can also continue to draw a salary every month and meet your monthly commitments to yourself and your family.

The affordability advantage

Another core benefit is that online degrees, even from the best universities, come at a lower cost than most sub-standard residential programmes. Tuition is the main expense, and aspects such as travel, food and lodging get redundant.

Most universities offering online degrees, also enable students to pay the tuition in easy instalments. As a working professional, this will be more of an investment than an expense, as it helps you prepare for your next promotion and raise.

Learn on the go

As a working professional, you have work deadlines and challenges awaiting you every day. The best online programmes offer a superior learning experience, through app-based learning and bite-sized content pieces, that are often interactive and gamified.

Learning is made consumable, challenging and fun. You can access all lessons, lectures and engagement via your smartphone, helping you balance your work schedule, while also doing justice to your education.

For example, Manipal University Jaipur has a custom-designed user interface to deliver its online MCA and MBA programmes. This is not a cut and paste of offline education, but a re-imagination of how to leverage technology for optimised learning.

Expand your Knowledge

For growth, you must keep learning. However, not all learning can happen on the job. Sometimes, you need to go back to studies to understand the fundamentals in-depth.

For example, if you work in retail as a salesperson, or as an administrator in a small firm, and want to understand business on a deeper level, an online MBA degree can help bridge the gaps.

It will nurture your understanding of all traditional functions like sales, marketing, human resources, finance and operations while exposing you to subjects with a growing scope such as e-commerce and data analytics.

Build new skillsets

Skills are a highly valued asset in the working world, often taking precedence over work experience. Postgraduate programmes such as MCA, expose you to the latest developments in the world of computer applications, offering a mix of practical and theoretical knowledge. Learning from scratch alongside your current work, gives you the chance to apply what you study, and in turn sharpen your skillsets. 

Get on the leadership track

Many graduates across a range of subjects, start out in a promising way in the world of work. However, they find it difficult to grow beyond a point, as they are not “seen” as potential leaders. Online courses help bridge these gaps.

A postgraduate online degree course such as an MBA is an investment in yourself. It helps you understand the entire business ecosystem within the framework of the law, the global economy, the political arena and other systems. This exposure offers a macro view of the business world and also boosts your resume, both assets to your career growth.

Explore new career opportunities

A professionally designed online degree also typically, offers a well-designed placement programme. It grooms you in various skills that equip you to find a good job. These include building a stellar resume, understanding how to leverage social media for visibility, and job interview preparations.

Any good university offering such degrees also tends to have established industry networks and a large pool of alumni. Many opportunities for networking are curated throughout the year to support graduates.

As a working professional, the combination of your experience and newly-earned educational credentials can help you leap to your next career innings with ease if you network and build your industry connections early on.

Choose programmes carefully

With virtual education expanding so quickly, the world is your oyster. However, choosing the right university and programme is equally important.

Review the university’s legacy and reputation, its placement record, as well as the track record of the faculty. There are several fly-by-night operators also offering online degrees. However, many of the institutes are not recognised, and the programmes tend to over-promise and under-deliver.

In India, universities which receive an accreditation rating of above 3.26 by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) are eligible to offer online programmes. Talk to alumni of the university for feedback, and also look up their career track records. Thoroughly reviewing all these factors will help you make the right decision, and land the career opportunity you deserve.

With an A+ NAAC ranking, Manipal University of Jaipur offers UGC-approved online degree programmes in MBAMCABBA and BCA. You can check the details here.

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